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									                            Set Up Process with TransUnion for the
                             Small Business Risk Account Score

The purpose of this document is to assist Small Business Risk Account Score customers in establishing the
appropriate level of service with TransUnion, D&B’s preferred choice as a consumer bureau.

Description of Small Business Risk Account Score
The Small Business Risk Account Score is a joint risk management solution from D&B and Fair Isaac that
provides our trade credit customers with a quick and predictive method of assessing nearly 100% of their small
business decisions through one single source - D&B. The Small Business Risk Account Score provides
access to the D&B’s comprehensive business database; Fair Isaac’s small business analytics and consumer
based predictive modeling capabilities, and now with TransUnion, a comprehensive source for consumer data
on the small business principals. It consists of a predictive score, designed to assess the risk of the business,
D&B commercial information as well as up to 125 consumer data elements and full consumer text report on the
business principals(s). It is available for D&B customers through D&B’s proprietary web-enabled delivery and
decisioning channels (, Data Integration Toolkit, Risk Assessment Manager – eRAM, and Global
DecisionMaker – GDM).

TransUnion Setup Process
The procedure will consist of the following steps:
   1. Customer sends an email request to TransUnion via “” with the following
           a. Name of company
           b. Name of contact
           c. Address
           d. Phone #
   2. Indicate that you will be requesting service for the D&B Small Business Risk Account Score and specify
       that you need EMPIRICA (i.e. New Empirica with Algorithm ID 950) activation (the online credit
       bureau score developed in conjunction with Fair Isaac.)
   3. TransUnion will forward a Membership Kit that consists of a series of legal documents that must be
      completed, including bank and trade references. As part of this process the TransUnion Sales Rep will
      conduct an on-site visit. Generally speaking, once your membership kit is completed you will be
      activated within 5 business days.
   4. Customer obtains their TransUnion Membership Code, outlined below and enters them into your (or other D&B application) under the consumer bureau set up screen.

You will be billed directly by TransUnion for the use of their consumer data. Their pricing will consist of the
   1. Annual Membership Fee of $100.
   2. Monthly Access Fee of $25.
   3. Transactional Usage Charges of $2.50/principal for the Small Business Risk Account Score.

TransUnion Membership ID
You will be provided with the following information, which you will enter on the consumer bureau set up screen
in your D&B application:

      Bureau Market (2 char)        __ __
      Bureau Sub-market (2 char)    __ __ alpha or numeric but not both
      Industry Class (2 char)       __ __ single letter plus a space
      Member Code (8 char)          __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ right justified, zero filled
      Member Password (4 char)       __ __ __ __

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