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      Easter Poetry I                               2
      Hidden Gems                                  3
      Introducing...                                4
      What about Easter                             5
      Flaming New s                                 6
      March for Marriage                            8
      Easter Poetry II                              9
      Ye Olde Bulletins                            10
      New in the Library-Book Reviews              14
      Family Focus                                 15

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Christ Jesus lay in Death’s Strong Bands              -Martin Luther

Christ Jesus lay in death’s strong bands, for our offenses given;
  But now at God’s right hand He stands, and brings us life from
Wherefore let us joyful be, and sing to God right thankfully
   Loud songs of Alleluia! Alleluia!
No son of man could conquer Death, such mischief sin had wrought
  For innocence dwelt not on earth, and therefore Death had
brought us
Into thralldom from of old and ever grew more strong and bold
  And kept us in his bondage. Alleluia!
But Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, to our low state descended,
   The cause of Death He has undone, his power forever ended,
Ruined all his right and claim and left him nothing but the name,
   His sting is lost forever. Alleluia!
It was a strange and dreadful strife when life and death contended;
   The victory re mained with life; the reign of death was ended.
Stripped of power, no more it reigns, an empty form alone re mains
   Death’s sting is lost forever! Alleluia!
Here the true Paschal Lamb we see, Whom God so freely gave us;
  He died on the accursed tree—so strong His love!—to save us.
See, His blood doth mark our door; faith points to it, Death passes
  And Satan cannot harm us. Alleluia!
So let us keep the festival where to the Lord invites us;
  Christ is Himself the joy of all, the Sun that warms and lights us.
By His grace He doth impart eternal sunshine to the heart;
  The night of sin is ended! Alleluia!
Then let us feast this Easter day on the true Bread of heaven;
  The Word of grace hath purged away the old and wicked leaven.

Hidden Gems
                                                                                          Isaac Mahler
        I am sitting in the airport in San Jose        rifling through the pages towards my favorite
on my way back from a trip to my parents’              passages. I know that they are there; I know
house in San Diego. It was the first time I            that I have read them; but I have forgotten
had been home in 9 months and probably the             many of the words that they contain. I know
last time I will visit my parents while they are       that they contain truth, that they contain wis-
still in San Diego. They are preparing to              dom and knowledge. They contain words
move to Hawaii in a few months. It will be a           that God deemed worthy to be included in
unique transition for me. I will have a hard           the Bible. Yet I often neglect them, not out of
time calling their new home, “my home”.                spite or dislike, merely out of a lack of notice.
There is no longer a home in San Diego that I                  I am sure that I am not alone in this.
can claim as mine; Seattle is officially my new        When was the last time you yourself read
home.                                                                       from these short letters?
         With the prospect of                                               How often do we discuss
moving comes the remi-                                                      what was written in Jude,
niscing of old times and                                                    Philemon or one of the
memories made. It also in-                                                  Johns or Peters? I know
cludes looking through old                                                  many of you have read
stuff that has been hidden                                                  them, and some could
away for years. It is quite                                                 briefly summarize what
an enjoyable experience to                                                  they say, but I believe
go back through and read                                                    only a few could say that
old letters, long forgotten.                                                they know them as well
Whether they are the                                                        as the letters to the Ro-
cheesy funny “love” letters                                                 mans or the Corinthians.
from Jr. High and High                                                      Only a few could say that
School, or letters from                                                     they have read and stud-
friends who moved away,                                                     ied these letters in the
these letters have an in-                                                   same way that they have
credible way of bringing                                                    studied other areas of
back old feelings memories                                                  scripture.
and thoughts; they also tend to cause several                  Before you think that I am so bold as
new ones. (Often humor embarrassment or                to think that these letters should replace the
curiosity)                                             ones that many of you have grown to love
        That got me to thinking about all the          and study; I want to say that there is good
letters written in the New Testament. Some             reason we know and study other letters.
letters like the ones we have put on mirrors           They contain a lot of wisdom and direction
or refrigerators, seem almost famous. These            for our life, However I simply want to refresh
letters are read frequently, studied, dis-             your memory of the gems hidden between
cussed, and shared with friends. However,              the classics that you so often read. To re-
there are some, as the ones tucked in drawers          mind you that these other short letters are
or into boxes under our beds, that are often           able to give incredible wisdom and insight
skipped over, they are hidden gems between             into our faith. They contain direction and
the one’s we typically read.                           motivation and are truly worth pulling out
        I started flipping through and I was           from their hidden places. You may be sur-
amazed at the short letters that I typically           prised at the emotion and thoughts inspired
flip right past. Most of them are so short             from these short letters. These hidden gems
that I usually do not even notice them when            often overlooked.

 Introducing...                                                                                            Me Too

        There w as once a person w ho came to our                      The school needed a gym. M e too had
church. He made friends. One friend said, “I think            met an old gentleman w ho was a retired architect.
our church has w onderful people.” The new person             He offered to help design a gym and assist in rais-
said, “me too!” Another friend said, “I think w e have        ing funds. A rendering of the front of the gym w as
a w onderful preacher.” The new person said, “me              made. It w as a beautiful picture. It w as hung in the
too!” He became me too.                                       hallw ay across from the new office on the second
        A consistory member said, “w e have a prob-           floor. Fund drives were started and small amounts
lem in the consistory room. There are shelves full of         of money w ere raised. Alas the old gentleman
books. People take the books w ithout checking                died.
them out. We need locking glass doors in front of                     Me too met a young student architect (a
the shelves.”                                                 relative of Gus Vanderpol) He drew up plans but
                                                              they w ere too expensive. The problem w as that
        Me too said, “I can do that,” and he did!
                                                              people w anted a gym, a cafeteria, and an audito-
        A consistory member said, “w e have pur-              rium all in one. These three things are incompati-
chased a large quiet fan to remove heat from the              ble.
auditorium on hot days. I needs to be installed over
the stage area in the w all or w indow area to the                   FOOD IN THE GYM – NO!
north.                                                               ACCOUSTICS FOR A STAGE
         Me too said, “I can do that,” and he did!                           – NO, A GYM IS NOISY!
         Me too noticed that the church had a bal-                    THREE IN ONE IS TOO EXPENSIV E!
cony area, but it w as a flat area of not much use. It                One Day Denny Roosendaal invited Al Bier-
needed to have elevated, stepped risers so people             link and me too to a meeting over coffee. “Can w e
in that area could see the pulpit area.                       build a gy m?” M e too said yes; but – no stage or
         Me too said, “I can do that.” This time me           food kitchen. The plans w ere drawn up by John
too got help from others, but the job got done!               Patten; and me too made many trips to the building
         The church purchased a new pipe organ.               department. Finally a building per mit w as issued in
There w as a need to remodel the front of the audito-         me too’s name. Al Bierlink had some time and he
rium, a new loft for the pipes and a baffle room. M e         took charge of construction; his crew did most of
                                                              the w ork, but me too and his crew helped along
too said, “I can do that,” and w ith help it got done.
                                                              with a good many volunteers.
                                                                       One day John DeKoekKoek asked me too
         At that time, Watson Groen Christian School          if he w ould recover some balls from the roof of the
had only four classrooms for junior and senior high           old elementary building. The roof was rotten and if
school; and the principal’s office was the size of a          the kids w ent up their, they might fall through. M e
closet. The Christian School Society employed an              too recovered the balls and came to sit next to
architect to propose an addition. He proposed add-            John. “John, it is time to rebuild this building!” At
ing four more rooms. Me too w as friends w ith the            that moment Vonnie Roosendaal approached.
principal; me too said, “No! It should be a tw o story,       John told her, “M e too says, ‘It’s time to rebuild the
eight room addition. The question arose, “Who w ill           elementary building.’” Vonnie said, “ I think so too.”
build the eight room addition?” M e too said, “I can
                                                                      The decision w as made to demolish the old
do that,” and he and his crew did it!
                                                              building, and enlarge the footprint 10 feet to the
                                                              north and south. John and me too w orked on the
        The church w as having leaks on the flat-             plans, but John Patten, (a graduate of Watson
roofed part of the church, both north and south.              Groen) did the architectural draw ings. Who w ould
When the roof leaked, w ater was getting into the             do the construction? M e too said, “I can do that,”
walls. M e too said that the roof needed some slope           and w ith the help of his crew and many volunteers,
and an overhang. M e too said, “I can do that,” and           the job w as completed.
he did!
                                                                                               (See Me Too on page 5)

(Me Too continued from page 4)                             take that activity for granted. Four have or had
        M e too was a cadet leader for five or six         candy or egg hunts. A personal note: we never
years, he w as on the school board for six years. He       had egg hunts but we surely had fun coloring
also served three years as a deacon and three more         eggs. When I was a child we delivered Easter
as an elder.                                               baskets to friends and neighbors. Mother was
        Who is me too? Just one of the guys!               very creative with materials at hand! At our own
        P.S. M e to also taught many young people          home here, it was a tradition to make nests with
to w ater-ski; he camped and w ater-skied w ith            chow mein noodles and melted chocolate chips,
adults, high school and college kids. At times col-        fill them with jellybean eggs. Our younger grand-
lege kids w ould drive 150 miles to camp and play          children still enjoy that because we often are in
with me too and his friends.                               the Midwest for this holiday.
        Who is me too? Look for the picture on             One person said it was important to prepare
page 9 of this issue.                                      weeks in advance with scripture, and several
                                                           mentioned prayer. For one it was a time for new
                                                           “Sunday” clothes. This was true at our home es-
                                                           pecially as long as Grandparents had a clothing
                                                           store. They sent the new duds. One answered
                                                           that they shared resurrection eggs and the story
                                                           of Benjamin’s Box.

                                                                   The second question – How do you think
                             What                                 Christians can best observe this holiday?
                                                                  We should step away from the “busyness”
                              About                               of life and focus! One way is to prepare
                                                                  beforehand with scripture, Palm Sunday
                                                                  and Good Friday services. Share the
                                  Easter                          message – especially by inviting non-
                                                                  believers to church and to our homes.
                                                                  This last suggestion was made by three
                                                                  people. We should be sure our family gets
                                                                  the message. Attending church is impor-
                                                                  tant. We must rejoice and enjoy the mu-

 When I sent out a brief questionnaire, I was hop-
ing to get much material to fill an article about          We certainly can agree with most of these re-
Easter as it is observed in our homes and as we            plies. Thanks to those who for shared!
feel Christians should observe it. The results
were interesting. Most of us look at Easter and
“do” Easter similarly – if one can judge from re-
ceiving five answers from 120 possibilities!

 What are some of our family traditions? Two
mentioned attending sunrise services. That prac-
tice has not been prevalent in our congregation
these past several years. All of them mentioned
a feast or meal and time with family. Four high-
lighted attending church, but I’m sure most of us

                         Freedom Life African                        Workers don’t seem to have a time to start or to quit or to
                         Ministries Emmanuel                         appear. Herb has been eager to take pictures and has
                                                                     walked the long way to both buildings only to find no one at
                                    FLAME                            work. Of course, our missionaries were not up on the many
                                                                     holidays or the ease with which the holidays are extended.
                                                                     Some workers may take the day, another two days, and
                                                                     someone else may take more than that. “PATIENCE,” they
                                                                     write. Pray for understanding the languages, the cul-
                                                                     tures, the differences in building codes and techniques,
                                                                     Are our missionaries healthy? I truly believe they might have
                                                                     as much illness here at home, but when they do become ill
                                                                     there, they can’t call their own doctor or go to a place they
                                                                     know. January 19 Herb and Martha were in Bissau – I’m
                                                                     sure chasing around to get work and correspondence com-
                                                                     pleted – when Martha became very ill. Many things fell into
                                                                     place – they knew the doctor – Malaria was not the problem.
                                                                     Typhoid fever was the next decision, but that too was not the
                                                                     case. It was believed that having had shots for typhoid may
FLAMING NEWS: by Winerva Klungel as condensed from                   have led the doctors astray, because the signs may have
                                                                     been in the blood. When Chenda hears that Martha is so
Return to Africa, Chapters 11 ff, December 28 – early
                                                                     very sick, he offers to get her in his auto. Martha is too sick
March.                                                               to desire travel. And that was taken care of in a mighty way
                                                                     too. The teachers were in Bissau – even sharing a suite with
 The items for thanksgiving remain similar to those reported         Herb and Martha at the Mission house – and offered to take
in the last COMMUNICATOR. Chenda and his family – not                Martha home when they returned to Canchungo on Sunday.
necessarily biological family – not only share their home but        Talk about GOD! Herb thought it better to return so after he
help clean the headquarters’ house because the workers               and Tiago finished up some work they went back to Can-
do not clean up after themselves. Chenda’s oldest son,               chungo where Herb took care of things. Martha did get back
Joel, seems to be very observant – hears that Herb’s new             on Sunday but didn’t go back to work until the 29th. Even
bike’s tires are low and goes to have air put in them. And           then she needed to rest well each day. A few days later Herb
that is only one of the things that come to mind. Also, the
                                                                                                             (See Flame on page 7)
meals just appear at times when needed – even if Herb and
Martha are not at “home”. Chenda goes with the truck and
driver to haul building supplies. He realizes something isn’t
delivered and intuitively believes the address may be un-
known. If he isn’t around to interpret and clarify orders
things don’t always go right. Thank God for that family
and again for the teachers with their car etc. More
about them later.
The problems with workers have not really changed though
Herb and Martha have come up with some attitude changes
on their own part. “Tell them what to do but not how to do.”
This still creates some interesting and frustrating incidents.
One time Martha is trying to explain some plumbing. She
doesn’t get her step about the “Y” across because their
idea for the drainage step is so different from ours. Though
this needs much patience, Martha also says they learn
much. When a pipe was already in place and the place was
all wrong, the plumber heated the material and was cleverly                             Herb and Martha
able to angle the pipes correctly.                                                         Reynolds

came down with similar symptoms though his didn’t last as              What a disappointment for them but what a help for Herb
long or seem as severe. Pray for good health so the work               and Martha!
can go well through April 15 when they hope to come                    They are thankful for the work on the school building – this
back here.                                                             they intensified after the first of the year. Pray that the walls
An update on the locusts – see last COMMUNICATOR on                    and roof are completed before Herb and Martha leave on
“Bugs, Insects” – January 14 Chenda was collecting old tires           April 15.
to burn in case the locusts came near his farm. The locusts            Funny, I can’t find a story I wanted to relate to you about one
either hate the smell or it kills them. However the tires were         of Herb and Martha’s neighbors. He was tearing down part of
not needed. God sent birds that devoured (?) the locusts and           his house. The reason: He liked the construction of the head-
three days later there was not a sign of the pests. Praise             quarters’ house. Martha wonders if they are setting a trend in
God! From a later chapter we hear that the ants are still a
problem. Creosote is placed in the holes where the ants en-
ter. They do not want the ants to disappear from outside the           Another story: while our missionaries were in Bissau, the
house because the little creatures scare the snakes. A big             truck was parked on the street for sometime. When they re-
spitting cobra was cut in half by one of the workers. The up-          turned to the truck, someone had used it for hanging clothes
per half crawled away but they knew the lower half died.               to dry. Herb went for his camera, but too late. The clothes
Later they found the upper had died too. Gruesome, yes?                and people were gone by the time her returned. It isn’t un-
Pray for protection from the elements of nature, which is              common for the folk of that country to use what is yours if
                                                                       you are not using it – especially tools. Now I don’t know
very different from what we know!
                                                                       about trucks for clotheslines?
They were thankful and excited to see a group of Christian
young people gathered and camping near Canchungo. They                 The truck is still not the delight of their hearts, but it certainly
give thanks that Herb has someone come forth most every                has been put to use. The breakdowns are incredible and so
Sunday to translate the message for him. They are thankful             is the cost. What would we do without it? We can’t imagine.
for the many who have become members of their own spe-                 Pray for that truck to serve its purpose!
cial “high fiv e” club. (I wonder if they will know the names of       Another cute story about eggs: After Herb and Martha were
all those children who have greeted them in this way?) The             in their own home they wanted breakfast of bacon and eggs
Dr. Mendes lives near them and his wife is an avid gardener.           and toast. Does that sound American? Herb went to buy
From her they hope to purchase vegetables.                             eggs from one of the vendors on the street. He found some
But I have to jump ahead to another chapter. On February               that were warm. “Must be very fresh.” When they came to
25 they moved into the headquarter house. What a differ-               breaking them for scrambled eggs – well, they were hard-
ence one feels in their day-to-day diary. The whole thing              boiled. Makes sense that they were warm! Now when Herb
seems so much more upbeat – even if only some of the                   goes to buy eggs he avoids the warm ones and checks oth-
lights worked. They have space. They can cook something a              ers in water according to the hints given him from Chenda!
bit more like “back home.” Give thanks for all this and                I should quit with that bit of humor, but I have to place a need
more!                                                                  before you. We have a problem with getting money to our
An American team is producing the JESUS film in the Man-               missionaries. The money grams are working, but they too
jako language. They need a place to work and a place to                are costly though more reliable than Western Union. Of
stay. They have chosen to work in rooms of the unfinished              course we also would like to refill the bank accounts. But
home of Chenda (He had started one very near to the                    another idea might be for someone of us to take a trip to
FLAME complex). The “Jesus” people will be finishing part of           Guinea Bissau and deliver the money to Herb and Martha.
that house before they work there. But they have chosen to             Pray about that. You have time to decide until they re-
stay with Herb and Martha. One can’t imagine how helpful               turn again. We don’t know exactly when that will be. We
they have been. You see, their luggage did not arrive with             need to get them back home first. I’ve mentioned that date –
them so they have time to correct computer problems, elec-             April 15. Pray for a goodly work to be completed and a
trical problems, and who knows what all for Herb and Mar-              safe trip back to Seattle!
tha? The men’s personal belongings arrive, so they have
that many days before they have the equipment for filming.

            We are called by God to be channels of His Love, messengers of His Word, and instruments of the
                  Holy Spirit to bring the people of Africa into the fellowship of Christ and His Church.

March for Marriage
                                                                                            Winerva Klungel
  Tuesday, March 8, was a gorgeous day. The                there didn’t seem to be much repetitio n. Se veral
sun shone, but it wasn’t too bright to stand or sit        thousand people were there. A couple Christian
in it for hours. I left Seattle with six friends and       High Sc hools had brought all the ir students to
we headed for Olympia where the State Su-                  the rally. W hat a great number of children, too.
preme Court was going to begin he aring chal-              There was a big te nt for the little ones with toys,
lenges to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).              games, and supervisors to care for them all.
We kept prayers going all the way to the Capitol             I wish I could condense everything that was
grounds where tents and platforms were already             said, but there are a couple thoughts I wo uld like
set up on the greens near the judicial building.           us to think about. People of alternate lifestyles
  W ashington Evangelicals for Responsible                 feel that heterosexual marriages aren’t doing so
Governme nt was sponsoring a rally for those               we ll with divorces, abuse, etc., so they think
who support marriage as one man and one                    they could do it better. How can we answer that?
wo man. W e arrived there a half hour before the           One of Christianity’s strong points is the fact
rally was to begin, but it had really already              that e very child needs both a father and a
started with people gathered praising God and              mother. This is not only Biblically but also so-
singing hymns, praise songs, and patriotic songs.          ciologically true. One of the speakers empha-
It was wo nderful! The program was scheduled               sized the need for a oneness in the fight for
for 11 A.M. to 1 P.M. At about 11:15 various speak-        truth. W e must begin with prayer and yet prayer
ers came to present reasons for marriage to be             meetings and groups seem to be poorly atte nded.
between o ne man and o ne wo man. Se veral pas-            I think this is a we akness for our church. I won-
tors from different denominations, college stu-            der if we are a praying c hurch. W hat can we do
dents, and legislators all gave opinio ns. It was          about this? Send your thoughts to the COM-
inspiring. I don’t kno w if they got together be-          MUNICATOR!
fore to decide who would speak about what but

Marriage Help: It’s never too late to help a hurting
marriage! Retrouvaille (pronounced Retro-vi) is a
Christian ministry that has helped tens of thousands
of couples at all stages of disillusionment or misery
in their marriages.
This program can help you too!
For confidential information call 1-800-470-2230 or
206-361-3745, or visit
The next program begins April 22, 2005.

Editor’s note: Confidential sources say there have
been many Christian Reformed couples helped by
this ministry.
Check out the testimonials on the website!

Seven S tanzas at Easter                                   Christ the Lord is Risen Today
By John Updike                                             Christ, the Lord, is risen today, Alleluia!
                                                           Sons of men and angels say, Alleluia!
                                                           Raise your joys and triumphs high, Alleluia!
                                                           Sing, ye heavens, and earth, reply, Alleluia!
                                                           Love’s redeeming w ork is done, Alleluia!
                                                           Fought the fight, the battle w on, Alleluia!
                                                           Lo! the Sun’s eclipse is over, Alleluia!
                                                           Lo! He sets in blood no more, Alleluia!
                                                           Vain the stone, the w atch, the seal, Alleluia!
                                                           Christ hath burst the gates of hell, Alleluia!
                                                           Death in vain forbids His rise, Alleluia!
                                                           Christ hath opened paradise, Alleluia!
Make no mistake: if He rose at all                         Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!
it was as His body;                                        Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
if the cells' dissolution did not reverse, the mole-       Once He died our souls to save, Alleluia!
cules                                                      Where thy victory, O grave? Alleluia!
        reknit, the amino acids rekindle,                  Soar w e now where Christ hath led, Alleluia!
the Church will fall.                                      Follow ing our exalted Head, Alleluia!
                                                           Made like Him, like Him w e rise, Alleluia!
It was not as the flowers,                                 Ours the cross, the grave, the skies, Alleluia!
each soft Spring recurrent;                                Hail, the Lord of earth and heaven, Alleluia!
it was not as His Spirit in the mouths and fud-            Praise to Thee by both be given, Alleluia!
dled                                                       Thee w e greet triumphant now , Alleluia!
        eyes of the eleven apostles;                       Hail, the resurrection day, Alleluia!
it was as His Flesh: ours.                                 King of glory, Soul of bliss, Alleluia!
                                                           Everlasting life is this, Alleluia!
The same hinged thumbs and toes,                           Thee to know , Thy pow er to prove, Alleluia!
the same valved heart                                      Thus to sing and thus to love, Alleluia!
that — pierced — died, withered, paused, and
                                                           Charles Wesley 1707-1788
        regathered out of enduring Might
new strength to enclose.
Let us not mock God with metaphor,
analogy, sidestepping transcendence;
making of the event a parable, a sign painted in
        faded credulity of earlier ages:
let us walk through the door.
The stone is rolled back, not papier-mâché,
not a stone in a story,
but the vast rock of materiality that in the slow
        grinding of time will eclipse for each of
the wide light of day.
And if we will have an angel at the tomb,
make it a real angel,
                                                                 Bill, “Me Too” Odgers and Roz

                                                          death of his father in Michigan and to Chong

                letins                                    Zhang whose mother passed away in

        de B ul
                                                          China....Evelyn De Rooy had cataract surgery

  Ye Ol
                                                          on March 16 with resulting complications.
                                                           FEBRUARY 1995 You are invited to join the
                       ma                                 Jo rritsma family in celebrating Menno and
               Jay Ane                                    Ann’s 45th Wedding Anniversary....Tests
                                                          have disclosed nodules on Dick Grant’s
                                                          liver....We express our Christian sympathy to
FEBRUARY 2000 Discussion on Willard’s The                 Liz Goudzwaard on the death of her brother
Divine Conspiracy w ill start on Wed at 8:30              Garret Varekamp, age 84 from Seattle on
PM in the Council Room.....The congregation               Jan. 22....On July 7 and 8 there will be a gath-
grieves with the Vanderwerff family who bur-              ering of Christian men in the King Dome for
ied their father and brother, Fred Vander-                Promise Keepers....The Building Expansion
werff, on Tue in Monroe...We welcome Peter                Committee received completed design devel-
and Caryn Co rnelisse and their daughters,                opment drawings from our architects and a
Kathryn and Haley, and Roger and Denise                   report from our cost estimator. The final
Kiers and their twin boys Alan and Na-                    costs for our building project are: Phase I -
than....The Congregation grieves with Peter               $1,640,000; Phase II - $560,000; Total -
and Caryn Co rnelisse as Peter’s mother                   $2,200,000. Because our original estimate
passed away last week and also with Bob and               for the first phase was $750,000 and
Nell Thompson on the death of Nell’s                      $1,100,000 for the total project, these cost
mother, also last week....We rejoice with                 estimates were very disappointing! There
Roger and Denise Kiers as they present                    were several reasons the estimates were
their sons Alan and Nathan for bap-                       higher than expected: the very high demoli-
tism....LARGE PRINT BULLETINS are now avail-              tion and site preparation costs; expensive
able upon request....Council Notes: We are                items to meet building codes, etc…(the re-
looking into having an information booth. The             port goes on to list two possible options, one
Lord blessed our giving so that we had only a             to consider if we can raise more than
small deficit of $575.54 at the end of 1999.              $750,000, the other to redesign and reduce
 March 2000 Our sympathies are extended to                square footage) ….WARM BEACH: Mark your
the Vanderwerff family in the death of Alber-             calendars! The Cascade Family Bible Confer-
tha Vanderwerff, Gerald’s mother....Please                ence w ill be held over a weekend this year,
pray for Herm Oo rdt as he undergoes cancer               July 6 - 10. Speakers are Dr. Gilbert
t he ra py . .. . . To ni g ht C h ri stia n   ac-        Bilezikian, professor emeritus in Biblical
tor/mime/singer/speaker David Shelton w ill act           Studies at Wheaton College and Dr. Henry
out for us the book of Jonah. David’s per-                Wildeboer, pastor at Zion Christian Re-
formance is captivating for all ages but par-             formed Church in Oshawa, Ontario.
ticularly engaging for children....A THANK                 MARCH 1995 This morning Twila and
YOU FROM JIM DYKSTRA: I want to thank the                 Dawn Bell w ill make profession of faith and
minister and the congregation for praying for             receive the sacrament of baptism....The
me in my recent illness. The doctors didn’t               membership of Joseph and Nellie Strong
think I would survive through this illness. One           and their children Jeremiah, Alana, Joshua,
of the doctors said he hadn’t seen anything               Elisa, Christina and Jesse have been trans-
like this in 20 years. He said to me, “You must           ferred to the Faith Community Fellowship
have close contact with God!” I am still strug-           (CRC) in Mt Vernon....Steve and Pat Cok are
gling to regain the use of my left leg but am             the proud grandparents of their first grand-
doing lots better. The Lord willing, I w ill recu-        son, Arun Coumar, born on Fri., Mar
perate completely....Our sincere sympathies               3....Tena De Koekkoek had cataract surgery
are extended to Peter Van Dussen in the                                              (See Bulletins on page 11)

(Bulletins continued from page 10)                       FEBRUARY 1990 This morning (Feb 4) the
on Thursday morning....Council Briefs: The              sacrament of Baptism will be administered to
Building Committee is investigating the feasi-          Christopher Sundy, son of Alice and Greg;
bility of movable seating in the church audito-         and to Rochelle Leann Van Voorst , infant
rium. The motivation for this is the possibility        daughter of Phil and Sherrie....We’re thankful
of having more flexibility in the use of the            that Greta Clousing and Lois Deelstra have
auditorium for small groups, such as our                applied together and have been accepted for
youth groups and discipleship training                  the position of Music coordinator for our con-
groups. The Council was informed that the               gregation. They w ill begin this week, working
Elders had approved our involvement in the              primarily w ith the music ministry of the A. M.
Stephens Ministry.                                      services....The new Elementary Building at
                                                        Watson Groen Christian School w ill be dedi-
                                                        cated on Feb 15 at 7:30 pm. The first part of
                                                        the dedication will be held in the auditorium
                                                        of our church. At about 8 o’clock we will
                                                        move outside for a cornerstone laying cere-
                                                        mony and the official opening of the build-
                                                        ing....This morning (Feb 18) the sacrament of
                                                        Baptism w ill be administered to Jillian Nicole
                                                        De Frees, infant daughter of Doug and Ros-
                                                        lyn....Alexander Longacre was in Children’s
                                                        Hospital this week due to dehydration....At
                                                        our congregational meeting last week it was
                                                        decided to go with an internship program for
                                                        another year. This w eek Thu through Sat
                                                        morning, Pastor Sam and Sherwin Van
                                                        Mersbergen will be conducting interviews at
                                                        Calvin Seminary at Grand Rapids....A commit-
                                                        tee has been formed to actively raise money
                                                        for a Grand Piano. Members are: Co rry Bak-
                                                        ker, Erica Bauman, Duane Einfeld, No rm
                                                        Jo nkman, Hildred Klungel and Ken Oo rdt .
                                                        One of our fundraisers w ill be the sale of pi-
                                                        ano keys. A chart will be posted to keep track
                                                        of our progress....We welcome Dr Bob De
                                                        Vries, Professor of Church Education at Cal-
                                                        vin Seminary to our service this evening. Dr
                                                        De Vries is with us today after having a semi-
                                                        nar in Lynden on continuing education for
                                                         MARCH 1990 We are thankful that all went
                                                        well for Lisa Boer as she submitted to brain
                                                        surgery on Tue. at Evergreen Hospital....Our
                                                        Christian sympathies to the Rev. Arnold
                                                        Brink family in the sudden death of Rev.
                                                        Brink last Tue due to a head injury in a fall.
                                                        Rev. Brink served us for several months dur-
                                                        ing our last vacancy and is the father of Rev.
                                                        Brink of the Bellevue Church....Seasoned Citi-
                                                        zens Potluck Dinner will be on Fri, Mar 16 at
                                                                                  (See Bulletins on page 12)

(Bulletins continued from page 11)                    members would be asked about every 1 and
6:30 pm in our church. Guest speaker will be          1/2 years.
Mr. Varekamp, brother of Liz Goudzwaard,               FEBRUARY 1980 A special congregational
who will be giving a presentation on Noah’s
                                                      meeting will be held Tuesday to consider the
Ark. Included are scale models of characters          Council's proposal to seek an Intern for
and animals w hich he himself has de-
                                                      1980-81. Materials on the internship program
signed....Lisa Boer continues to do well as
                                                      will be handed out after this morning's ser-
she recuperates at home following her brain
                                                      vice....Congratulations to the Neideighs in
surgery last week. Harriet Terpstra has re-
turned home from Providence Hospital,                 the birth of a baby girl on Wednesday.
where she had knee surgery....Our new semi-            MARCH 1980 A call will be extended to
nary intern: Dale Visser....All women are in-         No rm Thomasma, a Senior at Calvin Semi-
vited to a bridal shower for Renita Rop, soon         nary, to serve here as Intern Pastor beginning
to be Mrs. Wolter Ko rf, at 3:30 pm Sat.,             in August.        He w ill be deciding this
March 24, at the Klungel’s home....Sherwin            week....We have received the membership of
Van Mersbergen, Vice-Pres of our Council,             Paul and Betty (nee Groen) Vander Zee from
was elected as Elder delegate to Synod. He            the Eastern Avenue CRC of Grand Rapids,
will be representing Classis Pacific North-           Michigan....We are disappointed to have re-
west....Hope Community CRC of Mill Creek              ceived the unexpected answer from No rm
requested approval to organize as a Christian         Thomasma that he w ill not be able to accept
Reformed congregation. This was granted               our call to serve here next year as Intern Pas-
with the Everett CRC assisting in the process.        tor. Since several other best possible appli-
The Anchor of Hope CRC in Silverdale has              cants had accepted calls elsewhere, the Coun-
moved several times. They now have an op-             cil has decided to review longer range staff-
portunity to purchase an older church build-          ing possibilities....An OPEN HOUSE, celebrat-
ing w hich they have been renting for six             ing the 50th wedding anniversary will be held
months. They were assisted in this by Clas-           for Mr. and Mrs. Willem Pruys on Saturday,
sis, w ith $50,000 from the revolving                 April 5th at the Vander Giessen residence.
fund....During the last couple of weeks                FEBRUARY 1975 Congratulations to Mr. and
Henry Wind has undergone testing for can-             Mrs. Dan Wasell to whom a daughter was
cer of the prostate. These tests have come            born early Thursday morning.,,, Congratula-
back positive.                                        tions to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dykst ra to whom
 FEBRUARY 1985 We extend our Christian                a son was born this past Monday.... Public
sympathies to AnnaBelle Ackerman on the               profession of faith w ill be made this morning
death of her father, Mr. Peter De Vries, on           by Mr. and Mrs. Don Pullman and by Mr.
Thursday in his home in New Jersey. He was            Dan Wasell. Their baptism and that of their
103 years old when he passed on to his heav-          children w ill take place at that time.... We
enly home!...Alma Strong suffered a stroke            have received the membership of the Donald
Wednesday evening and underwent surgery               Vander Giessen family from the West Park
on Thursday morning for removal of a blood            CRC of Cleveland, Ohio.
clot on the brain. We can thank God that the           MARCH 1975 Profession of faith will be
surgery seems to have been successful and             made in the evening service by Pauline Van
we pray that she will experience a complete           Senus….WELCOME: The Kenneth Venhuizen
recovery.                                             family has been gone for a long time while
 MARCH 1985 Tonight's service will include            working w ith the CRWRC CAPOK program in
the public profession of faith of Daryl Ein-          Korea. As they are now back with us, it was
feld....Four families or singles will be re-          felt appropriate that they be welcomed in the
quested randomly to attend the morning wor-           narthex after this morning’s service....HOLY
ship services of the Bremerton-Silverdale CRC         BAPTISM will be administered this morning
every other w eek. This would mean that                                         (See Bulletins on page 13)

(Bulletins continued from page 12)                      planned for our new pastor and his family fol-
(Mar 16) to Robert Allen Dykst ra, son of Mr.           low ing the installation.
and Mrs. Jerry Dykstra....At their request, the          MARCH 1970 At the last consistory meet-
membership of Mr. and Mrs. Art De Groot                 ing, we received into membership Mr. and
and Roy has been transferred to the Anacor-             Mrs. Harris Donnel, Harley and Teresa as
tes Christian Reformed Church....General                members in full communion and their 3 other
Fund offerings for March 2 - $1628.24; March            children Elaine, Rebecca and David.         The
9 for Christian School - $2001.29; March 16             Donnel's come to us from the Maple Leaf
General Fund - $1346.19.                                Baptist Church....Our pastor has been accus-
 FEBRUARY 1970 This is the final Sunday Bob             tomed to wearing a pulpit robe for conduct-
Bajema w ill be with us prior to his leaving for        ing worship and plans to continue doing so
duty in Vietnam....The old parsonage has                here. This traditional reformational pulpit
been sold. We are now closing the sale and              clothing seems best suited to stress the fact
taking care of the planned changes on the               that it is not this or that individual who is in
new parsonage at 16327 - 34th NE....The in-             the pulpit, but that the ministry of the Word is
stallation service of Rev. Wesseling will be            the most important thing.
held on Thursday, Mar 5. A reception is

                                              WANT ADS
  TEACHERS: Ch ild Ev angelism Fellowship Inc. has been reachin g children in Public Schools for
 many years. R ememb er when Win R eynolds did so much with Good News Clubs? Children
 need to lea rn Biblical prin ciples and many public sch ool leaders see h ow that is advanta-
 geous. There was a bit of in formation about this in the bulletin of March 20. Edmonds Pub lic
 Schools would like t o see an after school G ood News Club in ev ery sch ool in their dist rict. There
 is a cryin g need for harv esters!! Two of my friend s are leadin g on e of these clubs and the stories
 they tell are h eart warming. “The kid s are so eager to kn ow that God lov es them and has a di-
 rection for their liv es. But who will tell them?” Please ma ke this a matter of pray er for y ourself
 and for others. Ou r church fa mily has so much to offer. More information wanted? Call me, Er-
 v ie Klungel, 206-363-2772 or contact Ch ild Ev angelism Fellowship, 1832 Walnut, Ev erett, WA
 98201, 425-252-6314.
  WRITERS: 1. Some folk to lift the pen to write about folk in this chu rch – fill the “Family Focus”
 pages. 2. T o writ e book and v ideo etc. rev iews of n ew items that come to th e chu rch library or
 to the neighborh ood. 3.To write about anythin g that has (or should hav e) interest for our
 church family. 4. To gather material about groups, committees, et c. that ma ke our church
 work. 5. Just t o writ e somethin g for the COMMUNICATOR. Let Norm Jon kman or Erv ie Klungel
 know which writer slot y ou would like to fill.
  LIBRAR IAN: Maybe I hav e no business mention ing this, but Jan Vander Linden has been lib rar-
 ian so lon g she can’t count that far. (Slight exaggeration!) She would like someon e t o repla ce
 her. Talk to h er t o see what is inv olv ed.
                                            CHUR CH NEEDS:
 Leaders in Cult ivating, Caring, and other areas as I see by the directory. Isaac wou ld lov e to
 hav e couples or indiv iduals to help with EPIC. Ingrid is interested in more sin gers for ch oir. Any-
 one wish t o take ov er the INFORM ATION DESK? If y ou hav e another area of expertise you’d like
 to v olunteer for – mention it t o a council member or the p roper person listed in the directory.

14   the Library—Book Reviews by Ervie Klungel
Several months ago, May,            the book’s sequel:
2004, I reported on a book,
BLINK, by Ted Dekker.
What ins ight (0r is it creativ-     A     M AN      CAL L ED
ity?), maybe one could ev en        BL ESSED by Ted Dekker
call it imagination, this au-       and Bill Bright, West Bow
thor has. The reader doesn’t        Pr ess, 2002,
know quite how to under-            356 pp.
stand w hat this author pre-
                                    After Leiah, the Canadian
sents. But one does feel a
                                    nurse, and Jason Mar ker
bit guilty about the lack of
                                    again save Caleb, they
trust or belief that one has in
                                    adopt him and return to
the pow er of the spirit! I’ve
                                    Ethiopia to rebuild the
just completed tw o more of
                                    monastery. They minister
his books, w hich w ere given
                                    to the leper colony nearby
as gifts to the church library.     and the monks join them at
                                    the monastery. This peace
 BL ESSED CHIL D by Ted             and solace last for many
Dekker and Bill Bright, W           years, but the Jew s are
Publishing Group, 2001, 351         looking for the Ark of the
pp.                                 Covenant, w hich they be-
                                    lieve is hidden in this mon-
This blessed child is left on       astery. Rebecca is leading
the doorstep of a monastery         this group, but Is mael, a
in Ethiopia. When the mon-          Palestinian, w ants to kill
astery is destroyed an              Rebecca. So w e now have
Amer ican named Jason and           a combination of Muslims,
a Canadian nurse bring the          Christians, and Jew s in the
child to The United States          desert of Ethiopia. That is
w here he w ill be safe. Be-        quite a mix ! Is the Ark
cause of his upbringing, the        really there? Actually, this
child Caleb has not been            is not a new myth and you
influenced by the w orld and        may have heard of this be-
his faith is pure. He is taken
from his new friends and
placed in a church orphan-
age that has left its first love.    Why the tw o authors? Ted
He becomes the victim of            Dekker is the one w ith
graft and greed. Yet in the         ideas and w riting skills
process, w e see his obedi-         though Bill Bright has also
ence to those over him; w e         authored several books.
see the gift of healing that        Bill Bright gives counsel
he uses for God’s glory.            regarding the heart and
You may scratch your head           authenticity of the mes-
and say, “ Can this possibly        sage.
happen? How real is this?” If       You w ill find both these
it can be, then per haps w e        books very exciting and
are living too much as the          thought provoking. Enjoy !
w orld lives. This same
thought can be applied to

                                                             I knew no one in Seattle, so I w as invited to stay

            F ocus
                                                             w ith the Reins mas. But on my w ay I received an-
                                              Winerva        other phone call, the Reins mas w ould be on a bac k-
   F amil
                                              Klungel        packing trip and I w ould stay elsew here. From these
                                                             incidents, you already know something about the
                                                             Reins mas. The stories they can tell are innumer-
What a joy to know Mins and Tryni. Actually, I re-           They both grew up in Andyk, Netherlands. They
member my first meeting w ith Mins– via telephone            went to school together; they both w orked in the
the summer of 1961. I w as w orking on my English            Reins ma grocery store; they w ere almost like
degree at the University of SD – my home state. I            brother and sister - not quite! They w ere married in
delayed looking for a teaching position until my de-         1948 after Mins spent some time in the military in
gree w as in my hand – or at least w ell in sight. In        Indonesia. They immigrated to the US in 1950,
The BANNER there w ere not many openings for                 when their oldest son Luke w as small. They w ere
English teachers and I w anted to teach English              sponsored by acquaintances of mine in South Da-
since I thought I w as prepared for that. Ha! Watson         kota, and moved into their first Amer ican home,
Groen Christian needed such a teacher and here it            which w as a real shock to them. More stories are
                                                             available from Mins and Tryni!
Mins and
                                                             A year and a half later they w ent to Kansas City
                                                             where Mins attended school for three years to be-
                                                             come a jew eler. They really struggled in this land
                                                             still new to them. Money w as scarce and school
                                                             was expensive. Most of those attending w ere under
                                                             the GI Bill, but this didn’t w ork for Mins. Tryni tried
                                                             her hand at sew ing. Even though she w as exacting,
                                                             the companies alw ays seemed to find fault and
                                                             shorten her profit to almost nothing. They knew no
                                                             one there. They did attend a Baptist church but
                                                             when they w anted their daughter Barb to be bap-
                                                             tized, they traveled all the w ay to South Dakota to
                                                             have that done.
                                                             Where w ould they go from Kansas City? They
                                                             wanted to be in a place w ith a Christian Reformed
                                                             Church and a Christian School. They did their
                                                             homew ork and decided on Washington State. Next
                                                             they w rote all the CRC’s in our state and explained
                                                             their situation. Mins w as graduating from school and
                                                             needed a job. They needed a house. Every church
                                                             pastor w ho answ ered, answ ered in a negative w ay
                                                             except Rev. Peter De Jong w ho said, “Come on
                                                             over. You can stay w ith us. There w ill be a job for
                                                             you here.” They came to Seattle in 1954 because
                                                             the call w as clear.
                                                             Mins soon had a job at Phil’s Jew elry in Ballard. He
                                                             took it over in the ear ly ‘60’s w ith Ted Tr iezenberg,
                                                             and w ith five other members of the congregation
was July! I applied and got an immediate reply. I            formed a corporation. This sounded like a thing of
said I w ould come, but Mr. Reins ma w anted more            beauty because everyone got along w ell. It w as
positive proof – a contract? Since I w as traveling          handled very professionally and all involved did w ell
around the Midw est I received many calls from               financially w hen Phil’s w as sold some 20 years
Mins. I imagined this short, stout, balding Dutch-           later. Mins adds that they did w ell because fishing
man. What a surprise w as in store for me!                   was good in the 70’s and 80’s, and fishing is the

occupation of note in Ballard area. Interestingly, the         kota they w anted to read English, so you can imag-
corporation w as to give a certain percentage of its           ine the disappointment w hen they w ere given Dutch
profits to the then Watson Groen Christian, and                books to read. How ever, somehow , Tryni got a copy
Mins said that w as positive. Mins and Ted ran the             of Gone With the Wind. That along w ith a diction-
store together. They got along very w ell and still do!        ary w as the w ay Tryni learned to read English. She
                                                               still w as not adept at speaking, but she hasn’t
All this time Mins seemed to be either on the church
                                                               stopped reading English since. When the children
council or on the school board, w here the education
                                                               were grow ing up, they all spent time reading. The
committee w as his forte, for some tw enty years. He
                                                               children thought all families w ere the same – read-
would often go directly from w ork to the meetings.
Tryni kept the home fires burning in top shape. She            ing a lot - until they began to interact w ith families of
was the excellent w if e and mother and homemaker.             their friends. But to this day the w hole family reads
                                                               and the best gift exchanges include books. One
They still enjoy the same house they’ve had since
                                                               thing Mins did to encourage students to read w as
the mid 1950’s. Tryni w as also involved in Bible
                                                               place before them Remembrance Rock by Carl
studies back then.
                                                               Sandburg and if they w ould read it he w ould take
Their hobbies are reading, backpacking, music, and             them out for dinner. He w as sorry more students
gardening. Mins and Tryni help supply the church               didn’t take him up on the offer.
w ith floral arrangements, plants and bonsai –
                                                               Both Mins and Tryni enjoyed backpacking. Tryni
though I haven’t seen the latter for a w hile. Mins
                                                               used to do it w ith friends w hen Mins w as too busy
sang in choir though he belittles that area of involve-
                                                               bringing home the funds for living. He w ould some-
ment. He does love music and often enjoys con-
                                                               time come home to a note, “ Gone backpacking w ith
certs at Benaroya Hall. He tried the violin w hen he
                                                               Mary.” Tryni calls herself a “ferocious” backpacker.
was younger, though I don’t think that w as ever
                                                               She encouraged Mins to retire ear ly so they could
done in public.
                                                               go bac kpacking together. For about ten years they
One could sit and talk w ith Mins and Tryni for hours          took three months of the year and backpacked all
about reading. They grew up reading together.                  over the w orld – Australia, Nepal, Europe, and
When they w ere dating they w ould read books to-              more! During the w inter months w hen they spent
gether. I understand that Tryni w ould alw ays be              time in Arizona; they backpacked in that area of the
ahead a line or tw o. When they came to South Da-              States. They didn’t only do it w ith the tw o of them;
                                                               they also did it w ith their family and took friends of
 The Communicator is a bimonthly publication of                their children w ith them.
       the First Christian Reformed Church.                    Mins and Tryni have four children ( I taught them all
                                                               – rather br ight kids !) Luke, a professor at SPU, lives
                                                               in the Seattle area. His children attend Shoreline
              Editor: Norm Jonkman                             Chr istian and his w if e w orks there. Barb is a Psy-
                                                               chologist in Michigan and has tw o children. Claire
       Contributing Editor: Winerva Klungel                    lives w ith his w if e and 6 children in War m Beach
                                                               where he plies his trade as a cabinetmaker. Teresa
              Proofreader: Katie Faber                         lives in Taiw an w here she teaches at the Taiw an
         Photography: Steve De Koekkoek                        University and loves it.
                                                               Tryni and Mins usually sit in the middle of the right
             Contributing to this issue:                       side as you enter church. Mins has had to s low
                                                               dow n lately because of a heart attack a couple
  Jay Anema, Norm Jonkman, Winerva Klungel,
                                                               months ago, but nothing stops him entirely. If you
          Isaac Mahler, Bill Odgers                            need the advice for a good book to read – ask the
                                                               Reins mas. If you w ant to hear of a good place for
                                                               backpacking – ask the Reins mas.
    All Communicator articles should be
                                                               Sorry readers, this only scratches the surface. Tryni
        sent to:                           and Mins have so many stories to tell. Mins has
         The next issue is planned for                         written many of them and I hope w e can print a few
                                                               in the Communicator sometime! Otherw ise you’ll
                   May29, 2005                                 have to corner the Reins mas and listen!

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