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					  Permanent Life Insurance

                  Tomorrow      ®

Why do You Need                                                                                 Facts:                    Almost 75% of Americans agree

Life Insurance?
                                                                                                                          that life insurance is the best way
                                                                                                                          to protect against premature
                                                                                                                          death of a primary wage earner. 1

     Income Replacement                                                                                                   Only 41% of adult Americans have
                                                                                                                          individual life insurance. Many rely
     Care of Surviving Dependents                                                                                         on group insurance, leaving them
                                                                                                                          vulnerable if they lose a job. 2
                                                                                                                                                        Nearly one
     College Funding                                                                                                                                    third of U.S.
                                                                                                                                                        adults (32%)
     Final Expenses                                                                                                                                     have no life
                                                                                                    75%              41%                32%             at all.3

What is Permanent
Life Insurance?                                                                                 What are the Policy
 Whole Life Insurance is a form of permanent
 insurance that you keep for your “whole life.”
     Rates guaranteed                       You own the policy.                                        Easy application
     not to increase                        Take it with you at
                                            no additional cost                                         Affordable premiums
     Cash value                             after you leave
     accumulation is                        employment
                                                                                                       Minimal health questions4
                                            Available to
                                                                                                       No medical tests4
     Death benefit amount                   you, your spouse,
     is guaranteed                          children and
                                                                                                       Employee issue maximum: $150,000
     Death benefit amount
                                                                                                       Spouse/Children issue maximum: $75,000
     is paid tax free                       Nicotine and
                                            non-nicotine rates
                                                                                                       Issue Minimum: $10,000
     Rates based on issue
     age, so you can lock
                                                                                                       Issue ages: 1 month to age 70
     in a lower rate now
                                                                                                       Accelerated death benefit

                                                                                                       Nicotine and non-nicotine rates

                                                                                                       Interim Coverage5

  Facts About Life 2006, LIMRA International (2006). 2Trends in Life Insurance Ownership Among U.S. Individuals, LIMRA International (2006). 3LIMRA International, “Facts About
 Life 2006,” September 2006. 4Issuance of the policy may depend on the answer to these questions. 5You will be covered from the date of your application if you are insurable
 for the requested coverage under our general practice on the date the policy takes effect. This Interim Coverage will remain in force until the policy has been issued
 or declined.
Permanent Life Plan Provides...

                                    Guaranteed LeveL Premiums

                                    Guaranteed LeveL deatH Benefit

                                    Guaranteed CasH vaLue

           As illustrated above, American Public Life’s whole life insurance plan provides a guaranteed
           level premium, guaranteed level death benefit, and guaranteed cash value to age 100.

Additional Options*
 Riders are available to allow you to expand your policy to include these valuable benefits:

 Waiver of Premium                                                    Children’s Term Rider
 This rider waives the premium if the base insured becomes            This rider provides level term life insurance protection of
 totally disabled for at least six months, as defined in the          $10,000 or $20,000 for ALL your eligible children who are
 rider. Premiums are waived for the base policy and any               between the ages of 1 month through age 18. Coverage
 attached riders. If your total disability ceases, you simply         remains on each child until age 25 (or marriage of the
 resume premium payments; there is no requirement for                 child prior to age 25, or until the anniversary date that
 payment of back premiums.                                            follows the base insured’s 65th birthday, if earlier than
                                                                      the child’s 25th birthday.)
 Accidental Death Benefit                                             * Additional riders are subject to our general underwriting
 This rider provides an additional death benefit if death             criteria and coverage is not guaranteed. Rider availability
 is the result of an accident, as defined in the rider.               may vary by state.
 The face amount is equal to the face amount of the
 base policy.

Notice to Applicant
 Thank you for applying for insurance with American Public Life Insurance Company. Before we can issue a policy, we must first
 evaluate or “underwrite” your application. The purposes of this are to: 1) be sure you qualify for the insurance requested; and 2)
 determine the correct premium rate. Your answers to the questions on the application provide the basis for evaluation. We will use
 only the information you provide on the application. The information we obtain about you is treated as confidential. We will only
 disclose your nonpublic financial or medical information to other entities as permitted or required by law. With your prior written
 authorization, we or our reinsurers may disclose information in our files to other life insurance companies to which you apply for life
 or health insurance which have first agreed in writing with us to maintain the confidentiality of such information. You have the right
 to request information about such disclosures, and to know what information is in your file and seek correction of any data that
 you think is incorrect.
Accelerated Benefit Summary
 The life product you are applying for includes an Accelerated          This Accelerated Benefit Provision if elected will have
 Benefit Provision, which allows a portion of the death benefit
                                                                        the following effect on your policy:
 to be paid if the Insured should become terminally ill. There is
                                                                          Premiums will continue to be billed and payable as due. If
 no extra premium associated with this provision. Any
                                                                          the policy enters the grace period, as defined in the policy
 Accelerated Benefit paid will be treated as a lien against the
                                                                          or rider, the premium due to keep the policy in force will be
 policy proceeds.
                                                                          paid by us. The premiums paid by us will be deducted from
 The maximum accelerated benefit payable is the lesser of                 the proceeds upon the death of the insured.
 $50,000, or 50% of the eligible proceeds as defined in the               Policy proceeds which are payable on the death of the
 policy or rider. The total accelerated benefit payment under all         Insured and Cash Values, where applicable, will be reduced
 policies and riders issued by us on any one life will not exceed         by the amount of the accelerated benefit payment(s) and
 $100,000. ($100,000 maximum does not apply in Illinois, Florida,         any premium paid by us.
 New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Vermont.) You have the right to             We reserve the right to charge a one-time administrative
 request an accelerated benefit up to the maximum available.              charge that will be deducted from the accelerated benefit.
 If the amount is less than the maximum, you have one additional          This charge will not exceed the amount stated in the policy or
 request available for the balance of the benefits. The additional        rider. (Charge does not apply in South Carolina. For Virginia,
 request for benefits must be received within 12 months from the          this charge will not exceed $500.)
 date of the first benefit payment. (The additional request is not
                                                                        This Notice serves only as a summary and a disclosure regarding
 available in Connecticut.)
                                                                        the Accelerated Benefit Provision. Please refer to your policy or
 Prior to the payment of any accelerated benefit, the following         rider for actual contract provisions.
 conditions must be met:
                                                                        You should consult with a personal tax advisor if you are
    The Insured must have a terminal illness or injury, as defined in
                                                                        considering electing the Accelerated Benefit Provision. Benefits
    the policy, which with reasonable medical certainty will result
                                                                        as specified in the policy or rider will be reduced upon receipt
    in a drastically limited life span of the Insured of 12 months or
                                                                        of an accelerated benefit payment. This is not a long-term
    less. (24 months or less in Illinois and Vermont.)
                                                                        care policy. Receipt of accelerated benefit payments may
    The policy and/or the rider must be in force at the time
                                                                        be taxable or may affect your eligibility for benefits under state
    benefits are requested and the Insured must be less than 85
                                                                        or federal law. Receipt of Accelerated Benefit payments may
    years of age. (Does not apply in Connecticut and Florida.)
                                                                        also affect you, your spouse or your family’s eligibility for public
    This benefit is not available if you are required by law to use
                                                                        assistance programs such as medical assistance (Medicaid),
    it to meet the claims of creditors, whether in bankruptcy or
                                                                        Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), supplementary
    otherwise; or, if you are required by a government agency
                                                                        social security income (SSI), and drug assistance programs.
    to use it in order to apply for, obtain, or otherwise keep
    a government benefit or entitlement. (Does not apply in
    We must receive the approval of any irrevocable beneficiaries       The Company Behind Your Plan
    before an accelerated benefit payment can be approved.              American Public Life Insurance Company (APL) has an
    Any outstanding policy loan, including interest, will be            A. M. Best Rating of A- (Excellent)*. Founded in 1945 with an
    deducted from the Accelerated Benefit payable.                      executive office located in Jackson, MS, we are licensed to
                                                                        transact business in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

                                                                        For many years, APL has focused on the worksite market
                                                                        providing a broad portfolio of Voluntary Supplemental
                                                                        Insurance products. Our products are distributed through an
                                                                        Agent/Broker network that is supported by our experienced
                                                                        sales and marketing staff. We take great pride in our
                                                                        support and service to our Agent/Broker partners and their
                                                                        clients. We work hard everyday to live up to our slogan,

                                                                        We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you
                                                                        what our product portfolio and services can mean to you.

                                                                        *Best Insurance Reports: Life and Health, 2007 Edition (A- is 4 out of 16 with one
            P.O. Box 925 Jackson, MS 39205                              being the highest).
             (800) 256-8606 (800) 256-6736                              American Public Life Insurance Company      P.O. Box 925    Jackson, MS 39205

                                                              This is a brief description of the coverage. For actual benefits and other
                                                              provisions, please refer to the policy. Policy Form WL10007 (04/08) Whole
                                                              Life Insurance Policy     Employee Brochure