excel vba by lestercaldwell


									                                                      Microsoft VBA Excel
                                                      2 day VBA Introduction

Aim of the course:

This course is designed to give delegates a good grounding with the building blocks of the
programming language which underlies Excel – Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Topics Covered

 Introduction to Vba                                  Working with Objects
 What is VBA?                                         Properties of Objects
 Why use VBA if I can record Macros in                Objects and Containers of Other Objects
 Excel                                                Working with Specific Objects in Containers or
 The VBA Environment                                  Collections

 VBA Terminology                                      Working with Workbook Objects
 Modules and Procedures                               Workbook Objects and Methods
 Components of your Code                              Creating a New Workbook
 Objects, Properties and Methods

 Understanding Data, Variables and                    File Management in VBA
 Working with Variables                               Working with File Management
 Working with constraints
 Working with Operators and Expressions

 Working with Functions                               Dialog Boxes
 Mathematical Functions                               Creating Dialog Boxes
 Date and Time Functions                              Setting Properties for Controls
 String Functions                                     Working with Groups and Option Buttons
 Excel Specific Functions

 Function Procedures                                  Working with Toolbars
 Creating a User Defined Function                     Creating a Toolbar
 Using the Function Procedure in Excel                Adding a Toolbar Buttons
 Using Arguments in Functions

 Decision Structures in VBA                           Error Handling
 Using If Then Else                                   Working with Error Handling Routines
 Select Case                                          Exiting an Error Trap
 Using VB Constants

This course has been designed for the non-technical user who needs to design and create
applications in Microsoft Excel. However, experienced technical staff will find that they can gain a
very in-depth overview of what Visual Basic for Excel is about.

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