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					                         Desired Results System (DRDP-R) Self-Study Checklist
                          for Classroom/Family Child care Home Network Staff

 Program Start           Month 2             Month 3            Month 4                Month 5              Month 6
Begin to record observations,          Complete Child’s   Continue to           Continue to        Continue to
  anecdotal records, photos, and          Developmental       gather                gather evidence      gather evidence
  documentation to complete the           Progress form       evidence and          and                  and
  DRDP-R                                Conduct Parent       documentation         documentation        documentation
Set up children’s portfolio system       conferences
  for organizing observations, work     Compile DRDPR      Implement ERS         Use results to     Use results to
  samples and other forms of              Group Data           actions steps.        inform              inform
  evidence and documentation              Summary by                                 individual,         individual,
Complete the first DRDP- R on each       classroom/ FCC    Use results to          classroom &         classroom &
   child within 60 days of enrollment     home                 inform                group planning      group planning
Complete annual Environment            Analyze DRDPR         individual,
   Rating Scale for classroom or          data to inform       classroom &
   Family Child Care home                 individual,          group planning
                                          classroom &
                                          group planning

    Month 7             Month 8             Month 9              Month 10               Month 11            Month 12
Continue to       Review &            Complete Child’s   Continue to gather    Continue to        Continue to
  gather          Reflect upon            Developmental       observations,           gather              gather
  evidence and    gathered                Progress form       anecdotal               observations,       observations,
  documentation   evidence and           Conduct Parent      records, and            anecdotal           anecdotal
                  documentation,          conferences         documentation           records, and        records, and
Use results to   and complete
                    nd                   Compile DRDP-                               documentation       documentation
 inform           2 DRDP- R six
                                          R Group Data
                                                            Use results to
 individual,      months after            Summary by          inform individual,   Use results to     Use results to
 classroom &      completion of           classroom/          classroom &             inform             inform
 group planning   first DRDP- R           FCC home            group planning          individual,        individual,
                Use results to         Use results to                               classroom &        classroom &
                  inform                  inform                                      group planning     group planning
                  individual,             individual,
                  classroom &             classroom &
                  group planning          group planning

Visit for all forms, resources, and updated information on
the Desired Results System.

 Desired Results Developmental Profiles- Revised are available in English; Parent Surveys, and Child
  Development Progress forms are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese.

                                        Suggestions for Completing the DRDP-R

  Know the DRDP-R contents and make                          Make time each day to observe indoors and
  observation notes that will help you complete it.            outdoors.

  Observe children daily, keep running records,              Use simple recording methods. Have a journal for
  journals, work samples, and anecdotal notes.                 each infant/toddler. Encourage staff and parents to
                                                               note observations, anecdotal records, and share
                                                               photos showing children’s progress and growth.
  Choose one Indicator and its Measures to focus             Review and reflect on gathered observations and
  on at a time.                                                documentation to inform and complete the DRDP-R.
                          Desired Results System (DRDP-R) Self-Study Checklist
                                   for Program/ Agency Administration

 Program Start             Month 2              Month 3                Month 4                Month 5            Month 6
Train & support staff in the collection Compile DRDP-R        Distribute Parent      Compile Group     Implement Parent
  of evidence and documentation to          Group Data            Surveys                 Data Summary       Survey Summary
  complete the DRDP-R. Ensure each          Summary for all                               for Parent         of Findings action
  child has a completed DRDP-R within classrooms /FCC           Complete ERS             Surveys            steps
  60 days of enrollment                     homes by contract     Summary of
Train & support staff in set up, review, Complete ERS           Findings for each     Complete Parent   Optional* - Use
  reflection of children’s collected        score Profile by      contract                Survey             Summaries of
  evidence and documentation                classroom/FCC                                 Summary of         Findings to
Complete Environment Rating Scale          home                Implement DRDP-          Findings           complete one-
  for each classroom or Family Child Complete ERS                RSummary of                                time annual
  Care home once annually                   Summary of            Findings action       Implement ERS       Program Action
                                            Findings by           steps                   actions steps      Plan for each
                                            classroom/FCC       Begin Agency                                contract (*Or in
                                            home                  CPM/CMR Self-                              May)

      Month 7              Month 8               Month 9                  Month 10           Month 11          Month 12
Ensure each child Implement               Compile 2nd              Optional* -Use    Submit June 1 to Ongoing
  has a second          ongoing action      DRDP-R Group        Summaries of             CDD for each      implementation
  completed DRDP-R steps                    Data Summary        Findings to              contract:         of action steps
  six months after                          by classrooms       complete “Follow         Agency Annual    and Program
  the first completion Optional*           /FCC homes          Up” on Program             Report          Action Plan
Ongoing                Distribute second Complete Agency      Action Plan for          Agency
  implementation of     Parent Survey       CPM/CMR             each contract (*If         CPM/CMR
  action steps                              Summary of          Program Action             Summary of
Optional* -           Optional*           Findings for each   Plan completed in          Findings
  Implement             Compile Group       contract            month 6)                 Program Action
  Program Action        Data Summary      Use Summaries of                                Plan
  Plan (*If Program
                        for 2 Parent        Findings to       Complete Agency           Environment
  Action Plan was       Survey              complete annual     Annual Report for          Rating Scale
  completed                                 Program Action      each contract              Summary of
  previous month)                           Plan for each                                  Findings
                                            contract                                     Personnel Roster
 * Items marked with Optional* and in italicized text can be completed at several optional times during the year.

 Visit for all forms, resources, and updated information on
 the Desired Results System.

                              Tips on Training Staff on the Desired Results System
  Acknowledge and validate program staff’s hesitancy and resistance to change. Help them effectively learn
  how to use the DR tools to improve the quality of care in your program.

  Provide training time for staff to practice observing children’s activities and interactions, writing objective
  anecdotal notes, and reflecting on their observations for rating the DRDP-R.

  Share that the Desired Results System’s evaluation tools are designed to reveal “snapshots” of each child,
  classroom, and the entire program to adjust and inform instruction to move children forward to meet Desired
  Results. Each tool identifies unique strengths and areas of improvement.

  Complete the DRDP- R two times annually. Effective education and care professionals are already observing,
  gathering evidence and documentation to demonstrate children’s knowledge and skills.

  Post information about DR terms, the six Desired Results for children and families, DRDP- R Indicators,
  Measures and Developmental Levels around classrooms or in staff meeting rooms so that the staff can
  become familiar with them, at a glance and over time.

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