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									Exam Preparation Guide

                                      MCSE Certification

      MCSE - “One of the most widely recognized high-level Microsoft Certification today“
          Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, MCSEs, design and implement
          an infrastructure for business solutions based on the Windows
          platform (MCSE 2000) and Microsoft Server System (MCSE 2003).
          Both of these MCSE tracks include specializations as MCSE:
          Messaging and MCSE: Security.

          MCSE on Microsoft Windows 2000 is appropriate for IT professionals working in the typically complex
          computing environment of medium-to-large organizations. These professionals design and implement
          business infrastructures based on Windows 2000 platform.

          MCSE on Windows Server 2003 includes all the functionalities of the Windows Server Operating System,
          such as security, reliability, availability, and scalability. Earning MCSE 2003 validates your ability to make
          infrastructures more efficient, keep everyone productive, and deliver more applications. These tasks on
          the latest Microsoft server operating system demonstrate your expertise to employers, clients, and peers.

     How can you prepare effectively?
          You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for these highly recognized certification
          exams. You want to score high, the course is large and the time is less. The Question is:
                  * How to prepare fast and accurate?
                  * How to focus on important topics first, master them fast and retain what you’ve learnt?

         Through Simulator - A scientific method to prepare
          The solution lies in the approach towards your study. One such approach is through an exam simulator
          that simulates/replicates the actual exam environment with similar types and patterns of questions. It is
          designed to guide you and help acquire the optimum momentum during the course of your study.

          Whizlabs has designed and developed exam simulators as a certification preparation tool, which makes
          use of a “scientific approach” of study. With its unique features, these exam simulators assist you in
          your preparation for the certification exam by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses.

           “Whizlabs Exam Simulators”, not only give you unmatched and proven quality content but also help
          you prepare and retain whatever you have learnt all the way to your exam and thereafter. Here explained,
          step by step, is how it works for you!!

          Step 1 Diagnostic Exam - Assess yourself
          This exam with its specially designed set of questions
          will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses
          that need to be worked upon.
Exam Preparation Guide

        Step 2 Practice Exams - Practice your skills
        The set of Practice Exams available here, will help
        you practice more on the actual certification exam

        Step 3 Customized Exams - Focused practice
        You can practice again with the customized exams,
        but with an option to choose yourself, the number of
        questions, topic, and difficulty level of the questions
        and that too in the areas you find yourself weak. This
        will help you mould your preparation in the way you

        Step 4 Quiz - Squeeze that extra second
        Make your study complete by mastering how to
        manage your time while answering questions under
        strict time constraints. The feature of Quiz in Whizlabs
        Simulator has been designed just for this. In this
        feature, you’ll have option to choose the number of
        questions from various exam objectives and the time
        for which the question will be displayed. Study could
        never be so interesting without this feature!!

        Step 5 Tips N Tricks - Dos and don’ts
        There are things that you must do and there are
        certain others that you must not; we make sure through
        Tips N Tricks that you know them all. Tips N Tricks
        help fine tune your approach and avoid mistakes that
        others commonly do.

        Step 6 Quick Revision Notes - Instant revisions
        Here is a handy list of small pointers straight from
        heart of the exam course, which will help you revise
        the entire course instantly. Whizlabs simulator includes
        these notes as ‘part’ of its features.
Exam Preparation Guide

        Step 7 Final Exam - Grand finale
         Last comes the final exam with which you conclude
         your preparation to walk in the exam room fully
         confident and walk out with success.

     FREE Download
         Whizlabs also offers comprehensive reports, performance history and exhaustive explanations in its exam
         simulators. Learn more with FREE trial at Whizlabs MCSE Exam Simulators

     Whizlabs Authors – “Content Credibility”
         In its first 3 years only, Whizlabs has helped over 280,000 software professionals earn their dream
         certifications. This would not have been possible without constant improvement in the quality of Whizlabs
         products and its content to the level of customer satisfaction. Whizlabs has a highly respected, exceptionally
         outstanding, brilliant, and certified pool of authors, who have contributed their over ‘225 years’ of cumulative
         experience while authoring high-quality content for the simulators.

         The authors have strong technical competence to say things with authority and clarity. Their experience
         ranges from working in their respective technology to imparting knowledge to others. The content is
         developed with the difficulty level conforming to the actual exam standards and undergoes stringent
         process standards complying to ISO 9001:2000.

     Customers’ Say
         “I am impressed with the quality of content, especially the explanations. The questions were similar to
         the actual exam but tougher. Great job!“ - Thomas, UK (Jan’04)

         “I Rate You Top 1 %” - Suhas Malik, Training Manager - IT Certifications (MCSE, CCNA, OCP, Java),
         Bangalore (Dec’03)

         “Thanks Whizlabs for your simulations. It made me secure my job in the last layoff round at my organization.
         I owe my success to you.” – Chris, Delaware, USA (Feb’04)

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