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									           March 24, 2006

           Volume 3, Issue 1   Preschool Press
                                Lennox School District/ 310-680-3500

                                      A message from the Director
                               Two-thirds of the 2005/2006 school year has passed and with it many new
                               beginnings have happened with your children. I have seen children
                               blossom and develop into more talkative and expressive human beings who
                               are willing to share ideas, thoughts and points of view. Children are
                               thriving in their social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical                      Nellie Ríos-Parra
                               development. Results of their progress will be shared with you at the
                               upcoming Parent Conferences on Monday, March 27. Sign-up and make
                               an appointment with your child’s teacher. During Spring Break, your child
                               will receive a calendar of activities to complete along with a reading log to
                               complete a minimum of 20 minutes of daily reading. Use the time wisely.
                               Parents are great teachers!

    Special Interest                                          Coach for Kids
    Articles:                                                 The Cedar-Sinai C.O.A.C.H. for Kids Healthy Smiles Program performed their annual
                                                              dental screening. They provided Oral Health Education and Screening for all of our
    *Director’s Message                                       preschool families free of charge. Every child received a brief visual check-up. We
                                                              are thankful for these services.
    *Dental Screenings                                        Jill Zappia, the C.O.A.C.H. Healthy Smiles Coordinator, sent a brief report on her
                                                              findings, which you should take to your child’s dentist if needed. This exam is not
    *LAUP                                                     intended to replace a thorough routine exam, it is just an examination that will trigger
                                                              any dental work that your child will need.
    *PAC                       Ms. Zappia taught the children the correct way to brush their teeth and for how long. She also taught them the
                               importance of brushing and flossing their teeth after every meal. If you have any questions regarding the dental
                               screening please contact Mrs. Hilda Sanchez, Preschool Health Specialist, at 680-3500.

      “If there is
                                                   Spring Break
    anything we wish             Beginning Monday, March 27, your children will be
    to change in the             staying home with you and that’s a wonderful opportunity
    child, we should
    first examine it             for you to provide a rich literacy, mathematical, play
    and see whether              based and scientific environment at home. Keep a daily
       it is not                                                                                         “A kind word is like a spring day.”
     something that              schedule of getting up, eating meals, routines and
    could better be                                                                                      — Russian proverb
                                 bedtime. This will help with the transition back to school
       changed in
      ourselves.”                once spring break ends. See you on Monday, April 24.
      — Carl Jung, 20th-
    century Swiss founder
        of analytical
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                      Los Angeles Universal Preschool
                     We submitted an application for LAUP               We will be applying for recertification
                     funding with the intent of providing half day      for our existing funding. In addition, 6
                     preschool services to families that do not         LAUP funded classrooms will be
                     meet income guidelines. In April we will be        participating in Spring Intersession from
                     contacted regarding the status of our              March 28 to April 7.
“providing half
  day preschool
                     application and hope to receive positive
   services to       confirmation.
families that do
    not meet
                                             Parent Advisory Council
                     The Lennox School District State                pleasure to work with the entire council,
                     Preschool Parent Advisory Council               especially the parents that represent all of
    "Children        Members have been busy all year                 you. If you have any concerns, ideas or
  need models        learning about parent leadership, school        questions that you would like your
   rather than       infrastructure functioning and general          representative to take to our council
     critics."       issues of interest and concerns to the          meetings feel free to advise them of your
      -Joseph        state preschool community. It has been a        needs. Your representatives are:

                            Buford:          Raquel Menjivar – Room 1            Dolores Arenas – Room 2
                            Felton:          Beatriz Garcia – Room 46
                            Moffett:         Ricardo Rendon – Room 53            Irma Martinez – Room 52

                                     Building Whelan State Preschool
                                                                     Plans are underway to break ground for
                                                                     the creation of a fourth preschool site.
                                                                     Four classrooms will be adjacent to a
Parent Conferences
  March 27, 2006                                                     School Readiness administrative office
                                                                     and classrooms. We will share more
                                                                     information as developments occur.

                          PICK UP YOUR PRESCHOOL ENROLLMENT
                       APPLICATION FOR THE 2006/2007 SCHOOL YEAR
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Teach your child to retell exciting experiences
Retelling his experiences can help                       event. Let your child do most of the telling.
your child build language skills he’ll
                                                        Make time for face-to-face communication.
use in reading.
                                                         Regularly ask your child to retell the day’s event
To retell an experience, a child must                    at the dinner table or at bedtime. Then really
remember important events that have                      listen.
happened to him. He must then put
                                                        Be an example. Tell your child stories of your
these events in past tense and in order.
                                                         own experiences.
Then he must come to a conclusion.
These basic narrative skills prepare                    Look for stories or events your child can retell.
him to follow and understand other                       Special events-like a birthday or a major                     "Nobody is bored when
stories.                                                 accomplishment- are best because they are rich in              he is trying to make
                                                                                                                          something that is
                                                         feelings and emotions. Plus they have a clear                     beautiful, or to
Retelling experiences also builds                                                                                        discover something
                                                         beginning, middle and end.                                          that is true."
vocabulary. Children must think of                                                                                         — William Inge
the words that best tell the story.                     Use art. Have your child retell an experience by
Here’s how to encourage your child to                    drawing a picture. Ask him to explain the picture
retell stories:                                          to you.

                                                        Help your child “write” a story about an event.
         Put your child “center stage.”
          Ask him to retell an event to                  Then read the story back to him.                              “You need a little
          someone who wasn’t present at the                        Source: “A Time to Remember: A Narrative            quiet time to calm
                                                                   Retelling Unit,” Project EASE (early Access to
                                                                   Success in Education)                                    down.”

Try this system to make time-out more effective
                                                                                                                           "If we want our
Time-out – removing a child from a                        Keep it short. One minute of time-                           children to possess
                                                                                                                             the traits of
situation to stop undesirable behavior – is                out for each year of the child’s age                         character we most
isolation or a popular discipline method.                  is a good rule.                                              admire, we need to
                                                                                                                          teach them what
It is not a solitary time. It is a redirection
                                                          Don’t argue about it. If your child                          those traits are and
time. Here is a system to make time-out                                                                                  why they deserve
                                                           won’t stay with you in time-out,                            both admiration and
more effective in your discipline plan.
                                                           take away her TV time for the day.                          allegiance. Children
                                                                                                                            must learn to
        Think of time-out as a break, not                 Your child will soon learn to choose                          identify the forms
         punishment. “You need a little                    the time-out.                                               and content of those
         quiet time to calm down. Lets go                                                                                 — William J. Bennett,
                                                                                                                        former U.S. Secretary of
         find something else to do that is                                                                                Education, author


        Let your child know it’s
         coming. “If you keep kicking                                                   Source: Williams Sears, M.D.
                                                                                        and Martha Sears, R.N, The
         your brother, you’ll need to take                                              Discipline Book
         a break.”
    Character Counts
      All the Time!
                                                                                                                                         Lennox School
       All the Time                                                                                                                         District
    Character Counts!                           Encouraging your child to ask questions
                                                         promotes learning
                                     Good learners do not just take knowledge                              does the pig say?” Let your child ask you a
                                     in. They are always trying to find out                                question too.
                                                                                                        Look for books that contain questions like
                                     Most preschoolers do this often. They ask                             Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. Encourage
                                     a constant stream of questions. While this                            your child to repeat the questions and answer with
          for information
                                     can get tiring, try to stay positive with                             you. “Could you, would you, with a fox!” Point
                                     your child. A simple answer will satisfy                              out that each time the character asks a question, he
       UNITY                         her most of the time.                                                 learns something new.
I dreamed I stood in a studio,
And watched two sculptors there;     Here are some other activities you can do                          Play guessing games like “I Spy.” Ask your
The clay they used was a young
child’s mind,
                                     with your child to encourage her to ask the                           child to think of an object in the room, one you can
And they fashioned it with care.     kinds of effective questions that lead to                             both see. Tell her you will have to guess what it is.
One was a teacher – the tools she    learning:                                                             Do so by asking questions. “is it blue? Is it on the
                                                                                                           floor? Can we eat it?”
Were books,, music and art;           Choose a category. For example, say, “Birds
One, a parent, who worked with a
Guiding hand, and a gentle and         fly. Can you tell me something else that flies?”                Once you feel your child completely understands this
loving heart.                          Or, “Which animal says moo?” If your child can                  game, reverse roles. You think of something, and
Day after day the teacher toiled,      answer, “the cow,” keep going. “Great, now what                 have her ask the questions to guess what it is.
With touch that was deft sure,                                                                                                Source: Lillian Alice Noda, June Morishida &
While the parent laboured by his                                                                                              Nancy Chisato Adachi, Off to a Great Start
And polished and smoothed it                                            Visit Your Local Museums:
                                        Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits                            The Paul J. Getty Museum
And when at last their task was         323-934-7243 Hancock PK, 5801 Washington Blvd.                 310-440-7300 located at 1200 Getty Drive European
done,                          Large collection of Ice Age plants and         paintings, sculptures and arts; family activities offered.
They were proud of what they had        animals fossils. Adult $7 under 5 are free                     Open T-S, 10-5pm Parking $5.
For the things they had molded          Cabrillo Museum (Aquarium)                                     Natural History Museum of LAC
into the child,                         310-548-7562 3720 Stephen White Drive                          213-763-DINO 900 Exposition Blvd. Over
Could neither get sold nor bought. This interactive aquarium welcomes          33 million artifacts, dueling dinosaurs, dinosaur hall and
                                        you to come and explore marine life up close. It has           children’s discovery center. M-F 9am-5pm. Weekends
And each agreed he would have
                                        25,000 gallons of sea water and 35 live exhibits and an        10pm-5pm. Adults $9 under 5 are free
                                        outdoor pool. Free admission or donation.
If he had worked alone;
For behind the parent stood the                                                                        California Science Center
school,                                 El Pueblo de Los Angeles/Olvera Street                         323-724-3623 Figueroa Street and Exposition Blvd.
And behind the teacher                  213-628-1274 622 N Main Street   Features over 100 interactive
the home.                               This 44 acre park holds Los Angeles’ first church, house,      science exhibits. Free.
                                        firehouse and theater.
     Buford State                                                                                      Idea- Parents: Help children keep a journal of the
                                                                                                       places they visited.
     Preschool                                                                                         .
     10915 Felton Avenue
     Lennox, CA 90304                  Upcoming Events
     Lic # 192006405                   Mark your calendars and plan ahead
                                            March 27         Parent Conferences, Appointment Sign-up Sheets available with your child’s teacher
   Felton State
                                            March 27         Spring Break begins, No classes. Write a letter to the Director about your child’s progress
     10417 Felton Avenue
                                            March 27         Special Day Class Intersession at Felton begins
     Lennox, CA 90304
     310-330-4925                           March 28         LAUP Intersession begins at Buford and Moffett
     Lic #197409130
                                            April 7          All Preschool Spring Intersession ends
   Moffett State                            April 10-22      Preschool Administrative Office Closed
  Editors: Diana Hechinger
  Preschool Cabrera                         April 24         Return to School from Spring Break
              Nellie Ríos-Parra
    11050 Larch Avenue
  Layout: CA 90304
    Lennox, Betsy Cabrera                   May 3            LAUP Parent Workshop at Buford Cafeteria, 6 p.m.
    Lic #192006499

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