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         Together they are among the
         Top 10 of all online travel portals in Germany.

        More than 4,000,000 page impressions per month

        More than 1,400,000 unique visitors per month

        More than 250,000 newsletter-subscribers

        approximately 71 m Euro turnover in 2007

One contact partner – 9 online portals.
We unite the interests of nine leading online travel service portals in the area of marketing, operations
and technology. On behalf of the portals we manage and coordinate the marketing of advertising
space on the portal. We offer public oriented image- and sales campaigns that include professional
campaign-planning and -control.

We regularly publish an individual newsletter for all online portals. If you wish exclusively for your

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Our Partner offer Added Value.

           AERTiCKET AG is the leading flight-ticket wholesaler in Germany and Europe
           providing approximately 8,000 travel agencies and online portals with flight
           tickets, especially specific web-fares for selective sales campaigns for

           The extranet of AERTiCKET is used every month by about 30,000 visitors. In
           the context of campaigns AERTiCKET offers all partners advertising on the
           sites of the online portals contact to more than 6,000 travel-agencies via
           newsletter and extranet for free.

           All online portals use the services provided by Flightone GmbH in the areas of
           customer services and fulfilment. A close co-operation with the IBE providers
           enshures an ideal automation and quality of all processes.

           In the area of bookings of packaged tours and –holidays the portals use the
           technology of market leader Traveltainment. An individually developed version
           of the booking engine guarantees ideal bookings of the complete product
           range of more than 45 tour operators.

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Every portal is different. Holidays & Voyages are sold by all.

                    Lufthansa City Center (LCC) are the biggest independent chain of travel-agencies of the world.
                    550 travel-agencies in 61 countries belong to the LCC-network. Since 2002 is the
                    online travel-agency shared by all 300 German LCC agencies. The combination of online
                    appearance and 2,000 travel experts all over Germany, of on- und offline services is unique on
                    the online travel-market and guarantees the best possible customer service.

                    During the last years could position itself as an independent agent for the sale of
                    flights, voyages and additional touristy services. The transparent fare comparison of all
                    scheduled-, charter- and no-frill-fares satisfies the customer above all. From January 2007 on
                    about 160 regional online travel websites are integrated into Advertiser will profit
                    from the regional emphasis –your advertisements are published on the
                    and on 161 online travel websites all over Germany.

                    Already since 1998 the online travel portal airline-direct certified by the TÜV
                    Süd offers its services around the flight business directly through the online
                    platform The main focus lies on affordable
                    scheduled- and charter-flights with emphasis on travel in Europe. Further
                    areas of business are hotel, packaged tours and car-rental. Service and
                    close contact to the customer are a main part of the performance at airline-
                    direct. Airline-direct is a member of the DRV and was recommended by
                    SPIEGEL, FOCUS, ARD, RTL and Computer BILD.

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Every portal is different. Holidays & Voyages are sold by all.

          is your big online travel portal with a free of charge fare comparison for no-frill-,
                   charter- and scheduled flights of more than 500 airlines. offers – together with its
                   partner portal – an extensive choice of well-known airlines and travel service
                   providers on one platform. The range of voyages offered by includes the complete
                   travel-assortment, especially:

                   - Scheduled-, charter-, and no-frill-flights of more than 500 airlines
                   - Car-rental, hotels, holiday flats and homes
                   - Packaged- and last-minute-tours of 45 well-know tour operators
                   - City packages with flight, hotel and car rental

                   The online portal traveltopia offers its service especially to tourists. Traveltopia offers wide ranged
                   choice of products displayed in a functional way and design fulfilling perfectly the demands of the
                   classical google search engine. With a percentage of 40% the share of registered customers is well
                   above average.

                   Besides a wide variety of flights, hotels, car-rental available as package or in single combination,
                   the main focus is on the intercontinental business. The Dynasite-structure of traveltopia allows a
                   regional specific placement of your advertisement.

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Every portal is different. Holidays & Voyages are sold by all.

                   The portal is online since 2003. Its main focus is to provide affordable scheduled-, and
                   no-frill tickets. The right site to fly for bargain hunters and price-conscious people. is
                   integrated into various price comparison engines. It is the aim of to increase sales via
                   marketing measures and to provide its customers especially in the area of car-rental and hotel with
                   special offers.

          combines competent and friendly service in 10 travel-agencies in Berlin, affordable
                   online-prices and state of the art booking technology on the website. Titanic and the partner travel
                   websites and are specialised in flights, hotel, car-rental holiday homes, packaged
                   tours and cruises. Titanic travel-agencies are the only remaining owner managed travel agencies in
                   Berlin with a size that guarantees the best possible price in all areas. Titanic guarantees customer
                   orientation, service-competence and the passion for travel. is a multi-channel online travel
                   portal with more than 150 associated travel-agencies thus ensuring competent help-desk services on

          – the specialist for online- & offline flight bookings is online since 1998 and therefore
                   one of the first service provider on the German internet. Nowadays the independent booking platform
                   offers affordable daily updated prices of more than 750 airlines to leisure and business travelers. Of
                   course no-frill flight as well as affordable consolidator fares are integrated into the online inquiry.

                   The customer can search and book flight via internet comfortably on Data security, a
                   clear-cut display and a user friendly handling are among the strong features of the service. For
                   questions concerning the online-booking on a call center team of well-trained travel
                   agents is available.

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Lots of traffic on the internet Portals.

                                                     October 2007

                  Online-Marketing | Public Relations | Technik
Online Portal Survey 2007. These are our customers.

                                         Source: AVM Consult, November 2007

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         Image- or product advertisement.

Direct linkage to the pre-adjusted Booking Engine on request (including airline filter and preselected
destination where required) or to individual landing pages.

                                                                                Full-size Banner

                                                                                Size:         468 x 60 px
                                                                                Format:       gif, jpg


                                                                                Size:         120 x 600 px

                                                                                Format:       gif, jpg

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        Content Integration and landing page.

Advertising content are integrated into the website so that the user does not notice it as advertisement but
as part of the page.

                                Online-Marketing | Public Relations | Technik
         Destination specific Newsletter. New every 2 weeks.

Choose between exclusive content or the booking of individual ads.

                                Online-Marketing | Public Relations | Technik
         Invoicing and Reporting.

For each campaign you will receive a detailed report including a documentation and the usual
performances figures.

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Your advantages at a glance.

       A special newsletter editor team

       Design of individual product landing pages
       and banner design on request

       Central handling, invoicing and statistical evaluation

       Demand-driven Advertisement

       Target group specific customer aproach

       Use of professional ad server-technology

       Marketing campaigns on short call possible

       Exclusive ad placement on all online portals on request

       Free of charge marketing campaigns with more than 6,000 travel agencies!

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Catalogue Prices.

      Banner Advertisement
          Full-size Banner (468 x 60)            28 EUR CPM
          Skyscraper       (120 x 600)           35 EUR CPM
          small              (180 x 150)         35 EUR CPM
          big                (300 x 250)         48 EUR CPM
      Newsletter Marketing
         Logo/Banner                             28 EUR CPM
         Content-integration (600 x 200)         36 EUR CPM
         Exclusively edited content              48 EUR CPM
         of one complete newsletters
      Further marketing possibilities and formats on request.
      Order your individual offer without obligation
      and profit from a generous volume discount.
      Optional: banner design according to your specifications.

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Package prices. A choice of our products.

   Package 1 „Newsletter & Ad“ includes:
- Newsletter specifically tailored to your destination
- Integration of your marketing messages into the edition
- Mailing to more than 250,000 subscribers of all online portals
- Skyscraper (1 week, split edition, front pages)
- Guaranteed delivery of 100,000 page impressions
                                                                            9,900 Euro
   Package 2 „Newsletter Only“ includes:
- Newsletter specifically tailored to your destination
- Integration of your marketing messages into the edition
- mailing to more than 250,000 subscribers of all online portals
                                                                            8,400 Euro
   Package 3 „One Destination Exclusively“
- Premium online-campaign for a destination or marketing issue
- Ad Placement (Skyscraper) over several weeks on all online portals
- Newsletter specifically tailored to your destination
- Marketing at 6,000 AERTiCKET – travel-agencies
- Guaranteed minimum amount of contacts, detailed statistical evaluation
                                                                           25,000 Euro

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    Talk to us!

Gladly we prepare a marketing package tailored especially to your budget. We
guarantee to meet the agreed minimum contact figures at all times while
simultaneously staying inside the budget frame.

                Contact:          Michael Schwarz
                                  Daniela Schade

                Phone:            030 – 69 80 21 40
                                  030 – 69 80 23 06


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