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Aug 15 Staff News fnlpmd


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									                                                                                                                           August 15, 2006

                                       Communicating with Professionals in Corrections and Parole

                                                                                                Prison Reform
 Overcrowding Challenges Rehabilitation Special Session
                                                                                                Begins Today
                                                                                                By JAMES TILTON
                                                                                                Secretary, (A) Department of
                                                                                                Corrections and Rehabilitation
                                                                                                 Governor Schwarzenegger’s
                                                                                            recent call for a special session of
                                                                                            the Legislature to address and solve
                                                                                            the urgent issue of overcrowding
                                                                                            in our prison system begins in ear-
                                                                                            nest this week with hearings sched-
                                                                                            uled to begin on Tuesday, August
                                                                                                 As acting Secretary of the
                                                                                            California Department of Correc-
                                                                                            tions and Rehabilitation, this ex-
                                                                                            traordinary effort by the Governor
                                                                                            to focus the Legislature on the
 Overhead shot of a gymnasium at Mule Creek State Prison illustrating the triple-bunking
                                                                                            state’s urgent need for public safety
 of inmates due to systemwide overcrowding. This picture was taken July 19, 2006.
                                                                                            and rehabilitation has been both
                                                                                            gratifying and challenging for hun-
High Risk Sex Offender Task Force                                                           dreds of CDCR staff statewide as
Delivers Recommendations To Governor                                                        they prepared for this special ses-
     Members of the California High Department of Corrections                                    I want to thank those staff, but
Risk Sex Offender (HRSO) Task Force (CDCR) policies on notifying, plac-                     most importantly – if I could – I
today presented Governor Arnold ing, monitoring, and enforcing pa-                          would like to personally thank each
Schwarzenegger with 10 recommenda- role policies with regard to high risk                   of the nearly 58,000 employees
tions for a statewide system to improve sex offenders. The task force, co-                  within the CDCR family for their
policies related to the placement, super- chaired by Assembly                                                    strength under
vision and monitoring of high risk sex Members Todd Spitzer                                                      very trying cir-
offenders in local communities to en- (R-Orange) and Rudy For more information on the                            cumstances –
                                                                             Special Session, please visit the
hance public safety.                          Ber mudez             (D- CDCR website at:                         both on the line
     The task force was created in May Norwalk) and CDCR                                         at our facilities
2006 by Executive Order S-08-06, and Secretary (A) Jim                                                           and parole of-
was charged with reviewing the current Tilton, is composed of                                                    fices, as well as
statutory requirements and California state and local law enforcement
                                                                   HRSO, Page 6                                REFORM, Page 4
                                                    Staff News /
Secretary Tilton Puts Call-Out for Key Campaigners in
50th Anniversary California State Employees Charitable Campaign
    I want to personally invite                                                           If you would like to be a part
you to become a Key Campaigner                                                       of the TEAM this year or have vol-
or Auditor for the 50th Anniver-                                                     unteered in the past as an Auditor
sary of the California State Em-                                                     or Key Campaigner for the 50th An-
ployees Charitable Campaign                                                          niversary of the California State
(CSECC) which will take place                                                        Employees Charitable Campaign,
from Oct 2-13.                                                                       please obtain your supervisors ap-
    “Make a Difference” is this year’s      in October and provide information proval, and then contact the Chair-
theme and Key Campaigners and               for staff about the State Employees person by telephone or e-mail by Fri-
Auditors play a critical role in the suc-   Campaign.                             day, August 25.
cess of this Campaign. Each Branch/              As an Auditor, you will be
Unit is to provide one Key Cam-             granted time to attend training and Eileen Metzger,
paigner for every 15-20 employees,          help ensure that the pledge form is Headquarters Chairperson
and 2 Auditors per major site loca-         filled out correctly. The campaign
tion.                                       will recruit Auditors for each major
    As a Key Campaigner, you will be        site/office       location      (e.g.      Thank you!
granted time to attend training, dis-       1515 S Street, 501 J Street, 2201 James Tilton,
tribute and collect the pledge forms        Broadway, Aerojet, etc.).             Secretary (a)

Avenal State Prison Hosts First Family Support Day
Avenal State Prison                              “I feel this first event was a huge     larger turn-out at our next Family Sup-
    On Aug. 4, Phoenix House Sub-           success,” said Warden Mendoza-Pow-           port date set for February 2007.”
stance Abuse Program at Avenal State        ers. “ The primary objective of intro-            Parole Regions 1, 2, 3, and 4 were
Prison conducted its first Family Sup-      ducing family to the continuum of            represented by the Substance Abuse
port Day. 19 inmates and 35 family          care and gaining their support was           Ser vices Coordinating Agency
members participated in this event.         definitely met. We anticipate an even        (SASCA), which is instrumental in
    The benefits of the                                                                  placing parolees into the Community
Family Support Day are to                                                                Based Programs within their parole
increase the chances of                                                                  region. Each SASCA region represen-
inmates succeeding upon                                                                  tative spoke about the programs avail-
parole.                                                                                  able to the inmates/residents.
    Warden         Kathy
Mendoza-Powers who fa-
cilitated the vent, was
joined by several guest                                                                               Submissions
                                                                                              Staff News publicize staff activities,
speakers. Manny Rivera,                                                                       innovative programs, and transmits
Regional Director of In-                                                                      important information to the rank-
Prison Programs for Phoe-                                                                     and-file. To this end, we need sto-
nix House advised in-                                                                         ries and pictures to be submitted for
mates, families and guests                                                                    publication. Please send your sub-
                                                                                              missions to:
of the vital role family
member’s play in the re-                                                            
covery process.               Warden Mendoza-Powers addresses visitors on the program.

                                                           Staff News 2
Nation’s First Prison Pre-Apprenticeship Program
For Construction Jobs Debuts at Folsom State Prison
     California Department of Corrections and
Rehabilitation Secretary James Tilton, the Prison
Industry Authority, and the Northern California
Carpenters Regional Council announced June 28
the graduation of 16 inmates, incarcerated at
California State Prison, Sacramento, from the
newly established pre-apprenticeship program
that teaches inmates construction skills they can
use to successfully obtain employment upon pa-
     After completion of the training, the first of
its type in the nation, paroling inmates will be
eligible for placement in a full-scale apprentice-
ship program, offered through the Carpenters
Training Committee for Northern California,
which leads to jobs with construction companies       CDCR Secretary (A) Tilton congratulates the graduates on their accomplishments.

that employ organized labor.

                                                                               who complete the program and enter
                                                                               Carpenters Local 46.
                                                                                    “This innovative training program
                                                                               is part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s
                                                                               efforts to rehabilitate inmates in
                                                                               California’s adult correctional institu-
                                                                               tions and is an important component
                                                                               in our renewed focus to assist inmates
                                                                               with the re-entry process. This is
                                                                               truly an investment in public safety,
                                                                               because employed parolees mean
                                                                               safer communities,” said Secretary
                                                                                    “The Prison Industry Authority
    The first graduating class gets a portrait taken.                          and the Northern California Carpen-
     As part of the new training pro- drywall, taping and texturing, paint- ters Regional Council have developed
gram, called Career Technical Edu- ing, roofing, and finished carpentry this partnership to provide a new type
cation-Carpentry, inmates are refur- skills. Some of the graduating in- of job training. Inmates can learn
bishing and converting the previously mates will be transferred to PIA’s various carpentry skill sets that are
vacant Green Valley Fire Camp 12, modular building enterprise, located easily transferable to jobs on the out-
at Folsom State Prison, into a Cali- at Folsom State Prison, where por- side. I am enthused about this pro-
fornia Department of Corrections table structures will be manufactured gram because by preparing inmates
and Rehabilitations/PIA Training and and sold to State agencies. PIA will prior to their release, we can address
Engineering Center. There, inmates pay the initial union dues and provide the issues of unemployment among
gain proficiencies in various skill sets a full complement of tools to inmates parolees,” said Charles Pattillo, PIA’s
including concrete pouring, framing,                                           acting General Manager.

                                                       Staff News 3
REFORM..(From page one)
                                                                                              bilitation and personal growth for the
                                                                                              inmates we are charged with.
                                                                                                   California’s overall state prison
                                                                                              population is currently at an all-time
                                                                                              high of approximately 172,000 in-
                                                                                              mates. The department has run out
                                                                                              of traditional (celled and dormitory)
                                                                                              capacity. Inmates have been forced
                                                                                              in non-traditional beds (gyms, and
                                                                                                   The department is currently hous-
                                                                                              ing more than 16,000 inmates in non-
                                                                                              traditional beds – enough to fill up
                                                                                              more than three entire prisons. Non-
                                                                                              traditional beds are contrary to good
                                                                                              correctional practice and pose a
                                                                                              safety risk to our staff and other in-
 Overcrowding pushes programming out of gyms when beds are needed to house inmates.
in the various support services areas.        with stakeholders from throughout                    When a facility exceeds design
     I want to thank you for being pa-        the State and across the country.               capacity and non-traditional beds are
tient, giving your all when asked –               However, CDCR can’t do the re-              placed in inappropriate areas such as
but most of all – for sharing my con-         form work alone.             Governor           gyms and dayrooms – space is no
fidence that much good will come              Schwarzenegger continues to be an               longer available to offer training, edu-
from this Legislative session.                enthusiastic sponsor of the ongoing             cation, recreation and treatment ser-
     The media coverage and legisla-          reforms, but it is clear that this orga-        vices such as self-help groups.
tive interest in this department’s real       nization will need the assistance of the             I don’t think the public is served
need for assistance has shed vital light      Legislature, and the general public, to         well if we simply warehouse offend-
on the day-to-day public safety work          stay the course of public safety, while         ers. We must provide the opportunity
of uniformed and civilian staff em-           tackling our overcrowded prisons and            for incarcerated felons to become
ployed by CDCR. At the end of the             improving the opportunities for reha-           better citizens and provide inmates
day, this department provides a high
level of public safety to the residents
of this state, and is charged with pro-
viding rehabilitative options to those
inmates and wards that choose to re-
build their lives.
     Since the re-organization of this
Department, CDCR has made great
strides in several areas including the
development of the “Right Prison,
Right Mission” strategy for housing
inmates in our adult facilities, the
development of the gender specific
programs which is becoming a na-
tional model, and the reform efforts
of the Division of Juvenile Justice
which has been led by partnerships
                                              Inmate needs are diverse. However overcrowding has caused delays in delivery of programming
                                              because recreation and treatment space is being used to house inmates.

                                                              Staff News 4
the tools they need for when they re-   being released from prison;              vide rehabilitation opportunities is
turn to our communities. That can- • Appropriate funding to construct unquestioned. I take great comfort in
not happen when 50 inmates are          new facilities that would ease in- knowing that this special session will
sleeping in triple-bunks in a dayroom   mate overcrowding and provide pave that necessary path to solving
or gymnasium. I’d rather see those      housing for population increases overcrowding while expanding reha-
spaces used for what they were in-      projected for future years by re- bilitation services.
tended for: rehabilitative programs.    modeling existing facilities for
    Governor Schwarzenegger shares      greater capacity, using privately-
my concern for this staggering chal-    run facilities
lenge, and is committed to work with    and building
the Legislature to see what we can      several new
do to improve an inmate’s chance to     prisons, and
change and grow, while ensuring the
safety of staff and other inmates.    • Placing ap-
    Many of you may not be familiar     proximately
with what Governor Schwarzenegger       5,000 in-
is asking the Legislature to adopt.     mates who
Specifically, the Governor is asking    are not U.S.
for four things:                        citizens in
                                        public or pri-
• Female inmate reform and reen-        vately-oper- Poor sight lines lead to staff safety issues with overcrowding.

                                                                                                   Staff News
                                                                                               The Electronic Edition
                                                                                               The Staff News is published monthly
                                                                                               by the Department of Corrections and
                                                                                               Rehabilitation Office of Press and

                                                                                                  Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                                                                                       James E. Tilton
                                                                                                      Secretary (A), CDCR

                                                                                                         Oscar Hidalgo
                                                                                                        Executive Editor
                                                                                                        George Kostyrko
                                                                                                        Managing Editor
    Triple-bunking is common in dayrooms and gyms in many male adult facilities such as CSP-
    Solano (pictured on this page) and California Institution for Men (page 4).                          Margot Bach
                                             ated facilities in other states.                           Elaine Jennings
      try enhancements to provide up
                                                                                                          Tip Kindel
      to 4,500 beds in community-            This special session on prison re-                         Sarah Ludeman
      based facilities;                  form is about making our correctional                           Brian Parriot
                                         system in California better, more ef-                             Bill Sessa
•     Male inmate reform and reentry fective, more efficient and most im-                               Terry Thornton
      enhancements to provide for up portantly – safer for everyone.
      to 10 facilities in local commu-                                                              Produced and distributed by:
      nities, with a total of 5,000 beds     The challenges CDCR staff face                        CDCR Communications Office

      for inmates within 18 months of daily are enormous. Our commitment
                                                                                                   1515 S Street, Suites 103-113

                                         to deal with overcrowding and pro-
                                                                   Staff News 5
HRSO..(From page one)
officials, parole representatives, vic-        • The application of a risk assess-                 cally identify HRSOs who are on
                                                    ment tool to determine if an in-               parole and those that are being
tims and community groups. The task
                                                    mate is a high risk offender no                monitored by GPS;
force held public hearings last week
in Sacramento, Fresno and Orange                    later than 120 days prior to being
County to solicit input on the issues.              released on parole;                •           The establishment of a perma-
     “I       applaud       Governor                                                               nent Sex Offender Management
Schwarzenegger for calling for the             • All California inmates required to                Board.
creation of this Task Force,” said Sec-             register as sex offenders and
retary Tilton. “If we can adopt poli-               those designated as high risk •                Directing parole oversight of
cies to make the management of this                 must receive appropriate, spe-                 HRSOs to include a four part pro-
dangerous population better for pub-                cialized treatment while incarcer-             gram including, treatment, parole
lic safety, then we must work together              ated;                                          supervision, the use of polygraphs
to do so. This department is commit-                                                               and victims advocacy to both
ted to working with local law enforce-         • Adopt improved procedures for                     monitor and modify the behavior
ment, community leaders and victims’                notifying local law enforcement                of offenders.
advocacy groups to improve the poli-                and victims prior to the release
cies and practices related to the place-            of a sex offender from prison;                        Once a sex offender has served
ment and monitoring of sex offend-                                                                   his prison term, CDCR is mandated
ers in the community.”                              • Monitoring all HRSOs on parole to release him back to the commu-
                                                        with Global Positioning Units nity. CDCR currently oversees about
     The Task Force’s recommenda-                       (GPS) units;                                 10,000 sex offenders, of which about
tions include:                                                                                       3,200 have been designated high risk.
                                                                                                          “Almost all convicted sex offend-
                                                    • Adopt Legislative changes to the
                                                                                                     ers will eventually return to our com-
                                                        Megan’s law website to specifi-
                                                                                                     munities, with a short period of time
                                                                                                     under direct supervision, either on
  Valley State Prison for Women Nets $26,000 in Firework Sales                                       parole, probation or conditional re-
                                                                                                     lease,” said Task Force Co-Chair As-
                                                                                                     sembly Member Todd Spitzer.
                                                                                                          “It is imperative that during this
                                                                                                     period of time when sex offenders are
                                                                                                     under direct supervision, there is a
                                                                                                     comprehensive and cohesive network
                                                                                                     of interventions available to control
                                                                                                     the behavior of sex offenders and pre-
                                                                                                     vent recidivism and future victimiza-
                                                                                                          In June 2006, one recommenda-
                                                                                                      tion made by the Task Force was
                                                                                                      deemed critical to public safety and,
                                                                                                      at the request of the Task Force
                                                                                                      members, was sent to the Governor
                                                                                                           The Governor subsequently is-
  The Results are in!!! — Correctional Chicano Workers Association (CCWA) of Valley State Prison for
  Women took on the big task of manning a fireworks stand during the Fourth of July weekend. Some
                                                                                                      sued Executive Order S-09-06 which
  $26,000 in sales was made. Great Job CCWA!!!. CCWA is committed in supporting local High School directs the CDCR to develop a pre-
  seniors, who are continuing their education, with $500 and $1,000 dollar scholarships. CCWA also release program that thoroughly
  sponsors Elementary school kids in Madera County by purchasing clothes for kids who need them.
                                                                                                       evaluates all sex offenders and iden-

                                                               Staff News 6
tifies appropriate housing prior to California High Risk
their release from prison. This pre- Sex Offender Task Force                         David Runnels Chief Deputy Sec-
release screening should ensure com-     Assembly Member Rudy                        retary, Adult Operations Califor-
pliance with state residency laws and    Bermúdez (D-Norwalk), Co-chair              nia Department of Corrections
thereby eliminate the need for “tem-     Assembly Member Todd Spitzer                and Rehabilitation
porary housing” such as in motels or     (R-Orange), Co-chair
too close to a school. This recom-                                                   Jeff Fagot, Director (A) Division
mendation is already being imple-        James Tilton, Secretary California          of Adult Parole Operations Cali-
mented by the CDCR’s parole divi-        Department of Corrections and               fornia Department of Corrections
sion.                                    Rehabilitation                              and Rehabilitation
     “The placement of convicted sex
                                      Members                                        Suzanne Brown-McBride Execu-
offenders in our community will al-
                                         Jan Scully, District Attorney Sac-          tive Director California Coalition
ways be a concern for all Califor-
                                         ramento County California Dis-              Against Sexual Assault
nians,” said Task Force Co-Chair As-
                                         trict Attorneys Association
semblyman Rudy Bermudez. “We
must be diligent in our obligation to                                                Brenda Crowding-Johnson Parole
                                         Ed Bonner, Sheriff Placer County            Agent I Parole Agents Associa-
protect communities and our chil-        California State Sheriffs Associa-
dren.                                                                                tion of California
     The complete list of recommen-
dations and the task force’s report                                                  Alex Padilla, President League of
                                         Steve Krull, Chief Livermore
may be found on the California De-                                                   California Cities
                                         Police Department California Po-
partment of Corrections and              lice Chiefs Association
Rehabilitation’s       website     at                                                Don Horsley, Sheriff San Mateo .                                                                    County California State Associa-
                                         Jerry Powers, President Chief Pro-
                                                                                     tion of Counties
                                         bation Officers of California

VSPW Battle of The Badges Nets Record Blood Donation Total
By Frank Sanders
Valley State Prison for Women

    For another year, Valley State       tition to save lives by barring
Prison for Women took home the gold      their arms and donating blood.
with 117 donors participating in the          With fierce competition
2006 Battle of the Badges Blood          brewing between administra-
Drive. Last year VSPW broke a            tion and personnel from Valley
record with 91 donations, making this    State Prison for Women
a second annual win.                     (VSPW), Central California
    VSPW Warden Gloria Henry con-        Women’s Facility, Coalinga
gratulated her staff for the record      Mental Health Hospital, and Pleas-       only were staff members of these in-
donation and indicated the team will     ant Valley State Prison, VSPW            stitutions donating blood, but friends
return again in hopes of a three-        walked away as the winner with the       and family joined in on the fun while
peater.                                  most blood donations and earning the     helping to save lives.” Warden Henry
    As part of the Fresno County         perpetual trophy and most impor-         said. “One really does not know who
Battle of the Badges Blood Drive         tantly, bragging rights for another      may need blood some day. It could
conducted May 11, law enforcement        year.                                    be someone in the family, relative or
agencies from all over the Central            “It really is time of camaraderie   a close friend. That is why it is im-
Valley, faced off in a friendly compe-   for all who come out to give. Not        portant, if your health allows it, for
                                                                                  everyone to donate blood.”
                                                      Staff News 7

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