Test Strategies - Test Taking Strategies by decree


									                       Good Morning!
• Please turn in homework to table leaders.
• Please see me for a ZAP form if needed.
• Write tonight‟s homework in your planners.

• Plan for today:
• Short table activity. When your table has all homework
  turned in, the directions for the activity can be found
  under your bins. You may start now……

• Power point on Multiple Choice Tests
• Table problems
• Homework assignment.

More free powerpoints at http://www.worldofteaching.com
How to be successful taking
  Multiple Choice tests.
  The main reason that
capable students are not
   always successful:
  The main reason that
capable students are not

What causes the stress?
 •   Fear of failing.
 •   Peer competition.
 •   A lack of time spent preparing
 •   Not enough sleep the night before.
 •   Any one of these can create the
     dreaded monster: TEST ANXIETY!!!
  „Twas the Night Before
• Go to bed on time.

• Be at school on the assigned test
•Talk to your parents or teachers about
any concerns that you might have about
the test.
 The Morning of Testing
• Eat a good breakfast.
• Start your day as you always do –
  don‟t try „cramming‟ for the test.
• Do not have a tooth brush in one
  hand, and a math book in the other,
  trying to “cram”….
• Think Positive!
        Multiple Choice Questions
• If you do not understand the directions,
  ask for help.
• Read the question. Circle or underline
  any key words.
• Try to answer a question before looking
  at the choices. If your answer is there,
  that‟s a good sign!
• Mark questions that you can‟t answer &
  continue working. Save time and return
  to the skipped questions, even if it is
  simply to mark a guess.
       Pace Yourself
• Don‟t spend too much time on
  any one question. Do your best
  and then move on.
• If you are completely unsure,
  skip it, but be sure to go back.
Multiple Choice Questions
• Do not change your answers
  unless you are very certain
  that your first answer choice is
• Try to answer every question.
  Make the most intelligent
  guess you can.
 The Process of Elimination
• After you have been through all of
  the questions once, go back and find
  questions you have some knowledge
  about and eliminate choices that you
  know are incorrect.
                      I know C isn‟t
                        the answer!
      The Process of Elimination
• When you are unsure of an answer,
  try to eliminate as many answers as
  possible. Eliminating one or more
  choices increases your odds!
• If you can eliminate two wrong
  answers, your chance of choosing
  the right answer is greater.
     Example of eliminating answers…..

• You find the following question on your
  math test this Friday:

• -9 (-9) =
• a. -81 b. -18   c. 0   d. 81

• What choices could you eliminate if you
  were unsure of the answer? What prior
  knowledge about a negative times a
  negative might help you?
          The Death Grip
• If your arm tires during testing it
  is probably due to the grip that
  you have on your pencil.
• Relax the grip and give those
  muscles a break.
• Do not do arm exercises during
  testing as this disturbs others.
        Answering Questions
• Don't guess blindly. If you have
  time to think about the best answer
  choice, make it! Don‟t answer “B”
  because it‟s your favorite letter.
  Please don‟t choose “C” because
  it‟s a cute letter. Answer wisely.
        Key Words
• Find key words or phrases
  in the question that will help
  you choose the correct
•   Find the difference……………?
•   Find the total………………..?
•   How much was left………………?
•   How much did each receive………….?
•   Four times as much………………?

• Understanding definitions is a huge help!
• To solve? To evaluate? To simplify?
• To compare? To graph? To identify?
What are we answering?
• Make sure you understand
  what the question is asking.
• Be sure you are responding to
  the question that is being
    Reading Passages
• If the test requires you to read
  passages and then answer
  questions about what you read,
  read the questions first.
•By doing this, you will know what
you are looking for as you read.
This also helps you go faster on
the test.
• When there are several
  questions about a graph or
  chart, read titles and axis
  labels before reading the
       Math Computation
• When using scratch paper on a math
  test, double check to make sure that
  you have copied the problem correctly
  from the test.
    Math Computation
• If your answer does not match one
  of the choices, reread the problem,
  recopy the numbers, and try
  solving it again.
      A Matter of Time
• If any time remains, spend it on
  those questions which you were
  unsure of the answer.
• As you go back through, do not
  change all your answers.
• Remember: Your first
  answer is usually right.
          Final Tips
• Write neatly and make sure your
  answers are clearly marked.
• Go back and make sure every
  question has been answered.
• Double-check that you have written
  your name on the test.
                TABLE FOUR
• Discuss this question and decide what
  strategies could be used to answer it.
  (elimination of wrong answers, key words,
  substitute possible answers in an equation,
  come up with answer before looking at
  choices, prior knowledge, etc….)

• A scuba diver is swimming at a depth of -12 ft.
  Then she dives down to a coral reef that is at
  five times the depth. What is the depth of the
• A. 6.0 ft B. -60 ft C. 60 ft D. -6.0 ft
                 TABLE THREE
•   Discuss your question, the strategies you
    could use to answer, and finally, give your

•   Which quadrant would you find the
    ordered pair (3, -2)?
•   A. 1
•   B. 2
•   C. 3
•   D. 4
•   E. 5
                   TABLE TWO
• Discuss your question, the strategies you could
  use, and finally your answer.

• Last week, Cody made deposits of $45, $18, and
  $27 into his checking account. He then wrote
  checks for $21, and $93. What was the overall
  change in his account balance?
• A. The balance was increased by $24
• B. The balance was reduced by $24
• C. The balance remained the same
• D. The balance was increased by $2.40
               TABLE ONE
• Discuss question, strategies, and give

• Suppose -3 is the answer to a division
  problem and -12 is the number being divided.
  What is the divisor?
• A. -4
• B. 36
• C. 4
• D. -36
                 TABLE 41/2
• Discuss your question, the strategies you
  can use, and finally answer.

• Match the word to its correct definition:
  coordinate plane
• A. A plane formed by the intersection of
  two number lines called the x axis and the y
• B. A plane formed by the intersection of 3
  number lines called the x, the y, and the z
• C. A plane formed by two wings, a large
  engine and flown by an experienced pilot.
                  ALL TABLES
• Discuss what strategies to use and come
  up with the correct answer. This is your

• Mrs. Szczepanik is probably the….

•   A.   Most awesome teacher I‟ve ever had!
•   B.   Best teacher in the universe!
•   C.   Prettiest and funniest teacher ever!
•   D.   All of the above!
• Despite all of your “correct” answers to
  the last multiple choice question, there
  is a bit of homework for tonight.
• To prepare for Friday‟s multiple choice
  test over Chapter Three, you will be
  given a multiple choice “practice test”.
• Remember to use the strategies you
  already know, and those you‟ve learned
  today to help you choose the correct
  answers. (maybe write down the
  strategy used next to the problem?)

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