MARGARET by decree


									No3. Sept.-Oct,’08

          WHO IS
   Margaret is our very busy and cheerful Australian
   Archery Hall of Fame Board Secretary. Passionate
   about the sport, Margaret has been around since
   1980, been a coach instructor for 24 yrs, Tournament
   Secretary, Recorder, Secretary and Vice President
   Membership Officer within the Archery Society of NSW
   over many years.
   She has been State and National Champion in target,
   field, and clout for too many years to list here. Add her
   Perpetual Trophy for All Round National Champion in
   1985-86-87-89 and you are getting the picture.
   However, add international tournaments such as the
   China Australia Tournament where she was placed
   2nd., 1987 Hoyt Easton International Tournament in
   Beijing China placed 4th. 1987 World Championships
   Placed 48th. 1989 World Championships in Switzer-
   land and placed 33rd. She was selected in 1988 for
   the Australian Olympic Archery team however, only
   the men’s team was sent.
   Margaret Nelson has many, many more achieve-
   ments but they don’t need listing. She is a wonder-
   ful competitor who is constantly giving back to the
   sport she loves, The AAHOF is privileged to have
   her part of the team.
   AAHOF is buckling up for a belt at fund raising.
  50 numbered belt buckles have been
  produced to create a trophy system
  for all phases of archery. The centre
  piece of the overall trophy system is
  the “Buckles Cup” which will have
  engraved every winner of a buckle.

  The first of the “Best of the Best” Buckle tournaments have been
  sponsored by McDonald Archery of Sydney and will be a nationally
  advertised Traditional Shoot conducted at Wiseman’s Ferry,
  NSW. 2nd-3rd. May 2009. Early indications of support from the
  Traditional people have been exciting and well received.
  Another tournament being negotiated with the “Best of the
  Best Buckle” theme includes Bowhunting which will solely be
  promoted on the internet and target Australia and neighbors.
  With no financial backing or members, AAHOF needs to be
  creative and cut new ground in a tough economy to survive.
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Hobnobbing with Archery Legends in Canberra

3 members of the AAHOF management team journeyed to
Canberra with a solid schedule of meetings. First call was a
meeting with Steve Hann at Archery Supplies regarding
Sponsorship of a “Buckles” tournament which was very
positive and successful. Next a meeting with Manuel Aguis,             Jackie, Roy, Chris
                                                                        Simon, Ian, Flocy
considered as one of the leading traditional arrow makers
in Australia. Next it was on to one of Australian archery’s experienced administrators and
dedicated archer, Chris Mulconray formally from Western Australia. Chris kindly played
host to the Sydney trio for accommodation and hospitality and dazzled with a museum
load of archery badges and memorabilia from around the world. Our much anticipated
Dinner meeting with AAHOF Vice Executive, Roy Rose and Simon and Jackie Fair-
weather materialized and seemed to vanish so fast. Jackie, a world class Triathelete was
vibrant and talented as Simon and both together with Roy and Chris made it night to

     Induction Banquet March 14th. 2009 moves to bigger venue.
The original booked venue for the coming Induction Banquet at St. George Rowing Club at
Wolli Creek on the Cooks River accommodated 120 people or 10 tables of 12 guests.
 It was ideal, that is, until we started to realize that we could have in excess of 170
people coming, this far out from the event. Although it’s hard to know real from gunna,
we couldn’t take the risk later on to find a suitable venue. Negotiations with Ramsgate RSL
Club are underway and this venue can fit 200 plus. Tables of 12 are being booked by
Trophy Takers, Traditional, St. George Archers, Bowhunters Group of Australia,
Oceanic Archery, Archery Crafters, Erina archers, Illawarra Archers, Hall of Fame
Special Guests, Hunter Valley Traditional, 3D/ABA, Liverpool City Archers, Blue
Mountains Archers, Archery Australia Inc., Past Champions of Archery and
Cessnock / Neath Archers.
Internet promotion has yet to start and so far it has been word of mouth promotion.

     Banquet invitations may be sponsored by Eagle Archery
Again we are overwhelmed by the support of archery traders to support our projects.
Lyn Eagles of Eagle Archery, Logan City, Queensland has been receptive to our
sponsorship proposal for the Banquet and if confirmed will cover the hefty cost of the
Invitations printing and part mailing costs. Like John McDonald of McDonald Archery,
Eagle Archery may also be the first Silver Sponsors ever to the Australian Archery
Hall of Fame & Museum Inc.

     Induction Criteria now completed and ready for nominees.

Thanks again to the perseverance of Flocy, the difficult document so important to our
very existence has been completed and now ready for induction ballot voting. Even though
we used the American Hall of Fame Criteria as a model, it was still difficult to interpret.
Jim Larven, CEO. of Archery Australia Inc. was thorough in his appraisal of the
document and was satisfied with the contents. Jim Larven also accepted the Archery
Australia Inc. Advisor position to the AAHOF. Thank you Jim.
         New Directors and Advisors welcomed to the AAHOF
Kendall Warne ,Kendall Legal, Liverpool, has accepted Legal Advisor to the Board of
AAHOF. Ed Lanske of Monavale, NSW. has accepted Advisor for Safari Club International.
Keith Bonus, Engadine, Crossbow Director and Robert McKenzie , Wiseman’s Ferry,
Traders Director. Vicki O’Brien of Cameron Park invited to be Disabled Archery Director.

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