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Airport completes Environmental Assessment                                                       Twin Tiers flyers
                                                                                                 prefer ELM
document                                                                                         According to the latest US
                                                                                                 Department of Transporta-
The Airport held a public        As a result, Airport plan-       planned in the first five      tion records, more passen-
meeting on April 21 to solicit   ners set out to evaluate other   years of the plan. Projects    gers are flying out of Elmira
input on the draft of a final    alternatives for complet-        evaluated in the assessment    Corning than any other
Environmental Assessment         ing the runway extension.        include but are not limited    airport in the Twin Tiers. As
document, the culmination of     “Ultimately, our engineer-       to easement acquisitions at    a matter of fact, while airline
a two-year effort to review      ing consultants, McFarland       both ends of Runway 10-28      passenger traffic nationwide
the alternatives and impacts     Johnson Inc., recommended        and extension of the Runway    has decreased an average
associated with extending        installing an ‘engineered        24 end.                        of 9% during the last year,
ELM’s main runway by 400         material arresting system’ off                                  passenger traffic at ELM
                                                                  According to Ms. Crook, the
feet.                            the end of the runway,” said                                    increased by 3% during the
                                                                  positive outcome of the as-
                                 Ms. Crook. The installation                                     same period.
“Extending our runway from                                        sessment process is a direct
                                 would allow for the exten-
7,600 feet to 8,000 feet is                                       result of the involvement      The support of ELM’s local
                                 sion of the runway without
necessary to support the                                          of local agencies and the      service is the best way to
                                 moving the road or the creek
larger regional jets which                                        public.                        ensure lower airfares and
                                 and would save several mil-
are rapidly becoming the                                                                         improved airline service.
                                 lion dollars in construction     “I want to extend a special
workhorses of the com-                                                                           “Thanks for making us #1,
                                 costs.                           ‘thank you’ to everyone who
muter airline fleet,” said                                                                       and we appreciate the
                                                                  participated in our public
Ann Crook, Manager of the        The Airport Master Plan is                                      positive and constructive
                                                                  meetings on this project. We
Elmira Corning Regional          an official FAA and NYS-                                        feedback we receive from
                                                                  are hoping to begin design
Airport.                         DOT airport planning docu-                                      our passengers,” said Ann
                                                                  of the runway extension in
                                 ment designed to evaluate                                       Crook, Airport Manager.
ELM’s 2007 Airport Master                                         2010,” she said.
                                 and plan for future airport                                     See below and on pages
Plan recommended realign-
                                 development over a 20-year                                      2 and 3 for a sampling of
ing Chambers Road and
                                 period. The Environmental                                       recent responses from ELM
Sing Sing Creek around the
                                 Assessment was prepared                                         customers:
east end of the runway to
                                 to evaluate the
accommodate the extension.
                                 potential social,
The Environmental Assess-
ment raised concerns about
                                 economic and envi-      “Your airport is small but so person-
                                 ronmental impacts
the environmental and social
                                 resulting from the      able and friendly. I only wish other
impacts associated with
moving a creek and a road.
                                 various projects        airports could take lessons from
                                                         yours. Once again, thank you.”                      -Kathy

ELM parking lot nears                                                                  Airline Updates
completion                                                                             Elmira Corning Regional Airport is
Just in time for summer travel, the                                                    proud to offer scheduled airline service
Airport parking lot improvement project                                                to Philadelphia on USAirways, Detroit
is nearly complete. The $3 million                                                     on Northwest, and Orlando-Sanford
upgrade includes improvements to the                                                   on AllegiantAir. Throughout this year,
traffic flow, new signage, additional                                                  Northwest Airlines and Delta are merg-
entrances and exits, new landscaping,                                                  ing.Visitors and passengers may have
wayfinding banners, a “cell phone wait-                                                noticed signs for both Northwest and
ing lot” and 100 new parking spots.                                                    Delta at ELM. Some of the aircraft flying
                                                                                       into Elmira Corning now have the Delta
Construction on the Elmira Corning                                                     paint scheme. By the end of the year
Regional Airport’s parking lot began in                                                the transition will be complete and all
summer 2008, and continued through                                                     Northwest Airlines references will be
much of the fall, but unforeseen weak-                                                 replaced by Delta.
nesses in the base material under
the asphalt put the project behind its                                                 Contact information for the airlines can
original schedule. Crews returned in the                                               be found on page 4 of this newsletter.
spring to complete the paving, install
new lights and signs and complete the
                                            2009 Pride Ride/”Set the Night to Music” fireworks event
“Thanks to our entire Twin Tiers commu-
nity for your patience as we have com-      On Saturday, June 27, ELM will once        “The event takes much coordination on
pleted this work,” said Airport Manager     again partner with Backyard Broad-         the part of the Airport staff, especially
Ann Crook. “I’m certain that our Airport    casting as it presents the 14th Annual     as more than 1,000 motorcycles finish
visitors will be delighted with the final   Pride Ride and “Set the Night to Music”    their ride on the runway,” said Airport
product!”                                   fireworks event.                           Operations Manager Bill DeGraw.
The $3 million makeover of the Air-                                                    “We work very closely with the event
                                            The WINK 106/ WINGZ 14.9 Pride
port entrance drive and parking lot is                                                 coordinators to make sure every safety
                                            Ride 2009 will leave the Airport at
scheduled to be completed by the end                                                   precaution is taken so that everyone can
                                            9:30am, and riders will bring toys as a
of June.                                                                               fully enjoy the event.”
                                            donation to the Twin Tiers
                                            “Toys for Tots” program.
PASSplus members now                        The Ride will conclude with
enjoy parking benefit                       a parade-style entrance
                                            onto the ELM runway
Short term/preferred parking is now
                                            at approximately 8pm.
available for members of the ELM
                                            Spectators will be allowed
PASSPlus Program. Members can park
                                            to walk onto the airfield to
in the short-term parking lot and pay
                                            enjoy the festivities. The
long-term parking rates.
                                            fireworks display, set off
For more information and to sign up         from a safe distance across
for the free ELM PASSPlus program           the airfield, will begin at
go to the Airport website at                approximately 9:30pm.

                    ““I know that you are diligently                     Pride Ride 2009 will pass through five counties during a
                    working to make ELM more                             160-mile motorcycle excursion June 27.

                    pleasant to the traveler” -Paul

                                                                                                         SUMMER 2009

Airport expands partnership
with regional events                                                                        “I enjoy the newsletters
Recent visitors to the Airport may have                                                     and especially appreciate
noticed the luggage claim and ticket-                                                       traveling through the Elmira
ing areas are featuring branding from                                                       Corning Regional Airport
Watkins Glen International Speedway
(WGI), as ELM continues and expands
                                                                                            since there is so little delay
its partnership with significant regional   ELM PassPlus program                            and everyone is friendly
events, activities and organizations.       continues to grow                               and helpful. What more
“During race season, we often feature       The ELM PassPlus program is the                 does one want from an
WGI signs on our billboards facing          Airport’s own passenger loyalty pro-            airport?” -Ray
Route 86, and we have occasionally          gram. Membership is free and offers
hosted cars in the Airport Terminal,”       great benefits such as discounts at our
said Airport Manager Ann Crook.             restaurant, DC-2, preferred parking in
“In addition, our PASSplus members          our parking lot, monthly e-mail notices                   “Again, you guys are great
have benefited from great race ticket       of services and activities at the Airport,               and I love this airport.” -Dan
giveaways, made possible through our        and regular drawings for prizes from
partnership. It truly is a win-win rela-    our partners. In 2009 ELM PassPlus               “My hat is off to you and thank you
tionship, that we hope will continue for    partners include DC-2 Restaurant, Wat-            for helping out our airport.” -Mike
years to come.”                             kins Glen International, Databranch,
                                            Elmira Jackals, Elmira Pioneers, LPGA
                                                                                                “Not often enough does someone
                                            Corning Classic, and Finger Lakes Wine
                                                                                                        acknowledge a good job,
                                                                                                   I want to take this opportunity
                                            In May, Kathryn Erlandson of Horseh-            to say you most certainly are doing a
                                            eads and Margaret Bulkley of Odessa                                 great job!!” -Tom
                                            were our grand prize winners of Season
                                            Ticket packages to the LPGA Corn-                       “. . . the airport is much more
                                            ing Classic. In June we’ll be holding a                flyer-friendly when it comes to
                                            drawing for tickets to an Elmira Pio-                              parking now.” -Mike
                                            neers game.
                                            Become a PASSplus member NOW to
                                            qualify at Addi-
                                            tional feedback from ELM passengers
                                              “We do try to fly out of Elmira Corn-
                                                 ing whenever possible (not that we
                                                   are really frequent travelers) and
                                                  the Allegiant Air to Florida is very
                                              tempting. Personally, I hate traveling
                                             to Rochester so it is good to have op-
                                                tions. My husband enjoys flying his
                                             172 into the airport as well and par-
                                            ticipates when he can in the events at
                                               the EAA Chapter. Seems like there is      The Red Hat Society toured Elmira Corning
                                                  always something going on.” -Ruth      Regional Airport this spring.

     ELM’s baggage claim and ticketing
     lobby are decked out for the races.

                                                                           ELMIRA CORNING
                                                                           REGIONAL AIRPORT
The Elmira Corning Regional                       Airlines and destinations             Arrival and check-in times           Parking or standing is not
Airport is in the town of Big                                                           Passengers are required to           permitted. The new Cell Phone
Flats, just off Exit 50 from                      Northwest Airlink                                                          Lot on the east end of the front
                                                                                        arrive at the Airport for check-
Interstate 86/Route 17. ELM of-                   Four round trips daily to De-                                              drive is available for waiting in
                                                                                        in at least one hour prior to
fers convenient, hassle-free air                  troit, MI.                                                                 your car for passenger arrival.
service to most major domestic                                                          departure time.
                                                  Ticket: 800-225-2525
and international destinations                                                          Baggage information                  Ground transportation
                                                  Baggage: 607-796-6545
in conjunction with our airline                                    Passengers are allowed only          Taxi service and several
partners.                                                                               one carry-on bag. Baggage            national car rental
                                                  USAirways Express                     must remain in your possession       agencies are located next to
Airport Manager’s office                                                                                                     the baggage claim area in the
                                                  Six round trips daily to              at all times. You may not leave
The Airport Manager’s Office is                                                         your baggage unattended. A           terminal to provide
                                                  Philadelphia, PA.
open Monday - Friday, 8:00am                                                            list of prohibited and permitted     travelers with convenient op-
to 4:30pm. An auto-                               Ticket: 800-428-4322                                                       tions for ground transportation
                                                                                        items is available on the Trans-
attended phone service is avail-                  Baggage: 607-796-6019                                                      to and from ELM.
                                                                                        portation Security Administra-
able after business hours.                                                                        Reservations are recommended
                                                                                        tion (TSA) Passenger Informa-
                                                                                        tion Web site at        to ensure prompt service.
�   Address:                                      Allegiant Air
    Suite 1, 276 Sing Sing Rd.,                   Two round trips weekly to Or-                                              Taxi Services:
                                                                                        Airport parking
    Horseheads, NY 14845                          lando-Sanford International on        Convenient long- and short-          Bill’s Taxi: 607-731-8801
    607-739-5621                                  Thursdays and Sundays.                term parking is available at         Terp’s Enterprises:
    607-739-8539 (fax)
                                                  Ticket: 1-702-505-8888                ELM, operated by Republic            607-795-4426
                                                             Parking at 607-739-9937.
                                                  General Aviation                                   Short Term/Long Term    Car Rental Companies:
Note: The Airport Manager’s
office does not have infor-                       Atlantic Aviation is located
                                                                                        1st 15 min.     free       n/a       Avis: 800-331-1212
                                                                                        Each 1/2 hour $0.75       $1.00          or
mation on lost bags, flight                       on Aviation Drive next to the         First hour      $1.00     $1.00
schedules, delays or passenger                    Wings of Eagles Discovery             Daily Max       $7.50     $6.50      Hertz: 800-654-3131
information. These inquiries                      Center. The fixed base operator       Weekly Max     $37.50    $32.50         or
should be made directly to the                    (FBO) serves corporate, charter
applicable airline. Flights can                                                         Passenger loading                    National: 800-227-7368
                                                  and private aircraft.
be tracked at the Elmira Corn-                                                          and unloading                           or
                                                  607-739-3597 or                       Passenger drop-off, unload-
ing Regional Airport Web site                                                                                                Alamo: 800-462-5266
                                                  607-739-0239 (fax)                    ing and pickup are permitted
at                                                                                                           or
                                                      directly at the Airport doors.

Elmira Corning Regional Air-                      associates or meeting for a busi- 2 Restaurant, there is a Data            Airport fax service
port is committed to providing                    ness lunch, the Airport offers a  Counter for hardwire Internet            Fax service is available in the
services to enhance the travel                    comfortable, convenient setting   connection.                              Airport manager’s office on the
experience for our passengers.                    for business-on-the-go.                                                    third floor of the main terminal,
Whether you are waiting for                                                             Conference rooms
                                                                                                                             from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm week-
a flight, sending off business                    High-speed Internet access            Two conference rooms are             days. Charges do apply; contact
                                                               Free wireless Internet   available for use by business        the Airport manager’s office for
                                                               access is available      travelers. One is located in the     information.
                                  Network Solutions
                                                               on the entire first      terminal just before the departure
                                  Wireless LAN Services
                                  Managed Services
                                                               floor of the Airport     area. Another, complete with         ATM machine
                                  Phone Systems, VoIP
                                  Security Management
                                                               terminal, provided       audio visual equipment and tele-     A 24-hour Chemung Canal
                                  Disaster Recovery
                                  Remote Monitoring
                                                               courtesy of D-Link       conferencing capability, adjoins     Bank automated teller machine is
                                  Project Management
                                  Staff Augmentation           and Databranch           the Airport restaurant. Contact      located near the ticket counters.
           Databranch, Inc.
                                                               of Elmira. In the        the Airport manager’s office for
                                  Computer & Printer Repair
                                                                                                                             (PLUS / MC / VISA / NYCE /
          213 Prescott Ave.
       Elmira Heights, NY 14903   Digital Printing & Imaging
                                  Hardware & Software Sales
                                                               conference room          reservations information.
            (607) 733-8550
                                                                                                                             DISCOVER / CIRRUS / Ameri-
                                                               adjoining the DC-                                             can Express).

                                                                                                  ELMIRA CORNING
                                                                                                  REGIONAL AIRPORT

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