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									                                       Welcome to ONLINE Finance System Training

            Welcome to the online training program for the Finance System. This training is offered using
            SkillPort instructional software in conjunction with the Office of the University Controller, the
            Procurement Service Center, and CU-Online through the University Leadership Development

            The complete Finance System online training is comprised of four courses, and each course
            consists of smaller units called modules. You are pre-registered only for the courses you need to
            take based upon the access you requested. At the end of each course you take, you must pass a
            short Quiz in order to receive your access to the Finance System.

                                                  Finance System

      Course 1                          Course 2                            Course 3                         Course 4
  Financial Inquiry                 Financial General                       Financial                      Procurement
                                         Ledger                           Procurement                     Purchasing and
Module 1: Web Navigation                                                                               Contract Management
Module 2: Chartfields            Module 1: Web Navigation           Module 1: Vendor Info &
Module 3: Reporting              Quiz                               DPOs                               Module 1: Purchasing
Quiz                                                                Module 2: PO Requisitions          Module 2: Contract
                                                                    Module 3: SPOs                     Management
                                                                    Quiz                               Quiz

            Now let’s take a look at how each training module will be presented.

            Training Format
            This online Finance System training uses a variety of instructional activities in all three of its

                Instructional screens explain important concepts and functions within the Finance System.

                Demonstration screens contain an animated and narrated demonstration of how to perform
                 a Finance System task.

                Apply It screens are found every 4-6 pages. These screens give you an opportunity to
                 practice what you’ve learned.

                Quiz: At the conclusion of each course you take there is a Quiz. You must pass this Quiz in
                 order to get access to the Finance System.

            Learning Links
            On each screen of the online course, you’ll see several handy links:

                The Contacts Link contains “who to call for help” advice and guidance.

            December 2008                                                                                         1
                         Welcome to ONLINE Finance System Training

   The Job Aids Link contains descriptions of terms and Step-by-Step guides.

   The Resource Link provides a list of useful Web Addresses, Phone Numbers, and other
    helpful information.

Technical Requirements for Training
Since this Finance System training involves a variety of simulations and demonstrations, make
sure you have the programs listed below installed on your computer before you begin the
training program.

1. Both the online training and the new Web-based Finance System work best if you use
   Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.

2. Make sure you have Flash Player. Since the Finance System training program has
   demonstrations delivered through Flash Player, you will need this software to view these. If
   you do not have it, you may download the Flash Player for free.

3. The demonstrations have audio explanations, so it works best if the speakers for your
   computer are hooked up and working. Each demonstration also has captions, so the courses
   can be completed without audio.

4. Your demonstration toolbar will look similar to the one below. You can use it to pause,
   rewind, and forward the demonstrations.

5. Make sure you have the most recent version Adobe Acrobat. Some of the Job Aids and
   Reports associated with the Finance System training program contain electronic documents
   compressed with Adobe Acrobat. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these
   files. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader, you may download it for free from this site.

Logging In and Getting Started
Now that you understand how the courses will be presented, you are ready to begin the Finance
System online training program.

    1.   Open up your Internet browser, and type in the following URL:

December 2008                                                                                     2
                         Welcome to ONLINE Finance System Training

   2.   If you have been issued a CU Login Name and IdentiKey Password, enter them:

   3.   If you haven’t received these login credentials, go to and
        click on the IdentiKey Help bar near the bottom of the page. Then click on IdentiKey
        Accounts for information about how to get an IdentiKey.

   4.   After you are able to log on to CUConnect, locate the MyCU Links channel and click on

   5.   This opens the my.CU portal MY.TRAININGS tab where you can select your course. If
        you are enrolling in the Financial courses, take the Financial Inquiry course first.

   6.   Alternately, you can log in to the my.CU portal directly without clicking through

December 2008                                                                                   3
                         Welcome to ONLINE Finance System Training

Additional Training and Access Information
For more information about Finance System access and training, click on the links below:
     Link to Training and Access Web Page
     Link to Classroom Training
     Link to ABS Homepage

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