Intruder, Violent Behavior, or Dangerous Situation

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					        Intruder, Violent Behavior, or Dangerous Situation
        These procedures are intended to provide a planned response to potentially
violent or life-threatening situations such as persons with firearms, downed electric
lines, chemical spills, or any other dangerous situation. The first step is to notify the
principal. The principal will then announce over the intercom, “The _______ has
started.” The principal will also contact the appropriate agency for assistance. The alert
would be cancelled with the statement, “The _________ has been cancelled.” Upon
hearing the alert signal, teachers should remain calm, lock the doors to their rooms, be
aware that the bell may not ring on time (do not release any students from class), and
listen for further instructions over the intercom. At this point teachers should continue
their normal routine and not alert students unless necessary.

                          Alternate School Location
        In the event of a crisis situation, which might require any one of the schools on
the Huntsville campuses to be evacuated, the Huntsville gymnasium, located by the
football field, would be the alternate location for pick up of children.
        Should a crisis situation occur at the elementary schools, the alternative location
will be at First Baptist Church located on Governor’s Hill. The transportation department
should be prepared to provide buses as necessary.
        The alternate location for the St. Paul campus is the St. Paul baseball field.
School buses will pull onto the field to provide shelter until parents arrive.

                        Intruder, Dangerous Situation
                         & Alternate School Location