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                             Chicago Wind Soccer Club
                                 2008-2009 Season

                               HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS

The Chicago Wind Soccer Club is proud to host its annual soccer tryouts. Below are the
dates, times and location per age group. Please register on line at
and click on soccer tryouts to register. Please email at or call us at
847.433.7107 with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you at tryouts and another outstanding Chicago Wind Year!

                              All tryouts will be held at:
                         Danny Cunniff Park Soccer Complex
                                    3100 Trailway
                                    Highland Park

All High School Girls try outs will be held on the South side of the complex.

Please note no parents are allowed on the soccer fields during the tryouts.

Goalkeeper try outs, please meet at Danny Cunniff South field by the baseball fields at
the age appropriate days/times, when registering on line or in person let the registrar
know you are a goalie

    Age Group(s)                  Dates                  Times             Field Location
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS           Friday, May 16th     5:30pm – 7:00pm         Danny Cunniff
ALL AGES                    Saturday, May 17th   (FRIDAY)                South Field
BORN BETWEEN                                     8:30am – 10:00am        Danny Cunniff
U15—8/1/93 – 7/31/94                             (Sunday)                South Field
U16---8/1/92 – 7/31/93
U17---8/1/91 – 7/31/92
U18---8/1/90 – 7/31/91

Registration fee $20.00, includes t-shirt. Please bring ball, outdoor shoes, shin guards.
                            CHICAGO WIND High School Girls
                            TRYOUT REGISTRATION FORM
Player Name: __________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth; __________________________________________Age Group: U-____________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone:__________________________________________ Cell Phone: _______________________

Parent’s Name(s): _______________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Previous/Current Team:______________________ Position Played:_______________________________

                         TRYOUT PARTICIPATION WAIVER
The Player and his/her parents acknowledge that soccer is a contact sport which involves the possible risk of injury. In exchange for
the opportunity to participate on the Club’s teams, the Player and his/her parents hereby release, and waive any liability against, the
Chicago Wind Soccer Club, its coaches, trainers, directors, managers, agents or volunteers acting on behalf of the Chicago Wind
Soccer Club and its directors, shareholders, officers, agents, and employees, from any and all liability of whatever relating to or in any
manner arising out of the Player’s participation on the Chicago Wind Soccer Club; the Player’s use of including but not limited to:
      1) The soccer arenas, grandstands, restrooms and concession stands
      2) Any part of the facility which the Player is not authorized to use
      3) Any part of the facility lease to third parties; the Player’s use of any field or facility owned, leased, or used by either the
             Chicago Wind Soccer Club: or the Player’s participation in any game, tournament, camp, clinic, practice while a member
             of the Chicago Wind Soccer Club.
The Player and his/her parent or guardian hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Chicago Wind Soccer Club, its coaches,
trainers, directors, managers, shareholders, officers, agents and employees, from any suit or legal proceedings, including but not
limited to attorneys fees, with respect to the Player’s participation on the Club’s teams; the use of, any other field or facility used by
the Player. This release shall be binding upon my personal representatives, heirs and assignors.

Player Signature:___________________________________________________________Date:___________________________

                                                   For Official Use Only
Prepaid fee: ______

Fee paid on site:_____               Date Paid:_______          Cash:_________ Check #:__________

                                            Visa or MC: CC#__________________________________

                                            Expiration Date :______________

AGE GROUP:______                                                         TRY OUT JERSEY #:________

                                  Mail to Chicago Wind Soccer Club
                                  2310 Skokie Valley Highway Suite 205
                                  Highland Park, IL 60035
                                   Call us at 847.433.7107
                                  Fax us at 847.433.7125
                                  Email us at

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