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									                                                      GEORGE FORBES MEMORIAL LIBRARY
                                                                         Lincoln University
                                                          Te Wharepūrākau o Te Whare Wānaka o Aoraki

                                      IRG – Investment Research Group
                                                                     Database Guide
                                 About IRG Online (formerly Datex)
                                    New Zealand and Australian listed company and stock exchange information.
                                            NZ Stock Exchange Announcements
                                            NZ and Australian company annual reports
Contents & Coverage                         NZ company financials
                                            Links to company NZ and Australian company websites
                                            Brokers forecasts
                                            NZ Stock Exchange indices from 1995
                                            Share Price Charts – 5 years, 12 months, 30 days, all data (from 1993)
                                            Daily Share Price histories (from 1993)
                                            Top 50 Shareholders
Updated                             Daily
Access                              On and off campus (to registered Library users)
                                          Go to the Library Web
To start                                  Select Databases from the Library Web menu
                                          Click “I” in the Databases Listed Alphabetically box
                                          Find IRG and choose

1. At the IRG site, place your
mouse over “Subscriber
Services” to Log On.

2. At following screen select
from the
NZX data : Deep Archive,
Tradeable Debt or Reports
IRG : Research

                                                   IRG RESEARCH
        Provides continuously updated information on NZ listed companies and some 200 ASX listed companies.

Select options from the Main
Menu on left of screen,

Search for company under
New Zealand Companies or
Australian Companies options.

                            Use of this database is restricted to registered users of Lincoln University Library

                  Main menu features                                                                     Companies Information

                  From the main menu click                                                               Click a company name, e.g.
                  options, e.g.:                                                                         Burger Fuel Worldwide Ltd
                                                                                                         and a Company Menu will
                  •      List by Sector: lists                                                           open under the Main Menu.
                         companies by broad
                         sectors etc                                                                     Select from options, e.g.
                  •      Latest Prices, Statistics,                                                      •     Business Profile
                         Stock Exchange News                                                             •     Financial Profile
                         (NZ & Australia                                                                 •     Annual report
                  •      Hot Picks: shares with the
                         biggest gap between their
                         current price and IRG
                         maximum price limit
                  •      Query database: allows
                         you to create own search

                                                          NZX DATA

Deep Archive
Includes regularly updated New
Zealand listed company data,
including financial history, Stock
Exchange announcements,
annual report excerpts, daily
price and market index histories
and much more.

Also includes Delisted


Click links in menu on right
• Indices includes NZ and
   Australian stock exchange;
• Sectors includes
   information on Agriculture &
   Fishing, Energy, Forestry

                             Use of this database is restricted to registered users of Lincoln University Library


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