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					     What others are
                                                About Robin Bailey, Owner and
      saying about                                                                                       Is clutter causing you stress
                                                Originator of Emerging Order.
     Emerging Order                                                                                      and taking control of your life?

    “Every time I tried to reorganize,
                                                Professional                                      a
 I would get stuck and overwhelmed by           Organizer, Member of
the magnitude of the task. I was amazed         Professional Organizers
at Robin’s ability to walk in, ask insightful   in Canada (POC)
     questions and offer up solutions           Robin offers you strategies
      that never occurred to me”.               and support to help you
                                                take action on clutter and
         Laura Anderson, Ottawa                 confront your organiza-
                                                tional challenges.
    Logic, objectivity and process --
  that’s what Robin Bailey has brought          Master of Space           a
to the task of clearing up an extremely         She has been helping people de-clutter, organize and

 cluttered office-living space. Robin has       optimize their living spaces for years and knows how
helped me to analyze my irritants with
space and to clarify what is essential to
my work. Many daily frustrations have
                                                to make spaces “work”. She has a flair for enhancing
                                                the look and feel of any surroundings, creating rooms
                                                that are comfortable, functional and inspiring.
                                                                                                            Creating more time and space in
been eliminated as a result. Moreover,
it has been a treat having Robin’s calm,
                                                Practical Partner                                           your life for what really matters
                                                Robin’s background in facilitation, event and project
positive spirit in my home-office during        management has made her a keen observer, an active
      the process of “decluttering.”            listener and a focused questioner. She brings a wealth
         Janet Uren, Principal,                 of organizational management and personal experi-
                                                ence to your situation.
        WordImage Inc., Ottawa
                                                Robin’s approach is collaborative, non-judgmental                     Organize
 “After living in the same house for over       and practical.                                                        your stuff
  35 years we had lost the ability to see
 any potential in our old furnishings and       This expertise combined with her natural enthusiasm,

  possessions. Robin offered unique and         high energy and keen insight can help you reclaim and
exciting options about what we could do         re-order your space and de-clutter your life.                         your space
and we transformed our living space into
    a home we’re proud of again. My                                                                                   De-clutter
                                                       Find out how Robin Bailey can bring
    husband never felt ‘pushed’ and it                                                                                your life
                                                       Emerging Order to your situation
didn’t cost us the earth! Thanks Robin --
       what a gift you’ve given us”.                           (613) 232-2164
       Sharon Lipscombe, Ottawa                   
Sound Familiar?                                                     Here’s how Emerging Order can help
Do you:                                        Through respectful, interactive dialogue and focused questions, Robin Bailey:
Waste time, always struggling to get out       Lends a fresh perspective and brings clarity -- helping you rethink, reorganize and re-energize your space
the door looking for your keys, reading        in ways you may never have imagined.
glasses, gloves, or grocery list?
                                               Pinpoints existing potential working with what you already own, while making the most of your available
Waste money buying more of what you            resources (financial, space, existing furnishings, décor).… as an alternative to a complete makeover.
already have but can’t find?
                                               A Personalized Service:
Get overwhelmed every time you try to          Robin partners with you to create a customized approach for organizing whatever you want and need to
organize or tidy up your space?                bring Emerging Order to your life.

                                                R    An action plan to get you started
Procrastinate today’s important tasks
                                                R    New organizational system(s) that work for you
(paying bills, opening mail, getting repairs
done) delaying for a “more perfect” time in
                                                                                                                          Emerging Order
                                                R    Reorganized closets, cupboards, storage…
the future?                                                                                                           Helping you take your space
                                                R    Hands-on de-cluttering                                             from chaos and clutter
                                                                                                                        to comfort and order!
       CLUTTER                                  R    Coaching to support your ongoing comfort and order

   significantly impacts our well-being
 (mental, emotional, financial) and robs us    Benefits of                                              Emerging Order is
    of precious time and energy that
            we cannot replace.                 Emerging Order:                                          ideal if you are:
                                               a Improved functionality and increased                   a Downsizing or blending households
                    a                               effectiveness of your personal or
                                                    professional space(s)                               a At a key transition period needing
    The good news?                             a Savings in time and money
                                                                                                            adjustment(s) to your living space

  Support is available.                        a Renewed energy and comfort
                                                                                                        a Interested in transforming your space
                                                                                                            by working with your existing furniture
                                                    with rejuvenated surroundings                           and décor
   Emerging Order offers simple
  strategies, hands-on help, easy-to-apply     a More peace of mind, clarity and                        a So overwhelmed with clutter that it’s
                                                    freedom                                                 interfering with the comfort and function-
   advice and informative workshops to
     help you organize your space and                                                                       ality of your space and the enjoyment and
                                                                                                            satisfaction of your life!
         reclaim order in your life.

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