NATIONAL FFA CONVENTION

                                                OCTOBER 21 - OCTOBER 27, 2009


      Wednesday, October 21, 2009
      7:40 a.m.      Depart Sacramento International Airport aboard Southwest Airlines flight #3437.
                     Connect at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Southwest Airlines flight #3890.
      5:10 p.m.      Arrive Indianapolis International Airport
                     Bus in to hotel; check in
      6:30 p.m.      California Association mandatory group orientation conducted by State AgEd Staff at hotel

      Thursday through Saturday, October 22 - 24, 2009
      Attend National FFA Convention sessions and activities in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Note: For convention activities and
      schedules, and assistance in planning your participation in the National FFA Convention, we recommend you visit the National
      FFA Organization’s convention planning website at

      Saturday, October 24, 2009
      5:55 p.m.        Depart Indianapolis to Washington, D.C., aboard Northwest Airlines flight #1536. Connect at Detroit Metro
                       Airport to Northwest Airlines flight #224.
                       Late arrival; check in to hotel; go to bed.

      Sunday through Tuesday, October 25-27, 2009
      Group visits and tours in Washington, D.C., area by chartered motorcoach.

      Tuesday, October 27, 2009
      5:15 p.m.       Depart Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport via US Airways flight #43. Connect at Phoenix Sky
                      Harbor Airport to US Airways flight #371.
      10:12 p.m.      Arrive Sacramento International Airport

      Flight numbers and flight times may be altered at the airline’s discretion.

Mrs. Jeanette Sturzen, Agriculture Education Consultant, California Department of Education and Superior Region FFA Advisor , will
be in charge of your departure flight and will coordinate the flight preparation activities. You are to meet her at the main Southwest
Airlines domestic travel ticket counter at Sacramento International Airport. Check in at Southwest Airlines to check your luggage
and secure your airline boarding card. Mrs. Sturzen will have your airline tickets for this group travel. You simply check in with
Mrs. Sturzen at the designated place and time to receive your boarding documentation.

SCHEDULED DEPARTURE TIME! This is a federal regulation. If you arrive late you may find yourself staying home! YOU
MUST HAVE A VALID PHOTO IDENTIFICATION IN YOUR POSSESSION to be checked in and to board the aircraft. An
official school photo ID is generally accepted if you are under 18 years of age and have no driver’s license. If you are 18 years of age
or older, you must have a government-issued photo ID.

         The Federal Transportation Security Agency recommends that valuables such as electronic devices, cash, jewelry,
         etc. be carried aboard the aircraft with you in your carry-on luggage. Federal regulations with regard to carrying
         aboard liquids and gels are strictly enforced. Be certain to carefully follow these regulations regarding carry on
         “Travelers may carry through security checkpoints travel-size toiletries (3 ounces or less per item) that fit
         comfortably in ONE, QUART-SIZE, clear plastic, zip-top bag.
         After clearing security, travelers can now bring on board aircraft beverages and other items purchased in the secure
         boarding area. At the security checkpoint, travelers will be asked to remove the zip-top bag of liquids and place it in
         a bin or on the conveyor belt. X-raying separately will allow TSA security officers to more easily examine the
         declared items.”
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         For a complete list of acceptable and unacceptable items onboard US airlines, as well as specifics regarding acceptable
         identification, please see the Transportation Security Agency’s website at: Any travelers with medical conditions requiring the carrying of
         medicines aboard aircraft – especially those medicines in liquid or gel form – are strongly recommended to consult
         the Transportation Security Administration’s rules regarding medications at the website noted above. Many
         medications, especially those in liquid or gel form, must now be declared to TSA officials at security checkpoints at
         airports. The form required for declaring these items can be downloaded at the website noted above.
Do NOT check your luggage outside the terminal building with a skycap. Luggage must be checked in at the ticket counter in the main
terminal building when you check in with your group leader. IMPORTANT NOTE: Airline luggage regulations have changed
substantially over the past few months. Most airlines are now charging fees for checked baggage onboard US aircraft. YOU must
be prepared to pay any applicable baggage fees to the airline when you check in at the airport. These fees will be charged by
airlines every time you check in at an airport for a new trip. For your trip, this means you may be subject to baggage fees THREE
TIMES during your trip. Once when you leave California for Indianapolis, a second time when you depart Indianapolis to travel
to Washington, D.C., and a third time when you depart Washington, D.C., to return home. Additionally, airlines have very strict
regulations about the dimensions and weight for BOTH checked baggage and carry-on bags. BE PREPARED! TAKE TIME
NOW to go to the appropriate airline websites and acquaint yourself with the luggage size and weight restrictions and the baggage
fee policies for the airlines you will be flying. Be absolutely certain you pack according to these requirements and be ready to pay
any applicable baggage fees or your luggage MAY BE LEFT BEHIND! For your trip you need to check the websites of three
different airlines for regulations and baggage fee policies as follows:
   1) Departing California on October 21st aboard Southwest Airlines -- see
   2) Traveling from Indianapolis to Washington, D.C., on October 24th aboard Northwest Airlines -- see
   3) Returning to California from Washington, D.C., on October 27th aboard US Airways -- see

Also, be aware that security at U.S. airports is at an upgraded status according to the Federal government. Due to the exceptional
changes made since September 11, 2001, the following items need to be brought to the attention of all persons that are participating in
a group trip like this one.

Before Leaving Home
       1. Pack Light (see information about luggage regulations above and check the airline websites).

       2. Check your belongings for cutting or puncturing instruments (knives, including small pocket knives, scissors, nail clippers,
       tweezers, metal nail files, box cutters, etc.) Leave them at home or pack them in your checked baggage. Diabetic related
       syringes and needles are allowed on board airline cabins and must be declared to security screeners at the security checkpoint.
        In such a circumstance, it is wise to bring along a letter from your physician indicating your need to carry such items with you.
        Also, you may need to download, fill out, and carry with you a TSA medications declarations form which may be found online

       3. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off easily. You will most likely be required to remove your shoes for inspection.
       Thick soled shoes may be regarded as suspicious. Foot powder is also seen as suspicious.

At the Airport
       1. Arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time.

       2. Keep your driver’s license or other photo ID handy -- in your hands -- from the time you arrive at the airport until you
       board your aircraft. You will be asked to show your ID at the airport check-in-counter and when you pass through security
       screening. Occasionally, airlines check it again before boarding the plane. This applies to all cities on the trip.

       3. When going through airport security, remove all items from your pockets (keys, cell phones, change, etc) and place them in
       trays provided at the security check point. Remove your shoes and place them in trays provided. If you have several metal
       pins on your FFA jacket you should remove it and send it through the X-ray machine on the belt. Security agents may ask you
       to put your FFA jacket through the X-ray machine regardless of medals. TSA officials may request additional information
       from you such as middle name, date and place of birth, and social security number.

       4. If you are carrying a laptop computer, you must remove it from its carrying case and send it through the security x-ray
       machine separate from its case. You may also be asked to open the laptop and display the screen and keyboard.

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5. If you are carrying a camera with a removable lens, you may be required to disconnect the lens so that security agents can
look inside the camera.

6. Keep medication in original containers with pharmacy labels intact. Go to the TSA website at: and carefully familiarize yourself with restrictions regarding the carrying of
medications. Some medications must be declared, in writing, (form available at the TSA website) to security agents at airport
check in.

7. Travelers with disabilities may ask for a private security screening.

8. NEVER joke about bombs or firearms or discuss terrorism, weapons or explosives within earshot of security personnel.
Security personnel will interpret ANY CONVERSATION about such matters as a threat to public safety. Airport security
WILL detain and question you thoroughly and you will miss your flight! Airport security is under the control of the
Transportation Security Administration – a Federal Agency. U.S. Air Marshals will be on many of your flights. They are
obviously not identifiable but they are armed. Be aware and exercise caution! This security information is provided so that
you may be informed of the changes that have taken place since September 11, 2001, and to help make everyone’s trip more
enjoyable. Do not be alarmed by added security measures. Simply be alert and follow instructions given by airport security

While you are in Indianapolis you will be lodging at the hotel property listed below.

      Indianapolis Marriott Downtown Hotel
      350 W. Maryland Street
      Indianapolis, IN 46225
      Phone: (317) 822-3500

In the Washington, D.C., area you will be lodging at:
        Comfort Inn at Fed-Ex/DC
        55 Hampton Park Boulevard
        Capital Heights, MD 20743
        Phone: (301) 336-8900

While in Indianapolis attending the National FFA Convention there are dozens of official FFA Convention activities in which
students may participate. The Advisor’s Planning Guide for the 2009 National FFA Convention has already been mailed
directly from the National FFA Office to all local FFA Advisors in the country. Convention trip participants should utilize that
guide to make some plans about what they want to do while in Indianapolis. You can also visit the planning guide on the
Internet at

Your restrictions are that you must be attending some activity or function listed in the official FFA program at all times and
that you must be back at your hotel each night at 11:00 p.m. for curfew and bed check unless you are out later with your local
FFA Advisor or the Advisor who has been designated as your official chaperone for the trip. Bear in mind that the travel
package you have already purchased includes convention registration (this includes unlimited admission to the Career Show),
and a ticket to the Official Convention Opening Session.

Those on this trip who were listed by their chapter as an American Degree recipient will receive a ticket to the American
Degree Luncheon with their registration materials in Indianapolis.

If there are any other activities listed in the Planning Guide in which you wish to participate which require a ticket for
admission, it is up to you to purchase and/or obtain those tickets at your own cost. It is strongly recommended that you order
tickets in advance for any items you wish to attend which require tickets. Check the Advisor’s Planning Guide for functions
which you may order tickets for early and instructions on ordering those tickets. Money and requests for ticket orders go to the
National FFA Organization. DO NOT send any special ticket orders to Excellence in Presentations. When purchasing
tickets to other events, don’t forget to bear in mind the State Association’s mandatory orientation meeting Wednesday evening
at 6:30 p.m.

1. You or your school must take care of your travel to and from Sacramento International Airport.

                                                    (Continued on next page)
2. Travel as lightly as you can, but remember you will need warm clothes. Be sure to dress warm. It can be very cold in
Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., at this time of year. It is more likely to be mild with possibilities of rain, but cold and
snow are within the realm of possibility. It is certainly a good idea to pack a raincoat and umbrella. Girls will be allowed to
wear dress slacks during touring activities in Washington, D.C., where official dress is required. You will wear your official
FFA dress uniform every day you are on the trip — pack accordingly. There will NOT be opportunities during the trip to
launder clothes. There will be a few instances where casual clothes are allowed, but not many.

3. Your payment includes your plane fare, hotels, airport transfers, and convention registration. In Washington, D.C., airport
transfers, tour transportation, museum/park/monument entrance fees, continental breakfast each morning, and one dinner are
included. You will need to bring money for the balance of your meals. For your food $35-40 per day is recommended. You
should bring additional funds to cover any incidental or souvenir-type expenses. It is recommended that you carry travelers
checks, NOT cash.

4. In Indianapolis, supervision for the official voting delegates on this trip is provided by, and the responsibility of, the
Agriculture Education Unit of the California Department of Education (CDE). State Ag Ed officials will also be responsible
for supervision during the Washington, D.C., portion of the trip. However, those who are not official voting delegates must be
supervised in Indianapolis by an adult chaperone from that school or an FFA Advisor from another school who has agreed to
this supervision responsibility.

5. Excellence in Presentations staff persons will take care of registering everyone at the Convention and getting your
credentials to you in Indianapolis.

6. ALL FFA MEMBERS (including American FFA Degree recipients) ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR OFFICIAL FFA
DIRECTIONS. Check with your local FFA Chapter Advisor if you have any questions. Share these materials with your parents
and your local FFA Chapter Advisor. ONLY your local Chapter Advisor is authorized to contact our office with questions
about the trip. Due to contractual obligations, parents and students are not to contact this office, airlines, or hotels
directly! Doing so can result in forfeiture of your space on the trip!!


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