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					                            Huntsville Center

US Army Corps                                                                                                   March 9
of Engineers

Vol. 29 Issue 3
March 2008

    On page ...
 4 Huntsville Center
    Engineering Week

  6 Cleanup                                                                                       Clean-up
    continues at
    Camp Sibert

 7 Test your
    women’s history
    knowledge                                                                                     Parsons employees Mike
                                                                                                  Warner, left, Dave Flemming
 8 Volunteering for                                                                               and Jim Hannon working at
    GWOT tours:                                                                                   the former Camp Sibert near
    rewarding,                                                                                    Gadsden, Ala., demonstrate
    challenging,                                                                                  proper decontamination
    enriching                                                                                     procedures. For more, see
                                                                          Photo by Debra Valine
                                                                                                  page 6.
11 Fishing not just
    a hobby; it’s a
    passion                Corps of Engineers Chief launches
 12 Commentary
    by Joy Rice            ‘Corps-e-spondence’ blog
                           WASHINGTON, D.C. —               questions and comments.                    Other upcoming topics
    Mark your              Lt. Gen. Robert L. Van
                           Antwerp, the 52nd Chief of
                                                               “This is the way of the
                                                            future,” Van Antwerp said.
                                                                                                    are likely to include the Gulf
                                                                                                    Coast recovery efforts in
   calendar now...         Engineers and Commander          “We should be out there,                southeast Louisiana,
                           of the U.S. Army Corps of        too — clearly and openly                Afghanistan reconstruction,
   TSP Seminar             Engineers, ventured into the     communicating with the                  the Formerly Used Defense
   One day only            blogosphere Feb. 13, for the     American public every                   Sites program and the
                           first time with a blog about     chance we get.”                         Corps’ state-of-the-art
      March 28
                           Iraq reconstruction efforts.        As the commander of                  engineering research and
   8 - 11:30 a.m.          Van Antwerp visited Iraq in      the nation’s leading public             design at its Engineer
 Rocket Auditorium         late January to observe the      engineering agency, Van                 Research and Development
 Redstone Arsenal          Corps’ ongoing mission           Antwerp plans to blog about             Center.
  (Reservation required)   there.                           the many missions within the               “Corps-e-spondence” can
                               The blog, called “Corps-     Corps’ purview, from water              be found on the USACE
 Chief of Engineers        e-spondence,” includes RSS       resources and flood risk                Web site at https://
   Lt. Gen. Robert         (Really Simple Syndication),     management to military        
  Van Antwerp visit        so readers can subscribe and     facilities construction for the         blog. There will also be a
       April 3-4           automatically receive updates.   Army and Air Force at                   link from the home page at
                           Readers may also post            home and abroad.              
Commander’s thoughts
           s usual, February was a very busy month at the                          Center employees continue to do great and important
          Huntsville Center. I spent a good part of the month                      work in Iraq for our troops in theater.
          traveling. Early in the month I attended the U.S.                           March will be an important month for the Center. As
Army Corps of Engineers Winter Senior Leaders Conference                                                         you may remember, it was this
at Headquarters. One of the things the Chief emphasized was                                                      time last year that we became
that this was the “year of getting the right people on the bus,”                                                 ISO 9001:2000 certified. Part
especially given the massive workload projections the Corps                                                      of that certification is that we
has over the next several years that will require dedicated                                                      are required to have annual
employees at all levels. I also attended the Chief ’s brief to the                                               audits to ensure our Quality
vice chief of staff of the Army on the support the Corps is                                                      Management System is current
providing to the Army for Base Realignment and Closure,                                                          and the work instructions
Restationing, Grow the Force and Army Transformation                                                             accurately reflect how we do
programs. The Army is expecting the Corps, and especially                                                        business. The auditors will be
Huntsville Center, to meet its construction schedules. We can’t                                                  at the Center March 10-11.
                                                                                    Col. Larry D. McCallister
afford to let them down.                                                                                         Please review your ISO
    I followed that conference with a site visit to the Pueblo,                    materials and be prepared to answer if you are stopped
Colo., Chemical Demilitarization Facility for an in-progress                       and asked questions.
review on the design and construction, then on to Washington,                         In March we celebrate Women’s History Month. This
D.C., to sit on the selection panel for the director of the                        year’s theme, Women’s Art: Women’s Vision, gives us an
Environmental and Munitions Center of Expertise.                                   opportunity to discover and celebrate women’s visual arts
Congratulations to Sandi Zebrowski for her selection as the                        in a variety of forms and mediums that help expand our
new chief of the EMCX in Omaha, Neb. Sandi has worked                              perceptions of ourselves and each other.
many years in the former HTRW CX in Omaha where she is                                Don’t forget, Daylight Saving Time starts March 9 —
currently a division chief. We look forward to her leadership                      spring forward! Easter is March 23, and most of the
as the new director which will be effective March 16.                              schools will be on Spring Break in mid-March. Take
   The last two weeks of the month I traveled to Kuwait and                        advantage of the time to spend with your families and
Iraq to visit customers and members of our Coalition                               friends and relax a bit.
Munitions Clearance team and other Huntsville Center                                  In all things you do, please remember to stay safe. You
members in the Gulf Region Division. These Huntsville                              are a valuable asset for the Huntsville Center.

    Hails and farewells
    Welcome to new employees —                                                     Jerrica Thompson, Installation Support and Programs
                                                                                   Management Directorate; and Cynthia Tolle,
    Michael D’Auben, Engineering Directorate; Michael                              Contracting Directorate.
    Klein, Installation Support and Programs Management
    Directorate; Shawn Meek, Ordnance and Explosives                               Farewell to L’Vivian Nell Allen, Engineering
    Directorate, Coalition Munitions Clearance Program;                            Directorate; Diane Cohick, Ordnance and Explosives
    Dominic Ragucci, Installation Support and Programs                             Directorate; Kim Gillespie, Public Affairs Office;
    Management Directorate; Valerie Schaffner, Chemical                            Dianne Mitchell, Ordnance and Explosives Directorate;
    Demilitarization Directorate, Azerbaijan; Terry Steuart,                       Felix Navaro, Ordnance and Explosives Directorate and
    Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate;                      J.R. Richardson, Contracting Directorate.

                    The Huntsville Center Bulletin is printed by digital copier
                    as an unofficial publication authorized under the provisions
                    of AR 360-1. Opinions expressed are not necessarily
                    those of the U.S. Army. Inquiries can be addressed to            Commander.......................................... Col. Larry D. McCallister
                    Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Engineering and Support         Acting Chief, Public Affairs..................... Debra Valine
                    Center, Huntsville, Attn: CEHNC-PA, P.O. Box 1600,               Editor.................................................. Becky Proaps
    US Army Corps   Huntsville, AL 35807-4301. Phone: DSN 760-1693 or
    of Engineers    commercial 256-895-1693. The Bulletin is also online at
                   Circulation: 1,000.

2                                                      H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                           M ARCH 2008
The Bulletin asks:

   Who is your favorite fictional female
   character in a book, movie or television
   program and why is she memorable?
                          My memorable female character would be Scarlett O’Hara (played by
                          Vivien Leigh) in “Gone With the Wind.” Scarlett is a tenacious woman
                          who speaks up for herself and looks out for her family.

Lisa Gayman                 Jessica Fletcher (played by Angela Lansbury) from “Murder
Office of Counsel
                            She Wrote” because she showed that she was someone
                            older and mature, but still curious and willing to try new
                            things. It’s hard to think of any other woman that age being
                            portrayed as a career woman, as opposed to an aging

                                                                                           Cedric Tate
                                                                                           Information Management

                          The most memorable fictional female character to me is Ashley
                          Baxter-Blake from the Karen Kingsbury books. She is so strong in
                          her faith regardless of what situations are thrown at her.

Nikki Zarger
Engineering Directorate

    Tamela J. Mann is a Black American actress and gospel singer, best known for
    her role as “Cora” in Tyler Perry’s stage plays. Tamela began her acting career
    in 1999. She has a natural flair for acting and singing and I admire her for how
    she has persevered in both her personal and spiritual life. She is a role model
    for all women. When I’m watching Tamela or listening to her sing I’m reminded
    ‘not to despise small beginnings, because you too can be written into history.’
                                                                                               Sonja Rice
                                                                                               Equal Employment
                                                                                               Opportunity Office

                          My favorite character is Hope Lancaster, who is the lead character in
                          two novels I wrote. She is memorable because of the work required to
                          develop characters. I have a deep appreciation for the creativity that
                          goes into writing fiction.

Bill Noel
Ordnance and Explosives

M ARCH 2008                                   H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                         3
Center celebrates Engineering Week
          untsville Center’s Engineering
          Directorate hosted the third
          annual Engineering Jeopardy,
Feb. 22, where the civil structures
engineers took the top prize. Three
teams of four people each competed
against each other by answering
questions about Corps of Engineers
history, Huntsville Center history,
tenets of quality, technical issues and
potpourri. National Engineers Week is
Feb. 17 - 23 and is among the oldest
of America’s professional outreach

                                                                                                                                 Photo by Becky Proaps
                                                   The Civil Motivators — Patricia Hensley, left, Arnecia Bradley, Severo Lopez and
                                                   Steve Wright, have fun while winning. They won the highly coveted Corps of
                                                   Engineers beer steins for their first place efforts.

                           Photo by Becky Proaps

Sandy Wood, back, set up the game
and operated the computerized
game board while Todd Duvernay                                                                                          Photo by Becky Proaps
acted as the answer judge during                   Jason Page, left, Robert Jackson, Chris Newman, and Jeff Alford — the
the third annual Engineering                       Terminators — a team from the Mechanical-Electrical Division, took the
Jeopardy game.                                     second place prize, winning Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Center coffee mugs.

                                                                             Photo by Becky Proaps                           Photo by Becky Proaps

Giving it a great team effort but falling a little short was the third place team from               Boyce Ross, director of the
the Systems-Cost Division — the Systematics. The team included Chris Vessell,                        Engineering Directorate, emceed the
left, Dave Burford, Karen Moore and Wes Bushnell. They also received the Corps of                    three rounds of questions and
Engineers, Huntsville Center coffee mugs.                                                            answers.

4                                                     H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                          M ARCH 2008
  News Briefs
  Department of Defense selects new                             • Active military personnel (in uniform with ID)
                                                                • Unaccompanied minors
  government travel charge card                                 • Those checking assistive devices

            he Department of Defense has selected Citibank
            to provide travel charge card services for its         The fee only applies to tickets purchased after Feb. 26,
            members under the General Services                  for travel on or after May 5. Customers may pay this
  Administration’s umbrella SmartPay® 2 master contract.        service fee at an airport kiosk with a credit card or at the
     The new official travel cards will activate on Nov. 30,    check-in counter with a credit card, check or cash.
  2008. DoD has 1.2 million card holders who accounted          Customers who already purchased tickets for travel after
  for 61 percent of total government-wide travel spending       May 5 are exempt from the new service fee on their
  in 2006.                                                      current itinerary.
       The estimated value of the DoD travel card task             Additional information is available at
  order over a 10-year period is $40 billion, based on
  projected travel card spending.
       The mandatory travel charge card provides travelers      Thrift Savings Plan program
  with many benefits such as no interest charges, delayed       adds new option
  late fees and insurance benefits.
       The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO)                  The TSP has added a new option for participants who
  was established in 2006 to serve as the point of contact      are eligible to transfer their TSP accounts to a traditional
  for commercial travel within the DoD. The DTMO                individual retirement account (IRA) or an eligible employer
  establishes strategic direction and centrally manages         plan (like a 401(k)). Participants may now be able to
  commercial travel programs, including the travel card         transfer their accounts to a Roth IRA.
  program.                                                          Why “may”? The Internal Revenue Code has specific
       The DTMO will work closely with the current              requirements that participants must meet in order to be
  vendor, Bank of America, and Citibank to minimize any         eligible to transfer their accounts to a Roth IRA and
  unforeseen interruption in travel card services leading up    participants must be prepared for the immediate tax
  to the new card activation. Prior to the change over, card    consequences of the transfer.
  holders will receive frequent communications about what           “Questions and Answers” were developed to help you
  to expect and individual requirements.                        decide if you want to transfer your TSP account to a Roth
                                                                IRA. However, you are strongly encouraged to talk to a
  US Airways amends checked                                     tax adviser before making your final decision. You don’t
  baggage policy                                                want to make the transfer and then find out when you’re
                                                                filing your taxes for the year that you weren’t eligible or
  US Airways announced it will implement a $25 service          can’t pay the tax bill.
  fee for a second checked bag. The fee applies to travel
  that occurs on or after May 5.                                Scholarships available for federal
     The new checked bag policy will apply to all flights       employees, family members
  within the U.S., to/from Canada, Latin America, the
  Caribbean and Europe.
                                                                The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is
     Customers may continue to check one bag free of
                                                                accepting applications for its 2008-2009 scholarship
  charge. In addition, the airline will waive the fee for its
                                                                program. The deadline is the end of March. Civilian
  most frequent customers including:
                                                                federal and postal employees with at least three years of
  • All Dividend Miles Preferred members (Silver, Gold,
                                                                service and their families are eligible to apply. Federal
  Platinum and Chairman’s Preferred)
                                                                applicants must be full- or part-time students with a grade
  • Confirmed First Class and Envoy passengers at time
                                                                point average of 3.0 or higher.. Family members must
  of check in
                                                                hold an equivalent GPA and be full-time students to
  • Star Alliance Silver and Gold status members
                                                                qualify. For more information on how to apply and to
     The following customers will also be exempt from
                                                                download the application, go to
  paying the $25 fee for a second checked bag:

M ARCH 2008                                    H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                   5
                                                                                                                       Photo by Debra Valine
Parsons employees, Brandon Denson, Kerry Singler and Jeff Morris investigate geophysical anomalies.

Cleanup continues
at Camp Sibert
By Debra Valine
Public Affairs Office

        ooking out over Site 8 at the former Camp
        Sibert near Gadsden, Ala., all you see is a
        peaceful field with a couple of houses, barns,
fencing and cattle. It’s hard to believe that the area
was used by the military for chemical munitions
training from 1942-1945.
   For the past two years, U.S. Army Corps of
Engineers experts from Mobile District and the
Engineering and Support Center in Huntsville, Ala.,
have been working with Edgewood Chemical
Biological Center and 20th Support Command
teams from Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and
contractor partner Parsons to identify some 10,000
                                                                                                                       Photo by Debra Valine
anomalies for removal from Site 8.                       USA Environmental employee, Ty Wrage, and Parsons geophysicist,
   “Of the 11,420 items removed, only 22 items           Jae Yun, perform a static test on the EM 61.
have been mortars, of which only eight contain
unknown liquid fill.
   Work at Site 8 is expected to continue through
calendar year 2008.
   “We continue to educate the local population
about what to do if they find something like this in
their yards,” said Sherri Anderson-Hudgins, the
project manager from Huntsville Center. “We call it
the three R’s: Recognize the item, Retreat from the
area, and Report what they found to their local police                                                 Photo by Debra Valine
department. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe as      Training 4.2” mortar round similar to the rounds that have
possible.”                                               been found at Camp Sibert.

6                                             H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                      M ARCH 2008
March is Women’s History Month
History, achievements highlighted during month
          ach year, March is    an unknown topic in the K-      departments of education
          designated as         12 curriculum or in general     encouraged celebrations of
          National Women’s      public consciousness. To        National Women’s History
History Month to ensure that    address this situation, the     Week as an effective means
the history of American         Education Task Force of the     to achieving equity goals
women will be recognized        Sonoma County (California)      within classrooms. Several
and celebrated in schools,      Commission on the Status        states developed and
workplaces and communities      of Women initiated a            distributed curriculum
throughout the country.         “Women’s History Week”          materials in their public
   To honor the originality,    celebration for 1978. The       schools. Organizations
beauty, imagination and         week of March 8 was             sponsored essay contests and
multiple dimensions of          selected to make                other special programs in
women’s lives, “Women’s         International Women’s Day       their local areas. Within a few
Art: Women’s Vision” is the     the focal point of the          years, thousands of schools       year, programs and activities
2008 theme for National         observance. The activities      and communities were              in schools, workplaces and
Women’s History Month.          that were conducted met         celebrating National              communities have become
The history of women and        with enthusiastic response,     Women’s History Week,             more extensive as
art is quintessential women’s   and within a few years          supported and encouraged          information and program
history. It is the story of     dozens of schools planned       by resolutions from               ideas have been developed
amazing women’s                 special programs for            governors, city councils,         and shared.
accomplishments acclaimed       Women’s History Week,           school boards and the U.S.
at the time but written out     more than 100 community         Congress.                         (This information is
of history.                     women participated in the                                         from the National
   This year’s theme provides   Community Resource              Entire month of March             Women’s History Project
a special opportunity to        Women Project, an annual        In 1987, the National             Web site at www.nwhp.
discover and celebrate          “Real Woman” essay contest      Women’s History Project           org. The NWHP is a
women’s visual arts in a        drew hundreds of entries        petitioned Congress to            nonprofit, nonpartisan,
variety of forms and            and there was an annual         expand the national               educational organization
mediums that help expand        parade and program in           celebration to the entire         committed to recognizing
our perceptions of ourselves    downtown Santa Rosa, Calif.     month of March. Since then,       and celebrating the
and each other.                                                 the National Women’s              diverse and historic
                                Overwhelming                    History Month Resolution          accomplishments of
The beginning                   response                        has been approved with            women by providing
As recently as the 1970’s,      As word spread rapidly          bipartisan support in both        information and
women’s history was virtually   across the nation, state        the House and Senate. Each        educational materials.)

  Test your knowledge of women’s history
   1. Artist whose creation was the       5. Her art embraces many crafts             9. Artist most responsible for the
   Kewpie Doll.                           traditionally associated with women.        creation of The Dinner Party.
   2. Her style has been compared to      6. She uses the African-American            10. At age 15, she dropped out of
   that of the Italian Renaissance.       woman as a visual point of departure.       high school to become an artist.
   3. Her Installation Art is derived     7. Her paintings, drawings and prints       11. Her art speaks up for the tortured
   from her own personal experiences.     look at things Native and national.         and “disappeared” women of Latin
   4. She was given the largest public    8. Her work focuses on lesbian art          America.
   commission of any American             and the cultural representation of          12. Best known for her painted story
   woman up until that time.              “difference.”                               quilts.
       7. Lorna Simpson 8. Harmony Hammond 9. Judy Chicago 10. June Claire Wayne 11. Nancy Spero 12. Faith Ringgold
       Answers: 1. Rose O’Neill 2. Edna Hibel 3. Lihua Lei 4. Violet Oakley 5. Miriam Schapiro 6. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith

M ARCH 2008                                   H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                    7
Volunteering for GWOT tours:
rewarding, challenging, enriching
By Ron Eschmann                              include temporary promotion                  care clinics, schools, roads, power
Headquarters                                 opportunities; post differential, danger     distribution facilities and other
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers                 and overtime pay; and separate               infrastructure projects.
                                             maintenance allowance among others.              Col. Gary Pease, chief of staff,

          hroughout U.S. history, Army          Lt. Col. Kari Otto, AED deputy            Gulf Region Division, said, “GRD
          Corps of Engineers Civilians       commander, said, “No matter why you          is a great personal and career
          have had a proud tradition of      volunteer, it’s very rewarding to be part    experience. People assigned here
stepping up to volunteer for worldwide       of such a worthy cause. The projects         have a level of responsibility and
deployment in support of military            are fast-paced in Afghanistan, and it’s      authority well beyond any job they
operations.                                  not uncommon to see a major                  have ever had before.”
    Continuing that tradition, many more     construction project completed during            GRD employees work complex
have deployed overseas in support of         a six- or 13-month deployment.”              projects and interface with a wide
the Global War on Terror. This critical         AED maintains its headquarters in         variety of stakeholders, to include
mission is not over, and both the            Kabul, but there are Area and Resident       Iraqi contractors, Iraqi government
Afghanistan Engineer District (AED)          offices located throughout the country       officials, coalition partners, U.S.
and the Gulf Region Division (GRD)           to support the mission. Deployments in       Department of State and U.S.
are still seeking Corps Civilians to fill a  Afghanistan offer a wide range of            Agency for International
multitude of positions.                      experiences for volunteers to choose         Development employees. “Most
    “At the present time there are over      from, “and there’s something for             importantly,” said Pease, “is that
300 vacancy                                                                                                  they leave Iraq
announcements that                                                                                           feeling they have
are listed on both           ‘You quickly realize that you are a                                             made a vital
the Army Civilian                                                                                            contribution in the
Personnel Online             part of something that is much,                                                 birth of a free and
and USAJobs Web              much larger than any individual                                                 democratic nation,
sites,” said Helen                                                                                           which is essential to
Lenahan, chief,              effort you have done before…’                                                   the future security
Headquarters                                                                     — Curt Heckelman            of the U.S.
Deployment Team.                            Deputy for Programs and Project Management                       Additionally, they
Many of these                                                          Gulf Region North District            will grow
announcements are                                                                                            personally and
listed as “Open                                                                                              professionally, and
Continuous” because of the need to             everyone,” said Bruce Huffman, AED         return with a real feeling of
recruit talented, experienced people on        public affairs officer. Corps employees    satisfaction that comes from
an ongoing basis.                              based in Afghanistan might work out        participating in such an important
    “Why volunteer?” Lenahan asked.            of Kandahar, Bagram, Gardez or             mission,” he said.
“Serving in Afghanistan or Iraq presents       Qalat.                                         “Our work here in Afghanistan
a unique opportunity for professional             GRD headquarters is in Baghdad          is touching people’s lives in a
growth and personal enrichment. Many           and has three district offices in Tikrit,  positive way, and you can see that
volunteer because they believe in the          Tallil and at Baghdad International        everywhere you look,” Otto said.
Corps rebuilding mission in these              Airport. Each district office has          “We are doing far more than
countries, or they may volunteer out of        multiple locations that are co-located     building structures; we are creating
a sense of patriotic duty, or wanting to       with coalition forces across Iraq.         a better future and quality of life
help people build a better life and               While deployed to Afghanistan or        for a country that has been at war
future.”                                       Iraq, Corps employees will work with       for over 30 years.” The Corps is
    Additional volunteer benefits and          coalition partners, the State Department   providing Afghans with things
incentives for federal employees may           and the host country to build health       most people take for granted, such
8                                                 HUNTSVILLE CENTER BULLETIN                                      MARCH 2008
                                                             ‘This tour has been unbelievable.
                                                             The mere gratitude of the people
                                                             for even the smallest things
                                                             definitely makes it worthwhile. I
                                                             could not have imagined the
                                                             amount of support and unit
                                                             camaraderie from the people and
                                                             the command of Gulf Region
                                                             Division Central District, Iraq.’
                                            Courtesy photo

Spencer O’Neal, left, project manager,
Victory Resident Office, is one of 29 Huntsville                                                       — Spencer O’Neal
Center employees deployed to Iraq and                                                                   Project manager

as roads, clean water and adequate          although some forward operating              coach and mentor individuals.”
health care, Otto said. “You really         locations can be a bit more rustic.”             Currently, both AED and GRD are
gain an appreciation for the                There are many opportunities for R&R         in need of area, resident and project
possessions and opportunities you           leave and recreation while deployed,         engineers. However, other mission
have as an American when you see            and most Corps employees in                  support positions are also available for
someone drink clean water or get            Afghanistan have phone and Internet          administrative support, budget analysts,
health care for the first time in their     access in their individual rooms.            contract specialists, program managers,
life.”                                         “This has been the most rewarding         public affairs specialists and many
    One question that is frequently         personal and professional experience I       others. Applicants can self nominate
asked is: What will my home away            have ever had,” said Curt Heckelman,         through the Army Vacancy
from home be like?                          deputy for Programs and Project              Announcement Board: http://
    “Living conditions in GRD are           Management, Gulf Region North       or at USAJOBS.opm.
excellent,” Pease said. All employees       District. “You quickly realize that you      gov. USACE officials said that in the
get their own room which usually has        are a part of something that is much,        near future, AED (http://www.aed.
a television, DVD player and a              much larger than any individual effort and GRD (http://
bathroom. Also, food and                    you have done before now and for    will be
transportation are free. Most GRD           me, it has been a great honor.”              producing videos that will be available
locations have gyms, libraries, movies      Heckelman said every person works at         online that highlight Civilian employees’
and other opportunities to rest and         a higher intensity and learns very quickly   living and work environments.
relax. Also, Civilian employees are         how to execute at a different level.             For first hand accounts of Corps
now authorized three home leaves               “The pace is unrelenting, but it is       members’ tours, please visit http://
during a one-year tour. Leave               also energizing. My most memorable 
transportation is paid by the               experience is having the ability to teach,   postcards/index.asp.
government. Additionally,
communications with family and
friends is “very easy and convenient,”
Pease said.
    Similarly, Huffman with AED,
responded, “Accommodations in                  Go to
Afghanistan are quite nice, with
modern dining facilities, and nicely           coe-gwot/ for more information.
equipped gyms and living quarters,

M ARCH 2008                                      H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                  9
Students get first-hand view of career
options through job shadowing
By Michelle Harlan
Public Affairs Office

        hroughout the month of February, Huntsville Center
        hosted 11th and 12th grade students from local
        high schools as part of Junior Achievement of
North Alabama’s Job Shadowing program.
   The program paired students with various Huntsville
Center employees representing areas of work the students
were most interested in pursuing for a career. They were
able to spend a day receiving valuable job information and
gaining first-hand knowledge.
   The students were Danielle Larsen and Emily Baldwin                                                                  Photo by Andie Williams
                                                                        Jonathan Stevens, Engineering Directorate, left, hosts
from Huntsville High, Michelle Weisenberger from Bob                    Huntsville High School student Emily Baldwin during her job
Jones High, Taylor Baker and William Tillson from Madison               shadowing experience Feb. 21.
County High, Adam Shamieh from Lee High, Jessica Belue
from Buckhorn High, Catelin Natale and Earnest Haywood
from Sparkman High, Andie Williams from Columbia High,
Katherine Calvin from Lincoln County High and Sarah
Harris from Grissom High.
   “It was really eye opening to learn about the different
types of law there are to go into, whether it’s government

                                                                                                                        Photo by Andie Williams

                                                                        Jessica Belue, from Buckhorn High School and William Tillson,
                                                                        from Madison County High School talk with their host Chuck
                                                                        Twing, Ordnance and Explosives Directorate, during their job
                                                                        shadowing experience Feb. 21.
                                              Photo by Andie Williams
Wade Doss, chief, Facility Repair and Renewal Division,                 law, a private practice or a law firm,” said Calvin, who
Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate,               shadowed Toby Harryman and Ryan Black in Office of
left, explains his “job” to Adam Shamieh and Taylor Baker.              Counsel.
                                                                           “This experience set me in what I want to pursue,” Harris
                                                                        said. “I really enjoyed seeing chemistry used in a practical
                                                                        environment as opposed to a classroom setting.” Harris
                                                                        shadowed Chuck Twing and Betina Johnson, Ordnance and
                                                                        Explosives Directorate.
                                                                           Participating organizations also included Installation
                                                                        Support and Programs Management Directorate, Public
                                                                        Affairs Office, Engineering and Contracting Directorate.
                                                                           Students sat in on conference calls, attended board
                                                                        meetings, took photographs, designed page layouts and met
                                             Photo by MIchelle Harlan   with contractors. By shadowing their hosts, students were
     Katherine Calvin, a Lincoln County High School student,            able to experience the daily routine of a job in their career
     asks Toby Harryman, a lawyer with Huntsville Center’s
     Office of Counsel, some questions before concluding her            choice. They also learned that jobs are versatile and provide
     job shadowing experience Feb. 28.                                  several different opportunities within a specific career field.

10                                           H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                             MARCH 2008
Fishing not just a hobby; it’s a lifelong passion
By Debra Valine                    whatever fish was biting.”               “We decided to pull up to     money. We were excited
Public Affairs Office                  Price has many fishing            a point — a place where land     going into the tournament
                                   stories to tell, and there is one     juts into the river and where    because we had just won

          rom the time he          theme that runs through all           fish like to hide — in about     $1,000 in a Guntersville
          went fishing with his    of them: family.                      108 feet of water and drop       tournament. Our confidence
          great-grandfather at         “My great-grandfather             our baits down to the            was knocked a little.”
age 2 and caught his first fish,   started a tradition in the 1930s      bottom. We were cleaning            Of course there are other
one Huntsville Center project      with our family. He would             the boat, getting ready to go    stories as well, such as the
manager has been hooked.           take my grandfather camping           home. I looked at my rod         time Price fell into 45 degree
    Brandon Price, with            and trout fishing on the              and the end was moving. I        water and the times he had
Huntsville’s Range and             Tellico River in Tennessee            thought I had a small fish       thrown his rods out of the
Training Land Program, is          every year. Since that time           nibbling on the bait, but then   boat only to have them sink
passionate about fishing.          my grandfather regularly took         the tip of the rod went          to the bottom.
    Price, 26, grew up in          my dad as a child, and soon
Decatur, Ala., in a house two      some of my fondest
miles from the river. He           childhood memories were
graduated from Decatur             forged on the banks of the
High School in 2000, went to       Tellico River when my dad
the University of Alabama in       would take my brother and
Huntsville and graduated           me. When I have children one
with a degree in civil             day, I will continue the family
engineering in 2004. He is         tradition,” Price said.
working on his master’s                Fishing is no longer just a
degree in business                 hobby for Price. He said
administration from the            along with a few other things
University of North                in his life, it is truly a passion.
Alabama in Florence.                   In addition to fishing for
    As a project manager,          fun with his family, Price
Price oversees the design and      fishes in the amateur bracket                                                    Photo by Allen Neuschwander
construction of all Army           in bass tournaments and is            Brandon Price, a project manager in Huntsville Center’s
Reserve projects for the           lobbying in Montgomery,               Range and Training Land Program, landed this 68-pound
Range and Training Land            Ala., for catfish restrictions        catfish in October 2006 while practicing for an upcoming
Program. He’s been with the        and for conservation of
Huntsville Center for five         natural resources.                    down.                               Price said he likes fishing
years, starting out as a co-op         Like most fishermen, Price           “About a seven-minute         with friends and introducing
student, then an intern and        tells fish tales. He likes to tell    fight ensued,” Price said.       newcomers to fishing, but
finally a full-time employee.      the story of the giant catfish        “Once we got the catfish in      that he tries to fish with his
    And while he likes his job,    that didn’t get away, but came        the boat and put it on the       dad, grand-dad and brother
it’s fishing that he loves.        a day too early to count in a         scales, it weighed 68 pounds.    whenever possible.
    “My great-grandfather,         big tournament.                       That was a new personal             “Spending the time with
Lee Price, lived on the                “My friend, Allen                 record for me.”                  my family on the river is a
Tennessee River in Lenoir          Neuschwander and I qualified             Of the 250 boats entered      better experience than catch-
City, Tenn., and we would          for the 2006 Cabelas King             into the Cabelas King Cat        ing a big fish,” said Price, who
go fishing when I visited          Cat Classic, which is like the        Classic, Price and               dreams of one day having his
him,” Price said. “I have a        world series of catfishing on         Neuschwander finished a          own guide service on the lakes
picture of the first fish I ever   the Tennessee River,” Price           respectable 75th.                in Northern Alabama.
caught framed at my desk.          said. “We were practicing for            “It was a tough two-day          “Overall I just love it,” Price
My great-grandfather, my           the tournament, looking for a         tournament,” Price said. “We     said. “When I put my boat in
grandfather, my father and I       new area to fish. It was              caught more than 100             the water and take off, the
would hook worms and               getting late, and we had had a        pounds of catfish, but it        feeling is unreal. There are no
crickets and fish for              pretty rough day.                     wasn’t enough to get us any      words to describe it.”

M ARCH 2008                                        H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                            11
‘If I can do it anyone can’: famous words
By Joy Rice                                                                                 don’t eat it. If there are lots of
Contracting Directorate                                                                     carbohydrates and very little fiber, don’t
                                                  Commentary                                eat it. Protein and fiber are harder to

             e’ve all heard it said, “If I                                                  digest than carbs; therefore your body
             can do it, anyone can.” For                                                    uses more energy to break them down.
             me, it’s as true a statement                                                   The more energy your body uses the
                                                from 300 to 420 pounds!! Eating was
as has ever been spoken.                                                                    more weight you lose.
                                                my favorite (and only) coping skill,
    I have been clinically obese for as
                                                and I was (am) a master at it.
long as I can remember. When I was                                                              3. Portion Control, Portion
                                                    In October 2006 I was diagnosed
10 years old my Mom took me to my                                                           Control, Portion Control. I try to
                                                with Type II Diabetes. My fasting
first “diet” doctor. He gave me a little                                                    limit my carbohydrate intake to 40
                                                glucose level was 400. Normal is
book with the calorie counts of                                                             grams per meal. 15-20 grams per snack
                                                60-100. Immediately I had to start
different foods and a place in the back                                                     (I have at least 2 snacks daily). If I’m
                                                insulin injections. Let me tell you, pain
to write down my weight each time I                                                         having a salad as my meal I may eat
                                                is not my game! Not to mention that
would visit. I’ll never forget it. I                                                        more than 40 carbs because there is so
                                                the doctor said if I did not lose
weighed in at 263 pounds!!! Well it                                                         much fiber in raw vegetables. I try to
                                                weight I would assuredly develop
didn’t get any better. After yo-yoing up                                                    limit my fat intake too. I wasn’t
                                                heart disease and maybe renal, optic
and down my Mom finally gave up,                                                            concerned so much with the amount of
                                                and circulatory problems, among
and when I finished high school I                                                           fat I ate at first, just whether it was
                                                others. Throughout my life I had been
weighed about the same. (Thank the                                                          saturated fat or not. Now it’s getting a
                                                subjected to some of the rudest,
good Lord I grew tall, which helped                                                         little harder to shed the pounds so I’m
                                                meanest, most cruel abuse (physical
my round look a little). College years                                                      watching the amount of overall fat. 20-
                                                and mental) humans can exhibit
were spent going up and down too,                                                           25 grams per day. That’s a tough one
                                                toward each other, and I had survived
but when I graduated I weighed about                                                        because almost everything has fat; and if
                                                it all. Suddenly I realized if I didn’t
260. For the next 25 years I went up                                                        it doesn’t have fat many times it will
                                                change, my “real” suffering wasn’t
and down from 260 to 320. At one                                                            have more sugar. Remember to read
                                                over but truly just beginning. What a
point I weighed 220 but it didn’t last                                                      those labels.
long. In a year I was back at 260. Then                                                                 See Commentary on page 13
                                                    I have never shared my life in such
280. 300 was next, of course. Then in
                                                a public forum and I don’t want
the two years following my failed
                                                anyone to get the wrong idea. I want
marriage and divorce in 1994, I went
                                                no one’s pity or sympathy. My obesity
                                                is of my own making. (They say what
                                                doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.) I
                                                offer my story to extend my help, my
                                                understanding and my acceptance to
                                                anyone that wants or needs it. If only
                                                one person is helped by my words
                                                then sharing my story is worth it.
                                                    Marsha Russell, Fitness for You
                                                director, asked me to share some
                                                weight loss tips that have worked for
                                                me. Here goes.
                                                    1. First and foremost - I DO
                                                NOT DIET. Having unsuccessfully
                                                tried every diet ever created I know it’s
                                                true that diets don’t work.

                                                  2. Read every nutrition label on
                                                every food and beverage product
                                                you buy/eat. If there is significantly                                Photo by Becky Proaps
                               Courtesy photo
Joy Rice before her weight loss.                more carbohydrates than protein,            Joy Rice after losing 150 pounds.

12                                                 H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                      MARCH 2008
 Diversity, multiculturalism: theme for celebration
 By Becky Proaps                                   to overcome and his determination by
 Public Affairs Office                             the time he entered college to achieve
                                                   certain goals. He also stressed the

           untsville Center celebrated             message that all people are special in
           African American/Black                  their own way.
           History Month Feb. 27 with                  Before Hendricks spoke, Arnecia
 songs, dance and an inspirational                 Bradley along with the audience sang
 message from a local physician. Dr.               the black national anthem “Lift Every
 Malcolm Hendricks, the medical                    Voice and Sing.” Myishia Burks, an 11th
                                                                                                Lawanda Pollard, right, a CSEP
 director at St. Clair Correctional                grade student from Bob Jones High            member serves peach cobbler
 Facility in Springville, Ala., spoke to           School performed a praise dance to the       donated by Diggs Catering Services
 Huntsville Center employees gathered gospel hymn “Great Is Your Mercy.”                        and sweet potato pies made by CSEP
 for the event about his difficult                     John Loyd, acting deputy                 committee members Dorothy Lewis,
                                                                                                Betty Doss, Molisa Glass and Sonja
 childhood, his less than stellar high             commander, opened the program with           Rice to Huntsville Center employees.
 school years, the roadblocks he had               thoughts about multiculturalism (the
                                                           theme for this year’s celebration)
                                                           and diversity (E Pluribus Unum)
                                                           and concluded the program with
                                                           an invitation to the audience to
                                                           enjoy some of the southern-style
                                                           desserts — sweet potato pies
                                                           and peach cobbler — provided
                                                           by the Commander’s Special
                                                           Emphasis Program Committee
                                   Photos by Becky Proaps  (CSEP) members.
 John Loyd, acting deputy commander, left,                    The program was sponsored
 presents Dr. Malcolm Hendricks with a                                                          Myishia Burks performed a
 Huntsville Center coin and memento for
                                                           by CSEP and organized by Sonja       praise dance to the gospel
 speaking at the Black History Month program. Rice.                                             hymn “Great Is Your Mercy.”

continued from page 12             yourself. An occasional             me. If it’s not in front of        and it’s so easy to plop
    4. Limit your                  dessert or other goody will         you, it’s hard to consume it.      down on the sofa and just
consumption of                     not blow your weight loss                                              vegetate.
carbonated beverages. I            plan. In fact if I didn’t treat         7. Final one. MOVE.
love Diet Pepsi and when I         myself once in a while I’d          Marsha will not agree with            Those are my biggies,
started this weight loss           get frustrated and eat an           me on this one, but I do not       folks. Of course everyone
journey (this time) I drank        entire half gallon of Butter        have a routine exercise plan.      is different but I hope
three or four a day.               Pecan ice cream. Believe me         That’s not to say I don’t          some of these will work
Carbonated water is                it has happened (in the past        exercise. I have NEVER             for you. If any of you ever
absorbed through the               though).                            lost more than 10 pounds           need my help with your
stomach, not through the                                               without exercising, so it’s        weight loss plan, maybe it’s
small intestine as regular            6. Don’t carry the               very important. I walk. I          just to listen, please call on
water, so it can actually          whole bag of chips to the           bought an in-house walking         me. Been there, done that.
hinder waste elimination and       sofa. If you just have to           tape for times when I do           Still doing it!! I know there
can make you feel bloated. I       have that snack, put your           not want to go to the gym,         are those reading this and
still treat myself to a Diet       chips/popcorn/nuts, etc. in         or if it’s bad weather             thinking, she’s still a porker!
Pepsi occasionally — which         a bowl and put the package          outside. Another thing I do        You’re right. I have a lot
leads to my next tip.              back in the cabinet. I tend to      is avoid the sofa for the first    more to lose (80-90
                                   want to eat more at night so        couple of hours when I get         pounds) but I’m going to
  5. Treat/reward                  this has really worked for          home at night. I live alone        make it happen. Join me.

M ARCH 2008                                       H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                        13
                                                                                                Piles, piles,
                                                                                                piles of what
                                                                                                Douglas F. (Dusty) Rhodes, left,
                                                                                                Coalition Munitions Clearance
                                                                                                Program safety manager and John
                                                                                                Gardner, CMC Ordnance and
                                                                                                Explosives safety specialist, both
                                                                                                from U.S. Army Engineering and
                                                                                                Support Center, Huntsville, inspect
                                                                                                debris from a burned out
                                                                                                ammunition magazine in Iraq.
                                                                               Courtesy photo

A ‘near miss’ leads to simple fix
By Debra Valine                                    “We obviously knew about that
Public Affairs Office                          incident because there was lost time
                                               involved,” Butler said. “But on further

    t seemed like a simple fix. An             investigation we found that a number
    employee received a cut and asked          of people had slipped with no injury.
    a first-aid attendant for a band-aid.      If these had been reported, perhaps
   In safety lingo, this is referred to as a   we could have avoided the lost
“near miss.”                                   workday injury. The Huntsville Center
   When the incident was reported to           Safety Committee is now looking into
the Huntsville Center Safety Office,           ways to ‘fix’ the problem. In the
safety experts decided to investigate.         meantime, you may notice the hallways
                                                                                                                           Photo by Donnie Butler
   “What we found was that the                 have new signs cautioning employees              An old, defective drilling machine could
employee was using a very old,                 to watch their step.” According to               have seriously injured an employee.
defective punch machine that was not           Butler, safety is not just the job of the
in very good working order,” said              safety office or the first-aid attendants.
Donnie Butler. “We removed the old             It’s everyone’s job.
machine and replaced it with a new                 “If everyone would report these
one, thereby averting a potential more         near misses, we would possibly be able
serious incident.”                             to avert future incidents that could be
   Similar incidents happen more often         more serious,” Butler said.
than you may think. Employees just                 Reporting near miss incidents is as
don’t think the incident itself is serious     easy as a phone call to the Safety Office
enough to report it.                           (Donnie Butler, 895-1849, or Wanda                                          Photo by Becky Proaps

   Another time an employee slipped            Griffin, 895-1225). So the next time             The lobby of the Huntsville Center is
and fell in the lobby, causing a lost day      you are involved in or observe a near            the scene of a potential accident just
due to injury.                                 miss….Please…..Give Safety a call!               waiting to happen.

14                                                H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                          MARCH 2008
Course brings awareness of Native culture
By Curt Biberdorf                229 are in Alaska. The three    had dealings with various           The course is designed for
Alaska District                  groups of Native Alaskans       Native villages is the best      those who have limited
Corps of Engineers               are Aleuts, Eskimos and         thing we can do is work on       experience in knowing when
                                 Indians. They make up 16        a transparent basis. We          and how to consult with Alaska

           mix of presentations  percent of Alaska’s             have nothing to hide.”           Native governments, have
           from professional     population, have 11 distinct        Pat Roth routinely works     arranged consultations in the
           trainers, small group cultures and 19 different       with Native Alaskans as          past but desire additional
exercises and simple advice      languages.                      manager of Native                information on working with
were all part of the Alaska         Native Alaskans are the      American Environmental           Alaska Native governments and
Native Cultural                  largest group of people in      Mitigation Program for the       other Native entities to facilitate
Communication Course             the country that live in the    U.S. Army Corps of               future defense-related projects,
conducted in Anchorage Jan.                                                    Engineers-         and those whose mission
29-31.                                                                         Alaska District.   responsibilities may require
   The course is designed to      ‘It was very valuable                        Another            future consultations and
help Department of Defense                                                     difference with    coordination with Alaska
(DoD) military members and            and engaging.’                           Native             Native governments and other
Civilian employees better                                                      Americans is       Native entities. The U.S. Coast
understand and implement                         — Arnecia Bradley that tribes are                Guard, part of the Department
the DoD’s American Indian                                civil engineer not considered            of Homeland Security, is
and Alaska Native Policy.                                                      racial groups by   invited although the DoD
Specialists in Native Alaska     same area by subsistence for the federal government but          portions of the course will not
law, history, culture and        cultural preference and         are instead political groups.    apply.
communication teach the          necessity, said David Case, an      “When you’re going out          “I wish more tribal officials
three-day course, as well as     attorney and course trainer.    and meeting with these           could attend, but the
DoD lawyers who partner          During his session, the class   governments, it’s one more       information provided was very
with Native governments to was familiarized with the             thing to keep in mind that       profound,” said Arnecia
shape DoD American Indian 1971 Alaska Native                     it’s just as different as        Bradley, civil engineer in the Site
and Alaska Native Policy.        Settlement Claims Act           working with another             Development Branch at the
   Since 1996, nearly 1,000      (ANSCA). The law is what        country,” Roth said. “These      U.S. Army Engineering and
people have taken the course, made Alaska Natives                are powerful governments.        Support Center, Huntsville and
according to David Sanborn, different from the rest of the They have their rights, and            among the 47 people registered
course facilitator, DoD senior nation because it formed          we need to respect that.”        for the course. “It was very
tribal liaison, Office of the    Native corporations and left        Course topics covered        valuable and engaging.”
Secretary of Defense,            tribes without reservations     history of the relationship         Participants also gain
Installations and                except for one.                 between the U.S.                 practical tips, such as the
Environment. He said the            Much of the military’s       government and Alaska            importance of relationship
course started after the         interaction with the Native     Natives and how that             building, being flexible and
government discovered that       population deals with           history may affect DoD           researching the village before
getting background               cleanup of formerly used        today. It provided a             visiting. It’s important to pack
information on Native            defense sites and currently     summary of the laws and          and bring a carry-on in the
Americans and Native             used sites.                     policies requiring               event of lost baggage and to
Alaskans was essential before       “We saw Alaska as a very     consultation with Alaska         never turn down a gift. The
discussing meaningful            big place and that it could     Natives and American             “bigwigs” also better be
consultation techniques and      take anything we would deal Indians, and the legal basis         prepared to dance at
concepts.                        out,” said Lt. Gen. Douglas     for the DoD policy. It also      community events.
   Native Alaskans stand out Fraser, commander of the            introduced Alaska Native            “The positive consultation
from the rest of the U.S.        Alaskan Command, who            cultures and concepts,           experience really is protecting
Native American population lauded the Native villages for intercultural communication             natural and cultural resources,
for several reasons.             their history of military       and then gave the group          environment and health and
   Of the 562 federally          service. “What I’ve found as three practical exercises to        safety of the population,”
recognized tribes in the U.S., I’ve worked through and           apply what was covered.          Sanborn said.

M ARCH 2008                                    H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                                    15
Ethics Corner
   Ethical breaches on rise with federal workers
 By Chuck Williams                                          believes could pose a potential financial conflict of interest, the
 Office of Counsel                                          employee should notify the person who made the assignment
                                                            and seek advice from Huntsville Center’s ethics counselor in

          recent National Government Ethics Survey
                                                            the Office of Counsel to determine whether a waiver may be
          found that misconduct involving ethical
                                                            granted or if the employee should be disqualified from
          breaches by government employees was
                                                            participation in the matter.
 increasing. This misconduct was found at all levels of
 employment. In addition, the president of the Ethics       Personal conflicts of interest
 Resource Center of Washington, D.C., recently said
 that “While government misconduct is high, it’s likely        Generally, an employee should not participate in any matter
 to get worse”. Given this trend and the fact that          in which his or her impartiality could be questioned. Aside
 many Huntsville Center employees are currently             from the above noted financial considerations, examples that
 involved in various facets of the contract                 can create the appearance of impartiality involve an employee
 procurement process, it is deemed prudent to again         dealing in matters involving:
 review two common situations that can result in a          • a present or prospective employer of a spouse, child or
 violation of the Standards of Ethical Conduct for          parent;
 Employees of the Executive Branch, 5 C.F.R. Part           • a relative with whom the employee has a close relationship;
 2635.                                                      • someone with whom an employee has or is seeking
                                                            employment, or a business or contractual relationship;
 Financial conflicts of interest                            • an organization which the employee now serves or has
    An employee is prohibited from participating in an      served, as an employee or in another capacity, within the past
 official capacity in a matter in which he or she has a     year.
 financial interest if the particular matter could have a      If an employee is concerned his participation in matters
 direct and predictable effect on that interest. This       other than those described above would raise a question
 prohibition also applies if the employee’s spouse,         regarding his impartiality, he should discuss his concerns with
 minor children or business partners have financial         his supervisor and the ethics counselor.
 interests which could be affected by the employee’s           Remember, a violation of the above described ethical
 participation. The employee’s participation must be        standards can subject an employee to serious disciplinary or
 “substantial” which means that his or her involvement      legal action. It’s much easier to avoid getting into ethical
 is of significance to the matter although it need not be   problems than to get out of them.
 determinative of the outcome. If an employee is               Huntsville Center’s ethics counselor is available to discuss
 assigned to participate in a matter which he or she        your ethical concerns.

P.O. BOX 1600
HUNTSVILLE, AL 35807-4301


                                             H UNTSVILLE C ENTER B ULLETIN                                     M ARCH 2008

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