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									                                     Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D.

        Bruce Weinstein, Ph.D., The Ethics Guy®, has a simple purpose in life: he wants to
enrich your appreciation of ethics in everyday life and to help you make the best decisions
possible. He writes the column, “Ask the Ethics Guy,” for BusinessWeek.com.

       His clients include the National Football League, The National Guard (South Carolina
Division), HDI, Vistakon/Johnson & Johnson, Pri-Med, the National Grocers Association, the
Eastern Michigan University College of Business and 300 other leading groups.

      Weinstein appears as an ethics analyst regularly on CNN and has also appeared on
NBC’s Today, ABC’s Good Morning America, MSNBC’s Live, FOX Business Network’s
Cavuto, FOX News Channel’s O’Reilly Factor and Fox & Friends, CNBC’s Capital Report,
Bloomberg Television’s Personal Finance and NPR’s Leonard Lopate Show.

        Weinstein is the author or editor of five books on ethics. His writings have appeared in,
and he has been quoted or featured in USA Today, The New York Observer, The Los Angeles
Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Investor’s Business Daily, Family
Circle, Real Simple, The Journal of the American Medical Association and the in-flight
magazines of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, USAirways and United Airlines, as well as
Newsweek.com, CNN.com, and FoxNews.com. He is author of Life Principles: Feeling Good
by Doing Good (Emmis Books).

       He received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Swarthmore College, a Ph.D. in
Philosophy and Bioethics from Georgetown University, a certificate in Film Production from
New York University and a National Fellowship from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle
Creek, Michigan. His latest book is, Is It Still Cheating If I Don’t Get Caught?, which helps
teens make ethical decisions.

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