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Computer software is available to manage all aspects of building a database of bibliographic
citations for subsequent citing and bibliography creation in an article, essay, manuscript, thesis or
other scholarly publication. These programs generally allow automated transfer of citations from
remote sources and work with word processing software to allow easy and time saving completion
of the final document. They are also called bibliography formatting software, personal bibliographic
managers, or reference management programs.

The most highly rated desktop programs used in the health sciences are Reference Manager and
EndNote. They contain many similar features, as well as some that are unique. They may be
purchased through the University of Manitoba bookstore with student and faculty pricing. The
University of Manitoba Libraries has also recently obtained a license for the web based RefWorks
( ) program.

The Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library offers introductory and advanced seminars as well
as individual assistance for both Reference Manager and EndNote. The seminar schedule is posted
on the NJM web site. Reference Manager 10 is also available for public access in the NJM
Paterson computer lab.

Listed below are selected resources, primarily online, that provide additional information.

APA PERRLA 5.0.3 2003. ($24.95 USD; APA style format template).

BiblioExpress 3.1. Alpharetta, GA: CG Information.
(freeware version of Biblioscape - minimal features, can import from ISI products).

EndNote 8. Carlsbad CA: Thomson ISI ResearchSoft; 2004. (Windows
& Mac platforms; educational pricing: $264 CAN, students $159; various group and site licensing

Papyrus 7. Portland, OR: Research Software Design.

ProCite 5. Carlsbad CA:Thomson ISI ResearchSoft; 1999. (Windows &
Mac platforms; educational pricing: $299.95 USD, students $109.95 USD; various group or site

Reference Manager 11. Carlsbad CA: Thomson ISI ResearchSoft; 2004.
(Windows only; educational pricing: $259 CAN, students $145 CAN; various group or site options).

Net Snippets: Your Internet Research Companion. Sunnyvale, CA: Net Snippets LTD.; 2004. ($79.95 USD single user; institutional pricing available; captures &
organizes Web page information, output in MLA, APA styles).

RefWorks. San Diego, CA: RefWorks; 2003. . Licensed to University of
Manitoba. Free for UM students & staff.
Bibliographic Management Software                                                                 2

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29 Nov. 2004