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									                                               BELLEVUE FAMILY YMCA • 2009

PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                                        Mind/Body Workshops: At different times of the year, we offer a
                                                                                        variety of specialty workshops such as Yoga Anatomy and African Dance
                                                                                        with local experts. Check with the front desk for upcoming topics.
Total Health Consultation: This is a free one-hour appointment with
a half hour follow-up, with a Fitness Trainer who will help you get started.            $10 facility member, $20 program member
Your Trainer will talk with you about what type of information you are
looking for. Examples for your appointment might be: to learn how to use the
strength equipment or discuss a customized fitness program designed to get              BEHAVIOR CHANGE
you started. For further one-on-one coaching sign up for a Personal Training
                                                                                        Healthy Habits: Relying on group dynamics, Healthy Habits works
                                                                                        with you to discover the key to making positive, lasting changes. In
Y Personal Fitness: Ease yourself into a fitness program and build the                  collaboration with the Stanford Prevention Research Center, the YMCA
commitment to keeping fit with this 12-week program. If you've started fitness          developed Healthy Habits, applying a “six-step” method to changing
programs before and not followed through or would like to exercise but have             behavior-related health, fitness and nutrition. Meet in a group setting for
trouble getting started, then Y Personal Fitness is for you. Step-by-step, your         every other week for ten months and receive a personal consultation with a
Total Health Coach will help you learn to combine cardiovascular exercises              trained instructor. All participants will receive a journal to record your
with strength training. Your coach will stay in touch with you during the               progress and a pedometer. Support continues after the program ends.
entire program. Brief questionnaire on the backside will help determine if this         10-month program, $90 facility members, $180 program members
program is right for you.
                                                                                        Wellness Coaching: Sometimes we need a little one-on-one
Personal Training: This training at the YMCA is a hands-on, one-on-one
                                                                                        support. As a certified Wellness Coach, Kerri Schiller helps people achieve
personalized interaction, with direct instruction that focuses on achieving             a wide variety of goals. Most of us know what we need to do - exercise
realistic, but challenging goals. Whether you are a professional athlete or have        more, eat better, etc. - but despite our best intentions, we struggle to
never exercised before, a YMCA Personal Trainer can individualize workout               do these things. This is where a coach is a powerful ally. Coaching
sessions that cater to your current fitness level and experience.                       provides the support and accountability that most people need in order to
One session $50, three sessions $130                                                    create a healthier lifestyle. Receive weekly 45 minute coaching in person or
                                                                                        by telephone with Kerri Schiller, certified Wellness Coach and Personal
Fitness Assessment: Determine your current fitness level through an                     Trainer. Your first consultation is free.
assessment, including blood pressure screening, body composition                        4 weeks, $130 Facility Members, $260 Program Members
measurement, sit-and-reach test (measures flexibility), abdominal curl and              12 weeks, $325 Facility Members, $650 Program Members
bench press (measure strength/endurance) and a cardiovascular fitness test.             Questions? Contact Kerri Schiller,
$25 facility members, $50 program members
                                                                                        Massage: Massage helps relax muscles, reduce the risk of injury,
Women on Weights: Learn how to strengthen the major muscle groups
                                                                                        improve range of motion and muscle flexibility and can create a
in this 5-week class designed especially for women. You will be introduced to
                                                                                        feeling of well-being.
a variety of resistance training methods and techniques, including machines,
free weights, stability balls, medicine balls, and body weight exercises. A small       One hour massage $55; seniors receive a 20% discount
group ensures safety and proper form, support and encouragement along the way.
$55 facility members, $110 program members. Check monthly calendar for session dates.   REGISTRATION/CONTACT INFORMATION
Questions? Contact Chrissy Mahan,
Triathlon Training: Whether you’re a newbie or an old pro, get                          Member Service Desk
valuable training in a team setting. Learn how to train, work in a group                Phone: 425.746.9900
environment and have fun learning what you can do when coached to your                  Web:
fullest potential. Training calendars will be available when you register.
Contact the front desk for the next available session.                                  Questions:
5-month programs that starts in the spring.                                             Allison Melino
                                                                                        Director of Health & Wellness
                                                                                        Phone: 425-746-9077 ext. 3210
TOTAL HEALTH                                                                            Email:

Nutrition Consultations: A registered dietician will guide through your
nutrition goals and implement a plan specifically designed to meet your needs.
Nutrition consultations are a great way to augment your Total Health needs.
$45 facility member, $90 program member
Questions? Contact Allison Melino,

If you answer yes to any of these questions, Y Personal Fitness may be the program for you!

1.     Do you consider yourself a new exerciser?                   Yes___ No___

2.     Do you have difficulty sticking with an exercise            Yes___ No___

3.     Do you need a little more motivation to                     Yes___ No___

4.     Does the typical gym setting intimidate you?                Yes___ No___

5.     Is structure an important quality to you in an              Yes___ No___
       exercise program?

6.     Do you want exercise to be part of your                     Yes___ No___

7.     Do you want to exercise, but do not know                    Yes___ No___
       how to begin?

Even if you have tried before to exercise regularly…don’t give up! Our Total Health Coaches can
help you get started today. Start Now! Go to Member Services and sign-up today!

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