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Guide to Geneva - DOC - DOC


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									           Student Guide to the
New York State Agricultural Experiment
                 Geneva, NY

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   Compiled by SAGES and sponsored in part by GPSAFC
          Geneva Student Newsletter, Spring 2004
                     Welcome to Geneva, New York, USA!

Table of Contents:
       Getting to Geneva                                                           1
       NYSAES Campus                                                               2
       NYSAES General Information                                                  2
       Places to Live in Geneva                                                    5
       Transportation                                                              6
       Hobart and William Smith Colleges                                           7
       Entertainment                                                               7
       Places to Eat                                                               8
       Shopping                                                                    8
       Places to Stay When Visiting                                                9
       Local Events                                                               10

Getting to Geneva:
Geneva is located at the north end of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate
New York. It is about one hour (50-60 miles) from Syracuse, Rochester, and Ithaca, NY;
two hours from Buffalo/Niagara Falls, four hours from Toronto, Canada (230 miles) and
five hours (300 miles) from New York City.

   Rochester International Airport                Syracuse Hancock International Airport
   1200 Brooks Avenue Rochester, NY               2001 Airport Blvd. Syracuse, NY
   (585) 464-6000                                 (315) 454-4330
   http://www.rocairport.com                      http://www.syrairport.org
   SERVICED BY: American, AirTran,                SERVICED BY: American, Air Canada,
   Continental, Delta, Jet Blue,                  Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, Northwest,
   Northwest, United, USAirways                   United, USAirway

By RAIL: (http://www.amtrack.com)
   Rochester (ROC)                                Syracuse (SYR)
   320 Central Ave.                               131 P&C Pkwy.
   Rochester, NY 14605                            Syracuse, NY 13208
   Approximately 38 miles                         Approximately 45 miles

By BUS: (http://www.greyhound.com)
   Geneva bus station
   48 Lake St
   Geneva NY 14456
   (315) 789-2582

Once you get to Rochester or Syracuse, you can rent a car at the airport, take a taxi, arrange
limousine service, or arrange to be met by a friend or Station employee. Parking at the
Rochester airport is quite reasonable (approximately $5/day).

        Cars are very convenient in Geneva since public transportation is limited. Life is
manageable without a car, especially if you will only be here a short amount of time and/or you
live in Station housing and can find rides. A bicycle may be helpful in lieu of a car as the Station
is about two miles from downtown Geneva, where stores and restaurants are located. Generally
people in your lab or department will help you find rides.

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station (NYSAES) Campus:
Welcome to NYSAES! You will find that Cornell's Geneva campus (also referred to as ―the
Experiment Station‖ or simply ―the Station‖) is smaller and quieter than the Ithaca campus, and
just as, if not more, friendly. Faculty, staff, and students hail from six continents. More general
information about the Station is available at: http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu
         There are four departments here: Horticultural Sciences, Plant Pathology, Entomology,
and Food Science and Technology (FST). Other units are also on campus, including Integrated
Pest Management Program (IPM), Plant Genomics Research Unit (PGRU), USDA,
Communications, Library, and the Administrative Service Center.
Check out the NYSAES map on the following page. Below is a short description of relevant
    Jordan Hall - Library, Administrative Service Center.
    Pavilion - Used for lunches or other social gatherings
    Triplex house - Station housing for individuals
    666 W North St - Station family housing
    Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - IPM program
    Sturtevant Hall - Horticultural sciences, seed research, etc.
    Hedrick Hall - Horticultural sciences
    Sawdust Café - Social space. Also holds aerobics, English as a Second Language classes.
    Food Research Laboratory - Food Science and Technology program.
    Heating Plant - Location to pick up/drop off car keys for student car. Someone is there 24/7
      (all day, every day) (x2215)
    Barton Hall - Plant Pathology and Entomology programs, Communications.
    Raw Products - Fruit/vegetable storage. Location of produce giveaways during harvest
      seasons, including cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe, corn, beets, and apples.
    General Services - Garage for Fleet vehicles
    USDA Entomology Building - Laboratories, offices
    Surge - Plant Pathology labs
    Warehouse - Mail, Printshop
    681, 673 Castle Street - Station housing for individuals
    629, 649, 659, 665 Castle St - Station housing for families

General NYSAES information:
Buildings and Properties (B&P): takes care of the campus grounds and buildings. They also
maintain Station housing with services including light bulb replacement, repairing plumbing or
appliances, and critter removal.

Security: We have a security team that watches the campus at night and on weekends. They are
based at the heating plant (x2215) but make rounds - you may come in contact with them if you
are here during off-hours.

Cornell Identification Cards (IDs): If you've spent time on the Ithaca campus then chances are
you already have a Cornell ID. If you come directly to Geneva, it's still a good idea to get an ID
from the Registrar's Office in Day Hall. They are necessary to borrow books from the campus
libraries and gain access to the Hobart and William-Smith athletic facilities. Additionally, some
local merchants, such as Enterprise Car Rental or Kost Tires, offer discounts to people associated
with Cornell.

Using Station Phones: Dial the last 4 digits for Station phone numbers. To dial local numbers
(Geneva, Non-Station), dial '9' to get an outside line, then the 7-digit phone number - you will
need a calling code for this, assigned to you when you arrive. For Ithaca campus numbers, dial
'8' then the last 5 digits of the number (Usually 8-5-xxxx). To dial an off-campus Ithaca number,
dial '8-9' then the full 7-digit number. To call Geneva campus from Ithaca campus, dial '4-9'
then the last 3 digits.
         In an emergency, dial '9-911' to reach the police, fire, or ambulance, then dial '2499'
to reach the station emergency team.

Who can I call for information in ________ ?
      Food Science and Technology: Debby Ditzell (x2255)
      Plant Pathology: Amy Andersen (x2331)
      Horticultural Sciences: Michele Mannella (x2394)
      Entomology: Nancy Reissig (x2323)
      Computer Services: Patty Gibbs (x2289)
      Buildings and Properties: Ann Griner (x2301) or LouAnn Rago (x2466)
      Human Resources: Charie Hibbard (x2210) or Pat Mahoney (x2234)
      Communications: Gemma Osborne (x2248)

Student Association of the Geneva Experiment Station (SAGES): SAGES was founded in
1994 to build relationships among the students, faculty, staff, and other members of the Station
as well as with the greater Geneva community. SAGES supports the organization of activities
that help students socialize and meet new people through luncheons, semester meetings, movie
nights, sporting events, and other outdoor activities. Students, post-docs, professors, visiting
fellows and scientists participate in SAGES events. The SAGES website is:
http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/grads. There is also an email list (SAGES-L@cornell.edu) that
serves as the primary means to announce upcoming events. Contact a SAGES officer to be
added to the list.

Thesis: The Graduate School has assembled a booklet on "Formatting, Production, and
Submission Requirements" which addresses a lot of common errors. SAGES has extra copies of
these booklets and other paperwork you will need when you are finishing your degree (updated
June 2003). Please see an officer to obtain a copy for your use; they are currently kept in the
SAGES closet. Minnie Empson is the Thesis Adviser at the Graduate School on Main Campus;

she is quite friendly. You must meet with her at least once before printing, copying, and binding
your final version of your thesis. Her email is: thesis@cornell.edu.

Student Health Insurance: Funded graduate students receive health insurance under the Cornell
University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If you are covered under this program you
should receive information about it through the mail every August. The website is:
http://www.studentinsurance.cornell.edu/. As the vast majority of students are based in
Ithaca, it is no surprise our best coverage is at Gannett Health Center on Main Campus. Jo Ann
Molnar (jb58@cornell.edu, 607-255-6363) is an administrator who specializes in student health
services, and may be a good source of information and assistance. Finally, it never hurts to ask
students who have been here a few years about their experiences.

Places to Live in Geneva:
Station Housing: The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station offers housing to
graduate students and professors, post-docs, visiting fellows, and visiting scientists. There are
individual rooms to rent with a common living space to share with up to 3 other people (Triplex
and 673 and 681 Castle St) and there are houses available for families (629, 649, 659, 665, 823
Castle Street and 666 W. North Street). Units are available for a minimum of 1 month and a
maximum of 14 months. Extensions can be made if there is no waiting list.
         Housing at the Station has the advantage of being inexpensive (price for furnished
individual units includes utilities, cable TV, laundry facilities) and conveniently located. Living
at the single units of the Experiment Station can be a very rewarding and culturally enriching
experience as you get to meet people from different backgrounds and nationalities.
Disadvantages include adjusting to housemates, who may change frequently, as well as
negotiating personal and cultural differences, especially regarding the cleaning of shared areas.
         For reservations (http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/adm/housing/index.html) and any other
questions regarding Station housing contact Charie Hibbard at x2210 or cah3@cornell.edu.

Geneva housing: Sources for finding places to live include the classified section of The Finger
Lakes Times (http://www.fltimes.com), the Station News, word of mouth, and the file kept at the
Human Resources department of Hobart and William Smith Colleges (1st Floor, Coxe Hall, 337
Pulteney Street). Things to consider when renting an apartment include:
    - Are utilities included (heat, gas, electric, water, garbage, recycling)? If not, how much will
       it add per month?
    - Who is responsible for snow removal (particularly driveways, sidewalks, and stairs) and/or
       garden maintenance?
    - Is parking (off-street parking, street parking) available?
    - What are the other additional expenses (phone, cable TV, internet)?
    - Is the apartment furnished?
    - What up-front costs are there (security deposit, first/last month rent)?
Student Transportation - Cornell: The Station has provided the Geneva students with two cars
(currently a minivan and a sedan), which are used exclusively by those who are taking classes, or
those who need to do academic-related business on the Ithaca campus. Students are required to
take a defensive driving course before driving these cars. The class is available through the

Geneva Chamber of Commerce (315-789-1776). The cost is $35, and you will be reimbursed by
your department. The current car schedule can be found at:

Rules/Regulations of Student Vehicle
    Only students may drive the vehicle for classes or other academic purposes (including
      meetings with professors or going to graduate school or ISSO office), the vehicle may not
      be used off campus (except en route to and from campus) and may be parked overnight in
      designated areas (there is a map in the glove box). Faculty, staff, and post docs may ride
      in the car if a student is driving.
    Pick up and return keys to heating plant (keys are located on the wall opposite from the
      boilers--the large blue cylindrical objects). Sign out the key in your name with lab phone
    Log in miles/date/name/purpose for each use of the vehicle in the log book kept in each
      student vehicle
    Emergency Numbers
          o Security 315-787-2215 or B&P (Garage—Al or Dale) 315-787-2304
          o Report all problems or anything unusual (e.g. an oil light, no windshield wiper
              fluid) to the garage or whoever is in charge of the car for SAGES.

Station Vehicles: Each department generally has one or more trucks, vans, or cars for getting to
research plots, picking up supplies, and for other research-related purposes. Your major
professor should be consulted when you need transportation for purposes other than getting to
classes. Cars may be signed out from the Fleet Garage as a last resort and the cost is charged to
your professor. As with all state vehicles, only people who are employed by Cornell (or official
visitors) may ride in Station vehicles.

Going to Ithaca? If you would like to take a Station car to Ithaca (outside of regularly
scheduled trips), first check the schedule to ensure that the car is available, then inform the
student population at the Station of your plans by sending out a notifying email (to:
nysaes_students@nysaes.cornell.edu). A SAGES officer is in charge of the student vehicle
schedule. To find an occasional ride, check the schedule and contact the regular drivers for the
day you need to go to Ithaca.

Coming from Ithaca? The schedule of these cars is very rigid and sometimes there are no extra
seats for occasional passengers. Students have priority seating. Both vehicles depart from the
Cornell Post Office (Kennedy Hall) in Ithaca at 7:00 am and make a few stops on campus and
one at Cass park, near the ice rink on NY-89, to pick up passengers. They leave Geneva from
Jordan Hall at 5:00 pm, except for Fridays, when they leave at 4:00 pm. For more information,
contact Jim Moravec (jam18@cornell.edu, x2212).

Hobart and William Smith Colleges:
Cornell University and Hobart and William Smith Colleges have a partnership that allows
Faculty and Students limited access to some of their facilities. This includes the faculty dining
room, library, and gym privileges.

Scandling Center: The faculty dining room is open from noon to 1:30pm Monday -Thursday
during the school year. The dining room is a buffet with an excellent dessert table at a cost of
$6.25 or you can buy a multiple use card at a discounted price. You can reserve a table by
calling 781-3509, although this is not usually necessary.

Athletic Facilities: The main gym is located at the Bristol Field House on Hamilton Street
(http://www.hws.edu/athletics/fieldhouse.asp). You must show your Cornell ID when entering.
Use of the weight room requires a short orientation that you can ask for at the front desk. The
weight room has weight lifting machines, free weights, and cardiovascular equipment. The
schedule of exercise classes, offered only during the academic year, are posted near the front
desk. The gym hours during the HWS academic year are:
        Monday-Thursday        7am-11pm
        Friday                 7am-9pm
        Saturday               10am-9pm
        Sunday                 2pm-11pm
        During breaks or summer the gym is open from 7am-7pm.

Priority for tennis, squash, basketball, racquetball, and wallyball courts goes to HWS students
and then Cornell affiliates who may reserve these facilities during off peak hours. The 50-yard,
six-lane swimming pool is located at the Bristol Gymnasium on St. Claire Street
(http://www.hws.edu/athletics/pool.asp). The pool is not open during the summer, but during the
school year it is available at lunchtime and in the evening.

Geneva Cinema 5                                   Route 14 (towards the thruway)
495 Exchange Street                               Geneva, NY 14456
Geneva, NY 14456                                  (315) 789-6033
Phone: (315) 789-7978
                                                  Regal Eastview Mall 13
Geneva Movieplex                                  70 Eastview Mall Drive
Town & Country Plaza                              Victor, NY 14564
371 Hamilton Street                               (800) 326-3264 280
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone: (315) 789-1653
The Smith Opera House
82 Seneca St
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 789-8687

Sunset Bowl
East North St (near 5&20)
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 789-1622
Geneva Rollerdome

Places to eat in Geneva: (*Student favorites)
Belhurst Castle               Kyo Asian Bistro                    The Flour Petal Cafe
4069 Route 14 South           486 Exchange St.                    34 Linden St.
(315) 781-0201                (315) 719-0333                      (315) 781-2233
Cam's New York Pizzeria       Ling Ling Chinese Buffet            The Pier House
476 Exchange St.              481 Hamilton St.                    Restaurant
(315) 789-6297                (315) 781-0688                      41 Lakefront Dr.
                                                                  (315) 789-0400
Downtown Deli                 Nonna Cosentino's Trattoria
30 Castle St.                 1 Railroad Pl.                      *Red Brick Inn
(315) 789-4617                (315) 789-1638                      291 S. Main St.
                                                                  (315) 789-3247
Emile's Restaurant            *Parker's Bar
Routes 5 & 20 between         100 Seneca St.                      Uncle Joe's Pizzeria
Geneva and Waterloo           (315) 789-4656                      99 N. Genesee St.
(315) 789-2775                                                    (315) 781-1199
www.emilesrestaurant.net      Pasta Only's Cobblestone
                              Restaurant                          WaffleWorks
Hamilton 258                  Routes 5&20 West                    416 Hamilton St.
258 Hamilton St.              (315) 789-8498                      (315) 719-0243
(315) 781-5323                www.pastaonlyscobblestone.com
                                                                  Water St. Café
Jellybeans Restaurant         *Port's Restaurant                  467 Exchange St.
459 Exchange St.              4432 West Lake Rd.                  (315) 789-2560
(315) 781-2126                (315) 789-2020

Wegmans Geneva (grocery)                         Red Jacket Orchards (fruit products)
300 Hamilton St                                  957 Routes 5 & 20
Geneva, NY 14456                                 Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-1591                                   (315) 781-2749
Tops Friendly Markets (grocery)
Pyramid Mall, Routes 5&20 West                   EastView Mall (clothes, shoes, books)
Geneva, NY 14456                                 7979 Pittsford-Victor Road
(315) 781-7793                                   Victor, NY 14564
                                                 (585) 223-4420
B.J.'s Wholesale Club (general, bulk)            www.eastviewmall.com
3635 Berryfields Rd.
Geneva, NY 14456                                 Waterloo Premium Outlets (discount
(315) 789-7777                                   general merchandise)
                                                 655 Route 318
Wal-Mart (general merchandise)                   Waterloo, NY 13165
990 Routes 5&20                                  (315) 539-1100
Geneva, NY 14456                                 www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=
(315) 781-3253                                   9
Places to Stay When Visiting:
In Geneva:
Belhurst Castle and White Springs Manor   Paradise on the Lake Bed & Breakfast
4069 Route 14 South                       4136 High Banks Rd.
Geneva, NY 14456                          Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-0201                            (315) 585-9901
http://www.belhurstcastle.com             http://www.paradiseonthelake.us

Geneva on the Lake                        The Farr Inn Bed & Breakfast
1001 Lochland Rd, Rt. 14 South            164 Washington St.
Geneva, NY 14456                          Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 789-7190                            (315) 789-7730
1-800-3-GENEVA                            http://www.thefarrinn.com
                                          Chanticleer Motor Lodge
Ramada Inn Geneva Lakefront               473 Hamilton St
41 Lakefront Drive                        Geneva, NY 14456
Geneva, NY 14456                          (315) 789-7600
(315) 789-0400                            http://www.chanticleerlodge.com
                                          In Waterloo:
Motel 6                                   Holiday Inn
485 Hamilton St                           2468 Mound Road NY State Rt. 414
Geneva, NY 14456                          Waterloo, NY 13165
(315) 789-4050                            (315) 539-5011
1-800-466-8356                            http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/hi/1/e
Bragdon House Bed & Breakfast
527 South Main St.                        In Canandaigua:
Geneva, NY 14456                          Canandaigua Inn on the Lake
(315) 781-1772                            770 South Main Street
http://www.bragdonhouse.com               Canandaigua, NY 14424
                                          (585) 394-7800
LaFayette Bed & Breakfast                 Reservations: (800) 228-2801
107 LaFayette Avenue                      http://www.visitinnonthelake.com
Geneva, NY 14456
Phone toll-free 1-866.781.0068
Local Events:
During the summer and fall Geneva and surrounding communities offer a wide variety of
outdoor activities. Also check the SAGES website (http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/grads/) for
year-round activities.

Summer Programs:
Geneva Farmers Market, Thursday mornings, Geneva recreation complex, 666 South Exchange
   St. 7:30 AM – noon (May-October)
Concerts at the Park, by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday nights, 7 PM
Movies at the Bowl, Thursdays after dark, Highland Park Bowl, South Avenue at Robinson
   Drive, Rochester NY, July - August

Canandaigua Italian Festival, http://www.bardeenenterprises.com/italianfest.htm
Finger Lakes Chamber Music Festival, http://www.manhattanchamberorchestra.org
Rochester Music Fest, http://www.rochestermusicfest.com
Geneva Summer Arts Festival, http://www.genevarts.com/Events/Festival/index.htm
GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance, http://www.grassrootsfest.org/grfHome.html
Finger Lakes Wine Festival, Watkins Glen, http://www.flwinefest.com
Canandaigua Arts Festival, http://www.bardeenenterprises.com/artfest.htm
―Crusin’ Night,‖ downtown Geneva
Winetique Weekend on Keuka Lake, Hammonsport, http://www.winetiqueweekend.com
Phelps Sauerkraut Festival, http://www.phelpssauerkrautfestival.com/

Waterfront Art Festival, Kershaw Park, Canandaigua
Seneca Lake Whale Watch, Geneva, http://www.senecalakewhalewatch.com/
New York State Fair, NY Fairgrounds, Syracuse, http://www.nysfair.org/state_fair/
Sampson State Park Hot Air Balloon Fest
New York State Festival of Balloons, Dansville, http://www.nysfob.com/index.html

Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival, http://www.watkinsglen.com/gpfest
Unity Fest, Geneva
Annual ―Hang Around Victor Day‖ Victor
Tomato Fest, Auburn
Keuka Wineries Octoberfest, http://www.keukawinetrail.com
Naples Grape Festival, Naples, http://www.naplesvalleyny.com/GrapeFestivalIntro.htm

Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival, The Commons, Ithaca
Finger Lakes Grape Stomp,

                                         - 10 -

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