Deploying and Managing Windows® 7 Hands-On by nwv14113


									                    Deploying and Managing Windows® 7: Hands-On - 4 Days
                                                  Course 2401 Overview

  You Will Learn How To    •   Effectively implement and administer Windows 7 in an enterprise environment
                           •   Create and deploy custom Windows 7 installation and Windows PE boot images
                           •   Streamline deployments with Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
                           •   Develop a plan for managing initial and ongoing client activation
                           •   Centralize administration through the GUI, shell commands, WinRS and PowerShell
                           •   Locate and remediate issues with Microsoft monitoring, analysis and recovery tools

        Course Benefits   Centralized administration and streamlined deployment have become attainable goals with Windows 7. New
                          and improved Windows technologies, when properly implemented and managed, can help offset implementation
                          costs and optimize daily administrative tasks. This course provides the knowledge and skills to leverage these
                          technologies to deploy, maintain and administer client operating systems.

     Who Should Attend    Help desk technicians, desktop administrators and anyone responsible for deploying and managing Windows
                          7. Knowledge of Windows client administration is assumed. Experience with Windows 7 at the level of Course
                          2400, "Windows 7 Comprehensive Introduction," is helpful but not required.

     Hands-On Training    Throughout this course, extensive hands-on exercises provide practical experience deploying and managing
                          Windows 7. Exercises include:
                           • Building custom Windows PE boot media
                           • Creating and rolling out custom WIM files
                           • Installing Windows across the network with WDS
                           • Centralizing management with scheduled tasks and group policies
                           • Administering systems from the command line and with PowerShell
                           • Recovering modified and deleted files
                           • Analyzing and monitoring system performance


                            Deploying and Managing Windows® 7: Hands-On - 4 Days
                                                        Course 2401 Outline

Introduction to Windows 7                      Performing network installations with          •   Application virtualization
Management                                     Windows Deployment Services (WDS)              •   Desktop virtualization
Planning an enterprise implementation           • Adding custom boot and install images       •   AGPM
 • Contrasting editions and features            • Optimizing rollouts through multicasting    •   Asset Inventory Services
 • Justifying rollout costs
                                               Exploiting the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit   Optimization and Troubleshooting
Building Windows PE                             • Configuring images with drivers and        Establishing effective recovery strategies
 • Evaluating use cases for deployment and        applications                                • Protecting data with Windows backup
   administration                               • Building Lite Touch deployments             • Simplifying recovery with previous
 • Exploring the filesystem and memory                                                          versions and restore points
   architecture                                Managing Windows Activation
 • Creating basic Windows PE boot media        Controlling volume license activation         Improving system functionality
 • Customizing PE with DISM                     • Maintaining Multiple Activation Keys        • Analyzing issues with the event viewer
                                                  (MAK)                                       • Monitoring performance trends
Creating and Managing Custom Images             • Implementing a Key Management               • Configuring Virtual Hard Disk (VHD)
Configuring reference computers                   Services (KMS) infrastructure                 Native Boot
 • Selecting an imaging technology
 • Automating installation with answer files   Dealing with activation issues                Resolving network problems
                                                • Rearming Windows                            • Isolating problematic traffic
Authoring Windows Image (WIM) format            • Assessing activation status with the        • Invoking GUI and command line
files                                             Volume Activation Management Tool             troubleshooting tools
 • Generalizing the OS with Sysprep               (VAMT)
 • Capturing and deploying images with                                                       Extending troubleshooting techniques
   ImageX                                      Streamlining Windows 7 Administration          • Documenting application failures with
 • Preparing the filesystem with DiskPart      Unifying system configuration with group         Problem Recorder
                                               policies                                       • Diagnosing system errors with the
Maintaining image files                         • Contrasting user and computer-based           MDOP toolset
 • Supplementing the driver cache via             settings
   answer files                                 • Targeting GPO application with Scopes
 • Injecting updates and language packs           of Management (SOM)
   with DISM
                                               Automating maintenance with Task
Automating Deployment Tasks                    Scheduler
Migrating data to new workstations              • Creating tasks manually and via
 • Relocating settings and files with             export/import
   Windows Easy Transfer                        • Scheduling remote tasks
 • Scripting user state transfers with USMT
                                               Controlling client desktops remotely
Implementing BitLocker                          • Shadowing users through Remote
 • Partitioning the drives                        Assistance
 • Recovering from lost and damaged             • Connecting to systems for administration
   encryption keys                                with Remote Desktop

Optimizing deployments of other Windows        Working with command line tools
editions                                        • Identifying the scope of shell commands
 • Coping with Windows XP and Windows           • Executing remote commands with
   Server 2003 imaging limitations                WinRM/WinRS
 • Scripting Windows Server 2008 roles          • Extending command line functionality
                                                  through PowerShell
Customizing the Windows Imaging
Process                                        MS Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)



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