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					                                   TERMINATION OF
                                  LEASE AGREEMENT
Today’s Date:

This a mutual release/termination agreement made between                                            (landlord) and
                                     (tenant) On                                , a lease agreement was executed
between the following tenant(s)                                     for the dwelling located at
                         , in the County of              , State of                         .

I,                                   have made the decision to break my lease agreement, this means I WILL BE obligated
to pay the rent of said rental dwelling until the end of the lease term or until the unit has been re-rented by another tenant,
which ever date occurs first. There may also be additional charges for associated costs due to your lease break such
damages, cleaning, key and access card charges and/or any outstanding balances on your account, and deducted
I agree to pay the unpaid balance shown above and be released from my contract.                    initial


Therefore, in consideration of breaking your lease you have a unpaid balance due in the amount of $
Dollars, which must be paid by                               Date, to release you from further obligation of your rental lease
contract. Tenant hereby acknowledged acceptance of this agreement and landlord does hereby release tenant from all
obligations and duties of lease set forth in the above referenced lease given that the outstanding balance is must be PAID
IN FULL by the agreed date shown above. The tenant also waives the right to all claims, demands and causes of action that
landlord had, has or may have against tenant(s) or against heirs, legal representatives or assigns in regard to said lease.

Due to the cause you have decided to break your lease agreement, the security deposit refund (if any) will be withheld and
only processed up to 14 days AFTER the rental dwelling is completely vacant.             initial
Address to Mail Security Deposit (if any):                                                                               _

In consideration of the release set forth above, tenant hereby surrenders all rights to the subject leased premises. That
possession of said premises shall be delivered up to landlord immediately upon the execution of this instrument and the
tenant must vacate the premises immediately.

The parties to this agreement have executed this instrument on this                   Day of                   , 2009

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