Introduction of Attorney General Bill Lockyer

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					         Introduction of Attorney General Bill Lockyer

In November 1998, Bill Lockyer was elected to the highest law
enforcement post in the state. Since then, he has breathed new
life into some of the office’s most important units that had laid
dormant for too long.

Whether protecting individual privacy rights, investigating unfair
gasoline pricing practices or fighting identity theft, Attorney General
Lockyer has been a strong advocate for California consumers.

He has also expanded enforcement of state environmental laws in
order to protect water quality, public health and natural resources.
And he has established his Civil Rights Section as one of the
largest state offices in the nation.

Lockyer has also built a record for a no-nonsense approach to
fighting crime.

He has acted to improve public safety by focusing on using DNA
technology to solve crimes and stop criminals, supporting and
vigorously enforcing firearms laws and providing new services to
victims of crime.

As a public servant for nearly three decades, Lockyer has worked
to ensure that all of the state’s residents can live, work and raise
their families in a better California.

And now, please welcome Attorney General Bill Lockyer.