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									GEICO Saves 15 Percent Or More By
Discontinuing Advertising
     This article is about how GEICO, the car insurance company, saved money by
      slicing advertising

Satiric Target:
     The satiric target is GEICO and their popular, yet polarizing commercials.

     The essay is arguing the position that the GEICO marketing campaign has made
      consumers highly aware of the company, but the name recognition comes at the
      price of being tagged in a negative light due to the repetitive and sometimes
      annoying nature of their commercials.
     An annoyed forum poster says this: ―At first it was a novelty, funny and a bit cute.
      But now after soooo many years, the whole concept of this limey colored
      Cockney accented reptile is nothing less than obnoxious. This commercial loses
      me immediately. I hate this campaign.

     The tone is light in its mockery of GEICO marketing. The article may ridicule the
      annoying and overplayed commercial ideas, but it does recognize the fact that the
      commercials do gain the attention of audiences.

     Here are some examples of satirical statements used for ridiculing GEICO
         o Executives at the car-insurance company GEICO learned Monday that
             they could slice 15 percent or more from their operating budget by
             discontinuing their extensive TV advertising campaign.
         o ―We couldn't believe it when we found out how much we could save by
             axing that ad campaign," said Tony Nicely, GEICO's chairman, president,
             and CEO. "Dropping that CGI gecko saved us a quarter of a million
             dollars—and it only took one phone call to our marketing department."
    Parody – The article imitates the rhetoric that GEICO uses in their commercial
     by stating, ―They could slice 15 percent or more from their operating budget by
     discontinuing their extensive TV advertising campaign.‖ GEICO commercials
     are famous for their ads ending with the message: ―You could save 15% or more
     on car insurance by switching to GEICO‖
             P.S. I didn’t have to look up the slogan on the internet

    Dramatic Irony – GEICO commercials usually sport the message that they could
     save you a certain percentage of money if you switch to their insurance company.
     The article lends the idea that GEICO could save money if they stop airing their
     annoying commercials.

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