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					Potomac Forum Ltd.
P.O Box 60143
Potomac, MD 20859
Art Chantker - President
Ph: (301) 279-7704

Dear Art,

In order to support your training initiatives at the Potomac Forum, we would like to officially inform
your conference attendees and participants that their involvement in the Potomac Forum’s training
offerings count as Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits with (ISC)2.

Our organization recognizes the Potomac Forum’s commitment to professionalizing the workforce
and is happy to extend this notice to those attending your functions.

For attendees who carry the SSCP, CISSP, ISSEP, ISSMP, ISSAP or CAP credential from (ISC)2,
the following CPE credits will apply:

   A. For each full day of training at a Potomac Forum event, credential holders are eligible for 8
      CPE credits towards their continuing education requirements from (ISC)2.
   B. For events less than one day, attendees and participants are eligible for one CPE credit for
      each hour spent at a Potomac Forum event.
   C. Speakers and presenters at Potomac Forum events are eligible for one CPE credit per hour
      spent preparing or delivering materials during your sessions.
   D. Attendees who participate in non-training events with the Potomac Forum (attending
      meetings, publishing articles, listening to vendor presentations, etc.) are also eligible for one
      CPE per hour spent on activities with your organization.

Credential holders must enter their CPE credits in the usual manner on the (ISC)2 website.

We sincerely appreciate the Potomac Forum’s commitment to providing education to the
information technology community and will continue to support your efforts. We wish you great
success in future years!

Best Regards,

John Mongeon
(ISC)2 Americas

                                           (ISC)2 Americas
                              John Mongeon, Government Services Director
                                    1964 Gallows Road, Suite #210A
                                             Vienna, VA 22182
                                   Ph: 703-637-4424 Fax: 954-283-8901