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                N EWSLETTER
              VOLUME V - July 2003

           Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                          137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                              Starke, FL 32091
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                                                                                                Capital Punishment Stance by Presidential
The American Medical Association (AMA), known for its loud,                                     Candidate, Governor Howard Dean, M.D. of
clear voice on issues pertaining to its members' financial well-being                           Vermont
(like Medicare physician payments or "liability reform"), has been
considerably less articulate when it comes to their moral welfare. For                          “Capital punishment is an emotional issue, but supporters and
example, on the subject of physician participation in executions, the                           opponents can agree that the death penalty should only be imposed
AMA's stance is complex and usually articulated in a whisper.                                   after a fair trial. In recent years more than 100 death row inmates have
                                                                                                been exonerated in the United States. The Bush administration has
The AMA's policy E-2.06 asserts that "an individual's opinion on capital                        ignored this crisis but my Administration will address it.
punishment is the personal moral decision of the individual" but,
nevertheless, admonishes that "a physician, as a member of a                                    George Bush and John Ashcroft have carried out the federal death
profession dedicated to preserving life when there is hope of doing so,                         penalty in a reckless and overzealous manner. For example, Ashcroft
should not be a participant in a legally authorized execution." When the                        has:
execution method is lethal injection, the AMA further states that
"selecting injection sites; starting intravenous lines as a port for a lethal
injection device; prescribing, preparing, administering, or supervising                             overruled the judgment of local U.S. Attorneys who believed that
injection drugs or their doses or types; inspecting, testing, or                                     the death penalty was unwarranted in specific cases.
maintaining lethal injection devices; and consulting with or supervising
lethal injection personnel" all constitute participation and are therefore                          insisted on the death penalty for a defendant who had negotiated
forbidden.                                                                                           a plea to life without parole in exchange for the defendant‟s
                                                                                                     cooperation, thereby discouraging future defendants from
The definition of "participation" is itself ambiguous. "Pronouncing"                                 cooperating.
death (which involves monitoring an electrocardiogram and examining
the "patient") is considered participation and is forbidden but                                     abandoned efforts by Janet Reno to root out racial and
"certifying" death is permitted. Attending or observing an execution as                              geographic disparity in the federal death penalty.
a physician is forbidden, but witnessing an execution in a totally non-
professional capacity is allowed. It is forbidden for physicians to
                                                                                                Ashcroft is bringing so many questionable death cases that federal
determine legal competence to be executed, but "testifying as to
                                                                                                juries consistently overrule him. The New York Times reports that
medical history and diagnoses or mental state as they relate to
                                                                                                juries have rejected Ashcroft‟s request for the death penalty in 15 of
competence to stand trial" is permissible.
                                                                                                the last 16 federal capital trials.
The AMA's stance on capital punishment is so muted that a survey of
                                                                                                Meanwhile, capital punishment is carried out unfairly in many states,
1000      physicians published in 2001 demonstrated that over 40% of
                                                                                                but the Bush Administration has taken no steps to improve these state
respondents would willingly participate in at least one act that is
                                                                                                systems. Bush has ignored the Innocence Protection Act, proposed by
forbidden by the AMA, and 25% would perform multiple forbidden
                                                                                                Senator Leahy with wide bipartisan support, which would expand
actions. Only 3% of the respondents were even aware that the AMA
                                                                                                access to DNA testing and strengthen the quality of lawyers for
(or anyone else) had published any ethical guidelines on this issue.
                                                                                                defendants facing the death penalty.
Given these findings, is it surprising that physicians are frequent, and
sometimes essential, participants in executions? Several states have                            I believe the death penalty should be available for extreme and
made doctors integral to the killing process. Three doctors                                     heinous crimes, such as terrorism or the killing of police officers or
administered the first lethal injection in Illinois, a state that currently                     young children. But it must be carried out with scrupulous fairness. I
has a moratorium on capital punishment. In Nevada, a doctor                                     applaud former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, who imposed a moratorium
examines each condemned prisoner to determine a site for venous                                 rather than administer a system in which 13 innocent men were
access and prescribes the doses of the lethal drugs. In Ohio, a                                 released from death row. In contrast, George Bush presided over a
physician pronounces the inmate dead. In several past executions,                               Texas court system in which dozens of men were put to death without
doctors have provided advice about intravenous lines and, on one                                adequate representation. Some had been represented at trial by
occasion, a surgeon inserted the intravenous catheter into a                                    lawyers who were sleeping or drunk.
condemned man after the "execution team" was unable to.                                         As President, I would:
In Georgia, doctors from the Medical College of Georgia have been                                   Promptly instruct my Attorney General to evaluate the federal
present (as physicians) at several executions. Another physician is                                  death penalty system, take steps to ensure that it is applied fairly
present to help with intravenous lines. In one case, this physician                                  and reliably, and reverse Ashcroft‟s overzealous policies.
performed a central venous catheterization (a sophisticated procedure
usually performed only in intensive care units or operating rooms) in
order to allow the execution to proceed.
                                                                                                    Push for passage of the federal Innocence Protection Act to
                                                                                                     strengthen protections against unjust imposition of the death
Lethal injection is a stain on the face of medicine. It defiles not only
the doctor-participants, but it also corrupts all physicians, because the
healing profession becomes a charade for murder. Physicians have an                                 Establish a Presidential Commission on the Administration of
obligation to provide society with moral protection. Until capital                                   Capital Punishment to analyze the causes of wrongful convictions
punishment is abolished, doctors will be executioners. Therefore, in a                               around the country and recommend additional reforms at the
loud, clear voice, AMA members should call for the abolition of capital                              federal and state level.
punishment when its House of Delegates meets in Chicago on June
14-19, 2003.                                                                                    First in Texas and now as President, George Bush has carried out the
From Rick Halperin (source: Jonathan I. Groner MD; Trauma Medical Director, Children's          death penalty in a careless and negligent manner. I will handle this
Hospital, Columbus, Ohio and Associate Professor, Clinical Surgery, The Ohio State University
College of Medicine and Public Health)
                                                                                                important responsibility very differently

                                                         Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                                        137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                                            Starke, FL 32091
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News from the Inside

What a quiet month this has been. Not much going on in regards to activities out side the group, and not a whole lot going on
inside the group either. People off on vacation and away from the computer are a big part of it. There are plenty of news
about the death penalty as such all over the states, and some you will find in this newsletter, some will be in the legal USA
issue from this month. And all seems to be going in the right direction. Thank God.
Also new rule proposals out.
This is part of a 7 paged rule proposal ---rule title: Use of force---rule number...33-602.210
  Quote: pepper ball launching system (PLS) the PLS shall be used for designated confinement, close management and
death row populations. The PSL is intended for dispersal of chemical agents in situations where the use of aerosol type
agents would not be effective due to weather conditions or when their use could subject the officer or uninvolved inmates to
injury. The PLS shall only be employed by officers trained in their use and effects.
PLS is classified as less-than-lethal...
((It contains of CAPSAICIN II) our quote)
We still get so much mail about the bad preparation of food, food poisoning and how the food is served. Cold, raw and plain
nasty. It seems like the food coming to the prison is okay, it is the cooking that is going wrong completely. Please let us know
if you have had medical problems due to the food being served. It might be something for other authorities to look into.

We are working on different things that might come to pass and then again, they might not. The bottom line is that we try –
which is the only way we can find out if it is possible.
 Issues being worked on: Movie donations for the internal TV channel. Book donations for death row and the library. The
pictures in the park. The web page and the info package for the newcomers. We have people working on some sort of guide
lines in regards to the heat and how you can cool your body down by controlling what you put in your mouth. YEPS! ----Some
are looking into other death rows and use of fans etc… so things are happening.
As you will see, we have a birthday list in the newsletter- please note that if your name does not appear on the list for your
month, your name has been requested off by members/penpals/wifes etc….

I guess that is all from here - for now! In many ways this has been a month of hope. It looks like things are easing up in the
courts about things that truly matter in regards to your situation. Still - people are being moved from death row to population.
Still people get new trials, and still people are in line to be released, some of you who should never have been there in the
first place. And – amazingly enough, It looks like there are politicians running for office that have more than votes, war and
evil on their mind. And who actually have guts enough to speak words that are not popular and not speaking to the lowest of
our instincts. Maybe there is hope for this world after all.

May God bless you and give you all peace of mind and heart.

Request from Us to You………..
More things we would like for you to help us with.
1.As you might know we are working on a Web page, and we need your participation to make it the way we envision it.
First of all. We would like to have some sort of diary from you. A day/week/life on death row. We want to give the public a
true picture of what life is like where you are. So please help us out with that. We will be back later explaining in details
what we need for the web page, because this is just step one.
2. We are planning of having a Tee Shirt with the Group logo on, but also with an image made by one of you. So.. We need
a drawing/image that will be suitable for that purpose, - which means three colors only. Black, orange and white. Whatever
image(s) we chose from the suggestions we get, will also be the new image for the front page of newsletters and info -
packages. The winning artist can chose two persons he would like to give a Tee shirt. The Tee shirts will be paid and send
3.Last but not least. Please help us with poems and art for the newsletter. The newsletter does not only go to you guys but
are being sent to people all over the states and are available on the internet also. So it might be good for you to show your
art this way too.
All art is to be addressed to FDRAG- ART att: Lynne. The usual address.
If you wish your ART back it will be scanned and returned to you.
Thanks for your help. Hannah
PS: stamp donations are still more than welcome. Thanks to those of you who keep on blessing us with stamps too

                                  Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                 137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                     Starke, FL 32091
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6/26/2003 Legal standard set for legal competency in death-                 minimal information about their client's background and made an
penalty case                                                                understandable choice to focus their efforts elsewhere, the
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court sided with a convicted                  appeals judges said.
killer in an important test of legal standards for death penalty cases,
ruling Thursday that inexperienced lawyers failed their client at trial.    O'Connor and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg have publicly
The court, by a vote of 7 to 2, threw out the death sentence of Kevin       expressed qualms about the quality of legal help available to
Wiggins, a borderline retarded man convicted of drowning an elderly         many people accused of murder, but the court has sided with
Maryland woman who employed him as a handyman. The jury that sent           prosecutors in its two most recent cases dealing with the subject.
Wiggins to death row never heard that he was repeatedly raped, beaten       In this case they reversed the appeals court. Opponents of the
and denied food as a child, or that his mother burned his hands on the      death penalty frequently lament the uneven performances of
stove as punishment. If jurors knew the ghastly details, they might         overworked or inexperienced lawyers appointed to represent
well have chosen a life sentence for Wiggins, the high court                poor people facing a possible death sentence. In Wiggins' case,
majority said. Wiggins' conviction stands, but the court ordered a          even some death penalty supporters agreed. A group of current
new sentencing hearing. The Supreme Court has said the                      and former prosecutors, including former Attorney General Janet
Constitution guarantees the right to an effective lawyer. Justice           Reno, sided with Wiggins in a friend-of-the-court filing. In the
Sandra Day O'Connor, writing for the court, said the jury in                opinion, O'Connor said the evidence of Wiggins' background that
Wiggins' case might have decided differently had it been given              "counsel failed to discover and present in this case is powerful."
more information. At issue was defense lawyers' constitutional              She mentioned his abuse and rape as a child, and mental illness.
duty to look into a client's past in hope of turning up something           "We find there to be a reasonable probability that a competent
that could sway jurors against imposing a death sentence. Such              attorney, aware of this history, would have introduced it at
potentially mitigating evidence usually comes into play after               sentencing," she wrote. Wiggins has always maintained he is
conviction, during the separate sentencing phase of a capital               innocent. He was caught driving the victim's car a few days after
trial. The sentencing phase often operates like a trial itself, with        the killing, and had some of the victim's credit cards. No physical
witnesses for the prosecution and the defense. Prosecutors                  evidence tied him to the crime.
sometimes present wrenching testimony from surviving relatives
of the victim. Defense lawyers can counter with evidence about a            The case is Wiggins v. Smith, 02-311.
defendant's past, and testimony from the convicted killer.
Since guilt is already established, a defense lawyer's only goal in
the sentencing phase is to save a client's life. Justice Antonin
Scalia, in a dissent joined by Justice Clarence Thomas, said the
court's reasoning in the ruling ranged "from the incredible up to
the feeble" in giving Wiggins a second chance. Wiggins' two
original lawyers had almost no experience defending a capital
case. They concentrated on trying to raise doubts about their
client's guilt. Although the public defenders had some information
about Wiggins' early life, they did not order the usual detailed
background investigation that could be used to win sympathy
from a jury. A federal appeals court had ruled that the lawyers'
performance was not unconstitutionally poor. They had some

                    right: Abe, Sara, Steve and our Bea at the gathering

                                                     Left: Sara from FADP

                                                              On June 1st from 3-8 PM, students of Miami-Dade Community College,
                                                   Florida International University and University of Miami sponsored Stand up: In Search of
                                                   Democracy, Peace and Justice" at the Unitarian Universalist Church in South
                                                   Miami. Groups represented included: The Green Party, Miami for Peace, Amnesty
                                                   International, Society for Peace and Justice and Miami Coalition Against the War and
                                                   FADP.The Festival was organized to promote peace and awareness of social issues in our
                                                   society and to encourage action regarding these issues The focus was to allow the
                                                   community to express feelings and explore concerns about civil and human rights.There
                                                   was music, speakers and many booths. Approximately 300 attended, and interest in our
                                                   table was good. Abe Bonowitz passed out literature about Johnny Melendez, T-shirts,
                                                   books. Carolyn Gray, and Steve Jens-Rochow from Broward FADP, provided tables and
                                                   chairs. Sarah Owocki, spoke on Time out for the Death Penalty. Steve and I had Petitions
                                                   for people to sign for the Time out for the Death Penalty and palm cards with orange
ribbons to give to everyone that stopped to chat with us. We spoke at length to each interested party. Paul Hildwin's picture was on our
table, along with Johnny Melendez. About 100 petitions were signed. It was a cool 93 degrees, so I know each one of you were there with
us. I also gave out e-mail sights the Florida Lolits and black and white ribbons for our complete inmate population. I explained to the people
that stopped by my section the LOLITS were for Prison reform. In all I believe it was a very productive day. Bea

                                         Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                        137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                            Starke, FL 32091
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May 21, 2003: Saying the "filthy conditions" on                between the historic anniversaries of when all death
Mississippi's death row are so bad they violate the            penalty laws were thrown out in 1972 and when new laws
Constitution, U.S. Magistrate Jerry Davis ON Wednesday         were upheld in 1976," Bonowitz explained. "Our goal is to
ordered mental health exams, better toilets and other          further educate the public about why the death penalty is
improvements to help inmates who say they are being            a bad public policy, and we invite everyone to stand with
driven insane. "No one in a civilized society should be        us for alternatives to the death penalty. But the Fast and
forced to live under conditions that force exposure to         Vigil also serves as an opportunity for activists to come
another person's bodily wastes," U.S. Magistrate Jerry         together and renew our commitment to the struggle for
Davis wrote. "No matter how heinous the crime                  abolition."
committed, there is no excuse for such living conditions."
The judge said the conditions at the Parchman prison
constitute cruel and unusual punishment in isolation of the
Eighth Amendment. He ruled in a lawsuit that alleged the
                                                               Florida Bills
harsh conditions were contributing to a high rate of mental
                                                               Changes to Judicial System
illness among the prisoners. Davis ordered the state
                                                               Bill #: SB1184 HB1929 Year: 2003
Corrections Department to undertake 10 actions to
improve conditions at the prison. They include annual
                                                               Bill Summary:
mental health checkups, better lighting, improved toilets,
                                                               Amends numerous procedures and laws within judicial
insect control and ways to keep inmates cool during the
                                                               branch; among these changes, includes: amending
summer heat. Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps,
                                                               standards for attorneys who handle capital cases;
who has said he does not consider Mississippi's death
                                                               deleting   provisions   relating  to   limitations  on
row any worse than others across the country, said he will
                                                               representation by public defenders in direct appeals of
meet with Davis next week to challenge some orders and
                                                               death penalty cases.
seek clarification on others. Margaret Winter, associate
director of the American Civil Liberties Union's National
                                                               Sponsors: Sen. Villalobos; Judiciary Committee;
Prison Project, said she believed the ruling set a
                                                               Appropriations Subcommittee on Article V Implementation
precedent for standards on death row. "Judge Davis
                                                               and Judiciary
really did the right thing here in recognizing the basic
principle in our society that we treat everybody humanely,
                                                               Status: introduced; referred to Judiciary; referred to
that we don't subject anybody to torture," she said. Co-
                                                               Appropriations Subcommittee on Article V Implementation
counsel Steve Hanlon called the decision „courageous.‟
                                                               and Judiciary; committee substitute passed, 9 Y, 0 N;
"To my knowledge, it is the first successful prison
                                                               committee substitute for substitute passed, 5 Y, 0 N;
conditions case on death row in America," Hanlon said.
                                                               withdrawn from Appropriations; placed on special order
Sixty-six inmates are on death row at Parchman and a
                                                               calendar; second reading; amendments adopted; ordered
woman under a death sentence is at a women's prison
                                                               engrossed; third reading; committee substitute passed as
unit outside Jackson.
                                                               amended, 38 Y, 0 N; in House messages 4/23/03

Starvin’ for Justice 2003, the 10th Annual Fast &
Vigil at the U.S. Supreme Court
                                                               Advisory sentencing in capital cases
June 16, 2003 - Anti-death penalty activists from across       Bill #: SB120 Bill #: HB965 Year: 2003
the United States will converge on Washington, D.C. June
29 through July 2 for four days of activities                  Bill Summary:
commemorating the historic 1972 and 1976 Supreme               This bill deletes provisions that require the jury to render
Court rulings that suspended the death penalty in the          an advisory sentence in capital cases. It provides for the
United States and later allowed executions to resume. .        court to review a sentence of death imposed by a jury.
                                                               This bill authorizes the court to impose a sentence of life
"The death penalty in 1972 was arbitrary and capricious        imprisonment if there are insufficient aggravating
and the death penalty in 2003 is arbitrary and capricious,"    circumstances and sufficient mitigating circumstances.
said Abe Bonowitz, spokesman for the Abolitionist Action
Committee. "The difference between 1972 and 2003 is            Senate Status: On Criminal Justice
that the abolition movement in the United States is now        Committee Agenda for 01/08/03, 11:15 AM
committed to a strategy of legislative repeal - organizing
on a grassroots level, state by state, legislature by          House Status: on Judiciary agenda, not considered 4/9/03
legislature. It is no longer a question of whether we will
abolish the death penalty, but when."

Bonowitz said the primary goal of the June 29-July 2
activities is to educate the public. "This is the tenth year
that we will stand vigil in front of the U.S. Supreme Court

                                  Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                 137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                     Starke, FL 32091
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Britta´s Poetry Corner
"Be grateful to people who make you happy; they are         Smile
the charming gardeners who make your soul blossom."         By Charlie Thompson UCI
(Marcel Proust, French author, 1871-1922)
                                                            It´s easy enough to be pleasant,
Hello to all,
                                                            when life flows by like a song,
this quote should show you how I feel these days
when I get all your wonderful things like poetry or art     but the person worth while is one
for my exhibition. I‟m very busy to create the poem         who will smile, even when
book and I make a webpage to show what‟s going on.          everything goes wrong, for the test
The idea is, that after the show the people who would       of heart is trouble and it always comes
be interested in the poetry or art which we have on the     with years, but the smile that is worth
exhibition could have a look on this page and that they     the praise of the earth is the smile
could buy this after the show. Every one of you would       that shines through the tears.
get a part on this page so you could explain a little bit
about you or maybe you are looking after a penpal ?         Charlie is now off Death Row and serving 2 life
So everything what you gave me would be shown in
anyway. So many thanks to make my soul blossom.
                                                            No Title
No Human Touch.                                             By Eddie Stryker UCI
By John Huggins FSP
                                                            He called me by name
                                                            From the time of my birth
There is a fate worse than death,                           Before I had met him
A fate few people have lived yet.                           And valued his worth
There is a place very close to hell,                        He was able to see
Taken from the world, thrown in a cage.                     That I had to have someone
Obey us or your live well be made a living                  To watch over me
hell.                                                       So
Well is that not life already in this cell?                 He picked
No windows, little light, no human touch.                   Me out an angel
Mesh wire across our bars.                                  My own special one
No way to even see a star.                                  To guide me and protect me
                                                            Till living was done
All done to try to break a mans soul.
Fear America, for you could fall into this hole.
No home, no life, no reprieve.                              I am myself....................................I am alone.
Yes there is a fate worse than death.
And so is the plan to break the soul of each                In the solitude of aloneness, gentle
man.                                                            rain falls with resounding
                                                            Splats around me. Yet, I hear nothing, but
He, who is sane, will barely maintain.                          the sound of your laughter and a whispered goodbye.
The mind that is weak, death he will seek.
Yours or his own, the plan remain unknown.                  Nor do I feel the quicksilver coolness of
Newton makes six out of twelve,                               damp grass caressing bare feet.
Who choose to leave this hell.                              Lost in the sensations of my hand clasp tightly in yours,
                                                               and two briefly intense hugs.
I‟m just sitting here watching it go down
Right outside my cell.                                      Reality intrudes and a tear merges with rain
                                                                you so many miles away, waiting, counting days.
Newton Slawson waived all appeals and                       I, feigning strength, suppressing the need to fly to you,
was executed on 5/16/03 by the state of                         Loneliness fills the part of my soul belonging to you.
Florida                                 I am myself....................................I am alone.                       Lynne

                               Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                              137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                  Starke, FL 32091
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Joachim’s Art Corner
William Blake

                                Christ in the Sepulchre, guarded by Angels." (Painting Date unknown)

                                William Blake (1757-1827) was born in London and was an engraver,
                                painter and poet. But he was also a mystic. Since he was 7 years old he
                                had strange visions of God and of angels. Some people said, that he
                                was a member of an esoteric order, but that is not verified.

                                However, of course his paintings are about mystic and mythology. So
                                we see here the corpse of Christ in the sepulchre. Above the corpse are
                                two angels, floating and adoring. Angels are a popular religious topic.
                                You can find angels in all monotheistic religions. Often they are
                                messengers, but they also guardian angels, or in adoration of God on
                                his throne.

                                This painting means a lot to me, because in my opinion it symbolizes,
                                that even if you are in a situation, in which you are down, depressed and
                                you see no way out, that there is something or someone who cares
                                about you and who gives you shelter.

Mercy (Robert Patton) -UCI
                                                    Frog (Rahnee Heath) -UCI

                       Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                      137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                          Starke, FL 32091
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Hannah & Lynne’s Spiritual Corner
Within each of us, is a spark of Light, which connects us to our Creator. This “corner”, is not about religion or conversion. It is about
each of us...our humanity... how we each at times, lose our direction and personal power, and how we may find them again. Our purpose
for this segment is to encourage empowerment, discernment, hope, Oneness and the integration of spirituality into daily life, regardless
of the name by which we call the One in the darkest nights of our souls. We welcome both comments and suggestions.

Cracked                                                                  enough gain to satisfy your wanting. I wish you enough loss to
A water bearer in China had two large pots, each hung on the             appreciate all that you possess. I wish enough "Hello's" to get
ends of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots         you through the final "Good-bye." He then began to sob and
had a crack in it, while the other pot was perfect and always            walked away.
delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walk from
the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full.         Our wish for each of you….is ENOUGH!!!
For a full two years this went on daily, with the bearer delivering
only one and a half pots full of water to his house. Of course, the      THOUGHT FOR THE DAY
perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments, perfect for which it            The sorrows of life cannot be ended through hatred and
was made. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own                injustice; these will only breed more of the same species. The
imperfection, and miserable that it was able to accomplish only          sorrows will yield only to nobler and higher thoughts and
half of what it had been made to do. After two years of what it          experiences germinating from the pure heart, where the Lord
perceived to be a bitter failure, it spoke to the water bearer one       resides. -BABA
day by the stream. "I am ashamed of myself, because this crack
in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your             The Challenge
house." The bearer said to the pot, "Did you notice that there           The most natural thing in the world is to maintain a desire for
were flowers only on your side of the path, but not on the other         something better than is the current situation. So, we give this
pot's side? That's because I have always known about your flaw,          desire form and invest it with feelings and emotions. Over time,
and I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every           this desire becomes colored with perceptions and takes on
day while we walk back, you've watered them. For two years I             dream like qualities that distort reality. We become so attached to
have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate the           this dream that it drives our consciousness to the point where the
table. Without you being just the way you are, there would not           dreamer becomes the dream. The door slams shut, then the
be this beauty to grace the house."                                      dreamer awakes and a world of suffering appears.
Moral: Each of us has unique flaws. We're all cracked pots. But          1. What was your last dream before your current situation?
it's the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives               2. Are you a prisoner of your dream?
together so very interesting and rewarding. You've just got to           3. What will happen when your situation changes?
take each person for what they are, and look for the good in
them.                                                                    Yours in the Dharma
At an airport I overheard a father and daughter in their last            Gateless Gate Zen Center
moments together. They had announced her plane's departure               20 West University Ave. (Ste 301G)
and standing near the door, he said to his daughter, "I love you, I      Gainesville, Florida 32601
wish you enough". She said, "Daddy, our life together has been
more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you             Happy Summer Solstice!
enough, too, Daddy." They kissed good-bye and she left.                           st
                                                                         June 21 was the longest day and the shortest night of
He walked over toward the window where I was seated. Standing
                                                                         the year. The sun grows to its‟ full strength and summer
there I could see he wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to            starts. My group at church held our ritual last night with a
intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed me in by asking, "Did            bonfire in our church courtyard. We are reminded that
you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be                     nothing lasts forever and things must be let go of. This is
forever?" "Yes, I have," I replied. Saying that brought back             the time to practice letting go of old things which have
memories I had of expressing my love and appreciation for all my         been part of our life. As we let go of things whatever it
Dad had done for me, recognizing that his days were limited, I           may be it gives us a chance to further grow. My friend
took the time to tell him face to face how much he meant to me.          built a wicker man Lugh for the fire and we decorated him
So I knew what this man was experiencing. "Forgive me for
asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?" I asked. "I am old
                                                                         with messages of hope and letting go, and he sends them
and she lives much too far away. I have challenges ahead and             to the other side which allows us to make new changes.
the reality is, her next trip back will be for my funeral," he said.     The night was pretty cool as the spirits cleared the
                                                                         weather for our ritual until later in the evening by cooling
"When you were saying good-bye I heard you say, 'I wish you              us down by rain. I close with the following verse by Rudolf
enough.' May I ask what that means?" He began to smile. "That's          Steiner:
a wish that has been handed down from other generations. My
parents used to say it to everyone." He paused for a moment and          “In this, the 'Hour of the Sun,'
looking up as if trying to remember it in detail, he smiled even         it is up to you to realize
more. "When we said 'I wish you enough,' we were wanting the             the tidings of wisdom.
other person to have a life filled with enough good things to            Surrendered to the world's beauty,
sustain them," he continued and then turning toward me he                feeling yourself within yourself,
shared the following as if he were reciting it from memory.
                                                                         you are to experience this:
"I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright. I wish you          the human *I* can lose itself---
enough rain to appreciate the sun more. I wish you enough                then find itself in the cosmic *I*.”
happiness to keep your spirit alive. I wish you enough pain so
that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger I wish you
                                       Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                      137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                          Starke, FL 32091
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A few tips for Condo Block décor. Ya gotta keep up with the new neighbor…right???

                                Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                               137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                   Starke, FL 32091
                                                                                                                     Page 10
Caroline’s List of FDRAG                           Services,       FDRAG & MEMBERSHIP
Information and Resources
Legal Magazines/Newsletters                                        This group is created by families and friends of death
As some of you may be aware, the Florida Prisoners’ Legal          row inmates in Florida. It is a given that this group is
Aid Organization publishes a small, bi-monthly magazine            against Capital punishment. It is however, not the
called Florida Legal Perspective. The cost is $9 for a one         purpose for this group to do anti- death penalty work-,
year subscription. Copies may be obtained from:                    instead this group concentrates on making the living
Florida Prison Legal Perspectives, P.O. Box 660-387,               conditions for death row inmates tolerable. We also
Chuluota Florida 32766 (A public division of Florida               commit to work on making changes that will improve
Prisoners' Legal Aid Org,. inc), fax (407)- 568-0200, email:       The quality of living in that particular environment called Website.                                Death Row, and to help keeping the standard that already
                                                                   exists. Everyone who is willing to work for basic human
Legal In USA Newsletter                                            rights is welcome. If you are looking for a group who
A small team of British women currently put together a             does anti death penalty work, we suggest you join one of
monthly publication called Legal In USA. This is a free            the excellent groups already up and running. For further
newsletter that is now circulated in over 48 States and            information please contact a member near you:
contains articles on justice, legal rulings and the abolition of
the death penalty. At the moment, all their distribution is
carried out by a network of volunteers. Several FDRAG              USA
members already regularly receive the Legal In USA                 Hannah Floyd, (Can be contacted for info on newsletter,
newsletter. We have a team of volunteers within our group          membership, visiting, places to stay, transport etc.) 137 N
who can mail a copy directly to you each month. To                 Walnut St Apt 14, Starke, FL 32091                  E-mail:
arrange this, please write to our FDRAG Box number at    
the bottom of this page and we will set up delivery for you        Tel: 904-964-4303
as soon as possible. When writing in, please include your
cell location – this is solely for the purpose of distribution     Karin Elsea, (Contact person for the DC/Maryland area)
being aware of the even circulation of the newsletter.             1400 East West Highway, #710, Silver Spring, MD
                                                                   20910 E-mail:
New Information Package                                            Tel: 301-565-3246
 Topics covered in the pack include Welcome with
contacts, unwritten rules about visiting, copy of visitation       Dianne Abshire, 9673 State Rt 65, Ottawa, Ohio 45875
form, copy of visitation rules, direction to the facility &        E-mail:
lodging info, how to send money to your loved one +                Tel: 419-523-5816
more, rules about books and magazines etc., Mail rules,            (Can also be contacted re: legal matters for the attention
Innocence projects, Appeal process, useful links and much          of Florida Support Group)
more. To get the package contact Jolanda, mentioned
below.                                                             GERMANY
For convenience and easy shipping, two of our members              Britta Slopianka, Heidekoppel 4, D - 24558 Henstedt E-
have also put the info package onto floppy disk and CD-            mail:
Rom which can be obtained free of charge (although                 (Contact Person for FSP, Newsletter Articles)
donations of stamps are always welcome) and sent directly          Tel: +49-4193-888-359
to family members. Simply send your request details to
either Lynne Baldwin (for disk version) or Jolanda Arends          UK
(CD Rom version), c/o FDRAG, 137 N Walnut St Box 10,               Caroline Aiken (Contact person and Newsletter articles)
Starke, FL 32091.                                                  E-mail:
                                                                   Tel: +44-7952 052 385 (Cell phone)
Other Bits and Pieces
In last month’s edition of the newsletter we printed a list of     THE NETHERLANDS
projects across the US that supply books free of charge to         Jolanda Arends, Treilerstraat 168, NL - 1503 JM
inmates. Due to space limitation within the newsletter it          Zaandam, E-mail:
won’t be possible to reprint those address details each            (FDRAG membership and info pack)
edition. However, if you are interested in applying to these        +31-75-616-4862
projects, FDRAG has produced a print-off sheet with the
contact details for you to refer to. You can obtain a copy
by writing to us at the FDRAG address at the bottom of
the page. Please enclose a SAE or postage if possible.

                                     Florida Death Row Advocacy Group 2003 (FDRAG-2003)
                                                    137 N. Walnut St. Box 10
                                                        Starke, FL 32091