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					                                Multnomah Education Service District
                                                        Portland, Oregon

Agenda ____________________________________________________________________

    7:30 – 8:30 AM                   Registration, Networking, and Breakfast

    8:30 – 9:00 AM                   Welcome & Updates
                                     Angie Peterman (OSBA) and Dave Fajer

    9:00 – 10:00 AM                  OEBB Updates
                                     Denise Hall, Pam Broadus, and Linda Tullis (Oregon Educator Benefit Board)
                                     Heidi Franklin (Portland Public Schools)

    10:00 – 10:15 AM                 Break

    10:15 – 11:15 AM                 OEBB (continued)

    11:15 – 12:00 PM                 State School Fund Updates
                                     Michael Wiltfong (Oregon Department of Education)

    12:00 – 12:45 PM                 Lunch
                                     Ethics Update
                                     Tammy Hedrick (Oregon Government Ethics Commission)

    12:45 – 1:00 PM                  Break

    1:00 – 3:35 PM                   Breakout Sessions (see next page for session options)

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Breakout Sessions ___________________________________________________________
                                     Session Option 1                  Session Option 2

    1:00 – 1:45 PM                   Economic & Financial Outlook -    Medicaid Update
                                     The Financier’s Perspective       Beth Baynes & Sandra Peterson
                                     Pete Sullivan (Bank of America)   (Multnomah ESD)

    1:45 – 2:30 PM                   Tort Claims                       403b Tax Sheltered Annuities
                                     Tammy Fitch (Wilson-Heirgood)     Scott Florsheim and
                                                                       Debbie Braden (American Fidelity
                                                                       Assurance Company)

    2:30 – 3:15 PM                   Fraud/Embezzlement Protection     PERS Side Account Update
                                     Tiane Soulatha (US Bank)          Carol Samuels (Seattle-Northwest
                                                                       Securities Corporation)

    3:15 – 3:45 PM                   Payroll Roundtable                “Executive Risk Management” Model
                                     Cynthia Le (Multnomah ESD)        Ron Cutter & Scott Moss (JBL&K)

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Offering something for everyone! We will be doing things a bit differently this year. In addition to being
able to attend this event onsite, school districts from across the state have the option to attend online.

General Sessions ____________________________________________________________
    Welcome & Updates:
    Presented by Angie Peterman (OSBA) and Dave Fajer

            International Association of School Business Officials.
            State of Oregon Audits and Reviews of Education Districts
            Summer OASBO Conference
            Region 5 Updates
            Miscellaneous

    Presented by Denise Hall and Pam Broadus (Oregon Educator’s Benefit Board), and Heidi Franklin
    (Portland Public Schools)

            Update on OEBB Timelines
            Update on carrier selection and rates
            Phase-in plan and what districts need to do if they want to join early
            Plan for districts making their plan selections
            Demo of the OEBB online benefit management system
            Update on communication for employees before they leave for the summer
            Overview of open enrollment
            Follow-up Questions and Answers

    Denise Hall, Deputy Administrator of the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB). Denise began her
    career in state government in 1985. In her most recent role, she managed programs that supported
    the statewide employee and position information data system, statewide retirement reporting and
    reconciliation and statewide performance and compliance audits of human resource practices in the
    Human Resource Services Division of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS). Denise also
    held several positions with the State Employees' Benefit Board (SEBB), a predecessor to the Public
    Employees' Benefit Board (PEBB), from 1987 to 1994. She also worked in a variety of positions within
    DAS supporting statewide human resource and budgeting functions. Denise received her Certificate of
    Public Management from Willamette University in April 2001.

    Pam Broadus, Benefits Manager of the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB). Pam began her
    career with the state in 1983 at Western Oregon University. She worked in a couple positions before
    finding her niche as the Benefits Manager in 1985 and continued in that position until 1999 when she
    accepted the Benefits Manager position at Oregon State University. As the OSU Benefits Manager,
    Pam managed several areas of responsibility including employee benefits, state and University System
    retirements, and the Workers Compensation program. She continued in this position until 2007. Pam
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    then joined the staff at City County Insurance Services, where she experienced offering benefit
    programs to cities and counties throughout Oregon. Pam joined OEBB in December 2007.

    Linda Tullis, Systems Administrator of the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB). Linda began her
    work with school districts in the state of Oregon over 8 years ago. While at Willamette Education
    Service District she assisted school districts and ESD's in their implementation to Pentamation
    Financial Systems, managed the training staff, and provided on-going software support to schools.
     Over the past 14 months, Linda managed the State of Oregon's financial data warehouse. During this
    time, Linda provided support to over 100 agencies, wrote technical software manuals, hosted training
    classes, and managed the Datamart User Group. Linda joined OEBB in January 2008.

    Heidi Franklin has been with Portland Public Schools for 10 years and has been the Chief Financial
    Officer since 2001. As CFO she is responsible for accounting, payroll, budget, procurement,
    distribution and warehousing, risk management, deputy clerk, textbook services, and records
    management. Prior to entering public service, Ms. Franklin was Director of Special Projects for a
    regional law firm, managed a loan servicing department for a large regional commercial real estate
    firm, was associate partner in a financial services firm, and was an auditor with KPMG.

    State School Fund Update:
    Presented by Michael Wiltfong (Oregon Department of Education)

    An update of State School Fund formula changes and estimates will be presented by our illustrious
    Oregon Department of Education SSF Analyst, Michael Wiltfong.

    Michael Wiltfong joined the Oregon Department of Education team in fall 1996, coming from the
    Department of Administrative Services. He is currently the keeper of the state-wide school funding

    Ethics Update:
    Presented by Tammy Hedrick (Oregon Government Ethics Commission)

    This session will cover an overview of Oregon Government Ethics Law.

    Tammy Hedrick is currently a Program Analyst/Trainer at the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.
    She began her State of Oregon employment 10 years ago at the Department of Revenue in the
    compliance area.

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Breakout Sessions ___________________________________________________________
    403b Tax Sheltered Annuities
    Presented by Scott Florsheim and Debbie Braden (American Fidelity Assurance Company)

    This session will cover how to get started with 403b’s and help you identify your next steps.

    Scott Florsheim has been with American Fidelity Assurance Company for over 4 years. Scott was
    promoted to the position of Oregon State Manager in January 2007. American Fidelity has an Oregon
    team of 9 representatives that take care of 65% of our school districts and ESDs.

    Debbie Braden is the Fringe Benefit Consultant for American Fidelity Assurance Company. She has
    been with the company for over 7 years serving school districts and ESD’s in Oregon, Washington, and

    Economic & Financial Outlook – The Financier’s Perspective:
    Presented by Pete Sullivan (Bank of America)

    This session will take a brief look at the current slowing global growth, bank and financial trends, and
    key domestic economic issues that can affect school districts and ESD’s.

    Pete Sullivan is the Multnomah ESD Relationship Manager and is specialist with Government clients.
    Pete is responsible for overseeing the quality of customer service and coordinating the resources of
    Bank of America for local government in Eastern and Southern Washington, parts of Oregon, all of
    Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Hawaii. Pete joined the bank in 1997, and has served in branch offices,
    marketing, quality control and in management. In 2003 he joined the regional government banking
    team covering government clients in the Northwest. Pete has also worked on national focus groups
    with Bank of America and has been responsible for creating and structuring processes to improve
    client satisfaction.

    “Executive Risk Management” Model
    Presented by Ron Cutter and Scott Moss (JBL&K)

    How to get upper management interested and involved in managing risk.

    Ron Cutter, a Vice President and stockholder of JBL&K Risk Services, LLC, has been employed by the
    firm for the past nine years and specializes in Oregon’s public sector. Ron began his insurance career
    with Grocers Insurance Group and, in 1996, he moved to the Portland office of AON to assist in claims
    settlement and advocacy on national accounts and a variety of non-public sector larger accounts. Ron
    was most recently the claims manager at the Portland, Oregon office of AON. In 2000 Ron joined
    JBL&K Risk Services as claims manager and quickly gravitated to the public sector. He currently
    serves as President of the Oregon School Safety Association, has been active in Oregon City as a
    school budget committee member, and is active in several other non profits in the greater Portland

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    Scott Moss has 22 years experience in local government administration. He holds a MPA and degrees
    in risk management. Scott has taught risk management for 17 years. He is currently a Vice President
    for JBL&K serving local governments.

    Fraud/Embezzlement Protection:
    Presented by Tiane Soulatha (US Bank).

    Current hot topics. How can you reduce your risk and exposure? Fraud detection and prevention tools.
    Share best practices.

    Tiane has been with U.S. Bank for 29 years, with the last 8 years in Government Banking of Oregon.
    Previous roles within the company were as Operations Officer and Branch Manager in retail branch
    management as well as Relationship Manager for correspondent banking. Tiane serves as a primary
    banking contact for School Districts in Zones 1, 2, and 5.

    Medicaid Update:
    Presented by Beth Baynes and Sandra Peterson (Multnomah ESD)

    This session will identify and discuss the current climate in school based Medicaid reimbursement. We
    will discuss 3 ways that federal action can lead to changes in Medicaid reimbursement that could
    result in cost shifts to education districts.

    Sandra Peterson has been the supervisor of the Medicaid program at Multnomah ESD for the past 5
    years. Prior to that she was the manager of Provider Services in the Department of Medical Assistance
    Programs, a division of the Oregon Department of Human Services.

    Beth Baynes has been an employee of Multnomah ESD for over 19 years working as a school nurse,
    supervisor of the Special Needs program, and currently as the Associate Director of Health and Social
    Services. Prior to that she has worked at Doernbecher Hospital, Emanuel Hospital and Pediatric Clinic,
    Multnomah County Health Department, the University of Portland, and University of Phoenix.

    Payroll Roundtable:
    Presented by Cynthia Le (Multnomah ESD)

    This discussion will focus on Payroll Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery. Payroll functions and
    systems may become unavailable for numerous reasons, but employees must still be paid, and taxes
    withheld and deposited on time. Protection and continuation of the payroll function is very important
    when disaster strikes. We will discuss how to put together an operation pay day during the crisis; how
    to become proactive, how to manage during the crisis and what to do after the crisis.

    Cynthia Le has worked at Multnomah ESD for nearly 25 years and has been Business Manager for over
    10 years. Cynthia has previously worked in the payroll department for Portland State University, and
    the City of Portland.

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    Tort Claims:
    Presented by Tammy Fitch (Wilson-Heirgood)

    The nature of services rendered by educational institutions creates potential risk exposures that can
    result in Tort Liability Claims. The expectations of our communities and parents are that schools will
    provide a safe environment for the education of the children. Risk exposures are ever expanding in
    response to the liberalization of the law. The primary defense has to be a comprehensive Risk
    Management Program. Claims management should be a critical component of all Risk Management
    Programs. Analysis of past claims is a valuable tool to identify potential exposures. Today, we are
    reviewing school claims from a historical perspective. Is your District at risk?

    Tammy Fitch has been licensed in Oregon since 1979. She holds a B.S in Marketing from Oregon
    State University. Tammy also earned her Certified Insurance Councilor designation from the National
    Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. Tammy assists public entities with budgeting and ethics
    issues, board member liability, communications, and workers’ compensation. She also oversees the
    agency sponsorship and involvement with most associations and presentation on various risk
    management and safety topics.

    PERS Side Account Update:
    Presented by Carol Samuels ()

    If you issued bonds to refinance your PERS liability, you Seattle-Northwest Securities Corporation may
    have noticed in the last valuation that you now have a sizeable surplus relative to your district’s
    allocated UAL. Various school district representatives have been working to see if there are options to
    access this surplus.

    Carol Samuels has worked with Oregon municipalities for over 20 years on financings of every type and
    description, traditional and non-traditional alike. During this period, she has emphasized work with
    school districts, cities and counties. In the past few years, she has focused extensively on working with
    jurisdictions to refinance school districts’ outstanding obligations to PERS. She has completed in
    excess of $5 billion of such financings for over 100 jurisdictions across the State, and has become a
    recognized expert on PERS practices generally.

    Ms. Samuels is frequently called upon to serve on local commissions and boards and has served on
    panels charged with examining Oregon tax reform and the financing of education. She is a frequent
    presenter at, and former board member of the Oregon Association of School Business Officials and the
    Oregon Municipal Finance Officers’ Association, and was presented with the OMFOA Outstanding
    Contribution to Public Finance award in 2002. During the 1997 Legislative Session, Ms. Samuels
    served as the tax and finance lobbyist for the League of Oregon Cities, during which time she
    represented cities in the drafting of Measure 50. As such, she has a strong understanding of the
    property tax system and other financing options for local governments.

    Prior to joining SNW, Ms. Samuels worked in the Public Finance Departments of U.S. National Bank of
    Oregon and Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette in New York. She also worked as a financial analyst for the
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    Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York, and as a lobbyist for the Governor of New Jersey in
    Washington D.C. She received her MBA degree from the Yale School of Organization and Management
    and her BA from Tufts University.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors ________________________________________________

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Registration ________________________________________________________________
    Register now at

    If you are attending onsite (at MESD):
    Cost: $10.00 (Includes breakfast, lunch, and a snack)
    Registration Closes: Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    If you are attending online:
    Cost: $5.00
    No registration deadline

    For questions or more information about the conference, please contact:
    Kristy Fogle
    Multnomah Education Service District
    Phone: 503.257.1520

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