Family Mealtime Video Training

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					Family Mealtime Video Training
This IP Video Training is designed to help you empower parents to make
mealtime family time. It was created by Purdue University Cooperative Extension
and Purdue’s Center for Families Promoting Family Meals Project. It was
videotaped by Purdue’s Agricultural Communications Department. The
technology used to make it was what is used for video conferencing, thereby
making it economical to produce but limited in quality. The study guide will assist
you in following along, especially if your computer viewing is fuzzy.

The video is streaming and the segments are not broken apart. The starting and
ending times for each segment are indicated below as well as throughout the
study guide. Feel free to fast forward between segments and pause as needed
for discussion or reflection. The total time of the intro and 6 segments is 2 hours
and 7 minutes. Allow additional time for discussion or reflection. You may
complete it in one sitting, or break your viewing into parts as your time allows.

Video Segments:                Start time:          End time:            Length:
     Intro                       0:00                 10:20                10
     Segment 1                   11:05                33:46                23
     Segment 2                   34:55                48:15                13
     Segment 3                   48:30                1:13:37              25
     Segment 4                   1:15:00              1:38:45              24
     Segment 5                   1:39:50              1:58:39              18
     Segment 6                   2:00:30              2:14:45              14

Video Training Study Guide
This study guide is to be used as you watch the video. It provides you with the
key points in written form, it gives you a place to add your own notes as you
watch the video, and it includes ideas for discussion and reflection to help you
apply what you learn to your practice.

All of the documents needed are available as PDF documents. As they are
referred to in the video they will be listed at the beginning of each segment. They
are also listed below if you wish to get everything ready before you start.

Documents Needed:
      Video Training Study Guide
      Let’s Talk About Mealtime handout
      Fast Food for Busy Families handout
      Lesson Plan for Family Meals Class
      Ways Children Eat Meals handout
      Planning Calendar