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           Perfect PDF 5 Product Family to Run on Windows 7 and on 32-/64-bit Computers

       By Frank Dueckers
       Dated: Oct 06, 2009

       soft Xpansion allows for the high relevance of the PDF format by publishing a range of altogether eight
       software products in 2009. Four products are already available. The other four will have been released by
       the end of the year.

       Bochum, Germany -- In the field of electronic documents, nowadays PDF may definitely be characterized
       as the file format that constitutes the most widespread standard for digitally-based communication and
       teamwork. The importance of PDF is underlined by the fact that in July 2008, the International
       Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the approved ISO 32000-1 standard based upon PDF 1.7.
       PDF has become an official ISO standard.

        In 2009, soft Xpansion allows for the high relevance of PDF by publishing a range of altogether eight
       software products. While four products are already available, the other four will have been released by the
       end of 2009. Each program will have its own scope of functionality, thus meeting specific needs in
       connection with the creation and use of PDF files. An extensive comparison of the products can be seen on (at the bottom of this page).

        The current version of the product family (5.5) is compatible with Windows 7 and can be run on 32-bit and
       on 64-bit systems alike.

        Family Members:
        Compared to the other family members, Perfect PDF 5 Premium (Recommended Retail Price, RRP, is
       89.99 Euros) comes with the widest range of functionality. It is qualified for all tasks associated with the
       PDF file format, including features for the conversion of documents into PDF files, for changing properties,
       for content editing, for commenting, designing, protecting and digital signing, as well as for the creation
       and filling of PDF forms.

        Perfect PDF 5 (RRP: 59.99 Euros) does not include the import of meta information from Microsoft Office
       documents, but is identical to the Premium version in all other respects. The third product, Perfect PDF
       Editor (RRP: 49.99 Euros), is a comprehensive application for the editing of existing PDF files and for the
       creation of completely new PDF documents from empty files (that is, without any converted source
       document), including building PDF forms. The software also includes functionality for the conversion of
       images and simple text files into PDFs.

        On the other hand, Perfect PDF Converter (RRP: 19.99 Euros) cannot be used for editing PDF files and for
       creating PDF forms, but is focussed on the creation of PDF files by converting source files and data into
       PDF. The Converter will be released at the end of 2009.

        Office to PDF Premium (RRP: 24.99 Euros) has been developed to concentrate on the conversion of files
       from Word, Excel and PowerPoint into PDFs by a seamless integration into these Microsoft programs. It
       also imports meta information like tables of contents, links, form fields, comments and a lot more meta data
       into the converted PDF files.

        The three programs Word to PDF (will be released in October 2009), Excel to PDF and Web to PDF (both
       scheduled for December 2009) focus, respectively, on the creation of PDF files from Word, Excel and from
       Internet Explorer as well as from local html files. The RRP for these products is 9.99 Euros each.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 Corresponding to the different scopes of functionality, the price range for the various family members
therefore lies between 9.99 Euros and 89.99 Euros (RRP).

Perfect Pdf 5 Family (Version 5.5) Advantages:
 * Eight products tailored to meet specific needs when working with PDF files
 * Run on Windows 7
 * May be installed and used on 32-bit as well as on 64-bit computers
 * New generation of PDF printer drivers for faster PDF creation

 Special USPs of Perfect PDF 5 (Premium), Editor and Converter:
   * Modern user interface (ribbon design, as in Microsoft Office 2007) makes it easier to navigate through
the programs. Thanks to the new interface, the program features and commands are grouped more clearly
than in "classical" windows software
   * For more complex tasks, a contextual help system and information bars have been integrated into the
program. Therefore, in these cases it is not necessary to consult the help file and/or the manual
   * Separate windows for editing and commenting of PDF files as well as several reading views make it
more easy to work with the software

Availability & Versions:
Starting this October, the products will be sold by e-tailers like or
They are available as download versions only.

 Details & Demos:
 Detailed information on Perfect PDF 5 Premium, Perfect PDF 5 Editor and Office to PDF Premium is
provided on separate product pages that are accessible directly on Trial versions are
available for download on the product pages as well.

Screenshots & Revieweržs Copy:
Requests for program screenshots and reviewer's copies may be sent to

 System Requirements:
 At least a Pentium IV processor, 512+ MB of RAM, 50+ MB of hard disc space, Windows
7/Vista/XP/Server 2003/2000 (32-bit and/or 64-bit versions), mouse. Activation of Perfect PDF 5
(Premium), Perfect PDF 5 Editor and Office to PDF Premium is obligatory, access to the Internet to
perform it is recommended. For Microsoft Office integration: Office 2007/XP/2003/2000 (2007 or 2003 are
recommended). For the integration into Internet Explorer: version 6 or higher of the browser.

 About Soft Xpansion:
 soft Xpansion is a globally active, international team of software authors, developers, screen designers,
software engineers and product managers. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in
Bochum, Germany. In the past 14 years, more than 150 software products have been published in more than
200 different editions. Localized versions of soft Xpansion products are sold in Germany, Great Britain,
France, Italy, USA, the Benelux countries, the Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Australia and Turkey. The
product range includes solutions (standard software, developer libraries, software development kits and
individual programming) in the following areas: PDF technology, system utilities, document and database
management, computer security. soft Xpansion is a full member of the PDF/A Competence Center,

Press Contact:

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