Information Technology Organization Chart by ghostface


									               Information Technology Organization Chart

                                                  Director of Information Technology
                                                               J. Sheffield

                                 HelpDesk – Zeb Packard                      IT Assistant – D. Winn

                                       Network and Telecommunications                   ERP Services
                                                                               Systems and Programming Supervi0sor
                                            Network Engineer- K. Thomason
                                                                                          P. Niswonger
                   Assistant Network Administrator                                                         Programmer Analyst
                             Rick Burson                                                                        R. Gulick
                        Systems Administrator                                                              Programmer Analyst
                            M. Worthington                                                                     Hollie Wilson
Computer Support Technician II                                                                             Programmer Analyst
           Vacant                                                                                                G. Korn
Computer Support Technician II                                                                             Portal Administrator
       Jess Bjornsen                                                                                             R. Brown
                            Media Technician II
                                L. Wright
     Media Assistant – PT
         Myles Feral

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