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					                       Waterford Green Swim Team 2010 Registration Form
                                       Please fill out one form per family

   Swimmer Information:             Family Name:                                    ________________________

                                  Date of        USS                                Meet availability
      First name      Gender                                      (mark all dates that you know swimmer is NOT available)
                                   birth       Swimmer?          6/2          6/9         6/16         6/23          6/30

    Parents’ Names:                                             Subdivision (if not WG):
    Address:                                                                         T-Shirt Size:
    Phone Number(s):
                                    Home                              Best alternate number
    e-Mail Address:
    Emergency contact:                                                                 Phone:
                                      (If parents can’t be reached)
    Please list below any illnesses or concerns that the coaches should be made aware of:

   Registration Fees:
                 Number of swimmers       Waterford Green Resident                     Non-Resident
                          1                       $130.00                                $155.00
                          2                       $240.00                                $265.00
                          3                       $340.00                                $365.00
                          4                       $430.00                                $455.00
    Make checks payable to Waterford Green Swim Team

    Registration includes coaching at all practices, team t-shirt, league and administrative fees, insurance,
    event ribbons, end-of-year banquet, participation trophies and donuts and juice at the Thursday fun-swim

   Volunteer Positions:
    As a volunteer organization, our swim team relies on parent volunteers for the success of our program and
    meets. Each family is required to fill at least five volunteer slots during any of the five meets this year.
    No training is needed for any position except meet starter. Please indicate your availability and
    preference on the volunteer sheet.

   Signature:
    I have read the WGST Rules, Regulations and Requests and agree to abide by them. By my signature
    below, I hereby agree to release the swim team coordinators, coaches and the Waterford Green
    Homeowners Association and all of its directors and officers from any and all liability whatsoever in
    relation to any accident, injury, mishap or loss that may occur while I or any of my dependent children are
    using or are present on any of the recreational facilities or common grounds of the Waterford Green

    Signed:                                                     Date:
                                                       Waterford Green Swim Team
                                                       2010 Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

                                          Please mark your preferred positions.
                            Each family must fill at least five volunteer slots during the season.
                          Please take more if you are able as it simplifies our job of coordinating!

                                                 Family Name:
Date                   Wed, June 2             Wed, June 9              Wed, June 16        Wed, June 23      Wed, June 30
Location                   Away                     Home                     Away                Home              Away
Opponent               Sibley Forest         Jefferson Township        Arthur’s Vineyard    Camden Place     Chimney Lakes
Shift                First     Second         First      Second        First      Second   First    Second   First     Second
Lane Starter
Place Judge
Data Entry
Concession Set
Up/Clean Up
Party July 1st
First shift is through 43 events, starting at 5:45 and typically ending at 7:45
Second shift is for events 44 through 86, typically from 7:45 to 9:45

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