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					                 CONCEPTUAL COST ESTIMATING                                                            CLIENTELE

                                                                                                       Ann Arbor Architects
                   Bring your         Development of accurate
                                  cost opinions of probable                                              Collaborative, Inc.
                  next project
                                  cost to construct projects                                           BEI Associates
                in on budget
                                  is a discipline which is
               with accurate      both science and art. The                                            Cooper Design
         estimating before        “science” has been and
                                  continues to be developed                                            Steven C. Flum, Inc.
           you start design
                                  via computer data, software                                          Hamilton Anderson Associates
                                  and systems. The “art”
                                  comes from knowing and         Are you still doing                   JK Janiga Architects, Inc.
                                  understanding construction,    estimating the old
                                  market conditions, general                                           Kessler & Associates
                                                                 fashioned way?
                                  conditions, specifications,                                          Elisabeth Knibbe Architects
                                                                     Project costs change
                                  materials, methods, and
                                                                 due to many variables such
                                  other variables as only                                              NSA Architects
                                                                 as time of year, location,
                                  an experienced “Certified
                                                                 architect, contractors, the           Neumann/Smith & Associates
                                  Professional Estimator” can.
                                                                 client market conditions,
                                                                 industry conditions, type of          Quinn Evans/Architects
                                                                 contracts etc. Can you really
                                                                                                       Redstone Architects
                                                                 rely on your past experience

                                                                 or unit costs from a published        Roger Sherman Partners, Inc.
The Whitney, Detroit                                             cost estimating book? NOT!
                                                                     “Todays successful                StudioZONE
                                                                 architects and owners
                                                                                                       Trinity Design
                                                                 will bring to their projects
                                                                 experienced professionals
                                                                                                                                      Conceptual, Schematic, Design Development
                                                                                                       Wah Yee Associates
                                                                 to complete their projects...                                        and Working Drawings Estimating
                                                                 including Certified                   J. Wolf Associates/
                                                                 Professional Estimators.”                Architects, Inc.
                                 The Jain Temple                                                       URS Corporation
                                 Farmington Hills
                                                                                                       Wolf Wineman, Inc.

                                 Maltese Building

Dearborn Cardiology                                                                               630 S. Main Street, Suite A
Dearborn                                                                                          Plymouth, Michigan 48170

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                                                                                Formerly Edward Colbert/Systems

                                                                                                                                         A   FA M I LY   T R A D I T I O N   S I N C E   1946
                               COMPANY PROFILE                         DJMCC provides services         TYPE OF PROJECTS                    ESTIMATING
                                   D. J. MALTESE COST              in the field of systems analysis.       D JMCC has built a strong           E stimating is a mixture of
                               CONSULTING (DJMCC)                  A sample of project problems        background with diversified         science and art with a strong
                               is a firm in the practice of        which have been undertaken          expertise. This background,         experience factor. It requires
                               professional cost estimating.       to date include:                    along with dedication to specific   the proper scientific knowledge
                               The firm was established in         Cost-benefit studies                client needs, allows us to offer    of the materials, techniques,
                               1988 by Dominic J. Maltese,         on the feasibility of               our services on all                 systems, assembly, market
                               Jr., ASPE, CPE (formerly            constructing earth-integrated

                                                                                                       Good cost estimating doesn't cost...
                               Edward Colbert/Systems) and         structures as opposed to earth-
                               is affiliated with D. J. Maltese,
                               a Construction Services firm.
                                                                   surface structures.
                                                                                                         it pays”
                                   The firm's base of operations   Potential “pay-back”
                               is located at 630 South Main        in the use of materials of
                               Street, Plymouth, Michigan,         varying quality within a
                                                                   structure, considering initial                                            Dominic J. Maltese, Jr., ASPE, CPE
                               a suburb of Detroit in
                               southeastern Michigan.              cost, product life, replacement
                 Conceptual,       The principal thrust of         requirements, maintenance
        Schematic, Design      DJMCC is that of enriching          costs, and the impact of the
               Development     the values and processes of         economic system under which         types of commercial, industrial,    climate and schedule restraints.
                               the work of architecture            such a study is undertaken.         residential and institutional       It also requires the art of
               and Working
                               through the application of          Cost effectiveness                  projects. This includes             understanding the project’s
   Drawings Estimating.
                               new techniques born of the          of the thermal improvement          projects of new construction,       intent, starting time and team
                               analytical sciences. To             of existing structures in light     remodeling, adaptive reuse,         players involved.
                               represent the “age” in which        of escalating energy costs.         restoration and special                 Our computer cost models
                               we live and to function                                                 installations.                      have included both conceptual         Dominic J. Maltese, Jr. ASPE,
                               professionally in terms of the      Maximizing of plant                                                     and developed budget
                                                                   utilization and efficiency
                               best that is available is the                                                                               projections and design
                                                                   during periods of construction.                                                                               CPE is past President (1999)
                               guiding principle behind our                                                                                estimating, as well as quantity
                               efforts. The computer and           Evaluations of relative                                                 based estimating, cost-benefit
                               the computer sciences and           costs of varying contractual                                            modeling, building geometry
                                                                                                                                                                                 of the Associated General
                               experience are primary              systems to achieve construction                                         and site utilization optimizing.
                               instruments in use in our firm.     goals.                                                                  Our models encompass
                                   We develop theory in our                                                                                architectural, mechanical and         Contractors of America, Detroit
                                                                   Efficiency evaluations
                               daily applications, sometimes                                                                               electrical disciplines. Cost
                                                                   of techniques and
                               in answer to specific “client-                                                                              analysis of project costs can
                                                                   availability in the
                               originated” problems.                                                                                       start from geometric shapes           Chapter and past President
                                                                   production of contract
                                   Some theories are merely                                                                                and basic concepts. Through
                                                                   construction documents.
                               a response to our own curiosity                                                                             the various levels of architectural
The Jain Temple (interior)
                                                                   General evaluations                                                                                           (1995-96) of the American
                               and a need to improve ways to                                                                               development we monitor the
Farmington Hills
                               approach solutions to problems      of multiple project as opposed                                          project costs to keep your
                               general to our industry.            to individual project                                                   project on budget. We work            Society of Professional
                                                                   construction, considering                                               with you to flag possible cost
                                                                   available technology and                                                saving elements throughout the
                                                                   current construction procedures.                                        design process.                       Estimators, Detroit Chapter.