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					  Seminar Schedule for Graduate Students in the Department of Physiology (Spring 2010)
Time: 2:10-4:00 p.m. on Thursday
Place: Room 604 at 6th floor
Course Coordinator: 莊 季 瑛 老師 (Ext. 5460)

Date                      Speaker                                Advisor
2/25                      Introduction、凌錦瑩、劉靜宜                   莊季瑛、湯銘哲、湯銘哲

3/04                      潘佳昕、蔡佳蓉                                李碧雪、

3/11                        藍婉禎、林子韡                                 陳麗玉、任卓穎
3/18                        劉瑩ㄧ、周迪侖                                 蔡美玲、吳豐森
3/25                        許家豪、王昱文                                 黃阿敏、黃阿敏
4/01                        春假(放假)
4/08                        林莉卿、趙書昕                                 游一龍、蔡曜聲
4/15                        黃柄獻、張于凡                                 陳麗玉、蔡少正
4/22                        周威志、李脩琦                                 李碧雪、蔡少正
4/29                        劉智璿、湯宜禎                                 吳豐森、任卓穎
5/01 (Saturday)             Progress Report
5/06                        黃獻慶、余岱錡                                 吳勝男、莊季瑛
5/13                        江美嫻、莊宜倫                                 黃阿敏、蔡曜聲
5/20                        吳佩郁、陳泓如                                 蔡美玲、湯銘哲
5/27                        王禹城、張家瑜                                  蔡美玲、湯銘哲
6/03                        林姝慧、葉家禎                                 湯銘哲、吳勝男
6/10                        葉斯寧、林宜璇                                  潘偉豐、陳麗玉
6/17                        謝孟儒、Review                               莊季瑛
1. 25 min for talk, 17 min for discussion, and 8 min for comments
2. Please submit your abstract one-week ahead of your scheduled presentation (ie, before 5:00
    p.m. on previous Thursday). If you do not hand in the abstract on time, there will be a
    deduction of your score (0.5 point/day). If you are absent without notice, you’ll have 1-point
    deduction from your final score.
3. Evaluation: 70% for presentation, 30% for response
4. There will be 1-4 points of bonus, given by the advisor, for those who are well prepared.
5. The 2nd year students should present a review paper or a review topic which is organized from
    10 original research articles. The 1st year students should present their thesis proposal.
6. A progress report for the 2nd year students will be arranged on a separate day (5/1). The top 3
    students will participate in the competition of progress report at our medical college.
7. There will be 3-10 bonus points to those who give presentations in comprehensible English.
8. Please switch off your mobile phone or BB Call during the class.