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					                                                                                               Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002
                                                                                                                    Quick > Reference Card

Working with slides                                         Menu Bar     Standard Toolbar
                                                                                                                                     Task Pane
                                                                                  Formatting Toolbar

Creating a new presentation
There are several ways to create a new pre-
sentation, but first you must display the
New Presentation task pane.
To display the New Presentation task pane:         Outline
Choose File | New.                                 Slides Tabs
To create a presentation using blank slides:
Click on the Blank Presentation link in the
New section of the New Presentation task
pane to open the new presentation and the
Slide Layout task pane.
To create a presentation based on a
design template:
1. Click on the General Templates link in             View
   the New From Template section of the               Buttons
   New Presentation task pane to open the
   Templates dialog box.
2. Select the Design Templates tab to dis-         Inserting objects on a slide
   play the design templates on which you          The Insert Clip Art task pane                       To open the Clip Organizer:
   can base your new presentation.                 To search for and insert an image, sound,           1. Open the Insert Clip Art task pane.
3. Select a design template of your choice,        or motion clip, using the Insert Clip Art
                                                   task pane:
   and then click OK.                                                                                  2. Click the Clip Organizer link at the bot-
Tip: New in PowerPoint 2002, you can use           1. Open the Insert Clip Art task pane.                 tom of the task pane.
different design templates in a single presen-
                                                   2. Enter a description of the clip you are look-    To add clips to the Clip Organizer:
tation. To do so, select the slide and then
display the Slide Design - Design Templates           ing for in the Search Text text box.             Choose File | Add Clips To Organizer from
task pane. Once you’ve selected a new tem-                                                             the Clip Organizer menu, and then select one
plate, click on the down arrow beside it and       3. Choose the collections in which you’d like       of the options in the resulting submenu:
then choose Apply To Selected Slides.                 to search from the Search In dropdown
                                                      list. You can search your computer and the       • Choose Automatically to import large
To create a presentation using the                    Web simultaneously.                                 batches of media files at once.
AutoContent Wizard:
Click on the From AutoContent Wizard link          4. Choose the type of file you are looking          • Choose On My Own when you want to
in the New section of the New Presentation            for from the Results Should Be dropdown             import a single file, or a few files that are
task pane. The wizard launches and steps you          list.                                               stored in the same location.
through creating a presentation.
                                                   5. Click Search. PowerPoint searches the Clip       • Choose From Scanner Or Camera to pull
To create a presentation based on an
existing presentation:
                                                      Organizer and then displays the results.            images directly from a peripheral.
1. Select Choose Presentation from the             6. Locate the clip you want to insert, then
   New From Existing Presentation sec-                                                                 Note: You can add music, sounds, and movie
                                                      click on its downward arrow and choose
   tion of the New Presentation task pane.                                                             clips from files on your computer, a network, the
   A file list opens.                                                                                  Internet, or Microsoft Clip Organizer. You can also
                                                   The Clip Organizer                                  record your own sounds to add to a presentation,
2. Select the presentation you wish to use                                                             or use music from a CD. You can use the follow-
                                                   The Clip Organizer contains a variety of mul-
   and then click Create New.                                                                          ing different sound file types in PowerPoint: MID,
                                                   timedia clips and provides a place for you to
                                                   organize and store pictures, sound clips, and       RMI, WAV, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, AU, MP3. File formats
                                                   motion clips of your own.                           for movies include MPG, MPEG, and M1V.            •    Element K Journals, 500 Canal View Blvd., Rochester, NY 14623                •    1-800-223-8720