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					                             Abaya News


 •   The new year
     for the School                                                             S EP T EMB ER           20 0 8
     of Evangelism

                           The Word of the Lord...
     began Sept. 8.

 •   The need for
     personal              “Though the fig tree may not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines; Though the
     financial             labor of the olive may fail, and the fields yield no food; Though the flock may
     support is
                           be cut off from the fold, and there be no herd in the stalls – Yet I will rejoice in
                           the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength;
 •   Prayer is             He will make my feet like deer’s feet, and He will make me walk on high hills.”
     urgently                                            Habakkuk 3: 17 – 19
     needed for
     ministries and
                           The Lord God is Our Provider...
                                                    us in your prayers and also         We are so grateful that
                                                    given your financial support    the Lord has answered
                                                    to be part of what God is       prayer for provision for our
                                                    doing here at the Interna-      building project. Friends of
                                                    tional Center of Evangelism     our ministry have given a
                                                    in Jos. It has been such an     generous gift which will
                                                    encouragement to know that      allow us to put a roof on
                                                    we are held up in prayer, and   the building. This is a tre-
                                                    we thank God for your faith-    mendous answer to prayer
                                                    fulness to us.                  which we celebrate with
           Mawo, Miriam and Janet Abaya
                                                        On Monday, September        great joy.
                                                    8, we began welcoming a             But this money is not for
                         This text of Scripture     new set of pastors for an-      our personal use. We
                      has been a song in our        other training year at the      continue to need God's
                      hearts and on our lips        School of Evangelism. We        provision for the ongoing
                      many times over the last      are expecting about 20          ministries that will take
                      fourteen years as we have     pastors from our latest         place in our beautiful new
                      seen the Lord’s provision     count. Sixteen of these have    facility. The true Church is
                      in difficult times.           arrived. Two of our Camer-      not a building— it is a
                         Thankfully, those times    oonian students are here and    people belonging to God,
                      have been few because our     we are expecting one more       and we still need financial
                      Father in heaven has been     next Monday. A few others       support so that we
                      gracious and faithful. We     are being expected from         may forge ahead in the
                      feel blessed to have such a   other parts of Nigeria. This    great ministry which God
                      wonderful team of support-    promises to be another good     has entrusted to us.
                      ers like you who have kept    year for us.
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                             Our God Never Fails...
                                                                   Over the last several months we have
                                                                had to deal with diminishing financial
                                                                support even as our ministry needs
                                                                increase. It is a tough place to be.
                                                                   Though the majority of our financial
                                                                supporters have remained faithful in
                                                                giving, our work of evangelism has
 The new building as
                                                                grown, and with it our costs.
 it now stands, ready
                                In the meantime, we have not added any new financial supporters. Our
 for roofing
                             financial need is underscored by the fact that as of August 2008 we have
                             just about 44% of our total budget for the year. We should at least be
                             approaching the 60% mark. Are we concerned? Yes! Should we worry?
                             No! Our God never fails!

             “Are we
                             Please Help as God Leads...
                                We ask that you continue to        now we average $3,679 monthly. As
       concerned?            pray for the work here in Nigeria     you can imagine, this gives a sense
                             and that the Lord will provide the    of urgency in meeting our family
                             budget shortfall. Also, pray that     support and ministry operating
                    Yes.     the Lord will raise new supporters    expenses.
                             who will pledge to give regularly        Before now we had not been in
         Should we           to support the work of bringing       this situation, but we know that when
                             people to the saving knowledge of     God guides he provides. This letter is
     worry? No!”             Christ.                               to make you aware of our need and
                                In order to meet our ministry      to ask you to pray, to give, and also
                             needs, we need an average of          to ask your friends to give.
                             about $5,000 monthly and right

 Graduates from a previous
                SOE class    We Are Overwhelmed with Joy...
                                       As we think of this new class   preach Christ to the poor, we ask
                                   we are overwhelmed with joy at      that you would uphold us with
                                   what God is doing in Africa and     your prayers and your support.
                                   around the world. Even now God          We could never adequately
                                   is building His everlasting king-   express our gratitude for your
                                   dom and we are all given the        faithfulness, but we know that in
                                   awesome privilege of being a        this life or the next God will be
                                   part.                               your blessing.
                                       As we equip church leaders to                     With love,
                             fulfill the Great Commission, as we
                             send teams to the Muslim north, as we
                             disciple new believers, and as we           Mawo and Janet

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