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									                                                           Meeting Point ~ Research Update
                                                             Department of Occupational Therapy
                                                              Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
                                                                 Sept 2008 – March 2009
                                     W    elcome to this 3rd edition of our Departmental research update. We hope this newsletter will serve as a
                                  meeting point or nexus for the faculty, students and clinical community to exchange research information, and through the
                             synergy created in that exchange, to develop and disseminate new knowledge and innovations for practice. “…The more
information is exchanged, the more open, creative and meaningful that information becomes to the participants’ (Cross & Parker 2004, The hidden Power of Social
Networks Harvard Business School Publications). Its been a busy year, we hope you find the following information interesting and welcome any feedback.
                                                                Our vision for the NEXUS Newsletter:
                                        Sharing information and building relationships across students, clinicians and faculty
                                           to create knowledge for research and clinical excellence in occupational therapy.

1. Feedback from the CAOT Accreditation Team about research in                   grant to examine the development of critical thinking skills in students on
the program                                                                      practicum in the community.
The CAOT Accreditation On-Site Committee visited the Department of               Cary Brown, together with colleagues from the Faculty's Special Interest
Occupational Therapy on November 17 and 18, 2008. In March 2009, we              Group on Aging (SIGA) has been awarded a grant from the Canadian
received news that our program has been accredited for the full 7-year           Dementia Knowledge Translation Network to evaluate an educational
term. The department met the criteria of delivering a program “in a research     workshop to assist families of persons with dementia in identifying pain in
context that contributes to the field of occupational therapy and                the affected person. Cary also received a grant from the Alberta Centre on
occupational science”. The On-Site Committee acknowledged that all active        Aging to support this work.
researchers participate in teaching, and the committee commended faculty         Mary-Lou Halabi (MScOT student) received a grant from SEARCH
for incorporating our research within our teaching, which was noted by           Canada to support the development of a pre/post knowledge test to
students. The Department of Occupational Therapy views the accreditation         evaluate a workshop for caregivers of persons with dementia.
process, not as a hurdle, but as a gate to opportunities that will enhance       Joyce Magill-Evans 2008-2010 CIHR. A synthesis review of interventional
our performance in research productivity and mentoring graduate students.        outcomes in pediatric autism. (with D. Nicholas & L. Zwaigenbaum, CoPIs;
The Department is engaging in an evaluation process that includes                7 team members)
strategies to increase our research performance.                                 Yagesh Bhambhani has just been awarded a grant from the Sport
                                                                                 Science Association of Alberta for a study entitled "Effects of music on
2. MScOT Search-a-thon results for our centenary project the 1st year            cerebral and muscle oxygenation response during a cycling time trial in
MSc students held a Search-A-Thon on December 4, 2008. In total there            endurance trained cyclists".
were 167 questions submitted by occupational therapy practitioners. As a         David McConnell, R Sobsey (Ed Psych), R Breitkreuz (Human Ecology),
group we spent 101 hours, 25 minutes searching and were able to                  and G Rempel (Nursing)received a SSHRC grant for the project
respond to 89 of the questions. All of the submitted questions have also be      "Sustainable family care for children with severe or profound disabilities"
placed in a database as possible topics for second year final project which
will consist of a full Critical Review of the evidence-base related to that
question. Stay tuned for information about SEARCH-A-THON 2009!                   5. Publications: The following manuscripts have been published during
                                                                                 the last six months. We strive to disseminate occupational therapy related
3. Students’ Research Symposium                                                  research across a diversity of journals so that other disciplines are also
We are very pleased to announce the Student Research Symposium date              exposed to occupational therapy concepts and contributions to the
for our first MScOT (professional) graduating class will be June 18 2009.        literature.
The Symposium is the capping exercise that marks the culmination of an          Magill-Evans, J., Galambos, N. L., Darrah, J., &. Nickerson, C. (2008).
arduous course of study and is the last ‘assignment’ for fulfillment of the     Predictors of employment for young adults with developmental motor
OCCTH 900 - Directed Research course. Students will present the results         disabilities. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation,
of Structured Critical Reviews that they have completed on clinical topics of   31(4), 433-442.
their choice.                                                                   Benzies, K., Magill-Evans, J., Harrison, M. J., MacPhail, S., & Kimak, C.
                                                                                (2008). Strengthening new fathers’ skills in interaction with their 5-month-old
Eighty-six student presentations have been grouped into six themes as           infants: Who benefits from a brief intervention? Public Health Nursing. 25(5),
follows: Pediatrics, Muskulo-skeletal, Mental Health, Neurology, Older          431- 439.
Adults, Health and Wellness, and Community and Emerging Practice.               Darrah, J., Wiart, L., & Magill-Evans, J. (2008). Do therapists’ goals and
A detailed schedule of presenter, topic, time and place will be distributed     intervention for children with cerebral palsy reflect principles in
shortly.                                                                        contemporary literature? Pediatric Physical Therapy, 20, 334-339.
We warmly welcome clinicians to attend.                                         Galambos, N. L., Magill-Evans, J., & Darrah, J. (2008). Psychosocial
                                                                                maturity in the transition to adulthood for persons with and without motor
4. Grants secured by the faculty over the last six months exceeded $1.6         disabilities. Rehabilitation Psychology, 53(4), 498-504.
million!                                                                        Benzies, K., Keown, L., & Magill-Evans, J. (2009). Immediate and
Lili Liu & Masako Miyazaki received funding from the Health Workforce           sustained effects of parenting on physical aggression in Canadian children
Action Plan – Building and Enhancing Clinical Capacity (HWAP-BECC)              aged 6 years of younger. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 54 (1), 55-64.
Fund for a project on technology supported clinical education for students      Darrah, J., Senthilselvan, A., & Magill-Evans, J. (2009). Trajectories of
in occupational therapy and in other health disciplines. The partners include   serial motor scores of typically developing children- Implications for clinical
Red Engine and Alberta Health Services (Capital Health).                        decision making. Infant Behavior and Development, 32, 72-78.
Sharon Brintnell has been awarded a major grant from the Government of
Alberta to develop and establish a demonstration program entitled                Wearmouth H (MSc OT Student) & Wielandt PM "Reserve is no place for
Corrections and Connections to the Community (3C). This program is for           a wheelchair": Challenges to consider wheelchair provision intended for use
adult males with FASD who are currently in a correctional setting but are on     in First Nations communities. (In press) Disability and Rehabilitation
the threshold of re-integration to the community. Strategies that will
facilitate optimal re-integration are the focus.
Susan Burwash and Susan Mulholland are co-investigators on a TLEF
 Brown, CA Mazes, conflict and paradox: tools for understanding chronic             Intute: a free online service providing you with access to the very best
pain. Pain Practice (early on line)                                               web resources for education and research, evaluated and selected by a                     network of subject specialists. There are over 31,000 resource descriptions
 Brown CA, Bannigan K, Gill J (2008) Socratic Questioning: A Critical Skill       listed here that are freely accessible for keyword searching or browsing.
in Post-modern Healthcare Service Delivery. Australian Occupational     
Therapy Journal (early on-line doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1630.2008.00756.x              This extremely user friendly resource also has an on-line tutorial about how
 Brown CA (2008) Do you speak pain: The evidence-based contribution of            to conduct web searches called The Virtual Training Suite- just click on the
 peoples’ experiences. In P.Taenzer, D. Schopflocher D & S, Rashiq (Eds),         ‘allied health’ link This site comes highly
 Chronic pain: a health policy perspective. Institute for Health Economics        recommended by the 2nd year MscOT students and would be an excellent
 Toronto: Wiley Press                                                             CPD activity to include in your portfolio.
                                                                                  HEALTH EVIDENCE-
Brown CA (2008). A constructivist framework for exploring influences on           Through this site, you can locate references to systematic reviews and
decision-making about treatments for chronic pain (chapter 5). In, T. Lynch       meta-analyses, gathered through a comprehensive search of electronic
(Ed.), Psychology of Decision Making in Medicine & Health Care (pp.--).           databases, journal tables of contents, and reference lists. All reviews in this
.New York: Nova Science.                                                          online registry have been screened for relevance to public health, and
Miyazaki, M, Ohyanagi, T, Liu, L, Dobbs, B, Rowe, M, Stphen, S, Miller, J,        appraised for quality. Users can see whether reviews are strong, moderate
& Cook, A (2009). Mobile ICT support for the continuum of care. Studies in        or weak. We are also working to provide summary statements for each of
Health Technology and Infomatics. In J.G. McDaniel (Ed.), Technologies            the reviews in the registry. A summary statement is a short (2 page)
and Communications in Health, Vol. 143. Amsterdam: ISO Press.                     synopsis of the review’s content, highlighting key evidence points and
                                                                                  implications for practice and policy
Mulholland S, Johnson S, Ladd B, Klassen B. (March 2009). Why urban
design matters to occupational therapy. Occupational Therapy Now, 11,5-8.         *Knowledge Translation+ (KT+) provided by McMaster University’s Health
                                                                                  Information Research Unit. KT+ provides access to the current evidence on
Sharlin, E, Watson, B, Sutphen, S, Liu, L, Lederer, R, & Frazer, J (2009). A      knowledge translation, including published original articles and systematic
tangible user interface for assessing cognitive mapping abilitly. International   reviews on health care quality improvement, continuing professional
Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 67, 269-278.                                   education, computerized clinical decision support, health services research
                                                                                  and patient adherence. Its purpose is to inform those working in the
6. Presentations: The Department received AHFMR funding to bring Dr.              knowledge translation area of current research as it is published.
Michael Iwama to the University of Alberta February 4-7, 2009. Dr. Iwama, you can register for free alerting
Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, provided presentations to       services about topics you select from their data base.
students, occupational therapy practitioners and researchers: (1) The Kawa
Model – Exploring culturally relevant occupational therapy, (2) Kawa Model        *National Guideline Clearinghouse- The
– Exploring alternate world views of mental health and wellness. Prior to his     National Guideline Clearinghouse™ (NGC) is a comprehensive database of
visit, he collaborated with U of A students through an online forum, and this     evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and related documents. NGC is
collaboration continues following his visit.                                      an initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ),
                                                                                  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Faculty members are very involved in bringing the results of occupational
therapy research to a wide audience. Since the last newsletter we have            8. Watch for Selected Resources
participated in presenting the following posters and scientific papers:           for Occupational Therapy Practice:
Amy MacLean (MScOT student) "What do individuals with dementia want               A review of Current Issues – this
from healthcare professionals?" accepted for the upcoming CAOT                    book is a collection of ‘Hot Topics’ in
conference in June.                                                               Occupational Therapy. It was written
Kashani, Rashid International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and         by the graduating class of 2009 and
Learning Conference in Edmonton (October 2008): Simulated Client                  has an introduction by Dr Michael
Caseloads: Promoting Consolidation of Skills                                      Iwama. The book will be posted soon
Klein, J, Liu, L (March 2009). Describing older adult clients: perceptions of     on the Dept website-
occupational therapists. Poster presented at Leaders in Rehabilitation  
Conference, Edmonton, AB.
Klein, J, Liu, L (March 2009). Do you have what it takes to work with older
adults? Poster presented at Leaders in Rehabilitation Conference,
Edmonton, AB.
Lazaruk L, Mulholland S. (March 2009). Creative innovations for student
preceptorship. Poster presented at Leaders in Rehabilitation Conference,
Edmonton AB, Canada.
Ferguson-Pell, M, Liu, L, Ulanicki, R, & Beliveau, C (March 2009). The
importance of technology for rehabilitation in a redesigned health system:                                 The book was produced in celebration of the
Perspectives from clients and providers. Panel presentation at Leaders in                                  University of Alberta’s Centennial.
Rehabilitation Conference, Edmonton, AB.
Vieira, ER, Berean, C, Paches, D, Costca, L, Décombas-Deschamps N, da
Costa BR, Yuen D, Caveny P, Ballash L, Lehmann R, Liu L (March 2009).             We hope you’ve found this edition of Meeting Point informative and
Falls prevention initiative at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital – a           welcome any feedback or suggestions about what you’d like to see in future
participatory approach. Poster presented at Leaders in Rehabilitation             editions. Please email comments to Cary Brown at
Conference, Edmonton AB.                                                
C Brown presented “The pain and dementia toolkit: teaching family
members to observe and report pain behaviors” at the Health Research
Transfer Network of Alberta (RTNA) Banff and again in Glasgow, UK at the
IASP World Pain Congress,
                                                                                  NEXUS: def’n: A connection or link. A causal
7. Have you heard about ….?                                                       connection. A connected series

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