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This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
Jan. 1 to March 31, 2010. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

        Name             City              MoneyTree Stage         Amount                          Investors                        Business Description (edited)
Entourage Medical
Technologies      Menlo Park               Startup/Seed               1,500,000 Highland Capital Partners,Sofinnova Partners   Life science company
                                                                                                                               Technology for the production of
TwoF                   San Mateo           Startup/Seed               2,148,000 Undisclosed Firm                               DNmicroarrays

Minerva Surgical       Cupertino           Startup/Seed              6,003,000 New Enterprise Associates,Undisclosed Firm      Medical device start-up company
                                                                               Bay City Capital,Canaan Partners,Novo           Eye drop therapy for glaucomand ocular
Altheos                South San Francisco Startup/Seed             19,999,900 A/S,Undisclosed Firm                            hypertension
InSite Medical                                                                                                                 Medical devices used to deliver epidural
Technologies           Saratoga            Early Stage               1,064,000 Emergent Medical Ventures,Synergy Partners      anesthesia
Counsyl                Redwood City        Early Stage               2,195,000 Undisclosed Firm                                DNA tests
Vaxart                 San Francisco       Early Stage              12,500,000 Care Capital,                                   Oral vaccines
Pharmaceuticals        Palo Alto           Early Stage               2,609,000 Adams Street Partners                           Pharmaceutical company
                                                                               Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,Mohr
                                                                               Davidow Ventures,Procter & Gamble
Navigenics             Foster City         Expansion                18,000,000 Company, The                                    Personal genomics company
Odyssey Thera          San Ramon           Expansion                 3,500,000 Burrill,Merck                                   Biotechnology company
                                                                               Aberdare Ventures,Bay City Capital,New Leaf
Aviir                  Palo Alto           Startup/Seed              4,200,000 Venture Partners                                Diagnostic tests for cardiovascular disease
Signostics             Palo Alto           Expansion                 5,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                                Medical diagnostic device

                                                                               De Novo Ventures,Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                               Byers,Latterell Venture Partners,MedVenture
                                                                               Associates,Montreux Equity
                                                                               Partners,Odlander, Fredrikson AB ,POSCO     Medical devices in the field of
Pulmonx                Redwood City        Later Stage              32,000,200 BioVentures                                 interventional pulmonology

NGM                                                                            Column Group, The,Prospect Venture Partners
Biopharmaceuticals     South San Francisco Startup/Seed             51,000,100 ,Rho Capital Partners,Undisclosed Firm      Biopharmaceutical company
                                                                                                                           Handheld device for migraine headache
NeuraLieve             Sunnyvale           Later Stage               3,891,000 MedVenture Associates                       prevention
                                                                               Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,SV Life    Vaccines for cancer and infectious
Juvaris BioTherapeutics Burlingame         Early Stage              10,014,000 Sciences Advisers,Undisclosed Firm          diseases
                                                                               InterWest Partners,Panorama                 Biotherapeutic and diagnostic products for
Alvine Pharmaceuticals San Carlos          Early Stage               2,559,000 Capital,Sofinnova Ventures                  Celiac disease
                                                                               Enterprise Partners Venture Capital,Essex   Medical company concentrating on
Complete Genomics      Mountain View       Expansion                 3,124,000 Woodlands Health Ventures                   DNsequencing
                                                                               Thomas, McNerney & Partners,Undisclosed
M2 Group Holdings      Sunnyvale           Later Stage               4,000,000 Firm                                        Insulin pump
                                                                                                                           Device system for treatment of total
Revascular Therapeutics Sunnyvale          Later Stage                 175,000 Adams Street Partners                       occlusions in arteries
                                                                               Canaan Partners,Frazier Healthcare and      Medical research and development
Calibra Medical        Redwood City        Expansion                 9,317,900 Technology Ventures,Three Arch Partners     services
                                                                               Lumira Capital,Radius Ventures,Sycamore
U-Systems              Sunnyvale           Later Stage              10,000,000 Ventures Pte,Undisclosed Firm               Color ultrasound imaging system
                                                                               Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,Temasek
Amyris Biotechnologies Emeryville          Expansion                47,800,000 Holdings Pvt.                               Renewable hydrocarbon biofuels
                                                                                                                           Brain health programs based on
Posit Science          San Francisco       Later Stage               2,829,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson,Undisclosed Firm    neuroplasticity
Zyomyx                 Hayward             Later Stage                 163,000 Alloy Ventures                              Cell counting technology

ViOptix                Fremont             Later Stage                3,000,000 Channel Medical Partners,GrowthWorks           Diagnostic and monitoring instruments
      Name                        City    MoneyTree Stage   Amount                        Investors                            Business Description (edited)

School Loop-1             San Francisco   Early Stage         1,250,000 Meritech Capital Partners,Undisclosed Firm       Online communication systems
MaxPoint Interactive-1    San Francisco   Early Stage         3,000,000 Trinity Ventures                                 Online ad targeting technology
                                                                        Credit Suisse Private Equity,SAIL Venture
Cleantech Group           San Francisco   Expansion           3,200,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm                        Investment advisory services
Apisphere-1               Berkeley        Early Stage         4,600,000 Undisclosed Firm                                 Location-awareness software
NetShelter                San Francisco   Expansion           1,862,900 Rho Capital Partners                             Platform for online users
Pancetera Software        Santa Clara     Early Stage         3,000,000 Hummer Winblad Venture Partners                  Virtual storage solutions
                                                                        Fenwick & West LLP,Individuals,Maples
                                                                        Management,True Ventures,Undisclosed
Kwedit                    Mountain View   Early Stage         3,300,000 Firm,Undisclosed Firm                            Alternative payment systems
                                                                                                                         Digital home integration management
Pie Digital               San Francisco   Expansion           6,020,000 Foundry Group                                    solutions
BrightEdge                                                              Altos Ventures,Battery Ventures,                  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Technologies              San Mateo       Expansion           6,500,100 L.P.,Undisclosed Firm                            Management
                                                                        Cisco Systems,EPIC Ventures,Granite              Virtualization platform security and
HyTrust                   Mountain View   Early Stage           500,000 Ventures,Trident Capital                         compliance
                                                                        Adams Street Partners,KPG Ventures,True
BrightRoll                San Francisco   Expansion          10,000,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm                        Video advertising network
                                                                        Enterprise Partners Venture Capital,Rho          Financial institutions with digital identity
IdenTrust                 San Francisco   Later Stage           812,200 Capital Partners                                 authentication
                                                                        ONSET Ventures,Undisclosed Firm,Voyager          Location-based campaign management
                     1020 San Francisco   Expansion           3,000,000 Capital                                          and reporting tools
Enquisite                 San Francisco   Expansion           3,300,000 Rho Capital Partners                             Search analytics solutions
                                                                        Bay Partners,First Round Capital,Redpoint
Plastic Jungle            Mountain View   Expansion           7,400,000 Ventures,Shasta Ventures Management              Website for trading gift cards
                                                                        Bessemer Venture Partners,Kleiner Perkins
ReputationDefender        Redwood City    Expansion           8,650,000 Caufield & Byers                                 Online reputation management solutions

                                                                        Accel Partners,BV Capital ,Duff Ackerman &
Yume                      Redwood City    Expansion          25,000,000 Goodrich ,Khosla Ventures,Menlo Ventures         Online video advertising solutions
                                                                        Fidelity Ventures,New Enterprise                 International money transfer service
Xoom                      San Francisco   Later Stage        33,250,000 Associates,Sequoia Capital                       online
                                                                        August Capital Management,First Round
VideoEgg                  San Francisco   Expansion           2,999,000 Capital                                          Web-based video publishing solutions
eXpresso                  Palo Alto       Expansion           3,830,000 Novus Ventures,Rocket Ventures                   Data migration tools
                                                                        Menlo Ventures,Split Rock Partners,Sutter Hill
Nexxo Financial           San Bruno       Later Stage         6,000,000 Ventures                                         International monetary remittance services

BlackArrow                San Jose        Later Stage         1,734,000 Polaris Venture Partners                         Management of television advertisements
        Name                     City     MoneyTree Stage   Amount                       Investors                            Business Description (edited)
WinVivo-1                 Sunnyvale       Early Stage          500,000 Undisclosed Firm                                  Green health care company
                                                                       Felicis Ventures,Founders Fund,
Worldly Developments-                                                  The,Individuals,SoftTech VC,True                  Consumer website for sharing plans with
1                     San Francisco       Early Stage          800,200 Ventures,Zelkova Ventures                         friends
                                                                                                                         Mobile application which serves
Chomp-1                 San Francisco     Early Stage         2,000,000 BlueRun Ventures,Individuals                     directory
DNA Games               San Francisco     Startup/Seed        2,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                                 Social games
One Block Off The Grid-
1                       San Francisco     Early Stage         5,000,000 New Enterprise Associates,Undisclosed Firm       Solar discount company
                                                                        Founder Collective,Individuals,Lowercase
                                                                        Capital,Redpoint Ventures,Trinity
Posterous-1               San Francisco   Early Stage         5,200,300 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm                         Web publishing platform
                                                                                                                          English language learning services for
Moonshoot-1               Palo Alto       Early Stage         6,600,000 Alsop Louie Partners,TL Ventures                 children
                                                                                                                         Web-based collection of questions and
Quora-1                   Palo Alto       Early Stage        11,000,000 Benchmark Capital                                answers created site
                                                                        August Capital Management,Charles River          Website that allows users to share all the
Blipify-1                 Palo Alto       Early Stage        11,097,000 Ventures,Individuals,Sequoia Capital             purchase information

Doostang                  Palo Alto       Expansion           1,250,000 Shasta Ventures Management                       Invitation-only online career community
Jimmyjane                 San Francisco   Expansion           1,686,000 Palo Alto Investors,Undisclosed Firm             Sexual accessories
Sparkplay Media           San Francisco   Expansion           2,800,000 Prism VentureWorks,Redpoint Ventures             Publishes MMO 3D games
                                                                        First Round Capital,Foundation               San Francisco   Startup/Seed       10,000,000 Capital,Mayfield Fund                            Auction platform

Fotomoto                  San Francisco   Early Stage           623,100 AmidZad,Draper Fisher Jurvetson,Individuals      e-Business solutions for photographers
Hint                      San Francisco   Early Stage         1,950,000 Verlinvest SA                                    Water beverage company
Practice Fusion           San Francisco   Early Stage         5,020,000 Morgenthaler Ventures,Undisclosed Firm           Online medical applications
                                                                                                                          Digital radio broadcast and receiver
VuCast Media             Palo Alto         Later Stage         5,500,000 Artiman Ventures                                 technology
                                                                         Azure Capital Partners,O'Reilly Alpha Tech
TripIt                   San Francisco     Early Stage         7,000,000 Ventures,                                        Online travel organizer and social network
PowerReviews             San Francisco     Expansion           6,100,000 Menlo Ventures,Tenaya Capital                    Online interactive shopping services
Technologies             Redwood City      Later Stage        10,000,000 Generation Investment Management                 Driver safety technologies
ShareGrove               San Mateo         Early Stage            50,000 Elm Street Ventures                              Private online conversations
                                                                         First Round Capital,O'Reilly Alpha Tech          Online feedback site for company
Satisfaction Unlimited   San Francisco     Early Stage         2,275,000 Ventures,                                        products and services
                                                                         Longworth Venture Partners, L.P.,Steamboat
Scrapblog                San Francisco     Expansion           2,500,000 Ventures                                         Media blog services

                                                                         Balderton Capital ,Menlo                         Online social networking for music
MOG                      Berkeley          Expansion           9,500,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm,Undisclosed Firm       communities
Healthline Networks      San Francisco     Later Stage        10,400,000 Investor Growth Capital                          Internet medical and health care portal
                                                                         Individuals,Oak Investment                       Healthy beverages and nutritional
FRS                      Foster City       Expansion          23,100,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm                        supplements
Twitter                  San Francisco     Expansion           5,167,000 Benchmark Capital,Union Square Ventures          Blog services             San Mateo         Later Stage           449,000 Altos Ventures,Drysdale Enterprises              Online seller of promotional items
        Name                        City   MoneyTree Stage   Amount                         Investors                           Business Description (edited)
                                                                                                                          Online video editing and collaboration
FlixMonkey               Palo Alto         Expansion           1,600,000 Riverwood Capital                                platform

Presto Engineering       San Jose          Expansion           2,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                               Semiconductor test and analysis solutions
                                                                                                                        Scalable memory appliances for large
Violin Memory            Mountain View     Expansion          16,635,000   Toshiba,Undisclosed Firm                     dataset applications
Prysm                    San Jose          Expansion           2,750,000   Artiman Ventures,Partech International       Laser phosphor displays
                                                                                                                        Server solutions for Internet and cloud
Virident Systems         Milpitas          Expansion           3,377,000   Artiman Ventures,Undisclosed Firm            computing datcenters
                                                                           Herald Investment Management Ltd ,Peninsula Embeddable power supply technology to
Green Plug               San Ramon         Early Stage         7,653,900   Ventures,Undisclosed Firm                    consumer electronics
                                                                           ARCH Venture Partners,ATA
                                                                           Ventures,Skylake Incuvest &
Shocking Technologies    San Jose          Expansion           7,475,100   Company,Undisclosed Firm,Vista Ventures      Voltage switchable dielectric materials
                                                                           Foundation Capital,Goldman, Sachs,Mayfield
Pano Logic               Menlo Park        Expansion          20,000,000   Fund                                         Desktop virtualization company
                                                                                                                        Wedding photography and videography
Bella Pictures           San Francisco     Expansion           2,384,000   Foundation Capital                           services
                                                                           ATA Ventures,Draper Fisher
                                                                           Jurvetson,Keating Investments,Oak Investment
NeoPhotonics             San Jose          Later Stage         9,891,200   Partners,W.R. Hambrecht                      Optical components
       Name                      City      MoneyTree Stage   Amount                         Investors                          Business Description (edited)
Soompi                   San Francisco     Later Stage           282,000 Undisclosed Firm                                 Online community fan site
                                                                         Felicis Ventures,Founder
Vook-1                   Alameda           Early Stage         2,500,000 Management,,Undisclosed Firm                     Digital publisher that mixes media
                                                                         Lightspeed Venture Partners ,North Bridge
Embrane Software-1       Santa Clara       Early Stage         9,100,000 Venture Partners                                 Software for network services
Gigamon                  Milpitas          Expansion          22,800,000 Highland Capital Partners                        Intelligent dataccess networking

                                                                         Charles River Ventures,Matrix Partners,Opus
SpiderCloud Wireless-1   Santa Clara       Early Stage        25,000,000 Capital,Shasta Ventures Management               Wireless technologies
Threadsy                 San Francisco     Early Stage           500,000 August Capital Management                        Communication integration services
Jelli                    San Mateo         Early Stage         2,000,000 Individuals,TriplePoint Capital                  Internet radio services
Daintree Networks        Mountain View     Expansion           8,000,000 Undisclosed Firm                                 Wireless sensor and control networks
Ankeena Networks         Santa Clara       Expansion             729,000 Undisclosed Firm                                 Distribute and store online video
                                                                         Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,Lightspeed
                                                                         Venture Partners ,Northern Light Venture
Aerohive Networks        Santa Clara       Expansion          23,499,900 Capital                                          Designs, , and wireless solutions
                                                                                                                          Optical subsystems for access network
Broadway Networks        San Jose          Early Stage           955,000 Pond Venture Partners                            applications
                                                                         Allegis Capital ,Chevron Technology
                                                                         Ventures,Motorola Ventures,Private Equity        Wireless products, applications and
Apprion                  Mountain View     Expansion           8,000,000 Investors,Undisclosed Firm                       services for industrial plant
Ustream.TV               Mountain View     Expansion          75,000,000 SOFTBANK,Undisclosed Firm                        Interactive video broadcast platform
                                                                         First Round Capital,Flybridge Capital Partners   Platform to monetize Web video on
Transpera                San Francisco     Early Stage         2,000,100 ,Intel Capital                                   mobile phones
                                                                        Advanced Technology Ventures,Masthead          Family of network appliances for Internet
Packet Design           Santa Clara       Expansion           2,000,000 Venture Partners,Undisclosed Firm              protocol networks
                                                                                                                       Mobile phone game and auction products
Brightkite              Burlingame        Later Stage         1,600,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson,Undisclosed Firm       and services
                                                                        Oak Investment Partners,Seapoint
                                                                        Ventures,Sutter Hill Ventures,Venrock          Wireless infrastructure software for
Kineto Wireless         Milpitas          Later Stage        15,000,000 Associates                                     cellular phones
                                                                                                                       Wavelength selective switch (WSS)
Capella Photonics       San Jose          Later Stage           493,000 Rustic Canyon Partners                         modules

         Name                      City   MoneyTree Stage   Amount                        Investors                          Business Description (edited)
Clean Filtration
Technologies            Redwood City      Early Stage         1,500,000 Dow Chemical Company                           Water treatment technology
                                                                                                                       Utility-scale renewable power generating
Agile Energy-1          San Bruno         Early Stage         2,040,000 Good Energies                                  projects
                                                                                                                       Devices used to measure soil nutrient
Solum-1                 Menlo Park        Early Stage         2,050,000 Felicis Ventures,Khosla Ventures               levels
Precursor Energetics    Santa Clara       Early Stage         2,000,000 DFJ Athena,Nth Power                           Variety of industrial applications
Zero Motorcycles        Scotts Valley     Expansion           5,564,000 Invus Group                                    Electric motorcycles
                                                                        Advanced Technology Ventures,Draper Fisher
                                                                        Jurvetson,New Enterprise                       Triple junction solar cells for the
Solar Junction          San Jose          Expansion          13,333,000 Associates,Undisclosed Firm                    concentrated solar market
Power Assure            Santa Clara       Early Stage         3,000,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson                        Energy management software
                                                                        Matrix Partners,OVP Venture                    Management systems for solar
Tigo Energy             Los Gatos         Early Stage         5,000,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm                      installations
                                                                        Hartford Ventures,Rho Capital
                                                                        Partners,Siemens Venture Capital GmbH
Coulomb Technologies    Campbell          Expansion           6,500,000 ,Voyager Capital                               Recharging solutions for electric cars
                                                                        Alloy Ventures,I2BF,Labrador
Integrated Photovoltaics Sunnyvale        Early Stage         9,568,900 Ventures,Peninsula Ventures                    Photovoltaic solutions
                                                                        Gabriel Venture Partners,Oak Investment
Aurora BioFuels         Alameda           Expansion          15,000,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm                      Alternative energy company
                                                                        EnerTech Capital,Foundation Capital,Nth        Environmentally friendly building
CalStar Products        Newark            Expansion          15,000,000 Power,Undisclosed Firm,Westly Group            materials
                                                                        Impax Asset Management,Khosla
                                                                        Ventures,New Enterprise
                                                                        Associates,Undisclosed Firm,Undisclosed
Nordic Windpower        Berkeley          Expansion          37,999,800 Firm                                           Utility-scale wind turbines
                                                                        City Light Capital,New Enterprise              Thermal management and energy control
Glacier Bay             Union City        Later Stage         5,000,100 Associates,Westly Group, The                   systems
HydroPoint Data
Systems                 Petaluma          Later Stage         8,600,000 Rockport Capital Partners                      Irrigation management solutions
                                                                        Chrysalix Energy,Foundation Capital,JAFCO      Ozone-based solutions for fresh food and
Purfresh                Fremont           Later Stage        10,000,000 Ventures                                       water products
         Name                      City   MoneyTree Stage   Amount                        Investors                          Business Description (edited)
                                                                                                                       Startup commercializing thin film
Svaya Nanotechnologies Sunnyvale          Startup/Seed        3,146,000 New Enterprise Associates,Undisclosed Firm     manufacturing process
Tilera                 San Jose           Expansion          24,999,900 Broadcom,NTT Leasing,Undisclosed Firm          ASIC fabless semiconductor company
                                                                                                                       Solid-state drive storage devices for
Pliant Technology       Milpitas          Expansion          27,300,000 Lightspeed Venture Partners,Menlo Ventures     enterprise computing
                                                                        Institutional Venture Partners,Kodak External
                                                                        Alliances,Menlo Ventures,Mitsui Venture       Optical components for consumer
LensVector              Mountain View     Expansion          30,000,000 Partners ,SVB Capital,Samsung                 electronics

                                                                        New Enterprise Associates,Tallwood Venture
Audience                Mountain View     Later Stage        15,000,000 Capital ,VentureTech Alliance,Vulcan Capital   Sound processing semiconductor chips
                                                                        Chrysalix Energy,DCM ,El Dorado
                                                                        Ventures,Harris & Harris Group,Undisclosed
                                                                        Firm,VantagePoint Venture                      Supplies LED technology for lighting
BridgeLux               Livermore         Later Stage        59,999,700 Partners,VentureTech Alliance                  markets
                                                                        ARCH Venture Partners,Apax Partners
                                                                        Worldwide,Convexa Capital AS,EDB
                                                                        Investments Pte.,Harris & Harris Group,Sevin
                                                                        Rosen Funds,Temasek Holdings Pvt.,Triton       Opto-electronic applications based on
InnovaLight             Sunnyvale         Later Stage         3,000,000 Ventures                                       silicon nanocrystals
                                                                        Enterprise Partners Venture Capital,TL         Products that aim to develop the
Pivotal Systems         Pleasanton        Expansion           2,100,000 Ventures,Undisclosed Firm                      semiconductor manufacturability
                                                                        Best Buy Capital,Cisco Systems,Foundation
                                                                        Capital,Lux Capital,New Enterprise
                                                                        Associates,U.S. Venture Partners,Undisclosed   Semiconductor systems solutions for
SiBEAM                  Sunnyvale         Later Stage        36,500,100 Firm                                           wireless platforms
Discera                   San Jose        Later Stage         7,779,200 Ardesta ,Horizon Ventures,Undisclosed Firm       CMOS MEMS resonator technology

                                                                        Grazia Equity GmbH,Sequoia Capital,Sigma
Quantenna                                                               Partners,Southern Cross Venture
Communications            Fremont         Expansion          10,000,200 Partners,Swisscom AG,Venrock Associates          Fabless semiconductor company
Plastic Logic             Mountain View   Later Stage        35,000,000 Oak Investment Partners,Undisclosed Firm          plastic circuits for mass applications
                                                                        Advanced Equities Capital Partners,New           UHF Radio Frequency Identification
Alien Technology          Morgan Hill     Later Stage         1,422,900 Enterprise Associates,SunBridge Partners         (RFID) products and services
        Name                      City    MoneyTree Stage   Amount                       Investors                             Business Description (edited)
                                                                        Claremont Creek Ventures,Clean Pacific
Clean Power Finance-1     San Francisco   Early Stage           705,000 Ventures,Sand Hill Angels,                       Software and services to the solar industry
                                                                                                                         Shopping cart services for use on social
Payvment-1                San Francisco   Early Stage         1,150,000 BlueRun Ventures,Undisclosed Firm                networks
                                                                                                                         Online virtual world with educational
Secret Builders-1         San Mateo       Early Stage         2,300,000 Individuals,LaunchCapital,RB Webber              games
                                                                        Charles River Ventures,DCM ,Partech               Web-based service that lets users share
PeerPong-1                San Francisco   Early Stage         2,800,000 International,Undisclosed Firm                   their expertise
                                                                        Individuals,Kreos Capital ,Nauta
Abiquo-1                  Redwood City    Early Stage         4,305,700 Capital,Undisclosed Firm                         Open-source cloud-computing platform
                                                                        Hummer Winblad Venture Partners,U.S.
Karmasphere-1             Los Gatos       Early Stage         5,000,000 Venture Partners                                 Data processing software
                                                                                                                         Energy efficiency and system optimization
Scientific Conservation   Berkeley        Expansion           5,000,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson                          software solutions
Tiny Speck                San Francisco   Startup/Seed        5,050,000 Accel Partners,Andreessen Horowitz               Online games
                                                                                                                         Online charging and policy management
MATRIXX Software-1 Mountain View          Early Stage         9,000,000 Greylock Partners,Tugboat Ventures               solutions
                                                                                                                         Software which transitions datcenters to
Nicira Networks           Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        9,000,000 Andreessen Horowitz,Benchmark Capital            cloud infrastracture
Aha Mobile                Palo Alto       Early Stage           500,000 Venrock Associates                               Information look-up software
Clixtr                    Palo Alto       Early Stage         2,074,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson,Undisclosed Firm         Mobile photo sharing application

                                                                        Hummer Winblad Venture Partners,Southern
Evostor                   Campbell        Early Stage         3,000,000 Cross Venture Partners,Starfish Ventures Pty. Storage software
                                                                        Claremont Creek Ventures,Rockport Capital
EcoFactor                 San Carlos      Expansion           3,500,000 Partners                                      Solutions for managing residential energy
                                                                                                                      Software which transitions datcenters to
Nicira Networks           Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        3,890,000 Andreessen Horowitz,Benchmark Capital         cloud infrastracture
                                                                                                                      Software to optimize patient flow through
Allocade                  Menlo Park      Expansion           5,000,000 VantagePoint Venture Partners                 hospitals
VMOps                     Cupertino       Early Stage         8,800,000 Redpoint Ventures                             Cloud computation software
NetBase Solutions         Mountain View   Expansion           9,399,000 Altos Ventures,Thomvest Ventures              Online search-based research tools
                                                                        Charles River Ventures,Emergence Capital
Yammer                    San Francisco   Expansion          10,000,000 Partners,Undisclosed Firm                     Microblogging services for businesses
                                                                        Accel Partners,Duff Ackerman & Goodrich
Altor Networks            Redwood City    Expansion          10,000,100 ,Foundation Capital,Juniper Networks          Virtual network security solutions
                                                                        Claremont Creek Ventures,NGEN Partners        Designs and wireless lighting
Adura Technologies        San Francisco   Expansion          12,000,000 ,VantagePoint Venture Partners                management systems
dotFX                     Redwood City    Early Stage            51,000 Wavepoint Ventures                            Client and desktop software
                                                                        Bessemer Venture Partners,Founders
Dolores Labs              San Francisco   Early Stage         5,080,000 Fund,Individuals,Trinity Ventures             Labor as a service solutions (LaaS)
                                                                                                                      Software as a Service application for field
ServiceMax                Santa Clara     Later Stage         8,100,000 Trinity Ventures                              service management
                                                                        Granite Ventures,Shasta Ventures              Support and service to open source search
Lucid Imagination         San Mateo       Expansion           9,999,900 Management,Walden International               server

InsideView                                                              Emergence Capital Partners,Greenhouse
Technologies              San Francisco   Expansion          11,499,900 Capital Partners,Rembrandt Venture Partners      Sales performance technology
                                                                        Bay Partners,Hummer Winblad Venture
                                                                        Partners,Lightspeed Venture Partners             Source infrastructure and integration
MuleSoft                  San Francisco   Expansion          14,000,000 ,Morgenthaler Ventures,SAP Ventures              software
                                                                        Applied Ventures,Bay Partners,Rockport
                                                                        Capital Partners,Undisclosed
Enphase Energy            Petaluma        Expansion          40,000,100 Firm,Undisclosed Firm                            Solar power add-on products
                                                                                                                         Network security, safe messaging, and
Untangle                  San Mateo       Expansion           1,011,000 Rustic Canyon Partners,Undisclosed Firm          control of web usage

POTI                      San Francisco   Expansion           2,016,000 Atlas Venture                                    Open-source customizable music player
                                                                                                                         Analytics-based products that prevent
Guardian Analytics        Los Altos       Later Stage         9,000,000 Foundation Capital                               online identity theft
                                                                        Institutional Venture Partners,Kleiner Perkins
                                                                        Caufield & Byers,Maples                          Gaming software for the iPhone and iPod
ngmoco                    San Francisco   Early Stage        25,000,000 Management,,Norwest Venture Partners             Touch
                                                                                                           Network security or network access
FireEye         Milpitas        Expansion          4,883,000 JAFCO Ventures,Norwest Venture Partners       control (NAC)
                                                             Atlas Venture,DFJ Esprit,Index Ventures,Intel
                                                             Capital,Motorola Ventures,TI Ventures
VirtualLogix    Santa Clara     Later Stage        1,288,700 ,Undisclosed Firm                             Virtualization software platform
                                                                                                           Software and services for digital home
4Home           Sunnyvale       Expansion          4,271,000 Pond Venture Partners                         devices
                                                             Cisco Systems,First Round Capital,Formative Web service interfaces through the use of
Mashery         San Francisco   Expansion          5,500,000 Ventures                                      APIs and XML feeds
Canesta         Sunnyvale       Later Stage          342,000 Venrock Associates                            Electronic perception technology
                                                             ATA Ventures,Emergence Capital
                                                             Partners,Qualcomm Ventures,Vesbridge
Visage Mobile   San Francisco   Later Stage          250,000 Partners,,Worldview Technology Partners       Visibility solutions for enterprise mobility