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									                 by Ian del Carmen
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Table of Contents

Introduction ..............................................................5

Making Money with the iPad .......................................7

  Interactive Applications ...........................................7

  Ebook Profits ........................................................ 12

  Make Money With Audio & Video Formats ............... 14

The Complete Guide To iPad Riches! ......................... 16

Quick iPad Cash                                                      Page 4

Apple has released one of the hottest products ever to be
introduced to the market, and it's breaking ground as thousands
of customers scramble to purchase the sleek, lightweight mini
computer that is bound to be even more popular than the iPhone
                          or iPod Touch.

                          With   it’s   ever   growing    popularity,
                          there’s truly never been a better time
                          to cash in on this hot new product by
                          exploiting the many different ways that
                          you can make money with its new
                          extended      features,   and   versatility.

                          So what does this mean to you and
                          how can you capitalize on the high
                          demand for this new device?

                          With ebook readers like the Kindle,
                          they serve as a one-dimensional tool,
where users can only download e-books to read on the mobile

With the new iPad, users can do much, much more including
surf the Internet, check emails, watch videos, download
applications, videos, audio and even iBooks.

Quick iPad Cash                                                Page 5
This report focuses on the fast and easy methods of exploiting
the popularity of the the iPad and making a consistent income
from simple applications, audo and video files and even private
label content.

Let’s begin!

Quick iPad Cash                                             Page 6
                  Making Money with the iPad

There are many different ways that you can capitalize on the
iPad’s ever-growing popularity by developing products exclusively
for the iPad as well as customized applications that appeal to the

Here are just a few ways to get started:

Interactive Applications

If you aren't familiar with how incredibly profitable it was for
developers to create fun and interactive applications for the
iPhone and the iPod touch, consider this.

There are over 140,000 applications available within the iTunes
store for iPod Touch and iPhone users, with developers making
hundreds of dollars a day for both free and paid applications.

If your application makes even the top 100 in its category, you
could earn up to $5,000 a day in purely passive and recurring
income from a single app!

Apps that work for the iPhone, for the part most, will also work
for the iPad, so if you are already familiar with developing
applications for the iPhone, you've got the overall advantage,
although there is one thing that you should be aware of.

Any application that a current iPod Touch or iPhone user already

Quick iPad Cash                                                Page 7
has purchased will be available to them, for free on their new

This means that if you have existing applications available within
the iTunes marketplace, anyone who has already purchased the
application from you will not be required to purchase it again.

When developing applications for the iPad, you will need to use a
special development kit (SDK), the same kit that was used when
developing applications for the iPhone.

Quick iPad Cash                                              Page 8
If you aren’t sure how to develop applications for the iPhone and
are interested in tapping into this profitable market, grab a copy
of the   iPhone Secrets Exposed course at www.iPhone-Secrets-

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Applications don’t have to be incredibly complex to be popular,
either. One of the most popular apps last year was an app that
did nothing but make farting noises!

This opportunity is open to everyone so even if you have
absolutely no experience programming or building applications,
you can easily outsource the project to seasoned developers and
present your own polished application to the marketplace.

But you'll want to move quickly!

If you have a fantastic idea for a great new iPad application that
specifically targets iPad users, hire a developer or create it
yourself and get it ready for distribution.

This is vital if you want to solidify your applications position in
the marketplace as new developers begin to move on the
overwhelming profit potential of showcasing new applications to
iPad users.

Prepare to grab your share of the market before it's saturated
with an overwhelming number of applications.

Quick iPad Cash                                              Page 9
                                         When       considering      what
                                         type   of     application     to
                                         create for the iPad, log into
                                         iTunes and check out what
                                         the top applications are for
                                         the iPhone and iPod touch.
                                         It will give you a good idea
                                         of the types of applications
                                         that are popular amongst
                                         the different categories.

                                         Find a way to improve an
                                         existing     application,     to
present it in a whole new way and create fresh new applications
exclusively tailored towards the iPad.

Even free applications can be extremely lucrative if you develop a
backend strategy that will allow you to monetize the exposure of
your offer with advertising programs and upsell offers for
additional applications.

If you decide to design apps for the iPad, you can get more
technical specs for it here:


Also keep in mind that you will not receive 100% profits from
your app sales, but instead, Apple collects 30% of each sale, and
you will receive the remaining 70%.

Quick iPad Cash                                                   Page 10
Your application will also need to be approved prior to being
included within iTunes, depending on the number of existing
applications that are similar to yours and already showcased
within the marketplace as well as by selectively choosing whether
they feel your application is suitable for specific categories or for
the iTunes store in general.

If your application is rejected there are still many different ways
that you can sell your application.

One solution to this profit sharing and approval hassles is Pocket
Brand at PocketBrand.com:

           Visit “Pocket Brand” Website

For complete details, invest in a copy of iPad Riches here where
I will provide you with alternative options for making money with
your application that don’t require approval from Apple.

But there's much more to the profit potential of the iPad than
just in applications alone.

Let’s take a look at other ways that you can profit from this
incredible new device.

Quick iPad Cash                                                 Page 11
Ebook Profits

Since the iPad includes an ebook reader similar to that of Kindle
in the way that it allows users to download ebooks directly
(known as ibooks) and read them on the iPad device, there is a
massive opportunity up for grabs for anyone who begins to
develop ebooks exclusively for the iPad.

With iBooks, the visual on the screen will appear as a bookshelf,
making it easier for users to download ebooks quickly from the
iBook store.

                                  Getting your ebook into the
                                  iBookStore would mean that
                                  you      could      potentially    earn
                                  hundreds of dollars every week
                                  without having to update the
                                  book     or   even      worry     about
                                  delivering the product as it will
                                  happen        all     through        the
                                  networks interface.

The application needed for users to purchase and download
books from the iBookStore is free, and once they've purchased
your book they can just tap the screen in order to start reading

The high resolutions and LED-backlit screen makes sure that the
pages of your book are displayed in sharp, rich color so it's easy

Quick iPad Cash                                                     Page 12
to read even in very low light.

When creating ebooks, you can choose to either hire freelancers
to develop unique books based on a number of profitable
markets, or leverage private label content to create hot new
ebooks quickly and easily.

Think about the private label material on your hard drive right

How many of those titles could be re-purposed to appeal to iPad
users who are looking for specific information on different niches
and topics? Compile them and make them readily available for

If you need help understanding the formats that the iPad will
read, or how to create your ebook so that it’s properly formatted
and ready for market, I offer all of this information within the full
iPad Riches course, available at this website.

Quick iPad Cash                                               Page 13
Make Money With Audio & Video Formats

There are many customers out there who prefer to watch videos
or listen to audio rather than reading lengthy ebooks and by
developing alternative formats that are featured within the
iTunes marketplace, you will be able to expand your business to
include customers who prefer different formats.

The iPad offers a large screen with exceptionally high resolution
making it the perfect device to watch video clips, including HD
movies and pod-casts.

Think of the possibilities of taking an existing training manual or
online course and turning it into a stunning video presentation
where customers could purchase the complete video series
directly from their iPad!

You could also exploit the power of viral marketing by creating
entertaining videos that are available for free from within iTunes
and generate massive traffic to your website quickly and easily
just by featuring your fresh new video within the marketplace.

If you are looking to create instructional videos specifically for
iPad users, you could develop a video series on how to tweak the
iPad, enhance performance or even a training series on how to
get the most out of their new iPad purchase!

Quick iPad Cash                                             Page 14
If you are one of the first developers to create a video series
showcasing the many new features of the iPad, you could easily
get your video positioned at the top of the marketplace while
people are anxious for detailed training and instructional videos
on their new purchase.

Check out page 21 of the iPad Riches course for a complete
action plan on how to produce music and movies exclusively for
the iPad.

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