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									Dear Student,

As you prepare to enter college, a major component of the enrollment process
is meeting educational expenses. The Art Institute of Philadelphia would like
to reward students who demonstrate dedication and hard work with
opportunities for scholarships.

The Art Institute of Philadelphia offers a number of unique scholarship
opportunities that may assist with financing your education. Our scholarship
opportunities cover a broad range of areas including those based upon
portfolio, grade point average, essay writing ability and design skill.

Each scholarship is independent of one another and may have different
criteria and deadlines. Please review each individual scholarship to determine
what needs to be completed in order to qualify. If you have questions, please
contact the admissions office or you may visit:

Please do not rely upon scholarships to finance your entire education. The
Art Institute of Philadelphia also offers financial aid to those who qualify.

Good Luck,

The Admissions Office

              1622 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19103
          215-567-7080 / 800-275-2474 Admissions Fax 215-405-6399
                The Art Institutes High School Senior Scholarship Program
The Art Institutes High School Senior Scholarship Program at The Art Institute of Philadelphia offered over $345,000 in
scholarships last year. This scholarship is open to 2007 high school graduates who demonstrate ability in and commitment to one
of The Art Institute’s programs of study.

General Competition Guidelines
                                                       advisor. The letter(s) should be            Other Conditions
                                                       submitted on official school letterhead
Eligibility                                            and should not arrive separately from the
                                                                                                   Scholarships awarded by The Art Institute of
                                                       other scholarship materials.
You must be scheduled to graduate in 2007                                                          Philadelphia may be used only at The Art
                                                  G.   Submit a letter from a high school
from a high school in the United States, or an                                                     Institute of Philadelphia. In the event that
                                                       teacher or guidance counselor certifying
equivalent foreign institution.                                                                    education is terminated by either the student or
                                                       that entry materials are your original
                                                                                                   The Art Institute, the scholarship becomes null
                                                                                                   and void. The scholarship is not redeemable
Deadlines                                         H.   Submit a current high school transcript.
                                                                                                   for cash and may not be used to finance
                                                  I.   Entries must be contained in one
                                                                                                   optional programs sponsored by The Art
All entries must be postmarked by February             package, postmarked by February 16,
                                                                                                   Institute. The scholarship covers tuition only
16, 2007. Winners will be notified by March            2007 and mailed to:
                                                                                                   and may not be applied against fees, housing,
30, 2007 and have until April 13, 2007 to                    Scholarship Committee
                                                                                                   living expenses, or program supplies and may
accept the scholarship offer. Offers not                     The Art Institute of Philadelphia
                                                                                                   not be transferred among affiliate schools of
accepted by that date will be rescinded and                  1622 Chestnut Street
                                                                                                   The Art Institutes.
awarded to the first runner-up.                              Philadelphia, PA 19103-5198

                                                  Judging                                          Other Options
Entry Preparation
                                                                                                   Do not plan to finance your education by
A combination of full and half tuition            Institute faculty, under the direction of the
                                                                                                   anticipating a scholarship. You may want to
scholarships may be offered by The Art            Education Department and the Academic
                                                                                                   apply for financial assistance either through
Institute of Philadelphia to year 2007 high       Department Director of the entrant’s program
                                                                                                   The Art Institute of Philadelphia or the federal
school graduates who demonstrate ability in       of study, will serve as judges for the
                                                                                                   and state governments. Additionally, many
and commitment to one of The Art Institute’s      competition. Decisions will be final.
                                                                                                   local and national service clubs, civic groups,
programs of study. To enter, you must fulfill                                                      and organizations such as DECA and VICA,
all general competition guidelines listed below   Obligations of Winners                           sponsor scholarships. Contact these
and individual entry requirements for the                                                          organizations for details and application
program of your choice.                           Scholarship winners must complete the 18-        guidelines.
                                                  month program within 21 months, 24-month
A.   Complete the entry form and indicate the     program within 27 months and 36-month
     program of study for which you are           program within 39 months. Scholarship
                                                                                                   International Entrants
     applying.                                    recipients must maintain satisfactory academic
B.   Fulfill all individual entry requirements                                                     All written entry materials and documentation
                                                  progress. Scholarships will be suspended if
     for your indicated program of study.                                                          must be submitted in English, including
                                                  the student’s cumulative grade point average
C.   Write a 250-word essay indicating your                                                        recommendation letters. When necessary,
                                                  falls below 2.5. Winners must begin their
     goals and motivation for the scholarship.                                                     English translations must be attached.
                                                  course of study in the summer or fall quarter
D.   Prints should be placed into a binder or                                                      Scholarship winners must provide proof with
                                                  of 2007.
     bound in another manner. Label all                                                            bank statements and letters of financial support
     materials with your name and medium or                                                        that the student and/or the student’s sponsor
     software utilized. All essays must be        Entry Materials                                  has the capability of providing for living
     typewritten with your name and program                                                        expenses, fees and school supplies not
     indicated on the title page.                 All materials submitted for consideration        included in the scholarship. The letter from
     SUBMITTED WORK SHOULD NOT                    become the property of The Art Institute         The Art Institute awarding the scholarship,
     EXCEED 11X17 INCHES IN SIZE.                 upon receipt. The Art Institute is not           financial documentation, academic records,
E.   Submit a resume stating your educational     responsible for loss, damage, or return of       and an I-20 certificate of eligibility for non-
     background, extra-curricular activities,     materials. Finalists and/or winners must be      immigrant student status must be presented to
     hobbies, work experience, community          prepared to submit their original work upon      the U.S. embassy or consulate in the student’s
     involvement, artistic accomplishments,       request and sign a release form permitting       home country before the U.S. visa officer is
     and/or related awards.                       The Art Institutes’ use of work for              permitted to grant the necessary non-
F.   Submit the original version of at least      promotional purposes.                            immigrant F-1 student visa to the student.
     one recommendation letter from an art-
     related instructor or academic/career
                                    Individual Program Requirements
Media Arts & Animation                       Graphic Design                                 Interior Design
Submit ten originally produced color or
                                             Submit at least six but no more than           Submit at least six, but no more than ten
black & white prints (or copies). Work
                                             ten originally produced color prints           originally produced color prints (originals
should include: A) 5-7 figure drawings;
                                             (originals or copies). Work should             or copies). Work should include: A) a
B) 3-5 color illustrations or paintings;
                                             include: A) at least one poster design         rendering in any medium of a bedroom in
hand drawn work is preferred over
                                             combining imagery and text; B) at least        elevation or perspective; B) a floor plan
computer generated work. C) optional –
                                             one realistic illustration with a              of the same room; C) a color scheme for
animated video tape or CD-ROM (AVI
                                             commercial art focus; C) at least one pen      that room showing actual fabric samples
or QuickTime file). Work should be
                                             and ink or pencil drawing; D) at least one     or color reproductions of wall, window,
labeled and presented in a neat
                                             page layout project combining imagery          floor and furniture coverings, with each
professional format.
                                             and text (newsletter) E) at least one two      sample numbered; D) one-page typed
                                             sided, folded brochure (2 color) F) at         chart accompanying the color scheme
Culinary Arts – Please contact the           least one personal logo design.                print that identifies the fabric type and
school if you are interested in culinary     Additional projects could also include: a      usage of each sample.
arts.                                        magazine ad, package design and/or web
                                             design. Any of the above may be                Photography
Digital Media Production                     submitted on a CD-ROM. (If you are             Submit a Portfolio of 10 mounted
Submit an edited videotape showcasing        submitting work a CD-ROM, you need to          original prints that may range in size
your creative voice in a short narrative     include black and white printouts of all       from 6 inches by 9 inches to 11 inches by
(not television news). Identify the          projects.) No artwork on zip disks will be     14 inches. An artist statement that
editing process that you utilized: Linear-   considered.                                    describes the theme and intent of your
cuts only tape, A-B roll or Non-linear -                                                    photographs should accompany your
Avid, Premier, Final Cut Pro, Media 100,     Industrial Design                              portfolio.
etc.                                         Technology
                                             Submit at least six but no more than
You may choose to follow the guidelines
                                             twelve color prints (originals or copies)      Visual Effects & Motion
set forth by the Interactive Media Design                                                   Graphics
                                             of original projects you have created.
                                             Work should include: A) two to four            Submit an edited videotape showcasing
                                             pieces of sculpture or 3-D design; B) at       your creative voice in a short narrative
Fashion Design                               least one model designed and built from        (not television news). Identify the
Submit original illustrations of three       your own original ideas and materials; C)      editing process that you utilized; linear-
individual collections consisting of at      front and side views of mechanical             cuts only tape, A-B roll or non-linear –
least three outfits per collection. Each     drawings based on original ideas.              Avid, Premier, Final Cut Pro, Media 100,
collection needs to be accompanied by an     Include in your 250 word essay, a              etc.
inspiration board. Include fabric
                                             personal interest that could relate
swatches with description of fiber content
and specific use in the collection.
                                             to a product design.                           Video Production
                                                                                            In lieu of the 250 word essay required in
Fashion Marketing                            Interactive Media Design                       the general competition guidelines, write
                                             Utilizing your creative problem-solving        a 500 word essay on why you would like
Submit a project titled “Create a Retail
                                             skills, create an interactive kiosk for your   a career in Video Production. In
Store” (maximum 12 typed pages) that
                                             local mall. Plan a presentation                addition, submit a VHS tape or DVD that
includes the following information A)
                                             (maximum 12 typed pages) that                  represents a 5-minute short feature that
imaginary store set-up; B) store name; C)
                                             combines sound, text, animation and            includes: A) a script that you have
product description (line(s) of
                                             video or still pictures to inform shoppers     written; B) camera changes; C) lighting
merchandise); D) display descriptions; E)
                                             of the benefits of patronizing a particular    techniques; D) a music score or other
personnel descriptions.
                                             store.                                         audio to visual treatments. No high
                                             A) describe the presentation; B) outline       school television news programs, stunts
                                             the different aspects of the presentation      or skating videos will be accepted.
                                             such as text, audio and visual
                                             components; C) discuss how the viewer          Visual Merchandising
                                             will interact with the                         In lieu of the 250 word essay required in
                                             presentation; D) create computer artwork       the general competition guidelines, write
                                             for any of the above sections (optional).      a 500 word essay on why you would like
                                                                                            a career in Visual Merchandising.
                                                                                            Submit color photographs of two display
                                                                                            projects (one photo of each) that you
                                                                                            have completed. The design should be
                                                                                            such that it may easily be adapted for
                                                                                            actual in-store use. The projects may be
                                                                                            any of the following display types: A)
                                                                                            point of purchase display; B) window
                                                                                            display; C) departmental display.
The Art Institutes High School Scholarship Program Entry Form


City                                         State                         Zip

Home Phone                                   E-mail

Parent/Guardian Name

High School Name

City                                         State                         Zip

Guidance Counselor                           Art Instructor

High School Phone

Please indicate your intended degree:

       Bachelor of Science                                    Associate of Science

Please indicate your intended program of study:

       Digital Media Production                               Interactive Media Design
       Fashion Design                                         Media Arts & Animation
       Fashion Marketing                                      Photography
       Graphic Design                                         Video Production
       Industrial Design Technology                           Visual Merchandising
       Interior Design                                        Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Please verify that all required materials are enclosed in one package:
       Entry Form
       Entry Materials – properly labeled
       Letter(s) of Recommendation
       Certification Letter
       High School Transcript (NOT TO BE SENT UNDER SEPARTE COVER)

Mail all materials to:    Scholarship Committee
                          The Art Institute of Philadelphia
                          1622 Chestnut Street
                          Philadelphia, PA 19103-5198

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