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									                                       NSL News
                                        Volume 17                                  Issue 2                     winter 09

NSL Graduates Tapped to Shape                                                                       Nashville School of
                                                                                                    Law Student
Future of Tennessee’s Judiciary                                                                     Undeterred by
                                                                                                    Shooting Incident

          hree Nashville School of Law alumni – Thomas Lawless, Jack Lowery and
                                                                                                       Only one thing changed about NSL
          Denise Terry Stapleton – recently were selected to serve on the 17-member
                                                                                                    student Carrie Gleaves when a stray
          Tennessee Judicial Nominating Commission, the entity that will shape the
                                                                                                    bullet shattered her arm on August 17,
future of the state’s judiciary.
                                                                                                    2009. She became more determined
   The appointments of three NSL alumni to the Commission                                           than ever to continue to pursue her
reflect the significant role the school continues to play in Tennessee’s                            passion for criminal defense despite the
court systems, and are a tribute to the life experiences and work                                   dangers sometimes involved.
ethic NSL graduates typically bring to the practice of law.
                                                                                                       Gleaves, a 4th year law student with
   “Simply put, NSL folks know life as well as the law and we look                                  a passion for criminal defense, is serving
at things differently,” said Lawless, NSL Class of 1980. “Jack and                                  as an intern with the Davidson County
Denise are incredibly talented lawyers and well-grounded                                            Public Defender’s office. She was on a
individuals. We are all very proud of our NSL roots and are                  Thomas Lawless         routine information-gathering assign-
extremely honored to serve our state in this important capacity.”                                   ment with Laura Dykes, her supervisory
   Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-Blountville) and House Speaker                                        attorney and NSL faculty member, at
Kent Williams (R-Elizabethton) each appoint eight members to                                        the James C. Napier housing develop-
the Commission; one member is jointly appointed by the Speakers                                     ment that August afternoon.
of the Senate and House.                                                                             While speaking outdoors with a
   “The members of this commission have the skills, experience                                      Napier resident and her 3-year-old
                                                                                                                               Continued on page 4
and knowledge to ensure that we have qualified and fair-minded
judges at every level of the judiciary,” Lt. Governor Ramsey said.            Jack D. Lowery                 what’s inside
“I am confident they will nominate judges who will interpret the
                                                                                                       Message from the Dean                2
law as it is written.”
                                                                                                       Milestones                           3
   “I am glad so many well-qualified applicants are willing to
                                                                                                       Faculty Profile                      4
serve,” Speaker Williams added. “There is a strong interest in
                                                                                                       Alumni News                          5
seeing that [Tennessee] continues to have one of the best judicial
systems in the United States.”                                                                         Bar results                          5

                                                                                                       News from the Notable                6
   Lawless, appointed to serve a six-year term on the Commission,                                      Class of 1998
is an attorney in private practice in Nashville specializing in
                                                                                                       NSL Graduate Named President of      8
bankruptcy and commercial real estate.                                     Denise Terry Stapleton      Tennessee Supreme Court
                                                                                                       Historical Society
  Lowery, NSL Class of 1998, was appointed to serve a two-year term. He is a
                                                                                                       Capital Campaign Contributions       8
partner with Lowery, Lowery & Cherry PLLC in Lebanon, TN, where he
                                                                                                       NSL Students connect with Members 11
practices criminal defense and personal injury law. In addition, Lowery is actively involved           of The Tennessee Bar Association
with LoJac, his family’s construction business.                                                        Spring 2010 CLE Offerings           11
  “I hope the school and NSL graduates take great pride in                    Continued on page 2
                                                                      message from the dean

                                             Poised to Turn the Page
                                                                      This year the Nashville School of Law celebrates its 99th anniversary,
                                                                   a truly remarkable achievement made possible by many individuals who
                                                                   came before us. For nearly a century, our school has enabled working
                                                                   women and men to achieve their goal of attaining a first class legal
                                                                   education while balancing life’s responsibilities. As I reviewed the
                                                                   content of this newsletter, I was once again amazed by the stories of our
                                                                   students, faculty and esteemed alums.
                                               As we approach our centennial year, I continue to reflect on the significant impact our
                                             school has had on communities across this state – in court rooms, on the bench and within
                                             myriad businesses and organizations. Within these pages, you will read about NSL graduates
                                             who have been elected to serve as judges and state legislators; and three alums who will help
                                             shape the future of our judiciary. You will also read about a current fourth year student, Carrie
                                             Gleaves, who is undeterred in her desire to pursue justice despite being struck by a stray bullet.
                                               These are just few stories showcasing the dedication, perseverance and determination that
                                             exemplify our students, faculty and alumni. These stories collectively told provide a much
                                             broader perspective on the impact our school is making in communities every day.
                                               As we prepare to turn the page on a century of educating generations of stellar legal minds,
              NSL News                       our faculty, staff and dedicated volunteers are busily preparing for our upcoming year of
                                             centennial celebrations. We are excited to announce that we will be creating a special
                                             commemorative book documenting the stories of our first 100 years. It will chronicle the
                                             origins of our school and recount moments throughout the decades that shaped our first
    Help us celebrate                        century.
    NSL’s 100 th                               We look forward to sharing this story of our first hundred years and are equally eager to
    Anniversary                              begin our second century. As evidenced by the stories and people in this issue of our
                                             newsletter, our second chapter is bound to be as compelling as the first. ■
    If you have photos, clips or other
    items related to Nashville School
                                             Best Regards,
    of Law from years past, we’d love
    to share them throughout the             Dean Joe C. Loser, Jr.
    course of our 100th anniversary

                                             NSL Graduates Tapped to Shape Future of Tennessee’s Judiciary, continued from page 1
    Please contact:
    Beth McDonald                            the significant impact we are making across          and Social Security.
    4013 Armory Oaks Drive                   the state, from the practice of law to the
    Nashville, Tennessee 37204                                                                      “I am honored to serve on the Com-
                                             judiciary and state government,” Lowery              mission,” Stapleton said. “The Judiciary is the
                                             said. “The NSL education has had a huge              backbone of our legal system and it is
                                             impact on my life and I believe it played a          critical to the integrity of our system that we
    Editorial Staff                          significant role in why I was appointed to           select persons of great character, strength,
    Publisher           Managing Editor      serve on this Commission.”                           professionalism and strong work ethic.”
    Joe C. Loser, Jr.   Elizabeth McDonald
                                               Stapleton, NSL Class of 1986, was also               The same could be said of Lawless, Lowery
                                             appointed to serve a two-year term. She is a         and Stapleton, whose appointments are a
    Editor-In-Chief     Editor               partner with Terry, Terry & Stapleton in             proud reflection of the attributes the
    Virginia Townzen    Chip Loser
                                             Morristown, TN where she focuses on                  Nashville School of Law daily seeks to instill
                                             personal injury, workers’ compensation               in all of its students. ■

                                                        mil ati on 20
                                                   g r a d u e s to n e s 0 9

                                              Joe and Barbara Haynes: A
                                              Partnership in Law, Love and Life
                                              TENNESSEE STATE SENATOR JOE HAYNES, Class of 1965, and DAVIDSON
                                              COUNTY GENERAL SESSIONS JUDGE BARBARA HAYNES, Class of 1976,
                                              epitomize the meaning of “togetherness” — and not simply because they
                                              recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The two met in 1957
                                              while attending the University of Tennessee. They married in 1959. Together,
                                              these Nashville School of Law graduates have built a law practice, a life of
                                              pubic service and a legacy like no other.

                                                       he Hayneses began their life      “We are truly grateful for the time that
                                                       together in Nashville when        we did not have to miss - the scouting
                                                       Joe took a job with DuPont.       trips, little league practices and family
                                              In 1961, after several years of working    dinners.”
                                              as a mechanical engineer, Joe decided      In 1982, with Joe’s support, Barbara ran
                                              to attend the YMCA Night Law               against an incumbent General Sessions
                                              School, graduating in 1965. In 1967,       Judge and won the election. Two years
                                              with the help of family and friends, Joe   later in 1984, with Barbara’s support,
                                              and Barbara literally built a law firm     Joe ran against an incumbent State
                                              from the ground up. Barbara wore           Senator and won his election bid.
Sen. Joe Haynes and Judge Barbara Haynes
                                              many hats during the early years – as      The two have remained in public
  celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary
   with their children and grandchildren.
                                              the foreman during the construction of     service ever since.
                                              their law office and later a legal-aid
                                                                                         The Hayneses believe the real world
                                              and office manager.
                                                                                         education they received at NSL
                                     Barbara also discovered a passion for               provided a strong foundation on which
                                     the law while drafting legal briefs and             to build their individual and collective
                                                   petitions for Joe on a                careers. “You get a more practical legal
             “We were truly lucky to meet          $.25 manual typewriter.               education from professionals who are in
             each other,” Joe says. “Barbara She decided to begin                        the pits every day,” Joe says, “not just
                                                   taking classes at Joe’s               academics who have made a career out
             and I have taught one another         alma mater, and                       of teaching the law.”
             so much and that has opened so graduated in 1976.
                                                                                         In describing how NSL has influenced
             many doors that would never                    Barbara credits NSL’s        her career as a judge, Barbara says
             have opened without the love                   night courses with           “The NSL experience gives you a
                                                            enabling the couple to
             and support we share with                                                   touch of humanity, recognizing the true
                                                            pursue their passion for     grit, determination and sacrifice
              each other.”                                  the law while raising a      individuals are willing to make to
                    — SENATOR JOE       HAYNES              family of three young        better their situations.”
                                                            children and running a
                                                                                         The same could be said of the dynamic
                                            business. “NSL gave us the opportunity
                                                                                         duo that is Barbara and Joe Haynes. ■
                                            not to have to change our life together
                                            or the lives of our children,” she says.

                            fa c u l t y p r o f i l e                                Shooting Incident, continued from page 1

                                                                                      grandchild, Gleaves heard the sound of gun-
Marshall Davidson Inspired by Real                                                    shots. She quickly helped shuttle the older
                                                                                      woman and child to safety as a bullet ricocheted
Life Journeys of NSL Students                                                         off a nearby street sign. Rushing back to Ms.
   From car wrecks to trespassing, from medical malpractice to slips in grocery       Dykes’ car, however, Carrie was hit in her lower
stores, tort law covers an infinite array of circumstances in which life’s dramas,    arm by another stray bullet. “It felt like I had
large and small, intersect with the law. And for more than 17 years, Marshall         been hit by a rock,” Gleaves said. The bullet
Davidson has taken his Nashville School of Law students on an educational             shattered her bone three inches below the
journey through this endlessly fascinating facet of the legal world.                  elbow, requiring 4 hours of surgery, 10 screws
  Since 1992, Davidson, a long-time staff attorney for the Tennessee Supreme          and numerous stitches.
Court, has taught Torts and Advanced Legal Writing with such success that he                                     Following the incident,
has been named NSL’s teacher of the year on four separate occasions.                                          Gleaves received a flurry
  Davidson, who graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee                                        of media calls and inter-
College of Law in 1989, began his legal career serving as a Judicial Clerk for the                            view requests, some even
Hon. Houston Goddard on the Tennessee Court of Appeals. He also clerked for                                   before she went into
now retired Chief Justice Frank Drowota III on the Tennessee Supreme Court.                                   surgery. “To be honest, I
Aside from one year with the Nashville law firm of King & Ballow and another                                  was frustrated that the
with the Murfreesboro law firm of Burger, Fly & McFarlin, he has served since                                 media tried to make such
1992 as a Tennessee Supreme Court staff attorney, assisting the court with the           Carrie Gleaves      a big deal out of my
review of a wide range of civil cases. Davidson’s lengthy and in depth experience     situation only because of who I am and what I
with the Court has given him a rich understanding of tort law that he enjoys          do,” she said. “I am not the only person this
sharing with his NSL students twice a week.                                           happens to. Earlier this year a little girl was
                                                                                      struck by a stray bullet that came through a wall
                          Davidson credits his immersion in the teaching
                                                                                      while she was sitting at home. Unfortunately
                       profession to a landmark 1992 Tennessee Supreme Court
                                                                                      this type of situation happens all too often and
                       Case: McIntyre v. Balentine. This ruling adopted the
                                                                                      the majority of the stories go unreported.”
                       doctrine of “comparative fault,” dramatically changing the
                       way courts analyze tort cases in Tennessee by more closely        When asked how the shooting might impact
                       linking liability and fault. At about the time of the          her decision to defend criminals, Gleaves is
                       McIntyre v. Balentine ruling, Davidson’s predecessor at        remarkably philosophical in the wake of person-
                       NSL was planning to retire from the school. Davidson was       al trauma. “Not all criminals are bad people,”
 Marshall Davidson offered the position by Dean Joe C. Loser, Jr. He accepted,        she said. “Some just make really bad decisions
realizing the significant impact the case would have on the tort curriculum.          and get caught. Under our system, everyone
                                                                                      deserves a lawyer and the right to a fair trial.
   When discussing his students, Davidson says, “They inspire me every time I’m
                                                                                      Since I was a child, I have been driven by a
with them. I have the utmost respect for every single one of my students, many of
                                                                                      sense of justice and fairness.”
whom work full-time jobs, raise families and have the courage to take on four years
of law school. I believe the challenges each student faces and the commitment it         Gleaves returned to her internship a week
takes to overcome those challenges is what makes our students great lawyers.”         after the incident and is still working once a
                                                                                      week with the Public Defender’s office. She has
   Another inspiration is Chief Justice Drowota, for whom Davidson clerked
                                                                                      also returned to the scene of the shooting.
from 1990 to1991. Calling Drowota a mentor, Davidson credits him with
                                                                                      “It was difficult, but I got over it,” Gleaves said.
imparting a motto that drives his work ethic and approach to living a balanced
                                                                                      “I recognize there a many good people living in
life. “Chief Justice used to always say, ‘We work hard, but we also play hard,’”
                                                                                      that area who are just trying to make it, and it
Davidson remembers.
                                                                                      would be unfair to my clients for me to be afraid
  Outside of his work with the Supreme Court and nights of teaching, Davidson         of doing my job.”
enjoys traveling and spending time with Salena, his wife of twenty three years,
                                                                                        In addition to raising five children, ages 5 to
and their three children. When he plays, he enjoys both hardly working and
                                                                                      13, and attending night classes NSL, Gleaves,
working hard. He’s just as likely to spend a relaxing day on Old Hickory Lake as
                                                                                      35, also works 5 days a week managing a local
take a 6,000 mile driving trek across the United States as he and his family did
                                                                                      bar and grill. She grew up in South Bend, IN
this past summer. ■
                                                                                      and moved to Nashville in 1999. ■
                              alumni news                                                  Congratulations
                                                                                         and kudos to those
Rae Anne Seay — Class of 2008, recently joined the Legal Aid Society                        who passed the
of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands in Columbia, TN. The organi-                     j u ly 2 0 0 9 b a r e x a m
zation provides legal support to low-income families coping with monetary,
                                                                                 Elizabeth Anne Abaray        Ralph Richard Kuhnert
housing, health care, and domestic violence issues.
                                                                                 Gere L. Beason               Vernon Michael Kurtz
R. Eddie Davidson — Class of 1989, was selected for inclusion in the 2010        Larry Russell Belk, Jr.      Tessa Nichole Lawson
edition of The Best Lawyers in America® in the area of Personal Injury           William N. Benjamin, Jr.     Karen Elaine Lewis
Litigation. Best Lawyers is one of the oldest and most respected peer-review     Thomas Hooker Bray           Tracy Lee Light
publications in the legal profession.                                            Maurice Andre' Brunelle      Casey Adam Long

Mary Elizabeth McCullohs — Class of 2007, was sworn in as an Assistant           Christy Lynn Chalou          Stacy Lindeman Lynch

United States Attorney on March 23, 2009. Ms. McCullohs joined the               Erica Suzanne Chitwood       Tiffany Smith Lyon

U.S. Attorney’s Office in 1998 as a paralegal and assisted in the prosecu-       Allen Thomas Christie        Wilton A. Marble, Jr.

tion of health care fraud and other white collar crime cases. Prior to join-     Tracy Renee Church           Robert Benton McDonough
                                                                                 Crystal Rene Cole            Jessica R. Miller
                                                   ing the U.S. Attorney’s
                                                                                 Joshua Aaron Coles           John Smith Mooneyham
                                                   Office, she was a senior
                                                                                 Kristen Leigh Corn           Julie Ann Mulzer
                                                   paralegal at Bass, Berry
                                                                                 Chad Alan Cox                Benjamin Thomas Norris
                                                   and Sims, PLLC for eleven
                                                                                 Shannon Lee Crutcher         Sarah G. Paris
                                                   years. Ms. McCullohs
                                                                                 Joshua James Dailey          Jeffrey Lynn Peach
                                                   received her undergraduate
                                                                                 Patricia Nicole Daughtry     Brandon Keith Pelizzari
                                                   degree from the University
                                                                                 Daphne Michelle Davis        Eric Lynn Phillips
                                                   of Georgia. “The U.S.
                                                                                 Terry Lee Dicus, Jr.         Amy Broom Pollina
                                                   Attorney’s Office is
                                                                                 Martha J. Durocher           Michael T. Poore
                                                   fortunate to have Mary
                                                                                 Scott W. Felsenthal          Jennifer Leigh Potts
McCullohs on board in her new role as federal prosecutor.” said Ed Yarbrough,
                                                                                 Jennifer Lenore Fiola        Julie Elizabeth Potts
U.S. Attorney. “Her courtroom experience as a paralegal will serve her well as
                                                                                 Ryan Anthony Freeze          Cary Brent Powell
she begins her career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. There is no greater honor
                                                                                 Laura Austin Frost           Nathan L. Powers
or responsibility than to represent the United States of America in court.”      James Noble Grant, III       Alison Bennett Prestwood
Al Ward — Class of 1997, is the County Attorney for Benton County, TN.           Kelly Annette Greene         W. Justin Reynolds
                                                                                 Ira L. Greer                 April Lynn Ricketts
                                                                                 Ronald Brett Grimm           Charles Roderick Roston
                  T h a n k Yo u f o r H o n o r i n g                           Lindsay Chira'e              Robert Blake Sain
                 James C. Dale III’s Memory                                        Cameron Gross              Shelby Stack Silvey
                                                                                 Kristina Marie Grossheim     Glenn Todd Spearman
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 William Eddie Simpson                                                           Samuel Leslie Knolton, Jr.   Lauren Galen Zechman

                                    n e w s f r o m t h e n o ta b l e c l a s s o f 19 9 8

Daniel A. Bailey serves as the appointed          has been recognized by the Tennessee Concrete     John Michael Garrett has a civil trial practice
General Counsel of the Tennessee Department       Association as an industry leader. Entrepreneur   in Nashville, TN. John and his wife Karen
of Labor and Workforce managing the Legal         magazine has ranked MarCor Construction,          have two sons: Jack, age 3 and Sam, age 4
Division comprised of 11 attorneys. He is a       Inc. as one of its Hot 500 fastest growing        months. He is a member of the Shriners of
member of the Nashville Bar Association and       companies in America.                             North America.
resides in Mt. Juliet, TN.                                                                          Kenneth R. Goble, Jr. practices with the
                                                  Edward T. Farmer is a general practitioner
Beth Boone is licensed to practice law in         with Long, Farmer & Associates. Farmer is a       Goble Law Firm, PLLC in Clarksville, TN in
Georgia and is a member of Hall Booth Smith       Colonel in the United States Army Reserve         the areas of criminal defense, orders of
& Slover, P.C. in Brunswick, GA. Her primary      and member of the Tennessee and Robertson         protection, collections and civil law. He is a
areas of practice include probate, estate,        County bar associations. He is a member of the    member of the Montgomery County Bar
fiduciary and insurance defense. She is a         Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense         Association.
member of the Georgia, Tennessee and Glynn        Lawyers and the FBI National Academy              John Griffith is a founding partner of Griffith
County bar associations. Boone is a member of     Associates, a non-profit international            & Roberts, PLLC in Nashville, TN. He
the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of             organization of senior law enforcement            represents plaintiffs in personal injury, workers’
Commerce and Board Member of the Coastal          professionals dedicated to providing              compensation, products liability and wrongful
Georgia Regional Development Center Aging         communities, states, countries, and               death cases. He is a member of the
Services Advisory Council. She volunteers at                                                        American Association of Justice, American
                                                  professionals with the highest degree of law
Heartland Hospice.                                                                                  Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers
                                                  enforcement expertise, training, education and
Jim Corley practices in the areas of              information. He is a Staff Judge Advocate for     Association, Nashville Bar Association and
construction, tax, real estate and probate law.   the Sons of Confederate Veterans Murfreesboro     the Board of Governors for the Tennessee
He founded MarCor Construction, Inc., based       Camp No. 33 and is a member of the Board of       Association of Justice.
in Nashville, TN, after graduating from NSL.      Directors of the Robertson County Senior          Sharon Massey Grimes has a general practice
He has grown the construction company from        Citizens Center. Farmer is also a Paul Harris     in Clarksville, TN focusing on family law. She
3 to 100 employees. MarCor Construction, Inc.     Fellow with Rotary International.                 is one of 330 members of the American

Academy of Adoption Attorneys in the U.S.           2008, he was recognized as a “Rising Star” by         volunteers her time at the local Child
and Canada. The Academy's work promotes the         Mid-South Super Lawyers magazine.                     Advocacy Center.
reform of adoption laws and disseminating           Catherine M. Martin is in-house counsel for           Sandra N. Rice resides in Brentwood, TN,
information on ethical adoption practices.          Simon Property Group, the largest Real Estate         and provides pro bono services to the elderly,
Byron C. Hamlett works in the area of               Investment Trust in the U.S., where she is            infirmed and disadvantaged. Other areas of her
commercial collections at the Law Offices of        managing senior attorney of Simon’s Legal             practice have included business associations,
Buffaloe & Associates based in Nashville, TN.       Collections and Bankruptcy Department. As in-         contracts, wills and estates, debt collection,
He has been with the firm for 10 years.             house counsel, she oversees litigation related to     landlord and tenant, criminal defense and
                                                    more than 400 shopping centers within 46              divorces requiring extensive forensic
Robert H. Hassell practices criminal law and
                                                    states and Puerto Rico. Her notable cases             accounting.
family law at Young, McDade & Hassell
Associates in Franklin, TN. He is a former          include the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for          David Ridings resides in Goodlettsville, TN,
Assistant District Attorney for the 21st Judicial   Steve & Barry’s and Eddie Bauer.                      where he is President and Senior Partner of the
District and is a member and former president       Susan Elizabeth McCown has a general                  Ridings Law Group, P.C. The primary areas of
of the Williamson County Bar Association.           practice in Fayetteville, TN, where she focuses       practice of the firm include employment law,
Hassel is also a member of the United Way           primarily on domestic relations cases.                contract law, criminal defense, family law,
of Williamson County’s Medius Circle, an                                                                  business organization, credit remediation,
                                                    L. Broner McCoy resides in Franklin, TN, and
under-45 group that educates members on                                                                   identity theft recovery and police advocacy.
                                                    executes real estate title work in Ashland City,
health and human service needs in                                                                         He currently serves as General Counsel for
                                                    TN. He operates McCoy Title as part of his
Williamson County and provides members                                                                    the Tennessee Highway Patrol Retired
                                                    general law practice. He has three children and
with hands-on experience in addressing these                                                              Officers Association.
                                                    is the Cub Master of Pack 298 in Grassland,
needs. He is a member of Franklin’s First           which is in Williamson County.                        Jeff Smith is corporate counsel and Assistant
United Methodist Church.                                                                                  Treasurer of National Health Care Corporation
                                                    Susie Piper McGowan practices juvenile law as
Laural Nutt Hemenway is with the 16th                                                                     in Murfreesboro, TN. NHC owns and manages
                                                    Court appointed Guardian ad Litem in                  nursing homes, assisted living and retirement
District Attorney General’s Office in the Child
                                                    Davidson, Hickman, Cheatham and Perry                 centers, pharmacies, hospices and home care
Abuse Division in Murfreesboro, TN. She
                                                    counties. She is a member of the Nashville and        programs. He is a member of the MTSU
serves the 16th District as a Child Protective
                                                    Hickman County bar associations. McGowan is           Advisory Board, Nashville Inner City Ministry
Investigative Team Leader and is a member of
                                                    also a 10-year breast cancer survivor.                Board and David Prices’ Project One Four
the Child Fatality Review Team and the
Domestic Violence Training Team. Hemenway           Kirk Moser has a real estate practice in              Foundation Board, which is a charitable
has helped to write legislation regarding child     Nashville, TN. He is assistant vice president         foundation supporting entities that provide
abuse and prosecution. She is a past member of      and Tennessee State Counsel for Old Republic          opportunities for youth in the community to
the Inns of Court, an organization designed to      National Title Insurance Company. Moser also          learn life skills in a safe and supportive
improve the skills, professionalism and ethics      serves as a County Commissioner in Sumner             environment.
of the bench and bar.                               County, TN, where he sits as Chairman of the          Evelyn Todd Taylor, is Vice President and Trust
                                                    Budget Committee and Vice Chairman of the             Officer with Regions Bank in Birmingham, AL,
Steve Holzapfel practices family and probate law
                                                    Law Enforcement Subcommittee.                         administering 126 types of trust accounts with
in Nashville, TN where he also serves as Night
Court Commissioner. He is a Civil and Family        Stanley P. Nuehring is in private practice in         assets in excess of $215 million. She gave birth
Mediator and is a member of the Nashville and       Nashville and provides consulting services to         to daughter Evelyn Frances Taylor on
Tennessee bar associations, Judicial                commercial clients regarding the Employee             November 1, 2008.
Commissioners Association of Tennessee,             Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA),               Keith A. Turner has a General Civil Practice
Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators     insurance law, benefits, and related tax issues; as   in Nashville, TN. His areas of focus include
and the Nashville Conflict Resolution Center.       well as employment law issues facing small – to       probate, estate planning, automobile accidents,
                                                    medium-sized employers. He also represents            business planning, creditor representation in
Christopher L. Huskey is President and Owner
                                                    individual clients on a pro bono basis.               State and Bankruptcy Courts and real estate.
of MPS Truck Lines, a refrigerated
transportation company that specializes in          Sheri S. Phillips is a partner at Olson & Phillip,    He is a member of the Nashville and American
transporting food and refrigerated goods            PLLC in Clarksville, TN. She has held the             Bar associations and several local charitable
throughout the United States. He also serves as     office of Board Member and Secretary/Treasurer        organizations.
a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve.     of the Momtgomery County Bar Association              Gary W. Wicks, Sr. has a general practice in
                                                    and is currently serving as Vice                      Franklin, TN. Wicks is a member of the
Jack D. Lowery is a partner with and practices
                                                    President/President-Elect. Phillips also serves as    Williamson County, Hickman County and
criminal and personal injury law with Lowery,
                                                    a Board Member for the American Red Cross.            Tennessee bar associations and the Tennessee
Lowery & Cherry, PLLC in Lebanon, TN.
Lowery is the Prosecutor for the City of            Michelle Poss is a partner at Sobel, Poss &           Association of Criminal Lawyers.
Lebanon, TN, and is a member of the Lebanon         Moore, PLLC in Nashville, TN, where she               Michael B. Willey practices bankruptcy law in
Airport Commission. He is actively involved in      practices elder, probate, and business law.           the Bankruptcy Division of the Attorney
the operation LoJac, a major highway and road       She sits on several boards including CASA             General’s Office where he is Senior Counsel.
construction firm. In 2009, Lowery was selected     (Court Appointed Special Advocates), Junior           He is a member of the Tennessee Bar
to serve as a member of the Tennessee Judicial      League and the Rho Omicron Corporation                Association, preacher at Jones Chapel
Nominating Committee. Lowery is a 2009              Housing Board. Poss is a member of the                Church of Christ and member and past
graduate of the Leadership Law program              National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys               Flotilla Commander, Flotilla 11-05, U.S.
sponsored by the Tennessee Bar Association. In      and is a VA Accredited Attorney. She also             Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Marlene Eskind Moses is New President of the
Tennessee Supreme Court Historical Society
                                                               Marlene Eskind Moses, class of              negotiation, and collaborative law.
                                                             1980, has been installed as president         “The diverse cases that have come
                                                             of the Tennessee Supreme Court                before the court since 1796 reflect the
                                                             Historical Society, which honors the          issues that have shaped our history.
                                                             justices who have served on the court         The justices who served on the court
                                                             and preserves its history and records.        developed and shaped the law with
                                                             Moses is a founder and partner of             their decisions. These records are a
                                                             Moses & Townsend PLLC, in                     legacy that should be preserved.”
                                                             Nashville, TN. The installation          The Tennessee Supreme Court
                                                             became effective in October 2009,      Historical Society was established in
                                                             and will be in effect for one year.    1994 to compile, organize, preserve
                                                               “I am honored to serve as president  and provide relevant and probative
                                                             of Tennessee Supreme Court Historical historical and archival information
                                                             Society and look forward to working    concerning the Supreme Court and
                                                             with the officers and board members to appellate courts of Tennessee. The
Marlene Eskind Moses presented Judge Ben Cantrell,
                                                             advance its mission,” said Moses, who society also seeks to promote a better
  most recent past president, with a certificate of
                                                             concentrates her practice on marital   understanding of the role of the
   appreciation in honor of his dedicated service.
                                                             and family law litigation, mediation,  Tennessee judiciary in our society. ■

              n a s h v i l l e s c h o o l o f l aw s a l u t e s o u r m a n y g e n e r o u s d o n o r s

                                      Capital Campaign Pledges and Donations through October 31, 2009

    Mr. & Mrs. Tom F. Cone, Sr.          Alan G. Ward                         L. Mabel Arroyo                     Honorable Steve R. Dozier
                                                                              AT & T (Bellsouth)                  Joe Dughman
    Ingram Foundation                    Bass Berry & Sims                    Brenda C. Bass                      Kathryn Reed Edge
                                         Brenda & Douglas Hale                C. Dewees Berry IV                  Mr. & Mrs. Leroy J. Ellis III
                                         Regions Bank                         Honorable Cheryl Blackburn          Harris Gilbert
    Anne & Joseph Russell
    The Memorial Foundation              The Frist Foundation                 Tim L. Bowden                       Laura Y. Goodall & Charles
                                                                              William B. Bradley                  R. Niewold
                                         Washington Foundation, Inc.
                                                                              Ronald B. Buchanan                  Tom B. Harris, Jr.
    Boult Cummings
                                                                              Jack A. Butler                      Jonathan Harwell
     Conner & Berry                      Bank of America
     (in honor of Vance Berry)                                                Thomas I. Carlton, Jr.              David B. Herbert
                                         Bar/Bri Group
    Dale L. Denny                                                             Laura Chastain                      Kay B. Housch
                                         Cornelius & Collins, LLP
                                                                              David L. Cooper                     Paul T. Housch
                                         Douglas M. Fisher
                                                                              Honorable Robert E. Corlew III      Joe B. Huddleston
    Donald Clark Arbogast                Joe C. Loser, Jr.
                                                                              Nancy Krider Corley                 Honorable David R. Kennedy
    Robert & Martha Cone Beck            James & Alice Rainey
                                                                              Jimmy G. Creecy                     Honorable William C. Koch
    Luther E. Cantrell, Jr.              John T. Rochford III
                                                                              James C. Dale III                   Honorable Carlton M. Lewis
    Aubrey B. Harwell, Jr.               Mary Frances Rudy
                                                                              Honorable J. S. “Steve” Daniel      John Lewis
    Rose & Emmett Kennon                 Larry N. & Steven P. Westbrook
                                                                              Marshall Davidson                   Mary Frances Lyle
    Mary & Bob LaGrone

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           n a s h v i l l e s c h o o l o f l aw s a l u t e s o u r m a n y g e n e r o u s d o n o r s

                                Capital Campaign Pledges and Donations through October 31, 2009

Larry R. “Rocky” McElhaney II     John H. Bailey III                Ed Murray                       Walter Frank Evans
Robert M. & Marlene               William M. Billips                William P. Ortale III           Charles W. Fentress
 Eskind Moses                     Dwight G. Burgess                 Douglas B. Parker               Robert H. & Betty Ann Goodall
Betty Anderson Naifeh             Allen S. Curtis                   Thomas C. Parsons               Roger T. Gray
Marsh Nichols                     Brooke C. Grubb                   Walter B. Pegram, Jr.           Marjorie Haines
Glenn H. Park                     Trevor Howell                     Thomas P. Pinckney              Lawrence A. Hardee
Casey Reed                        James G. Martin III               William H. Poland               James L. Harper
Jeffrey S. Roberts                Mr. & Mrs. Maurice W. Pinson      Stephen S. Riven                Christian Hofstetter
Rex H. Roberts                    Robert R. Ramsey                  Maria M. Salas                  Lee Holmes
Honorable Jerry Scott             Larry L. Roberts                  Honorable Marietta Shipley      Honorable John Aaron Holt
James L. Smith                    Thomas B. Thurman                 Mike Smiley                     Juris Inc.
John G. Squires                   Wes Turner                        M. Clark Spoden                 Jimmy P. Lockert
Robert L. Sullivan                Joe M. Rice                       Leslie Stillman                 Jennifer Loyd
M. Carl Talley                                                      James W. Stinnett, Jr.          Clarence Lutz
Virginia M. Townzen                                                 Betty Lou Taylor                J. Franklin McCreary
                                  Honorable Haywood C. Barry
Mark H. Westlake                                                    James K. Woodard, Sr.           Michael J. McMillen
                                  Robert H. Bradshaw, Jr.
Robert G. Wheeler, Jr.                                              Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP     Katrin N. Miller
                                  Robert O. Bragdon
Charles H. White                                                                                    Phillip North
                                  Honorable John P. Brown, Jr.
Larry R. Williams                                                                                   Stanley P. Nuehring
                                  Donald Capparella                 Clinton C. Boyd
Leonard Wood                                                                                        Louis W. Oliver III
                                  Martha Child                      Wilton W. Burnett, Jr.
                                  Honorable Frank G. Clement, Jr.   Deborah Murphy Dickson          Linda O’Neal
Mary L. Babian                    James Lloyd Comer                 Margy Ann Gass                  Joseph Kempton Presley
F. Clay Bailey, Jr.               Robert D. Crenshaw                Clifford J. Harrison, Jr.       Honorable Leon Ruben
John M. Baird                     Stephen E. Davis                  R. Timothy Hogan                Lawrence A. Simons
Daniel & Kristin Berexa           Fred Dettwiller                   Jamie Hollin                    Honorable Jerry L. Smith
Honorable Joe B. Brown            John H. Dillon                    Barbara Ackerman Johnson        Shannon and Jay Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer S. Cook          John B. Downey, Jr.               Ned Ray McWherter Foundation    John A. Spann III
Justice Frank Drowota             Honorable Daniel B. Eisenstein    Ed Silva                        Joel B. Stoner
Mark T. Fraley                    Honorable Sue McKnight Evans      Philippa T. Thompson            Devon J. Sutherland
Robin Harrell                     Honorable Mark Fishburn           Robert Maynard                  Darrell G. Townsend
Kal Helou                         John Claude Garrett III           Kimberley L. Reed-Bracey        Randall York
Allen E. Hill                     Honorable Nolan R. Goolsby        James G. Tippins, Jr.
Van Michael Jones                 Honorable Tom E. Gray             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Urquhart        Tim Burrow
Jack D. Lowery                    William L. Harbison                                               James C. Campbell, Jr.
Elizabeth Ann McDonald            Hal Hardin                                                        Cole G. Carter
                                                                    Henry D. Bell
William L. Penny                  Honorable Stella L. Hargrove                                      Edward J. Gross IV
                                                                    Jerry B. Bible
J. Frank Rudy, Jr.                John Coleman Hayes, Jr.                                           Floyd Hawk
                                                                    Justice Adolpho A. Birch, Jr.
M. Kirk Scobey, Jr.               Joe & Barbara Haynes                                              Sen. Douglas Henry
                                                                    C. Richard Bobo
Brenda Short                      David E. High                                                     Frank S. Irlinger
                                                                    Beth Boone
Charlie Sizemore                  Clyde P. Holland                                                  Justin K. Johnson
                                                                    George Bratton
John L. Smith                     David Hudson                                                      Steven D. Keel
                                                                    Honorable Ben H. Cantrell
William H. Smith                  Percy V. Jackson III                                              John D. Kitch
                                                                    Rose P. Cantrell
Honorable Jeffrey Stewart         Bruce Kessler                                                     Joseph O. Martin, Jr.
                                                                    Chicago Title - David Barry
Honorable Matthew J. Sweeney      H. Tom Kittrell, Jr.                                              Marshall A. Raines, Jr.
                                                                    Billy B. Cotten
Sam J. Watridge                   James G. Lackey III                                               William Bryan Roehrig III
                                                                    Richard M. Davenport
William Don Young, Jr.            Harlan Mathews                                                    Janelle A. Simmons
                                                                    Harold Donnelly
Robert A. Zika                    Wirt C. McKnight                                                  Phillip M. Trella
                                                                    Carol Downton
                                  Patricia McPherson                Steven Bradshaw Dozier          Michael L. Underhill
R. David Allen                    Honorable Susan Melton                                            Frank M. Wentworth, Jr.
                                                                    Monica D. Edwards
David Milton Amonette             Thomas W. Mitchell
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                                         Capital Campaign Pledges and Donations through October 31, 2009

     John Ascione                          William Calhoun                  Claudia & Gordon Bonnyman      Frank W. Swartz
     Jimmy L. Badger                       Bruce Conley                     Cyrus L. Booker                Jon Tucci
     Cynthia J. Bohn                       Honorable Lew Conner             Larry B. Brinton, Jr.          Andrew Tucker
     Lytle Brown III                       Honorable R. E. Lee Davies       Kevin Carter                   William A. Vernich
     George A. Burke, Sr.                  Laura Dykes                      Mr. and Mrs. Bill Coble        Michael Wagner
     Lon Overton Campbell                  Burton Glover                    J.E. Crain & Son, Inc.         Richard Wagner
     Grayson S. Cannon                     Stephanie Gore                   Mithcell Dugan                 David Waynick
     A. Wayne Carter                       Jason D. Kane                    Larry Felts                    Steve Weddle
     Honorable Irvin H. Kilcrease, Jr.     Heather R. Knott                 David H. Findley               Susan Weiss
     M.C. Watson Lauderback                C. Alan Lancaster                Betty W. Green                 Gary W. Wicks, Sr.
     Lee Ofman                             Virginia S. Mayo                 Marjorie Greer                 Nicholas Zeppos
     Charles E. Ridenour                   Ann Turner Moore                 Marvin Gregory
     Mary Martin Schaffner                 John B. Nixon                    Charles Hardiman               H. Stanley Allen
     Rosemary D. Sexton                    Mrs. Charles O’Brien             Anthony Harris                 Daniel Bailey
     Clarence Suiter                       Mr. & Mrs. John (Dorothy Dean)   Renee Simonetti Harris         William B. Cannon
     Patricia C. Vise                       Peebles                         Mary Hausman                   Honorable Christopher D. Coats
     Robert Whittle                        Michael J. Philbin               Jack Hinson                    Danny Dickerson
                                           David L. Puckett                 Joe B. Jackson                 Sam H. Edwards
                                           Mary Ann Reese                   Douglas T. Jenkins
     Edward Alderman                                                                                       Emma’s Flowers & Gifts
                                           Drew A. Saulters                 J. R. Johnson, Jr.
     Franklin B. Brabson                                                                                   Dan B. Farrar
                                           D. Tracy Shaw                    William F. Lee, Jr.
     Jim Campbell                                                                                          Timothy Ferguson
                                           James D. Sledge                  Suzanne M. Lockert
     John A. Corbitt                                                                                       Angela R. Fernandez
                                           William B. Thetford              Jerry O. Lowery, Sr.
     John G. Corry                                                                                         Thomas H. Haynes
                                           Stephen Douglas Thurman          John G. Manley
     Robin Grindstaff Costa                                                                                John F. Howell
                                           Judy Wells                       James McBroom
     Jewel Crawford                                                                                        T. W. Hunter
                                           Paul R. White, Sr.               Carol L. McCoy
     Andrea Curtis                                                                                         W. Richard Husband
     Jonathan D. Curtis                                                     Marvin Meiggs                  Victor Ivy
     Honorable William E. Higgins          Thomas K. Davis, Jr.             Harold W. Moore III            Brent W. Johnson
     Henry D. Hildebrand                   Jesse T. Durham                  Dent Morriss                   Shawn F. Kohl
     D.H. Hirshberg                        William Ferguson                 Phyllis Morriss                Charles Morrow
     Charles Jenkins                       Sheri Gonyea                     Robert B. Nadler               Judith Osborn
     Norris Johnson                        S. Ralph Gordon                  Catherine Nance                Andrea Phelan
     Jeffrey R. Kohl                       Christopher Hugan                Honorable Al Nations           Kenneth Phillips
     Mark McGill                           Stephan D. Karr                  Richard A. Northcutt           William Jay Reynolds
     Robert Notestine                      Jackie Hanna Lakins              Edward Allen Ostendorff        William R. Sloan
     Orvil L.Orr                           Frank E. Lee                     Tracey Parks                   William Patrick Smith
     Allen Patton (CPS Land LLC)           David McKinney                   A. Vester Parsley, Jr.         James L. Trimbach
     Tina & Nixon Pressley                 Rebecca Montgomery               David E. Phillips              Frances Wallas
     Lee W. Ramsey                         Linda Rittenhouse                Sheri S. Phillips              Lester Williams
     Bob Dudley Smith                      Dora Leigh Salinas               Earl J. Porter
     Whitworth Stokes                      Robert Dudley Smith              Mary Miles Prince
                                                                            Lewis Rankin                   Connie Allison
     Edwin M. Walker                       Charles D. Sullivan
                                           Steven Wasserman                 Jane Cozart Reid               William L. Baker
     Toby Wilt
                                                                            Stanley Q. Reynolds            Gregory S. Binkley
     Jack Zager
                                                                            Helen S. Rogers                Lee Cranford
                                           Don R. Ash
                                                                            Linda Rose                     Ward Dewitt
     David M. Ausbrooks                    Dana M. Ausbrooks
                                                                            Adam R. Smith                  Joshua Hopkins
     Ralph Bard                            Honorable Billy Baliles
                                                                            Robert F. Spann                Robert Leo McReynolds III
     Charles Blackwell                     R. E. Baulch
                                                                            Gary V. Stewart                Robert H. Plummer, Jr.
     John P. Branham                       Andrew Benedict
                                                                            Robert T. Stroop               John Tibbetts
                                           Robert O. Binkley

                             NSL Students Connect
                  with Members of the Tennessee Bar Association

                                                                     On September 21st and 22nd, the Nashville School of Law
                                                                     hosted two open house events at NSL for students interested in
                                                                     joining the Tennessee Bar Association’s law student program.
                                                                     TBA members and staff from across middle Tennessee were on
                                                                     hand to speak with NSL students and discuss membership benefits,
                                                                     including continuing education and network opportunities,
                                                                     receipt of TBA publications, retail company discounts, and free
                                                                     membership in other relevant organizations. ■

                              c l e o f f e r i n g s a t n s l i n S p r i n g 2 010
           Nashville School of Law is proud to announce that it will present Continuing Legal Education at the school on
               Wednesday evenings in March, April and May. The dates, times, topics, and presenters are as follows:

DATE                 TIME                        TOPIC/PRESENTER                                                     CREDIT

March 10             6:30-8:00 p.m.              Deciding Whether to Accept Representation:                          1.5
                                                 Case Investigation, Employment Contract,                            Dual
                                                 and Ethical Considerations
                                                 Rebecca Blair

March 24             6:30-8:00 p.m.              Use of Experts: Expert Testimony                                    1.5
                                                 Judge Tom Brothers                                                  General

April 7              6:30-8:00 p.m.              Practical Tips and Ethical Issues in Domestic Law:                  1.5
                                                 Client Interview to Closing Argument                                Dual
                                                 Judge Phil Smith

April 21             6:30-8:00 p.m.              New Sheriff in Town: Changes in                                     1.5
                                                 Evidentiary Law, DUI to Murder                                      General
                                                 Judge Steve Dozier

May 5                6:30-8:00 p.m.              Tennessee Real Property Foreclosures:                               1.5
                                                 Tips and Traps for Attorneys                                        General
                                                 Joseph Prochaska

May 19               6:30-8:00 p.m.              Use of Contempt Power to Aid Your Clients                           1.5
                                                 Judge Jeff Bivins                                                   General

Each session has been approved by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education for a maximum of 1.5 hours of credit.

Nashville School Of Law
4013 Armory Oaks Drive
  Nashville, TN 37204
       Tel. 615.256.3684
       Fax 615.244.2383

e-mail: beth@nashvilleschooloflaw.net

 Nashville School Of Law

                                        Save The Date!
Commencement exercises for the 99th graduating class of Nashville School of Law will
                         be held on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 11:00 a.m.

             Nashville School of Law Annual Recognition Dinner will be held on
                      June 4, 2010 at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.

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