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Environmental Administrator


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									JOB DESCRIPTION                                                                 US AIRWAYS

JOB TITLE:            Technician, Environmental

REPORTS TO:           Assistant Manager/Environmental Engineer - Environmental Programs

DEPARTMENT:           Corporate Safety

COST CENTER:          640000

PAY GRADE:            113

JOB CODE:             10740

Administer US Airways’ environmental programs at major aircraft maintenance facilities to help
ensure environmental compliance, safety, and operational efficiency. Work with facilities
management, employees, and vendors to implement environmental policies and procedures,
including inspections, hazardous waste management, and potable water sampling.

      Conduct the potable water sampling program by working with aircraft maintenance
        scheduling, collecting samples in accordance with the sampling protocol, and shipping
        samples to the lab.
      Perform weekly inspections of all waste accumulation areas to determine regulatory
        compliance and initiate corrective action, if deficiencies are noted.
      Work with station personnel to keep all areas clear of clutter and foreign object debris.
      Monitor accumulation of waste in satellite areas and assure that all waste is properly
        stored and labeled. Coordinate removal of waste so that there is no impact on
        production or maintenance processes.
      Prepare waste for shipment by proper packaging and consolidation based on material
        classification and facilitate transport of waste by completing required manifests.
      Maintain complete and accurate records and databases.
      Maintain adequate supplies of needed supplies, such as drums, containers, labels and
        spill control materials.
      Assist in minor spill control measures in accordance with the Hazardous Waste
        Contingency Plan and facilitate response by outside services for larger spills.
      Coordinate with Environmental Programs staff and affected departments for sampling
        of waste streams or when new waste streams or unusual disposal issues arise.
      Maintain up-to-date waste profile information.
      Maintain required secondary containment units, including minor repairs, ordering
        replacement units, and keeping them clean and free of debris.
      Maintain absorbent materials utilized on spill carts throughout the facility and collect
        and properly dispose of used absorbent.
      Maintain office area and accumulation building in a neat and orderly fashion.
      Provide environmental training and/or training materials to facility employees.
      Coordinate recycling of waste products, including prepping aerosol cans by
        puncturing, draining contents and offering the metal can for recycling and identify
        other potential waste stream recycling opportunities.
      Actively participate in waste minimization and pollution prevention programs and
        identify additional opportunities.

Date prepared: 11.14.07
Form COMP1099-1000/revised 09.2005                                                         Page 1
JOB DESCRIPTION                                                              US AIRWAYS

      Bachelor or Master degree (equivalent work experience in the field will be considered)
      Possess/maintain appropriate certifications for managing hazardous waste, including
        RCRA, DOT, Hazardous Waste Operations, and Emergency Response
      Environmental and regulatory experience, including conducting audits and inspections
      Good verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
      Proficient in MS Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and internet
      Demonstrated ability to track, analyze, trend, and report data
      Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks and a high-volume workload
      Direct experience working with, classifying, and managing hazardous waste.
      Experience in a large manufacturing, maintenance, or aviation facility (preferred)
      Ability to obtain Airport Secure Identification Display Area badge with driving
        endorsements and to operate US Airways vehicles safely in congested areas
      Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
      Ability to use hand tools to open and close containers, accomplish minor maintenance,
        and wear all appropriate Personal Protective Equipment


Heather McBurney, CHMM
Environmental Engineer
US Airways
2000 Commerce Drive, Bldg #1
Mail Station PIT/H465
Pittsburgh, PA 15275
Office 412-747-1038

Cell 412-475-2587
Fax 412-747-0882

Date prepared: 11.14.07
Form COMP1099-1000/revised 09.2005                                                      Page 2

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