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                                     Compiled by Ian Best at 3L Epiphany
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                                             The 10B-5 Daily
All The News That's Fit To Blog, Appellate Monitor, Curiouser and Curiouser, Discovery Stay, Enron,
ERISA Litigation, IPO Allocation Cases, Lead Plaintiff/Lead Counsel, Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics,
Motion To Dismiss Monitor, Settlement, Summary Judgment, WorldCom

                                                3L Epiphany
Academic Blogging Advice for Law Students, Analogies, Announcements, A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs,
Blame, Blog Articles, Blog Collections, Blog News, Blogosphere, Blogs and Law Reviews, Blogs in the
Law, Blog Storm, Blog Usurpation, Cases Citing Legal Blogs, Credit for Blogging?, Definitions, Dialogues,
Electronic Footnote, Experiments, Extra Categories, Final Post, Footnote 123, Futuristic Summer Job,
Graduate Blogs, Greetings, Historical, Ideas, Interviews, Judges on Legal Blogs, Launch Day!, Law Review
Articles Citing Legal Blogs, Law Student Blogs, Lawyer Blogging, List of Legal Blogs, Locations,
Miscellaneous, Pre-launch, Previews, Publicity, Questions, Resume, Speeches, Table of Contents, Taxonomy
Addendum, Taxonomy Additions, Taxonomy: Advice for Lawyers, Taxonomy: Anonymous Blogs,
Taxonomy: Association Blogs, Taxonomy: Blog Post Collections, Taxonomy: Blogs about Judges,
Taxonomy: Blogs by Judges, Taxonomy: Book Supplement Blogs, Taxonomy: Case Blogs, Taxonomy:
Class Blogs, Taxonomy: Event Blogs, Taxonomy Explanations, Taxonomy: Federal Circuit Blogs,
Taxonomy: Fictional Blogs, Taxonomy: General Blogs, Taxonomy: Group Blogs, Taxonomy: Humor Blogs,
Taxonomy: Institute Blogs, Taxonomy: Law Firm Blogs, Taxonomy: Law Journal Blogs, Taxonomy: Law
Library Blogs, Taxonomy: Law Professor Blogs, Taxonomy: Lawyer Webjournals, Taxonomy: Legal Blog
Collections, Taxonomy: Legal Blog Networks, Taxonomy Main Page, Taxonomy Main Page (Spanish),
Taxonomy: Newspaper Blogs, Taxonomy Omissions, Taxonomy: Reader Feedback, Taxonomy Reviews,
Taxonomy: Specialty Blogs, Taxonomy: State Blogs, Taxonomy: Statute Blogs, Taxonomy: Trial Blogs,
Taxonomy: U.S. Supreme Court Blogs, Thanks, Updates, Writing a Case Note, Writing Samples

advertising, attribution, blogging, california, class actions, comics, commercial speech, conferences, copying,
copyright, damages, dastar, defamation, dmca, drm, false advertising, fan fiction, fda, first amendment, ftc,
geographic indications, google, libraries, music, my writings, parody, patents, peer production, preemption,
presentations, privacy, reading list, remedies, right of publicity, secondary liability, standing, surveys, trade
secrets, trademark, unconscionability, unfairness

                  ACSBlog: The Blog of the American Constitution Society

Assault on the Judiciary, Bill of Rights, Criminal Law, Economic Regulation & Employment, Equal
Protection and Due Process, Federalism, Guest Bloggers, IP and Tech Law, International Affairs, Judicial
Nominations, News And Announcements, Separation Of Powers, Solomon Amendment: FAIR v. Rumsfeld,
Voting Rights & Democracy

                                          Adam Smith, Esq.
About the Site, Adam Smith Himself, Book Reviews (Monthly), Compensation, Cultural Considerations,
Finance, Globalization, IT, Just Plain Interesting, Knowledge Management, Law Firm Research Project,
Leadership, M&A, Marketing, Partnership Structures, Practice Group Management, Savvy Blawgers,
Strategy, Trial Lawyers

                                     The Adventure of Strategy
Competitive Intelligence, Culture, Innovation, Inter-Generational Issues, Leadership, Mega-Trends, "Off the
Wall" Insights, Personal Notes, Quotable Quotes, Specific Issues, Strategic People Issues, Strategy 101, The
Strategy Process, Tools for Strategists

Guardianship, Heathcare, Independent Living, Life Planning for my Child, Medicaid, Special Education,
Special Needs Trusts

                                            Airport Lawyer
Airline Bankruptcies, Airport Expansions, Airport Law - Generally, Airports & Disaster Planning, Avian Flu
and You, Aviation Industry News, Blogginess, Case Notes, Constitutional Issues, Drafting Contracts,
Employment-Labor, Environmental, Ethics & PR, FAA, Finance, FOIA & Public Information, Getting
Things Done, Intergovernmental Relations, Litigation, Meta, Other Related News, Procurement, Public Law
Office Management, Real Property, Resources, Techno-Geek Chic, Terrorism & Security, The Balancing
Act, The Supremes, Torts, TSA

                                     Alabama Family Law Blog
Alimony, Child Custody, Child Custody - Relocation, Child Support, Divorce, Collaborative Divorce,
Divorce - Assets, Divorce - Debt, Divorce - Taxes, Domestic Violence, FAQs, FAQs - Initial Considerations,
FAQs - While Case is Pending, FAQs - You & Your Lawyer, Grandparent Visitation, Legislation, Marriage,
Prenuptial Agreements, Visitation

                                             The Alablawg
Abortion, Alabama Bloggers, Alabama Court Decisions, Alabama Legislature, Alabama News, Alabama’s
Congressman, Alabama’s Congressmen, Animals, Appellate And Post-Conviction Issues, Birmingham,
Birmingham Crime, Blogging, Capital Punishment, Corrupt Politicians, Education, Elections, Eleventh
Circuit, Equal Protection, Establishment Clause, Fourth Amendment, Free Speech, God and Government,
Goobers, Immigration, Legal News, National Blogs, National Politics, Not Alabama, Police Issues, Religion,
Roy and the Clones, Scotus, Sports, The Environment, Trials, Uncategorized

                                Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices
Knowledge Management, Law Firm Design, Law Firm Diversity, Law Firm Economics, Law Firm Human
Resources, Law Firm Innovation, Law Firm Leadership, Law Firm Management, Law Firm Marketing, Law
Firm Public Relations, Law Firm Strategy, Law Firm Technology, Law Firm Training, Law Related Events,
Law Related Publications, Speaking Engagements, Synergies (with other disciplines), The Legal Profession,
Time Management, Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Up Close and Personal

                                            Antitrust Review
2006 World Cup, Admin, Antitrust, Extraterritoriality, HSR, International, Law and Economics, New Papers,
People, Teaching, Uncategorized

                                            Anupam Chander
CIS Blog Posts, Current Affairs, Digitization, Globalization, Law School, Life

                             Anything Under The Sun Made By Man
Blogging, Patent Drafting and Claim Writing, Patent Drafting Theory, Practical Tips for Patent Drafting,
Patent Basics, Patent Strategy, Business Case for Patents, Defensive Patent Strategies, Offensive Patent
Strategies, Patents in Business, Business Theory for Patents, Examples of Patents in Business, Software
Patents, The Business of Patent Law, Practical Tips for Running the Patent Law Office, The Patent System,
The Process of Invention, The USPTO, Miscellaneous

                                      Appellate Law & Practice
AEDPA, Antitrust, Appellate Advocacy - Books & Articles, Appellate Advocacy - CLEs & Seminars,
Appellate Advocacy - Tips, Appellate News, Appellate Procedure, Bankruptcy, Big Cases, Blawg Review,
Booker, California Supreme Court, Civil Forfeiture, Civil - Jurisdiction & Removal, Civil - Liability, Civil
Procedure, Constitutional Torts (1983, Bivens, RLUIPA), Contracts, Criminal - Defenses, Criminal -
Offenses, Criminal Procedure, Criminal - Sentencing, Eighth Circuit, Eleventh Circuit, Evidence, Fifth
Circuit, First Circuit, Fourth Circuit, General Torts, Immigration, Insurance, Labor & Employment, Legal
Commentary, Ninth Circuit, Sanctions, Second Circuit, Securities, Seventh Circuit, Sixth Circuit, Sixth
Circuit - Criminal, Tax Court, Tenth Circuit, Third Circuit

                                       Arbitrary and Capricious
colleagues, Idaho, Washington, blogs, murder, bad lawyer, clients, trial, California, Twin Falls,
methamphetamine, Olympia, Constitution, photos, jail, politics, judges, juvenile, in court, "public pretender",
animals, bad prosecutor, caseload, jobs, Seattle, Grant County, police, Florida, Montana, death penalty, dogs,
Darfur, new p.d., Boise, law students, prison, history, music, Alaska, Louisiana, Georgia, Utah, Coeur
d'Alene, How Can You Defend A Guilty Client?, pets, prosecutors, Tacoma, interns, Myspace, BigLaw,
Blaine County, TV, bad cop, Oregon, Texas, creative writing, depression, Arizona, CLE, cats, Balkans, New
York, North Carolina, Yakima, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, dependency, Canada, Canyon County,

LiveJournal, New Mexico, Tennessee, fashion, Nevada, Tri-Cities, marijuana, Baltics, Dylan, IAC, Iowa,
Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, books, movies, Guantanamo, spam, Arkansas,
Eastern Europe, Mississippi, Ohio, Skelly Wright, Whatcom County, cartoons, drug court, quotes,
Massachusetts, Nebraska, Virginia, Wyoming, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Indefensible, Oklahoma, Samoa

                                     Arizona Family Law Blog
Family Law Basics, Divorce & Separation, Property/Debt Division, Support - Child, Visitation & Child
Custody, Arizona Legal Updates, Family Law News, Family Law Updates, Adoption, Attorney's Fees, Child
Custody & Visitation, UCCJEA Issues, Child Support, Divorce, Prenuptial Agreements, Property & Debt
Division, Other Anecdotes

                          The Art of Divorce: Family Law Resources
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Celebrity Divorces, Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce - General,
Divorce Stupidity, How To, News, Property Division, Spousal Support, Taxation, Uncategorized

                                      Atlanta Injury Law Blog
Brain Injury, Bus Accidents, Civil Litigation, Dangerous Products, Drunk Driving Liability, Ethics, Expert
Witness Rules, Federal Procedure, Georgia Business Litigation, Georgia injury news, Injury Law, Injury
Law FAQs, Insurance Law, Legislation, Medical Malpractice, Offers of Judgment, Proportional Liability,
Recent Tort Cases, Spinal Cord Injury, State Procedure, Tort Reform in Georgia, Truck Wreck of the Day,
Trucking Accidents, Trucking Litigation, Trucking Rules, Trucking Technology, Venue Changes

Automotive Industry, Blogs and Media, Case Law, Collision Repair Commentary, Consumer Issues,
Diminished Value, Insurance, NHTSA, Non-Conforming Petitions, Statutes & Legislation, Used Car
Review, Warranties

                                         Bank Lawyer's Blog
Accounting/Auditing, Banking Law-General, Bankruptcy, Blogging, Branching, BSA, Capital, Commercial
Lending, Conservatorship/Receivership, Consumer Law-General, CRA, Credit/Debit/ATM Cards, Credit
Unions, Crime, Deposits, Derivatives, Electronic Banking, Employment, Ethics, Fannie Mae, FCRA, FDIC,
Federal Legislation, Federal Preemption, FFIEC, FHA, FinCen, FRB, Freddie Mac, FTC, Home Equity
Lending, HUD, Lending, Life (In General), Litigation, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Mortgage
Banking, NCUA, OCC, Officers & Directors, OFHEO, OTS, Outsourcing, Politics, Practice of Law, Privacy,
Real Estate, Reporting, RESPA, Securities, State Law, Stocks, The Economy, US Treasury Department, VA,
War, Weblogs, Web/Tech

                               Bankruptcy and Restructuring Blog
9th Circuit Case Updates, Assets Sales and Acquisitions, Industry Focus: Committees, Mass Tort and
Healthcare, International Insolvency, Other Nationally Significant Cases

                                 The Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog
Bankruptcy Filing, Bankruptcy Means Test, Bankruptcy News, Bankruptcy and Student Loans, Bankruptcy
and the Economy, Credit Counseling, Debtor Education, General, Practicing Bankruptcy Law

                                 The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog
BAPCPA, BAPCPA Outline, Bankruptcy History, Bankruptcy in the Blogs, Bankruptcy in the News, Circuit
Splits, Code Statutory Interpretation, Litigation Lore, Personal Notes, Recent Articles of Interest, Recent
Case Law Developments, Stupid Lawyer Tricks, US Supreme Court Cases

                            Benzene and Absestos Information Blog
Asbestos, B2B Litigation, Benzene, Giving Back, In the News, Tobacco

Blogs, Censorship, Civil Liberties, Congress, Copyright, Courts, Cybercrime, Deep Linking, Digital Rights,
Digital Signatures, Domain Names, E-Commerce, E-Government, E-Mail, E-Records, EU Data Protection,
Free Speech, Freedom of Information, Government Documents, ID Theft, Intellectual Property, Internet,
Knowledge Management, Legal Research, Legislation, Libraries, Marketing, Microsoft, Patent and
Trademark, Patriot Act, PC Security, Privacy, Recommended Books, RSS, Search Engines, Securities Law,
Web Site Accessibility and Usability, Wiki, Wireless Web

                                          Between Lawyers
Anger, BL Behind the Scenes, BL News, BL on Tour, Blawgs, Blink, Blogging Legal Developments,
Blogging Policies, COPA, Copyright, Creative Commons, Current Events, E-Mail, eDiscovery, Electronic
Surveillance, Ethics and Technology, Ethics, Decorum and Manners, Future of Legal Blogging Article,
Humor, Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Law 2.0, Law Is A Business, Law Practice Management,
Leaks, Legal Education, Legal Ethics and Advertising, Legal Technology, MMORPGs, Open Source, Open
Source Lawyering, Participatory Law, Patent, Podcasting, Practice of Law, Predictions, Privacy,
Provocations, RSS, Supreme Court, Technology, Terms of Service, Torture, Trademark, Virtual Lawyers,
Web 2.0, Wireless Communication

                                  Beyond Structured Settlements
468B Settlement Funds, ATLA, Blogs, Communities, Concept Maps, Deferred Compensation, Definitions,
Disclosure, Ethics, Factoring, Insurance Investigations, Knowledge Management, Learning, Macomber v.

Travelers, Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements, NSSTA, Podcasting, Settlement Planning, Settlement
Transfers, Settlement Trusts, Social Networks, Society of Settlement Planners, Special Needs Trusts,
Structured Settlements, Taxonomies, Tort Reform, Tri-State KM Association, Web 2.0, Wikis

Blogs and Blogging, Fair Use and the Commons, Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley, International IP, Law and
Policy, Media, Privacy/Security, Software/Open Source, The DMCA, DRM, and Technology Mandates, The
Napster Generation, Uncategorized

                                             Bizz Bang Buzz
STARTING A BUSINESS, Entrepreneurship, Research & Analysis, Issues for Founders, Business Plans,
Financial Forecasting, Buy Sell Agreements, Legal Structure Choices, Raising Money, Bootstrapping,
Venture Capital, Equity & Securities, Negotiation, Buy a Business, Franchises & Franchising,
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, Patents & Patenting, Trade Secrets, Copyrights, IP Licensing, Trademarks
& Names, INTERNET & CYBERSPACE ISSUES, E-Commerce, Software, Open Source Software, Privacy
& Spam, BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, Boards & Governance, Compliance, Leadership, Family Business,
Employment & Employees, Financial Analysis, Creditors & Bankruptcy, Sale of a Business

admin, advice, books, criminal justice, culture, economics, film, gender, history, law general, law school,
Media, music, politics & voting rights, race, religion, sexuality, sports, supreme court

                                             Blawg De Novo
Bankruptcy, Child Support, Client Quotes, Divorce, DUI, Hokies, Hurricane Katrina, Law, Music,
Photography, Politics, Practice Tips, Say it ain’t so, Sports, Star Wars, Technology, Traffic, Virginia Beach,

                                             Blawg Republic
Admiralty Law, Appellate Law, Asset Protection Law, Business Law, Civil Rights, Consumer Law,
Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Disability Law, Education Law, Elder Law, Election Law, Employment Law,
Energy Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, General, Health Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law,
Intellectual Property Law, International, Internet and Society, Judicial, Law and Economics, Law Libraries,
Law Professors, Law Schools, Law Students, Legal Ethics, Legal News, Legal Technology, Media Law,
Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Securities Law, Social Security Law, Sports Law, Taxation Law,
Technology Law

                                                 blind insight
all play and no work, all work and no play, all you need is love, chick stuff, it's my blog and i'll opine if i
want to, mad adventures, mishpucha, navel gazing, the eyes have it (a/k/a ear! ear!), truth, injustice, and the
american way, Tying the knot

                                          Blogging Biodiversity
Uncategorized, CBD, Intellectual property, FAO, ABS, Liability & Redress, Traditional knowledge

                                                 Board Buzz
Advocacy & Legislation, Curriculum, Early Childhood Education, Education Technology, Health &
Wellness, Hurricane Relief Efforts, No Child Left Behind, Privatization & Choice, Religion, School Boards,
School Finance, School Law, School Safety, Special Education, Students, Teachers

                            BoleyBlogs! of Lewis & Clark Law School
Blogs, Blogs & Law, Boley Library News, General, Legal Ed, Legal Research, Legal Tech, New L&C Law
Scholarship, Animal Law Review, Envtl. Law Review, L&C Law Review, Non-Legal Research, Searching
the Web, Technology

                                           Brain Injury Lawyer
Brain Injury and Sports, Brain Injury Association Information, Brain Injury Broadcasts, Brain Injury &
Concussions, Brain Injury & Epilepsy, Brain Injury Events, Brain Injury Latest Medical News, Brain Injury
Lawyers and Law, Brain Injury Legislative News, Brain Injury Prevention, Brain Injury Publications, Brain
Injury Rehabilitation, Medicare and Medicaid Information

                                              Brandy Karl bk!
about, blogging, cool things, biz, creative, legal, music, links, lpm, tech, misc, people, reports

                                  Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports
Faculty News, Law in Cyberspace, Law Professors Saying Dumb Things, Legal Humor, Legal Profession,
Memorial Notices, Navel-Gazing, Of Academic Interest, Professional Advice, Rankings, Sextonism Watch,
Student Advice

                                         Business Law Prof Blog
Business in Law Schools, Corporate Governance, Current Affairs, Government and Business, International
Business, Investing, Lawyers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Musings, Politics, Securities Markets

                                           CAFA Law Blog
Case Summaries, Events, Resources, The Act - Full Text, Jurisdictional Burden of Proof, Legal Publications
and Articles

                                               Cairns Blog
Activism, Articles, Books, Cairns Project, (c) (cc) and ip, Conferences and Events, Decision Making,
Deliberation, E-Govt, Groups, Ideas, Law, Organizing, Patent and Innovation, People, Politics, Virtual
Worlds, Visualization, Voting/E-Voting, Weblogs

American Sovereignty, Bear Flag League, Bigotry, Blogosphere, Boxer Watch, Business, California
Breakup, California News, Cats, Cheney, Chickens, Christian/Biblical, Contemptible Courts, Culture,
Culture watch, Dirty Dems, Economic Ruminations, Elections, Faith Matters, Gambling, Idiocy In The
News, Idle Hours, Immigration, Infotel, Intellectual Property, International Affairs, Islamofacism, Israel,
John Kerry, Kids, Loony Liberal Left, Media Bias, Mediation, NYT, News, Outrage du Jour, People,
Personal, Phoolish Philosophizing, Politics, Recall Campaign, Silliness, Special Election, Sports, Sudan, TV,
Terri Schindler, Terrorism, Terrorism, The Law, United Nations, Veterans, War in Iraq, Weird News, West
Nile Virus

                               California Divorce and Family Law
Attorneys Fees, Celebrity Marriages, Child Custody, Children, Child Support, Divorce, Divorce Attorneys,
Domestic Partners, Domestic Violence, Marriage, Misc., New Divorce Legislation, Paternity, Post-divorce,
Post-Nuptial Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Property Division, Remarriage, Taxes, Virtual Visitation,
Visitation, Weddings

                                       California Election Law
Election Assistance Commission, HAVA, Pending Federal Legislation, Pending State Legislation, Voting
Systems and Procedures Panel

                            California Estate and Business Law Blog
Asset Protection, Business Entities - Corps, LLCs, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, Business Leadership and
Management, Business Succession - Exit Planning, Estate Planning, Estate Planning 101, General, Medi-Cal
Planning, Personal, Real Estate, Taxes, Estate-Death Tax, Taxes - Business, Taxes - Individuals and Families

                            California Estate Planning Practice Blog
Advance Health Care Directives, Asset Protection, California Probate, Charitable Giving, Conservatorships,
Deed Transfers, Divorce, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Estate Taxes, FAQs, Financial Advisories By Delia,

Firm Information, Funny Business, Handling Decedent's Affairs, Interns, Law Firm Information, Legal
Terminology, Life Insurance, Living Trusts, Newsworthy, Partners, Personal Reflections, Powers of
Attorney, Practice Matters, Prenuptial Agreements, Probate Litigation, Real Estate, Significant Others,
Transferring Assets, Trust Administration, Useful Information, Wills and Trusts, Your Loved Ones

                         California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog
Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Claims, Consumer Issues, Current Affairs, Hiring An Attorney,
Homeowners Insurance, Insurance and Claims FAQ, Insurance Operations, Law, Life and Health Insurance,
Personal Injury, Weblogs, Web/Tech

                                         Campus-adr Weblog
Conflict Resolution, Fun Stuff, Learning Objects, Podcast, Research Tools, Tech News

                             Canadian Commercial Real Estate Blog
Condominiums, Current Affairs, Environmental, Financing, Leasing, Other, Title Insurance

                                Cheyenne Personal Injury Lawyer
Business News, Defective Medical Devices, Drug Products, Environmental Law, Medical Malpractice,
Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability, Securities Fraud, Wrongful Death

                                     Chicago Law Faculty Blog
Animal Welfare, Announcements, Chicago's Best Ideas Series, Confirming a New Justice, Constitutional
Law, Copyright / Technology, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Democracy in India, Education, Free Speech,
Genetic Testing, George Ryan, Group Decision-Making, H2H: Not a Suicide Pact, H2H: Posner v. Stone,
Hurricane Katrina, International Law, Misc Ideas, National Security, Obesity Regulation, Podcasts, Privacy,
Property and Land Use, Religion, Saddam's Trial, The Plame Investigation, Voting Rules, Women and

                                            China Law Blog
China Business, China Travel, Events, Good People, Legal News, Recommended Reading

                                       Chinese Law Prof Blog
Commentary, Conferences, Fellowships/Research Opportunities, Internships/Employment Opportunities,
News - Chinese Law, News - Miscellaneous, Other, People and Institutions, Publications, Research

                                 Cleveland Law Library Weblog
Adult Entertainment, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Animals/Agriculture, Bankruptcy, Business
Organizations, Business Regulation, City of Cleveland, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law,
Consumer Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Cuyahoga Common Pleas, Domestic Relations, Eighth District
Court of Appeals, Election Law, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Ethics, Evidence, Federal Court,
Federal Legislation, Government Contracts, Government Funding, Health Care, Homeland Security,
Immigration, Insurance, Juvenile Delinquency, Landlord and Tenant, Liquor Laws, Municipal Courts,
Municipal Law, Ohio Legislature, Ohio Supreme Court, Personal Injury, Privacy & Public Records, Probate,
Real Property, Rule Changes, School Law, Tax, Traffic Law, U.S. Supreme Court, Workers Compensation

                            CLEWS: The Historic True Crime Blog
Author Interviews, Book News & Reviews, Carnivals, Crime Quizzes, Death Penalty Stories, Edmund L.
Pearson, Family Annihilators, Father Gerald Robinson's case, Historical True Crime Stories, Legends of
True Crime Reporting, Links, Lizzie Borden, Movies, The True Crime Genre, TV, Wicked Women, Wild
West, Witches, Wizards, and Charlatans

                                          Client vs. Lawyer

Arbitration, Arce claims, Case within a case, Causation, Experts, Fee Agreements, Fees, Fiduciary Duty,
Liability to non-clients, Limitations and Tolling, Personal Jurisdiction, Standard of Care, Who can sue

                        Colorado Homeowners Association Law Blog
Community Association News, Covenant Enforcement, From Capitol Hill/Legislation, Governance Money
Matters, What the Courts Say, Your Governing Documents

                           Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer
Business News, Defective Medical Devices, Drug Products, Environmental Law, Medical Malpractice,
Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability, Securities Fraud, Wrongful Death

                                  Commercial Leasing Lawblog
About, Bankruptcy, Conferences, Construction, Environmental, Facilities Management, Global, Industrial,
Insurance, Lawyer Jokes, Lease Forms and Drafting, Lease Topics, Legal Profession, Litigation, News,
Office, Property Management, Resources, Retail, Technology, Trends

                                         The Commons Blog
Agriculture, Air Quality, Biotechnology, Brownfields, CAFE Standards, Climate, DDT/Malaria, Energy,
Energy Independence/National Security, Environmental Alarmism, Environmental Economics,
Environmental Risk, European Union, Extinction, Federal Lands and Parks, Federal Programs, Federalism,

Forests, International, Media, Oceans, Pollution, Population, Poverty and Hunger, Precautionary Principle,
Private Conservation, Property Rights, Recycling, Sustainable Development, Tragedy of the Commons,
Transportation, Urban Planning and Sprawl, Water, Wildlife

About CompanyCounselor, Accounting fraud, Advertising, Agency, Antitrust, Arbitration, Asbestos, Author
Profile, Bankruptcy, Benefits, Blogosphere, CERCLA, CFTC, California law, Career, Class actions,
Collective bargaining, Communication skills, Contracts, Copyrights, Corporate governance, Counterfeiting
& piracy, Electronic discovery, Eminent domain, Employment arbitration agreements, Employment
discrimination, Employment law, Environmental law, European Comm'n, Events, Executive Compensation,
FAQs, Fair use, Fifth Circuit, Government investigations, Insider trading, Intellectual Property, International
law, Legal ethics, Legal humor, Legal technology, Licensing, Litigation, M&A, Music, Ninth Circuit,
PSLRA, Patent law, Personal injury, Preemption, Privacy, Product liability, Real estate, Respondeat
Superior, Right of first refusal, SEC, Sanctions, Sarbanes-Oxley, Securities fraud, Securities-generally,
Shareholder agreements, Shareholder class actions, Software, Software patents, Stock options, Taxes,
Technology, Torts, Trade secrets, Trademarks, UCC, USA Patriot Act, Unfair competition, United Kingdom,
Wages, White collar crime

                                         Concurring Opinions
Administrative Announcements, Advertising, Anonymity, Architecture, Articles and Books, Bankruptcy,
Behavioral Law and Economics, Blogging, Capital Punishment, Civil Rights, Conferences, Constitutional
Law, Consumer Protection Law, Contract Law & Beyond, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Criminal
Procedure, Culture, Current Events, Economic Analysis of Law, Empirical Analysis of Law, Employment
Law, Feminism and Gender, First Amendment, Google & Search Engines, History of Law, Humor,
Intellectual Property, International & Comparative Law, Law and Humanities, Law and Psychology, Law
Practice, Law Professor Blogger Census, Law School, Law School (Hiring & Laterals), Law School (Law
Reviews), Law School (Rankings), Law School (Scholarship), Law School (Teaching), Legal Ethics, Legal
Theory, Politics, Privacy, Privacy (Electronic Surveillance), Privacy (Gossip & Shaming), Privacy (ID
Theft), Privacy (Law Enforcement), Privacy (Medical), Privacy (National Security), Property Law, Race,
Religion, Reparations, Securities, Sociology of Law, Supreme Court, Technology, Tort Law, Weird, Wiki

                          Construction Owners and Builders Law Blog
Construction Claims & Disputes, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation, Attorney's fees &
Case Management, Construction Litigation, Trial and Litigation Techniques, False Claims & Fraud,
Construction Contracts, Construction Defects & Defective Construction, Sick buildings, Toxic mold,
Construction Industry News, Construction Law, Mississippi Construction Law, Government Contracts,
Hurricane Katrina, Insurance, Insurance Bad Faith, Insurance Coverage, Intellectual Property, Copyright
Infringement, Surety Bonds

                                   Consumer Law & Policy Blog
Advertising, Arbitration, Class Actions, CL&P Blog, Conferences, Consumer Legislative Policy, Consumer
Litigation, Credit Reporting & Discrimination, Debt Collection, Global Consumer Protection, Identity Theft,

Internet Issues, Law & Economics, Predatory Lending, Privacy, Teaching Consumer Law, Unfair &
Deceptive Acts & Practices (UDAP), U.S. Supreme Court

                                         ContractsProf Blog
About This Blog, Books, Celebrity Contracts, Commentary, Conferences, Contracts Profs, E-commerce,
Famous Cases, Film Clips, Government Contracting, Help Wanted, In the News, Labor Contracts, Law
Schools, Legislation, Meetings, Miscellaneous, Quotes, Recent Cases, Recent Scholarship, Teaching, True

           Contemporary Intellectual Property, Licensing & Information Law
Intellectual Property, Licensing Law Issues, Privacy, Data Protection and Security, Twenty-Second Century
Foundation, UCITA

                                   Copyfight: The Politics of IP
Announcements, Big Thoughts, Blink, Commons, Counterpoint, Culture, Events, Humor, Interesting People,
IP Abuse, IP Markets and Monopolies, IP Use, Kudos, Laws and Regulations, Misc., Privacy, Speech, Tech

                                            Corante Blog
Announcements, Front Page, Opinions, Press Mention

Corporate Misinformation, Corpreform, Credit, Current Affairs, In-Depth Articles, Lawsuits, Lawyers & The
Law, Mass Torts (Asbestos, Vioxx, Etc.), Medical Malpractice, News Stories, Opinion, Politics, Punitive
Damages, Questions & Answers, Quotes, The Insurance Cartel, TortDeform.Com, Weblogs

                                          Counterfeit Chic
Busted!, Couture in Court, Culture of the Copy, Designs & Designers, Executive Branches, Faux/Real, Girls
& Boys, Going Global, Historical Moments, Ivory Tower, Knockoff Newsbriefs, Legislation & Lobbying,
Limits of Law, Mass & Class, Notable Quotes, Patron Saint/Avenging Angel, Photo Ops, Pop Culture,
Science & Technology, Stylishly Written,

                                             Credit Slips
2005 Bankruptcy Amendments, Bankruptcy Data, Bankruptcy Generally, Blog Stuff, Corporate Bankruptcy,
Credit & Debit Cards, Credit Policy, Credit Reporting, Debt Collection, Debt Trading, Medical Debt,
Mortgage Debt & Home Equity

                                      Crime and Consequences
Death Penalty, General, Habeas Corpus, Juveniles, Search and Seizure, Sentencing, Studies, U.S. Supreme

                                         Crime & Federalism
42 U.S.C. 1983 (Elements), 42 U.S.C. 1983 (Immunities), 42 U.S.C. 1983 (Procedure), 42 U.S.C. 1983
(Theory, Tips, Resources), Advice to Clients, AEDPA (Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act),
Affirmative Duty (Danger Creation and Custodial Settings), Blogs, Books, California Bar Exam, Castle Rock
v. Gonzales, Cert. Watch, C&F Detours, Civil Forfeiture, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, Constitutional
Interpretation, Constitutional Law - Individual Rights, Cross-Examination, Dark Justice, Norm's Fiction,
Death Penalty, Deliberate Indifference, Disclaimer and Policies, Doe v. Miller, Dormant Commerce Clause,
Equal Protection, Excessive Force, Federal Courts, Federal Courtspeak, Federalism, Federal Powers, Fourth
Amendment (Searches and Seizures), Free Speech, Gonzales v. Oregon, Gonzales v. Raich, Good News,
Government Misconduct, Grand Jury, Hack Attack, Hobbs Act, Irons v. Carey, Juries, Jury Nullification,
Ken Lay, Law School Stuff, Legal Writing, Navel Gazing, News & Current Events, Ninth Circuit Activism
(Real and Imagined), Noteworthy Criminal Law Opinions, Noteworthy Supreme Court Opinions, October
2005 Term (OT05), On Blogging, Overcriminalization, PATRIOT Act, Procedural Due Process, Public
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                       Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog
Issue #1: Right to Self Representation, Issue #2: Televising Trial, Issue #3: Legitimacy of IST, Issue #4:
Death Penalty, Issue #5: Genocide & Marsh Arabs, Issue #6: Genocide & Anfal Campaign, Issue #7: Head
of State Immunity, Issue #8: Fair Trial, Issue #9: Assistance of Counsel, Issue #10: The Trial of the
Century?, Issue #11: Why start with the Dujail Case?, Issue #12: Whose Justice Anyway?, Issue #13: Does
Saddam Have a Legitimate Defense?, Issue #14: Plea Bargaining, Issue #15: The Crime of Aggression, Issue
#16: Assessment of the First Day of the Trial, Issue #17: The Significance of the Kidnapping/Murder of
Defense Counsel, Issue #18: Four Misconceptions about the IST, Issue #19: Are the Murders of Defense
Counsel going to derail the trial?, Issue #20: Can the Defendants Raise the "Tu Quoque" Defense?, Issue
#21: What will Ramsey Clark's participation mean for the trial?, Issue #22: Who Won the Battle of Wills in
the December Proceedings?, Issue #23: What happens if Saddam was in fact tortured?, Issue #24: The effect
of the trial on the level of violence in Iraq, Issue #25: Judge Amin's Resignation, Issue #26: The Invisibility
of Women at the Iraqi Tribunal, Issue #27: An Assessment of Ra'uf Abdel-Rhaman's First Day as Presiding
Judge, Issue #28: Can the defense be held in contempt of court?, Issue #29: Lessons from the Milosevic trial,
Issue #30: When Witnesses Get Cold Feet, Issue #31: Responding to Saddam's Hunger Strike, Issue #32:
What is the Significance of Saddam's Admission?, Issue #33: What is the Significance of the Documents
Entered into Evidence by the Prosecution?, Issue #34: Show Trial or Real Trial?, Issue #35: What Happens
to the Saddam Trial if Civil War Consumes Iraq?, Issue #36: Significance of Defendant Al-Bandar's
Testimony, Issue #37: Significance of Anfal Campaign / Genocide Indictment, Issue #38: The Case Against
the Lesser Defendants, Issue #39: The Significance of the Testimony of Tariq Aziz, Issue #40: An
assessment of the Closing Arguments, Issue #41: Was the Dujail Trial Fair?, Issue #42: The Defense Boycott
of Closing Arguments, Issue #43: Lessons Learned from the Dujail Trial, Issue #44: Will Saddam Live to
Hear the Verdict in the Anfal Trial?,

                                           Heafey Headnotes
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Patents Depend on Quality Act of 2006 ("the PDQ Act") (H.R. 5096), Limits on continuation and RCE
practice (Fed. Reg. 71: 48-61 (January 3, 2006)), Representative claims for initial examination (Fed. Reg. 71:
61-69 (January 3, 2006)), Revision of Patent Fees for 2007 (Fed. Reg. 71: 32285-32291 (June 5, 2006))

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and Evictions, Bellevue Landlord - Tenant Law and Evictions, Mobile Home Parks, Eviction Notices and
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Violence, Criminal History Calculations, Double Counting, Downward Departures, Extreme Vulnerability
To Abuse In Prison, Fact Considerations at Sentencing, Fast Track Disparity, Health of the Defendant,
Involvement of a Minor, Loss Calculations, Mandatory Minimums, Narcotics, Non-Guidelines Sentences
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Pardons, Criminal Sentences Alternatives, Cunningham coverage, Death Penalty Reforms, Drug Offense
Sentencing, Enron sentencing, Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Legislative Reactions to Booker and Blakely,
Offender Characteristics, Offense Characteristics, On blogging, Procedure and Proof at Sentencing, Purposes
of Punishment and Sentencing, Race, Class, and Gender, Recap posts, Recommended reading, Recuenco and
review of Blakely error, Scope of Imprisonment, Sentences Reconsidered, Sentencing around the world,
Severability of FSG, Sex Offender Sentencing, State Sentencing Guidelines, Who Sentences?, The Archives

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                         Small Business IP Protection and Management
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Profile/Celebrity Trial, International Politics, Internet Law, Kobe on Trial, Law, Los Angeles, Media,
Michael Jackson, National Politics, New Decision/Verdict, November 2005 California Special Election,
Podcasts, Politics, Proposed and New Laws, Recall, Scott Peterson Murder Trial, Southern California, State
and Local Politics, Supreme Court, Uncategorized, War on Terror

                                    Social Security Disability Blog
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and disability, Child SSi matters, Credits and coverage issues, Delays, Diabetes and disability, Disability
hearings, Disabled widows, Eligibility Issues, Filling out the forms, Hearing stage, Heart disease and
disability, IBS and disability, Medicaid issues, Medicare issues, Mental health and disability, MS and
disability, Overpayment issues, Reconsideration stage, Representative payee issues, Social Security
retirement, SSI eligibility, Starting the disability process, Strategies for winning, They're trying to stop my
benefits, Uncategorized

                                   South Carolina Family Law Blog
Family Law Basics, Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Divorce & Separation, Property/Debt
Division, Alimony, Assets and Debts, Attorney-Client Relationship, Children, Divorce, Domestic Abuse,
Financial Issues, Harassment, Marriage, Other Resources, Procedure, Relationships, Research &
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PowerPoint/Presentation, Tech Trends, Trial Technology, Websites/Weblogs, Top 5, Marketing Tips for
Plaintiff's Attorney's, Questions SC Lawyers Want Answered, Things Lawyers Want to Tell Their
Paralegals, Things Paralegals Want to Tell Their Lawyers, Things to Know About Soft Tissue Cases, Things
to Know About Writing a Weblog, Trial Techniques, Corporate Welfare, Decision Making, Exhibits,
Medical Info, Other / Misc, Presentation, Settlement, Themes / Arguments

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Blogosphere, Books, Brownback, Catholicism/Catholic Culture, Christianity, Civil Rights, College Football,
Congress, Conservatism, Constitutional Law, Crunchy Conservatism, CSA, Cultural Issues, Culture of Life,
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Jesting, IDEA 2004, Inclusion, In the News, Learning Disability, No Child Left Behind, Parent Advocacy,

Parent Guidelines, Placement, School Policies, Schools Behaving Badly, School/Special Education-Related
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Counsel, Innocence, International, International Law, Judicial Independence, Jury, Juvenile, Lethal Injection,
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Developments, Suggested Reading, Teaching Resources, Think Tanks and Organizations

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Injury Case

                                 Truth, Justice, and Telecom Policy
FAA Docket 2006–25002: Safe, Efficient Use and Preservation of the Navigable Airspace, FCC Docket 01-
185: MSS Spectrum, FCC Docket 02-230: Broadcast Flag, FCC Docket 04-186: Unlicensed operation in the
broadcast bands, FCC Docket 04-296: The Emergency Alert System, FCC Docket 05-247: Applying the
OTARD rules and principles to unlicensed devices, FCC Docket 05-312: Digital Television Distributed
Transmission System Technologies, FCC Docket 06-123: More spectrum for broadcast satellite TV, FCC
Docket 06-161: Request for Waiver of the FCC's Part 15 Rules Concerning the FM Radio Band, FCC Docket
06-49: Future of the 902-928 MHz unlicensed band, FCC Docket 99-325: The radio broadcasters' digital
transition, ITU/WRC, Mobile TV, Open Access, Public Media, WiFi: Highway (see FCC Docket 01-686:
Intelligent Transportation Services in the 5.9 GHz Band), WiFi: Municipal

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                             Utah and Nevada Estate Planning Blog
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Marketing for Businesses, Marketing for Solos, Other Weblogs, Questions & Advice, Resources for Small-
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                               Virginia Appellate News & Analysis
SCV Opinion & Analysis, CAV Opinion & Analysis, 4th Cir. Opinion & Analysis, Appellate Essays,
Appellate Updates

              Virginia Condominium & Homeowners’ Association Law Blog
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Enforcement, Developer Issues, Educational Opportunities, Latest Newspaper Column by Mike Inman,
Leasing Restrictions, Legislative Issues, News You Can Use, Renovation Projects

                             Virginia Criminal and Traffic Law Blog
Aggressive Driving, Assault, Battery, Blog, Criminal Law, Driving Under the Influence, Driving While
Impaired, Drunk Driving, DUI, DWI, False Pretenses, Firearms Offense, Food and Drink, Fraud, Highway
Safety Zone, Larceny, Law, Malicious Wounding, Probation Violation, Reckless Driving, Revoked License,
Speeding Ticket, Suspended License, Traffic Law, Travel, Weapons Offense, Weblogs

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Mass Media, The Web

Campaign finance, 527 groups, BCRA, McConnell v FEC, Public financing, Campaigning, Convention,
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Voter I.D., Voter qualification, Voter registration, Voting machines, Voting procedures, Election contests &
recounts, Election litigation/prosecutions, Election systems, FEC, FEC (other), FEC advisory opinions, FEC
enforcement, FEC regulations, Foreign, Hatch Act, Lobbying, Natural disasters, Other, Progressive-era
reforms, Initiative, Recall, Referendum, Redistricting, Supreme Court nominations, Taxes, Voter
suppression, Voting Rights Act

                                               Wage Law
Class Actions, Court Decisions, Elections and Politics, Employment Law News, Legislation, Miscellaneous,
Our Cases, Published Opinions, Statutes

                                 Video Game Law Blog (Canada)
Advertising, Cheating, Competition/Anti-trust, Confidentiality, Contracts, Copyright, Criminal Offences,
Defamation, Employees, Free Expression/Speech, Hardware, Industry News, Jurisdiction, Lawsuits,
Legislation & Regulation, Offensive Content, Online & Multiplayer, Patents, Personality Rights, Piracy,

Mods & Chips, Privacy, Product Liability, Securities & Financing, Software, Star Wars vs. Star Trek,
Trademarks, Violence, Virtual Property

                         Vincent G. Rinn Law Library Blog (DePaul)
College of Law, Legal News, Legal Research, Library News, Special Interest: Faculty, Special Interest:
Staff, Special Interest: Students, Weblogs, Web/Tech

                                       Washington Syndrome
General, Law, Politics, Religion, Scandinavia

                                        What About Clients?
Clients: Getting & Keeping Them, Federal Courts (Sensitive Litigation Moments), International, IP/Tech,
Keith Richards Watch, Natural Resources, Politics, Real Heroes, Writing Well

                                  White Collar Crime Prof Blog
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Defense Counsel, Enron, Environment, FCPA, Fraud, Government Reports, Grand Jury, HealthSouth,
International, Investigations, Judicial Opinions, Legal Ethics, Martha Stewart, Media, Money Laundering,
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Sentencing, Settlement, Statutes, Tax, Think Tank Reports, Verdict, WorldCom

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For the Classroom, Conferences & CLE, Current Events, Death Event Planning, Disability Planning - Health
Care, Disability Planning - Property Management, Elder Law, Estate Administration, Estate Planning -
Generally, Estate Tax, Faculty Positions -- Permanent, Faculty Positions -- Visiting, Generation-Skipping
Transfer Tax, Gift Tax, Guardianship, Humor, Income Tax, Intestate Succession, Malpractice, New Cases,
New Legislation, Non-Probate Assets, Professional Responsibility, Scholarship, Teaching, Technology,
Trusts, Wills , Writing Competitions for Students, The Archives

                                                Wired GC
Compliance, Crisis Planning, General, Governance, In the News, Law 2.0, Law Firm Trends, Legal Ed,
Legal Resources, Managing, New Services, Offshore Services, On The Dock, Organization, Privacy,
Regulation, Selling the GC, Tactics, Tech Trover Tuesday, Technology, Unplugged - Audio

                                        Workplace Prof Blog
About This Blog, Arbitration, Beltway Developments, Book Club, Celebrity, Colloquia, Commentary,
Conferences, Employment Common Law, Employment Discrimination, Faculty Moves, Faculty News and
Moves, Faculty Presentations, Government Reports, Government Reports Labor Law, Labor and
Employment News, Labor Law, News, Pension and Benefits, Scholarship, Teaching, Think Tank Reports,
Union News, Workplace Safety

                                            The Yin Blog
Animals, Books, Electronic toys, Humor, Iowa, Law (Constitutional), Law (Corporate Crimes), Law
(General), Law (National Security), Law School/Teaching, Parenthood, Politics, Pop Culture, Random
Thoughts, Rants, Reality TV, Science, Sports, Stupid Internet Quizzes, Weblogs, World Events

                                       You and Yours Blawg
Business Law and Planning, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Estate and Inheritance Tax, Financial Planning,
Miscellaneous Musings, Probate and Estate Administration, Tax Law and Planning

Alumna / Alumnus Publications, Blawgs, Blogs & Podcasts, California Legal Research, Faculty
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Samuel Alito Nomination, Studying Law, Surfing the Web, Surviving First Year, Teaching Law & Research,
U.S. Legal Research

                           Appendix: A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs
I. General Blogs
Advice for Lawyers and Law Firms
General Legal Blogs
General Blogs – Law and Culture, Economics, Politics, etc.

II. Blogs Categorized by Legal Specialty
Specialty Blogs

III. Blogs Categorized by Law or Legal Event
Case Blogs
Statute Blogs
Trial Blogs

IV. Blogs Categorized by Jurisdictional Scope
State Blogs
Federal Circuit Blogs
U.S. Supreme Court Blogs

V. Blogs Categorized by Author/Publisher
Anonymous Blogs
Association Blogs
Blogs by Judges
Book Supplement Blogs
Class and Student Group Blogs
Institute Blogs
Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Blog
Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Firm
Law Journal Blogs
Law Library and Librarian Blogs
Law Professor Blogs
Lawyer Webjournals
Newspaper Blogs

VI. Blogs Categorized by Number of Contributors
Group Blogs

VII. Miscellaneous Blogs Categorized by Topic
Blogs about Judges
Event Blogs
Fictional Blogs
Humor Blogs

VIII. Collections of Legal Blogs
Blog Post Collections
Legal Blog Collections
Legal Blog Networks

Addendum: Spanish translation of the main Taxonomy page.

                                               Specialty Blogs

Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Advertising Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Animal Law,
Antitrust Law, Appellate Law, Automobile Law, Aviation Law, Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law,
Business/Corporate Law, Civil Liberties Law, Class Action Law, Consumer Law, Constitutional Law,
Construction Law, Criminal Law – General, Criminal Law – Defense, Criminal Law – Sentencing, Disability
Law, Education Law, Elder Law, Election Law, Empirical Legal Studies, Employment Law, Energy Law,
Environmental Law, Evidence, Family Law, Fashion Law, Federal Procedure, Firearms Law, Foreign Law,
Gaming Law, Government Law, Health Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property –
General, Intellectual Property – Copyright, Intellectual Property – Patent, Intellectual Property – Trademark,
International Law, Internet Law, Legal Academia, Legal Ethics, Legal History, Legal Malpractice, Legal
Publishing, Legal Research, Legal Theory, Legal Writing, Media Law, Medical Malpractice Law, Military
Law, Personal Injury Law, Privacy Law, Property Law, Psychology and the Law, Religion and the Law,
Security Law, Space Law, Sports Law, Tax Law, Technology and the Law, Telecommunications Law, Tort
Law, Trial Practice

                                                 State Blogs

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia,
Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey,
New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto
Rico (Commonwealth), Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont,
Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

                                           Federal Circuit Blogs

Federal Circuit Blogs - General, First Circuit, Second Circuit, Third Circuit, Fourth Circuit, Fifth Circuit,
Sixth Circuit, Seventh Circuit, Eighth Circuit, Ninth Circuit, Tenth Circuit, Eleventh Circuit, DC Circuit,
Federal Circuit


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