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                                                      Sept. 30th 2009

A few words from our satisfied customers:

“Their product knowledge and customer
 support is second-to-none.
       –John Watson, The Tooth Shoppe                  100%
                                                 Guara ion
“The people at Dorado Dental are                       ntee!
 helpful and very easy to work with.
 They treat their customers well.
       –Shaun Keating, Keating Dental Arts

                                                 Top Product
“I switched from a major supplier to             Knowledge
 Dorado Dental Supply several years
 ago. We have been very satisfied with
 customer service and product knowl-
 edge, which saves me a lot of time.”            Top Customer
       –Eric Haupt, Haupt Dental Lab                Service


KerrLab             2        WhipMix              7
Matech, Inc.        3        Pacific Abrasives    9
Keystone            4        Aesthetic Press     10
Yeti Dental         5        Handler             11
AstraTech           6        Integral Systems    12

                 $979.9                      $549.9
                       9                              9


2   1-800-215-6930
More quality products from:

Matech, inc.                              “Fine Grain, Multi-
                                         Functional Phosphate
                                         Bonded Investment.”

     • Multi-functional investment for
       casting crown and bridge
       alloys and pressable ceramic
     • Contains micro-fine particles,
       thus making a smooth and
       creamy mix to create a bubble
       free and accurate casting
     • High strength and high heat,
       can be used for conventional
       burnout and fast fire burnout       100x10               100x10
     • Perfect for ring and ringless                0gm               0g
       systems                            $116.9
                                                       5      $133.0 m
     • Made in the USA                    w/o liq
                                                 uid           w/ liqu 0

       “Dust Free and Color Changing                   • Color-changing and
        Alginate Impression Material.”                   dust free
                                                       • Easy to use, thus
                                                         eliminating the
                                                         remake of appliances
                                                       • 4 day stability after
                                                         taking impression
                                                       • 4 year shelf-life
                                                       • Made in the USA


   1-800-215-6930                            3
      DIAMon D                 Heat Cure   Self Cure   MILLenIuM
      1 lb. w/ 8oz. Liq.         $47.45      $63.00    HC Liquid 1Qt/Ea       $38.49
      5 lb. w/ 1 Qrt. Liq.      $179.45     $214.50    HC Kit Clear 1Lb/Pk    $34.99
      25 lb. w/ 4 Qrts. Liq.    $644.45     $579.99    HC P&L Clear 5Lb/Pk   $114.99


4        1-800-215-6930          
Ad-Dorado 5/09_Yeti:Layout 1            5/29/09      3:55 PM       Page 1

  Ceramik Humidor
  Transparent Ceramic Mixing Plate
  • PE material
  • Hydrophile inlay with defined wide pores, assures
    optimal absorption
  • Can be cleaned with a steamer or an ultrasonic
  • Transparent cover to protect against dust
  • Dimension: 200 x 125 x 17mm
  #1860352 $XXX.XX

    BONUS OFFER - Buy Ceramik Humidor or Stain Humidor and
       receive a FREE No. 6 Ceramista Brush. Value $23.00!

                                         Stain Humidor
                                         Humidity Plate for Stains
                                         With the new additional development of the Stain
                                         Humidor you can treat the ceramic colors in the
                                         same way as the ceramic powder.
                                         • Unique capillary inlet with 15 hollows and 2 inserts
                                           for mugs
                                         • Automatic supply of the stains with glaze liquid
                                         • Drying up of touched paint stains is cancelled
                                         • Stain Humidor works in the same way as the Ceramik
                                           Humidor without an additional membrane plate
                                         • Can be cleaned with a steamer or an ultrasonic
                                         • Transparent cover to protect against dust
                                         #1860351       $XXX.XX

   • Glass-Stick for easy and economic application
     of opaque powder
   • 2 different ball tips
   • Even layering after the firing
   • Safety glass with a special stability
   #1860329 $XX.XX

     1-800-215-6930                                           5
    Abutments in the interfaces you
    need and the materials you want
                                                       Atlantis offers the following advantages:
                                                          Eliminates need and cost of product

    By utilizing the unique Atlantis VAD™ (Virtual
    Abutment Design) software, each abutment is
    individually designed from the final tooth shape
    for optimal function and esthetics.

                                                          and in the materials you want
                                                                          WebOrder – process


                                                                         3D View

                                                       For more information, contact your local


6    1-800-215-6930                
           Try these great products from Whip Mix!

     Formula 1
     Universal Investment for All Alloys
     and Pressable Ceramics
     • 15 minute benchset and 30 minute
       burnout reduce processing time,
       increasing productivity
     • Wide expansion range
150-60 grm (2-1 Liter)................ $168.95
100-100 grm (2-1 Liter).............. $168.95
40-150 grm (1 Liter, 1-225 ML).. $127.95

                                                        FastFire 15
                                                        Universal Phosphate Investment for All Crown and
                                                        Bridge Alloys
                                                        • Produces castings in less than one hour
                                                        • FastFire Liquid allows year-round, problem-free
                                                          shipping and controlled expansion
                                                        • Reliable performance using many casting techniques
                                                          and alloys
                                                        • Exceptionally smooth, accurate castings
                                                                Pow/Liq 25/60gm................ $48.95
                                                                Pow/Liq 25/90gm................ $61.99
                                                                Pow/Liq 150/60gm............ $159.88
     Carbon-Free, Fine-Grained Investment for High-Fusing All
     • Extremely fine texture results in accurate castings with
       very smooth surfaces
     • Extended working time, as much as 10
       minutes, allows the investing of multiple flasks
     • Absence of carbon assures compatibility with
       all casting alloys, especially Palladium and
     • Increased liquid to powder ratio yields a creamier mix
       and allows better flow, resulting in bubble-free castings
                       144-60 gm (w/ liquid).............. $146.00
                       144-90 gm (w/ liquid).............. $173.00

                       Whip Mix Corporation • P.O. Box 17183 • Louisville, KY 40217
                         800-215-6930         619-330-2552
                         800-626-5651 • Fax 502-634-4512 •

     1-800-215-6930                                                        7
                                             Quality Alloys you can Trust!
          • Implant Alloys
                               • Press-to-Metal
     Call Today for
     FREE Refining


                                                             Dorado 80
                                                            (high palladium)

                                                           Dorado 45 SF
                                                                (high noble)
                                Custom Abuntments           Dorado SR+
                                                            (high palladium)
                                    Dorado CB 52
                                                           DoRADo 80
      Implant Alloys                    DoRADo CB 52       Au        –
                                                           Pt        –
                                        Au     51.6
         Dorado PF+                                        Pd        80.0
                                        Pt     –
                                                           Ag        5.0
          (high palladium,              Pd     4.6
         silver free, noble)            Ag     24.4
                                                           DoRADo 45 SF
          Dorado 52                                        Au        45.0
                                                           Pt        –
    (high noble, gold implant)
                                                           Pd        44.3

                                                           Ag        0

    DoRADo 52            DoRADo PF+                        DoRADo SR+
                                 0.9           Guara       Au
    Pd        26.9       Pd      77.0                      Pd        79.0      coppe
    Ag        16.0       Ag      –                         Ag        –         free!

8         1-800-215-6930       

  Diamond Polishers
        Diamond discs available in 3 grits.

       $L46d4g., 560f
         2 x
                 L2 m
                                                                                  $31.50          $19.50
                    Item     L26Dxg              L26mf                L26D          R17D       H2D
                     Grit    Coarse              Medium               Fine       High Shine High Shine
                  Shape       Disc                Disc                Disc       5/8” Wheel Mounted Pt.

        Max Speed 10,000 rpm

        Premier porcelain polishers. Excellent for adjustments
        and touch-ups on laminate veneers and butt-margins.
                                                                                             all SG-

           Item      SG-1S78        SG-1S58         SG-1K78        SG-1K58      SG-SL78           SG-1C
           Size       Square         Square          Knife          Knife          Slim          Cylinder
         Shape       7/8”x1/8”      5/8”x1/8”         7/8”           5/8”       7/8”x1/16”       7/8”x1/8”

        White - Max Speed Wheels 20,000 rpm, Cylinder 15,000 rpm

  Speedy Discs
        Various discs and sizes perfect for cutting different
        materials: metal, porcelain, ceramic, and gold.

       $24.50           $27.50        $49.50          $24.97         $29.26       $27.50          $28.50
Item    2206020         2206010       2206050        2202612        2202412      2505011         22030D
Type      Flat          Safe Side       Cup         Extra-Fine     Extra-Fine   Extra-Fine        Slim
 Use      M/P*            M/P*          M/P*           M/P*         Ceramic      Ceramic          Metal
Size     22x0.6          22x0.6        22x0.6         22x0.6        22x0.24       25x0.5         22x0.3

        White - Max Speed Wheels 20,000 rpm, Cylinder 15,000 rpm

   1-800-215-6930                                                        9
                     AESTHETIC- PRESS

                     One ingot for all 16 shades.
                      Just pressed and stained.

                                                $100 o L
                                              $299 in
                                               vaLid t
                                                       iL           n offe
                                                         L Septe
                                                                mber 3       r
                                                                      0 th

       Starter Kit


10     1-800-215-6930

                          5                           $574.9

         1-800-215-6930        11
Dorado Dental Supply Inc, is not responsible for typographical, photographic, or printing errors that may appear in this catalogue.

                                                                                                                                                 San Diego, CA 92116
                                                                                                                                                 4639 30th Street

                                                                                                                                                 Suite A

                                                                                                                                  Router Arch Trimmer
                                                                                                                                  Model ISI-R898
                                                                                                                                  Integral Systems, Inc.

                                                                                                                                      Superior torque and cutting power
                                                                                                                                      for fast and quiet grinding in a
                                                                                                                                      brushless, maintenance-free design.
                                                                                                                                      Built-in dust control ducting for use
                                                                                                                                      with, or without, a dust collector.
                                                                                                                                      Integrated safety shield with a large
                                                                                                                                      stainless steel work surface.

                                                                                                                                  8.5”x 8.5”x 10.75” (excluding shield). Includes: Tapered
                                                                                                                                  cross-cut bur, arbor band madrel and 5 standard grit arbor bands.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Made in the USA