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									                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
                            FROM EXCHANGE STUDENTS
                          AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NANCY 2

Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions from exchange
students coming to Nancy 2. Before writing to our international offices to ask a question,
OUR ECHANGE STUDENT GUIDE. Our offices receive a great number of emails, and
if you ask questions which are already answered in our guides, you prevent us from
answering quickly to those who have more urgent and unusual questions. Thank you for
your kind understanding, which will help us all to organise better the exchange periods
of all students.

What are the language requirements at the University of Nancy 2 ?

Almost all our courses are given in French, and you are supposed to take the same exams as
French students. You must then have a good knowledge of French to come and study at
Nancy 2. If you are unsure about your level in French language, it must be checked by your
home university. Please note that we are not able to welcome Erasmus students who have
never studied French.

What do I need to do to apply for an exchange period at Nancy 2 ?

   1) You must check with your home university that our both institutions have signed an
      exchange agreement
   2) Your home university must have nominated you for this exchange
   3) You must fill in our exchange application form and have it signed by your home
      university and sent to our international office

Do you accept free-movers ?

No our University does not accept free-movers. There must necessary be an exchange
agreement between your home university and our university to make the exchange possible.

If the agreement between Nancy 2 and my home institution is in History, will you allow
me to attend courses in Sociology or Literature at Nancy 2 ?

We actually are quite flexible about this. It is true that our bilateral agreements with partner
universities are signed in a specific field of study, but we do accept exchange students to
choose courses in different departments of our university. We yet strongly advise you not to
choose courses in more than 2 or 3 departments of Nancy 2, as it will make difficult for you to
organise your timetable.
Will I have an academic coordinator at Nancy 2 ?

Yes you will, either one academic coordinator if you choose all your courses at the same
department, either several if you choose courses in different departments of Nancy 2. The list
of Nancy 2 academic coordinators by fields of studies will be sent to you as soon as we
receive your application. For example, if you choose courses in History, your academic
coordinator for this field will be the history coordinator. And if you also choose Language
sciences courses, you will also have an academic advisor at the Language sciences

Where may I find informations about the courses offered at Nancy 2 ?

Please visit the following link on our website, where you will find our offer or courses at the
Licence and Master’s levels.
For more detailed informations about each course, you will have to contact the corresponding
academic coordinator at Nancy 2 (the history academic coordinator for history courses for
example). Please note that the international office of the university cannot provide details
about the courses and the planning of the courses.

Do you use the ECTS system ?

Yes we do ! At the University of Nancy 2 –and unless you have different written instructions
from your home university – you will be required to get 30 ECTS credits per semester.

Am I allowed to choose any course I want ?

With the agreement of your home university and academic advisors at Nancy 2, you can
choose courses in the different levels of our diplomas if you have the academic level required.
Still, if you are interested in one course, you must check whether this course is independent
from other courses ; if you are interested in a course which is linked to another by a global
number of ECTS credits given to both courses, then you are not allowed to separate the two
courses and you will have to follow both. If you are interested in one course which is not
linked to any other course and has its own number of ECTS credits, you can follow this
course only.
This rule is also imposed on French students.

Shall I come to Nancy 2 with written instructions from my home university concerning
my study program ?

You should be coming to Nancy 2 with clear written instructions from your home university
concerning :
    - the program of study you are expected to follow at Nancy 2
    - the number of ECTS credits you are supposed to bring back home
These instructions should be given on a prepared learning agreement or an official document
signed by your home university. Without such instructions, it will be very difficult for us to
help you build your study program at Nancy 2.
Who will sign my learning agreement at Nancy 2 ?

Your learning agreement will be signed by your main academic coordinator at Nancy 2,
whom we will indicate to you on your arrival in Nancy. Please note that some coordinators at
Nancy 2 may not agree to sign your learning agreement before having met you in Nancy.
After your arrival in Nancy we will leave you about a month to choose your program of study
at Nancy 2, which will allow you to discuss your choices with our professors and get a more
concrete view of the courses we offer.

When should I arrive in Nancy ?

It actually depends on :

- the campus where you are going to study :
On Nancy 2 human and social sciences Campus, courses usually start on October 10th for the
first semester, and on February 10th for the second semester.
On Nancy 2 Faculty of law, courses usually start in the very end of September for the first
semester and in the very beginning of February for the second semester.
At Nancy 2 IUT, courses usually start in the beginning of September for the first semester and
in the end of January for the second semester.
At Nancy 2 IAE, courses usually start by mid September for the first semester, and in the end
of January for the second semester.
You should check the academic calendar of the Campus which will welcome you before
deciding when you arrive (academic calendars for the following academic year are usually not
decided before May, we will keep you informed about them ; you can see our actual academic
calendar on this link :

- French intensive language courses before the beginning of each semester (not for IUT
exchange students, who have their own French courses at the IUT) :
These courses are not compulsory of course, but if you wish to follow them, you will have to
arrive earlier in Nancy ! They usually take place from mid September to mid October for the
first semester, and in the last two weeks of January for the second semester. You can follow
one or several weeks of course according to your needs. They are free for exchange students
at Nancy 2. (Exact schedule of French intensive courses will be sent to you once decided –
decision usually made in May for the following academic year).

We also advise you not to arrive during the weekend for you won’t be able to contact our
university during the weekend.

Will I easily find accommodation in Nancy ?

In Nancy the CROUS is able to book a student room in its student halls of residence for each
exchange student coming to Nancy. You must just fill in due time the accommodation form
which our international office will send you from May and return it directly to the CROUS ;
please wait for the specific exchange student our international office will send you and do not
use the general CROUS application form ! (please see information guide for exchange
students for more details about deadlines and types of accommodation).
If you prefer looking for private accommodation in Nancy, please note our University won’t
be able to help you search for private housing.

What if the CROUS has not confirmed me any accommodation a week before my
arrival in Nancy ?

You should then urgently contact the CROUS directly ! (Email :
Please note that the international office of our university won’t be able to provide you
information about your accommodation, as accommodation is under the sole responsibility of
the CROUS, independent body from the university. Therefore do not loose your time, and
contact DIRECTLY the CROUS for any problem with your accommodation.

What if I am not satisfied with the room the CROUS has chosen for me ?

Same answer as above : you must contact directly the CROUS, the university has no authority
on the CROUS and cannot make decisions for the CROUS !

After the intensive courses in French before the beginning of the semester, will I be
allowed to follow free courses in French language during the semester ?

We’re afraid the answer is no (unless you are welcomed at the IUT, where you will have your
own French courses during the semester as you cannot take the intensive French courses
before the beginning of the semester due to the academic calendar of the IUT) ; for all other
students, French language courses during the semester cost 520 € per semester, and no
exception can be made (please find more explanations in our exchange students guide). But
you will be able to improve your French by going to our Language Centre Yves Chalon on
our human science campus, this center is free for all students !

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