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									             Frequently Asked Questions about 24 Hour Fitness Memberships

Question – What is the difference between Active and Sport Clubs?
Answer –
ACTIVE CLUB – 24 Hour Fitness Clubs are generally under 25,000 square feet offering pure fitness amenities and
may have Group X, baby sitting, weight training, cardio equipment and locker rooms.
SPORT CLUB - 24 Hour Fitness Sport Clubs are generally over 35,000 square feet and offer additional amenities and
may have basketball courts, racquet courts and pools.

Question – Is this an all club membership?
Answer – If you are a Fitness club member you can use all Active clubs. If you are a Sport club member you can go
to all Active and Sport clubs.

Question – Where are your locations?
Answer – We have 299 locations in 16 states and 16 in Asia. For the nearest location visit our website at

Question – Are all your clubs open 24 Hours?
Answer – Most of our facilities are open 24 hours, however we do have a select few that are not due to city
regulations etc. To view hours of operation visit our website.

Question – How many people can enroll on my membership?
Answer – You can enroll yourself and one other adult who lives at your same address (additional fees will apply).
You can also add on any of your children between the ages of 12-17 years (additional fees will apply).

Question – How much do I have to pay up front?
Answer – For yourself, you pay first and last months dues only. You will pay a one time prorate fee depending on
your electronic debit date. If you are adding a Family Member(s), you will pay an enrollment fee & processing fee for
each member and first and last months dues according to current retail rates.

Question – How do I pay?
Answer – Your First and Last months dues and/or Enrollment fee (if applicable) will be paid by cash, check or credit
card. Your monthly dues will be automatically deducted from your personal checking/savings account or credit card

Question – Do I have to pay by EFT?
Answer – You must pay by EFT or pre-pay one year in advance.

Question – Is this a long-term contract?
Answer – No, this is a month- to- month agreement. You can cancel anytime at a 24 Hour Fitness club with a 30 day
written notice.

Question – If I am already a member what can I do?
Answer – If the corporate rate is lower than what you are paying, you can lower your dues to the corporate rate by
bringing proof of employment to the club and speaking with a Fitness Counselor.

Question – If I am already a Active club member what will it cost to upgrade to Sport?
Answer – You simply pay the difference between what you are paying now and your Company’s monthly Sport rate.
For example, if you currently pay $20 for Active and the Sport rate is $39 you pay the difference between $39 and
$20, which is $19. You are required to pay first/last month dues on the difference- you will then pay your original
amount plus the difference.

Question – Do you offer Personal Training?
Answer – Yes. We have Certified Fitness Professionals that can help you with personal training and nutritional
counseling. Rates vary.
Question – Are your aerobic classes included in the monthly dues or do you pay extra?
Answer – The classes are called “Group exercise” classes and yes, they are included in your monthly membership.
They include everything from yoga, hip hop to kickboxing. Please see our website to get the club of your choice group
exercise schedules.

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