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					What is acai all about? Acai is an amazing superfruit out of the amazon rainforest way down in Brazil, South America. Acai berry is nothing new, really - it has been around for decades and decades in villiages in Brazil and believe it or not is the core part of many South Americans diets. The acai berry has only recently been spreading through Europe and North America. The constant health craze that the world is in fuels this need for new products and acai berry being a "superfood" according to Dr. Perricone makes it a very hot item. Acai berry is now given in many different forms as you will learn about later in this article. First let's take a look at what acai can actualy do for you in terms of health benefits. The acai berry is well known for its anti-oxidant levels. It has twice the anti-oxidants as blueberries and 10x the amount in grapes. This makes it a very important berry for detoxing - or cleansing the system. There is much hype these days about cleansing your system and a pure natural way to do it through a superberry seems like a good choice for a lot of people. The acai berry comes in many forms - juices, frozen, and more. The frozen stuff can be either powder or special puree. It tastes like a mix between chocolate and berries. It really is amazing that one of the best for you foods in the world is also so great tasting. As well as frozen and juice form, and powder, acai comes in tablets or pills. The reason acai cant be sold in North America as a normal berry is because it only has a 12 hour shelf life. Therefore unless you are in South America you wouldn't be able to get them fresh enough!

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