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Menu of Microsoft interactive tutorials 2003 and 2007
us/training/FX100565001033.aspx Note: MSOffice software needs to be installed on the computer for
the corresponding (2003 or 2007) tutorial to activate.
Power Point 2003 -
Word 2003 -
Excel 2003 -
Access 2003
PowerPoint 2007 -
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Excel 2007 -

Access 2007 -
The following are not interactive tutorials. They need to be printed out and used with the corresponding
active software (MSOffice 2003 or MS Office 2007)
Basic beginner on-line tutorials:
Word 2007 - (page has link to Word 2003 tutorial)
Other free basic tutorials 2003 and 2007-
Basic beginner Word 2003:
Help with making the transition from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007

1.    Go to the following link.
      ca/products/FX100487411033.aspx?pid=CL100571081033 Click on the “Products” tab in the
      screen that appears. In the search field enter the text “interactive reference guides”. A screen
      with a list of links such as the one listed below in # 2 will come up.


      This site contains the Command Reference Guide – Word 2003 to Word 2007. You need to look
      for the “Start the Guide” button on this page to launch the interactive software. Click on the button
      and follow the directions.

3.    Once the software has been launched, click on an item in the “MS Office 2003” document that
      appears on the screen. The software will bring up the “MS Office 2007” equivalent screen and show
      you where that command can be found on the 2007 interface. Click on the screen again to return to
      the 2003 interface.

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